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    Gold the Dumbass Human and Bitey the Typhlosion [Shinjoh||Elite]


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    Gold the Dumbass Human and Bitey the Typhlosion [Shinjoh||Elite] Empty Gold the Dumbass Human and Bitey the Typhlosion [Shinjoh||Elite]

    Post by Silverishness Sun Oct 19, 2014 8:07 am

    Gold the Dumbass Human and Bitey the Typhlosion [Shinjoh||Elite] DipshitandBitey_zps21ecfd48

    Ethan Gold & Bitey
    Text Color daa520
    Weapons One large machete, one small switchblade and a lighter.
    Item A collapsible billiards stick, pack of cards, various junk food, a water pouch, goggles, collapsible bike, unused pokeballs, dumb hat, backpack.
    Gender Male. Probably. Yeah.
    Age Young adult, 20
    Species Human
    #157|| Typhlosion the Volcano Pokemon
    Height 5'04"
    Weight 153.7 lbs
    175.3 lbs
    Occupation Former One-Time Champion, Trainer, Traveler, Breeder
    Pkm 1

    Gold the Dumbass Human and Bitey the Typhlosion [Shinjoh||Elite] Spr_4h_157
    Bitey- Typhlosion
    Level- 73
    Attack List
    -Flamethrower [TM]
    - Strength [HM]
    - Smokescreen [Learned]
    - Earthquake [TM]
    Pkm 2

    Gold the Dumbass Human and Bitey the Typhlosion [Shinjoh||Elite] Spr_6x_134
    Gizmo- Vaporeon
    Text color- #33BDCC
    Water Absorb
    Level- 62
    Attack List
    - Surf [HM]
    - Ice Beam [TM]
    - Shadow Ball [TM]
    - Aqua Ring [Learned]
    Pkm 3

    Gold the Dumbass Human and Bitey the Typhlosion [Shinjoh||Elite] Spr_6x_181
    Fiz Wiz- Ampharos
    Text color- #E6D119
    Level- 58
    Attack List
    - Thunder [TM]
    - Thunder Wave [Learned]
    - Signal Beam [Learned]
    - Rain Dance [TM]
    Pkm 4

    Gold the Dumbass Human and Bitey the Typhlosion [Shinjoh||Elite] Spr_6x_468
    Nedry- Togetic
    Text color- #FF3399
    Serene Grace
    Level- 77
    Attack List
    -Psychic [TM]
    - Flamethrower [TM]
    - Shadow Ball [TM]
    - Dazzling Beam[Learned]
    Pkm 5

    Gold the Dumbass Human and Bitey the Typhlosion [Shinjoh||Elite] Spr_6x_149
    Santa- Dragonite
    Text color- #F5AB3D
    Inner Focus
    Level- 64
    Attack List
    - Dragon Claw [TM]
    - Ice Punch [Tutor]
    - Waterfall [HM]
    - Dragon Dance [Learned]
    Pkm 6

    Gold the Dumbass Human and Bitey the Typhlosion [Shinjoh||Elite] Spr_6x_212_f
    Mrs. White- Scizor
    Text color- #D92638
    Level- 59
    Attack List
    - X Scissor [Learned]
    - Aerial Ace [TM]
    - Swords Dance [Learned]
    - Feint Attack [Learned]
    Much of Ethan's life has been from a fluke, mistake or pure dumb luck. His birth is a prime example of this, as how despite his parents partaking in many different and normally effective means of birth control, he was still conceived. However, despite being a surprise to say the least, he was welcomed into his new family. At least, that was how he saw it. In a more truthful realm, he was wholly unwanted, His mother and father bickered day in and out, but the optimistic child paid little mind to their arguments as he was normally out of the house, fishing or running amok. Why dwell on the negative when there was so much fun he could have?

    One day his father left for work and didn't come back. His mother blamed Ethan in a drunken stupor, but Ethan let it roll off his back. His mother was always making wild accusations, especially when she drank too much Adult Juice, so that was fine. He would rather sleep outside under the pretty stars anyhow.

    When his tenth birthday arrived, Gold eagerly awaited to recieve a pokemon from the fabled Professor Elm, especially since his mother had gone and switched the locks again. Silly Mom. The Professor seemed a bit hesitant to give away a pokemon to a scrub-looking deviant such as Gold, but eventually gave in. Ethan of course chose a Cyndaquil for its nose, of all things. (He wasn't aware it would disappear upon evolving, of course.) The Cyndaquil, dubbed Bitey for obvious reasons, was much more mature than her human master. However, getting away from Elm's boring laboratory was a prime objective, and so, Bitey and Gold began their legendary journey together.

    They decimated Gyms, threw opponents away like Kleenex, even toppled a multi-region mafia without much of a second thought. Gold attracted the attention of some of the higher ranked trainers in the region, but he didn't much care-- he would rather spend his time goofing with his pokemon or in the heat of battle. Bitey couldn't help but admire the boy; even when life tried to get him down, he just wouldn't allow it and kept forging ahead. Even when his cutthroat leech of a mother siphoned a large chunk of his earnings away and spent it all on gambling, he simply shrugged it off and went about his day. It was hard to ignore such an upbeat attitude-- even harder to not adapt it yourself. Though Bitey maintained much of her personality, she found a secret pleasure in goofing with the young man.

