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    Kenna the Near Sighted Abra ((Ancient Team))


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    Kenna the Near Sighted Abra ((Ancient Team)) Empty Kenna the Near Sighted Abra ((Ancient Team))

    Post by Phoenix Wed Jul 22, 2015 1:31 pm

    Kenna the Near Sighted Abra ((Ancient Team)) GDqOVlj

    Text Color #F9A7B0
    Item Thin frame wire glasses (she is near sighted)
    Gender Female
    Age Teen (almost Young Adult)
    Species #063/Abra/Psi Pokémon
    Height 2'05"
    Weight 34.06lbs
    Pokédex Entry Using its ability to read minds, it will sense impending danger and Teleport to safety.
    Level 15 (upped during RP)
    Ability Synchronize
    Nature Careful
    Characteristic Thoroughly cunning
    Moves - Teleport (learned)
    - Ice Punch (egg)
    - Fire Punch (egg)
    - Psychic (TM)
    History Kenna was hatched to a Pokemon couple, who had met when their trainers fell in love and got married. A world-renowned Scientist, who worked at the think tank labs in Orre, met and fell in love with a Martial Artist who traveled around the world in tournaments. She left her old life of study and experiments to settle down and raise a family with the man she loved. And, their Pokemon decided to do the same.

    Kenna's mother was a very intelligent Alakazam, who knew how to read and write human languages (seven of them), and was a brilliant mathematician. Her trainer needed an assistant, and couldn't ask for a better one than Kenna's mom. She passed the love of reading on to her little girl, who took to books like a sponge. Kenna could always be found in her waking hours with a nose smashed into a book, but that strange posture was how they found out about her eyes. Kenna was near sighted. Devestated that she might not be able to read anymore, Kenna's mother pleaded with her trainer to help the tiny fox. After a few tests Kenna was given a small pair of glasses, and after she put them on she realized just how crisp the world was really supposed to be. One of the first things she saw was her father, a Hitmonchan, training vigorously with his own trainer. And it fascinated her.

    At first, Kenna's father was thrilled with his daughter's interest in battle, thinking he might finally get her out of the books and into the ring. But, he only got half that wish. Kenna wasn't so much interested in being in the fight as knowing exactly what to do to win it. Basically, from the point of the trainer. Her love of strategy found her father's trainer winning a lot more of his fights, and he and his wife were proud of the little Abra. Her father was a little disappointed, but he loved Kenna none the less, and her mother was thrilled at her daughter being a prodigy.

    When the Epidemic hit, there was almost no warning. The family was out watching a tournament that the husband was in when the attacks came. Everyone was trapped, and Kenna's parents fought hard to get their family out. They had to kick and blast their way through hordes of infected, many types of Pokemon that would normally never travel together, and Kenna had no idea what to do. They escaped, but her father and his trainer were badly hurt, the Hitmonchan having even lost an arm in the escape. It wasn't until three days later they realized he was infected.

    It started slow, but when it finally became noticable it went like a wildfire through his system and he went mad. Kenna watched as her father tore apart his trainer and his wife, before coming after her and her mother. The Alakazam begged her daughter to Teleport away, to save herself, but Kenna was too scared. It wasn't until her father reached them, and her mother's blood washed over her face, that she was able to do it. But in her traumatized state, she didn't think of where she was going and wound up dropping off in a location she had never seen or even heard of before. Kanto.

    ****Upon ending up in Viridian Forest Kenna has met several strange Pokemon, including two Eevee branches she didn't even know existed. While normally this would have piqued her curiosity and desire to study the unknown a distinct sense of danger has kept her near the group leader, a Scyther named Skoll. This danger is now a part of the group and it goes by the name of Loki. This Zoroark has set off alarm bells in her head since the instant he came near and for most of their time together Kenna has feared him, and with good reason. But now an accidental brush with his memories has caused her to question her immediate judgment of the male and has made the decision to try and help him. If he allowed it, that is.

    **But fate, it seemed, had other plans. An old companion came crashing into the group and tried driving a wedge between Kenna and Loki, which the latter did not appreciate. Loki had started to open up to her, even protecting her once, and Keran came in and ruined it. She still isn't sure how everyone got separated but the Abra soon found herself running from Keran and his crazed obsession and has now ended up Teleporting herself somewhere unknown.
    Appearance Kenna looks like a normal Abra, however she is quite a bit shorter than her average counterpart. She also always has on her glasses, held up by a strand of psychic energy that Kenna unconsciously uses. They are there to help her see when her violet eyes are actually open and she isn't asleep.
    Personality Though she was hatched with powerful moves, thanks to her father, she was never one for fighting. Kenna has always been more about strategy than actual battle. She loves the thought and process that goes into fighting rather than the act itself.

    She is fairly anti-social, not by choice though, she just sort of 'is'. She doesn't actively engage other people or Pokemon because she is usually too busy lost in a book or some logic puzzle that she forgets social interaction. Only ever had one friend while growing up. She is sometimes a little derp,because she forgets that not everyone is as studious as herself and will use large words in simple conversation. This usually tends to make others shun her, because they think she is making fun of them when, really, she is just clueless.

    She tends to like being by herself though in recent meetings has found it agreeable to keep near a stronger creature in order to defend herself when asleep.
    User Notes - She hardly every uses any move but Teleport because she hates to fight
    - Afraid of her glasses being lost or destroyed, because she can't replace them now that humans are gone. So she is very protective of them and doesn't let anyone touch them. Plus she can't see very far without them!
    - Isn't very good at interacting with other Pokemon, and will usually wind up saying the wrong thing and making others mad at her.
    -Was determined to help Loki the Zoroark (RPed by Snitch(I will miss you luv))overcome his fiendish nature and to unlock the former good that she believes is still inside him
    -Father is a Hitmonchan
    -Profile updated to reflect RP and character growth

    Age : 36
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    Kenna the Near Sighted Abra ((Ancient Team)) Empty Re: Kenna the Near Sighted Abra ((Ancient Team))

    Post by Phoenix Wed Nov 11, 2015 7:15 am

    Ready for approval~

    (Since I completely missed Regirock saying the team was ready, oops ^^")

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    Kenna the Near Sighted Abra ((Ancient Team)) Empty Re: Kenna the Near Sighted Abra ((Ancient Team))

    Post by Victini Thu Nov 12, 2015 3:14 am

    Kenna the Near Sighted Abra ((Ancient Team)) RGgji6G


    Kenna the Near Sighted Abra ((Ancient Team)) VictiniKenna the Near Sighted Abra ((Ancient Team)) TGJeE
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    Kenna the Near Sighted Abra ((Ancient Team)) Empty Re: Kenna the Near Sighted Abra ((Ancient Team))

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