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Famaer the Glaceon (Sinnoh, Lake Acuity)


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Famaer the Glaceon (Sinnoh, Lake Acuity) Empty Famaer the Glaceon (Sinnoh, Lake Acuity)

Post by Silverishness Thu Jan 19, 2012 6:23 am

Famaer the Glaceon (Sinnoh, Lake Acuity) Famaer_profile_by_silverishness-d4mxdog

Hex Color- #BFEFFF

Name- Famaer

Gender- Male

Level- 64

Ice Beam [TM]
Shadow Ball (TM)
Mirror Coat

Ability- Snow Cloak

Nature- Serious

Characteristics- Proud of his power

National Dex No./Species- #471 Glaceon /The Fresh Snow Pokémon

Height- 4'9" (HUGE)

Weight- 102.4 lbs (Also huge)

Pokédex Entry- As a protective technique, it can completely freeze its fur to make its hairs stand like needles.

Item- None

Famaer was an eevee bred at an eevee farm, where many eevee were born. While it was an honest farm, the breeders were shocked when Famaer hatched, his egg twice the size of a normal egg. He was soon given to a trainer to be properly utilized.

The trainer was a man of high thinking -and indeed thought highly of himself- and taught the young eevee all he knew of the world. He told Famaer the truths and evils of the world, and the eevee took these words to heart. He learned that there are good and evil in the world, and the evil must be purged. They were the different pokemon themselves, and while Famaer was not part of the evil, all Dark, Ghost, Poison and Psychic types were. With this knowledge, he and his trainer went about the world to try and educate people against the evils that these pokemon brought.

Which, predictably, went rather bad.

Mocked, discriminated and often tossed out of towns, they were rogue travelers, trying to get their message across to someone who would listen. But no one ever would. Famaer knew that the Evil Types -as he grew to know them as- were behind it. They were all tricky, manipulative and false. And they were the reason no one would listen. After all, Psychic types could bend the mind to whatever they wished. Everyone was simply brainwashed.

Then the pandemic slowly crept its way across the lands. With the dead now rising, Famaer and his trainer soon found the vermin devouring and destroying any and all things they came across, and the Evil Types were promptly blamed. The trainer soon died from an infected gallade's attack, which only strengthened Famaer's resolve. He was not going to lay down. He was not going to go quietly into the night. He was going to do what his trainer could not: purge the world of its own evils.

User Note

-Very prejudiced against Dark, Ghost, Poison Types and Psychic, but especially Darks

-Is not afraid to speak his mind

-Is not afraid of much, really.

-Generally quiet, but has a venomous tongue

-Can be preachy

-His personality is cold, like his element

-Like most of my characters, he's an asshole. Lulz.

If I can, I would like to create a new team in Lake Acuity?

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Famaer the Glaceon (Sinnoh, Lake Acuity) Empty Re: Famaer the Glaceon (Sinnoh, Lake Acuity)

Post by Suicune Fri Jan 20, 2012 12:53 pm

Approved, and yes you may.
Great character btw.


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