    A Pokemon Championship came and went, and though it was the hardest they'd yet fought, Gold didn't stay too long in the limelight. It was customary for the new Champion to stay in Indigo Plateau, but Gold refused, giving the title back to the former Champion to head off to Mount Silver. Being a Champion, staying still for more than a moment when awake? Too dull.

    They ventured more and more, exploring everything the world had to offer. Eventually they arrived in Hoenn to enjoy its sunny shores and lush, exotic jungles when strange pokemon began to appear. In what was likely the most serious he'd ever been or would ever be again, Gold immediately sought to distance himself and his team from these strange pokemon, but soon found the rest of the world in chaos. With no way out of the region without risking his pokemon, they stayed put-- they were here for the long run.

    Appearance At first glance, Gold is the kind of person that holds no bearing or consequence. He might look familiar, just one of those faces...

    Gold is not an intimidating man. Boy. Man-Boy. Scrawny, short and generally weak-looking, he gives off an air of early adolescence, even though he's much older. He wears the clothes he's always worn, dumb hat included. He's still a decent weight and health, even with the world falling apart, as well as all of his pokemon.

    Typhlosion is a badger-like Pokémon with a bulky yet agile body. Typhlosion is classified as a quadruped, but it is capable of bipedal movement and is frequently depicted standing on its hind legs. When its mouth is open, it shows its thick tongue and sharp canines. It has a short snout and small eyes and ears. Typhlosion's face, underside, arms, and legs are a shade of cream, and its back is dark blue. On Typhlosion’s rear, there is a spiky, coarse fringe of fur. Across the back of its neck, there are several red spots that produce fire in battle. Typhlosion will make anything go up in flames when angered, and generates shimmering heat from its body when it is ready for battle. Though it is rare in the wild, some can be found living on grasslands.
     -Unaware of most of his surroundings most of the time, Gold will often overlook many poignant and important details before rushing into a situation
     -You'd think someone who's as reckless as Gold would need a hardy mind and body. He'd be dead otherwise.
    +Fairly Kind+
     -Though a moron, he's a good person at heart. He enjoys bringing happiness to others, at least those he doesn't think are asses, which makes him fairly generous.
     -Willing to share with those that are kind in turn, even more precious resources like food and water.
     -He was fooled by the guy who sold slowpoketails. Yep.
     -See above.
     -While Gold seems fairly incompetent, he exceeds in being able to roll with punches or adapt to new situations, which is part of the reason he became such a formidable trainer.
    +Somewhat Perceptive+
     -With pokemon battles, mostly, Gold can understand what is happening and likely what will happen in the next key moments, allowing him to adjust his own strategy-- which is often just winging it. However, this goes along with other actual life applications, such as some body language or weather patterns. Though this should not be mistaken for Gold knowing why something is happening-- he is only aware of the basic cause and effect.
     -The first thought is always the best.
     -He enjoys pulling light-hearted pranks and jokes, as well as just humor in general.
     -Obnoxiously so.
     -See "Rash"
    +Easily Amused+
     The smallest things can spell hours of entertainment for Gold. Needless to say, he is never bored.

     -There's only so much dumb a pokemon can take and not be bitter.
     -She has passed this point.
     -While Gold is a moron, he is her moron. And things of hers will not be harmed by anyone or anything other than herself.
     -See above
    +Easily Angered+
     -While patient with Gold's endless stupidity, she will not stand for it elsewhere around her.
     -She knows getting angry at Gold for being stupid is pointless and will only hurt herself. Rather, she has found and nurtured an ongoing tolerance for a certain amount of dumb.
     -There is an end to this patience though, and that end is very scary.
     -Loyal and true, she really only wants Gold and her teammates to outlive the apocalypse, and will do what she can in order to do so.
     -Hardworking, places much responsibility upon herself.
     -Rarely actually speaks; mostly uses gestures and grunts to convey her point.
     -If she does actually use words, they are extremely short sentences, either a word or two.
     -Better safe than sorry.
     -Not a fan of strangers, especially now that most strangers want to take a bite out of her ass.
     -She does not stop, unless she is ordered to (sometimes not even then) or she is physically unable.
     -It should be noted that she often does not have to chase something for long, so this isn't normally an issue.
     -Lies are difficult when you don't talk.
     -She sees little use in sentimentality, but acknowledges that it's the very reason why she's still with a moron like Gold. Still, all other indulgements of sentimentality are viewed as superfluous and wasteful.
    User Notes -Depends on the intellectual input of his Typhlosion a LOT, since he often doesn't think things through. Often keeps her out of her ball for his own safety. (Or more because she refuses to be placed in the ball more often than not.)
    -Took much inspiration from the manga's Gold, but life events are heavily based on the games to prevent OP.
    -Team is mostly based on my HG Nuzlock, save for the starter

    Does not like being in a ball.

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