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    Toothless the Noivern and Emphrey the Drakeon ||Sinjoh Ruins|Johto||


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    Toothless the Noivern and Emphrey the Drakeon ||Sinjoh Ruins|Johto|| Empty Toothless the Noivern and Emphrey the Drakeon ||Sinjoh Ruins|Johto||

    Post by Duma Tue Jul 29, 2014 4:57 am

    Toothless the Noivern and Emphrey the Drakeon ||Sinjoh Ruins|Johto|| NOIEaH1

    Toothless the Noivern and Emphrey the Drakeon ||Sinjoh Ruins|Johto|| VP1se1z

    Text Color #383660
    Item Replacement Tail - Helps him fly better, personal value
    Gender Male
    Age Young Adult [Bordering Adult]
    Species #715; Noivern, The Sound Wave Pokémon (Dragon/Flying Type)
    Height 4'11"
    Weight 187.4 lbs
    Pokédex Entry They fly around on moonless nights and attack careless prey. Nothing can beat them in a battle in the dark. - Pokemon X
    Level 49
    Ability Infiltrator
    Nature Jolly[+Speed - Special Attack]
    Characteristic Highly curious[+Special Attack]
    Moves - Boomburst[Start]
    - Air Slash[Pre-Evolution]
    - Fly[HM]
    - Dark Pulse[TM]
    History The young Noibat grew up in a large clan of dragons that was of many mixed species. They all lived in a form of harmony, and the clan flourished for many years. Noibat was never given a name, but the clan would refer to him as Noibat.

    The leader of their clan was a power-hungry pig and would demand a tribute of food everyday while he himself did nothing to help the clan. To get this tribute, dragons from the clan would attack the nearby village, stealing their livestock and feeding it to the leader. Any tribute he saw as unsatisfactory was a death penalty, and all the dragons knew it.

    Noibat was taught from a very young age to not trust humans and that they would kill them without a second thought. In order to solidify this, they hammered it into his head. Don't trust humans. Humans are vile. Humans are dangerous. The Noibat grew bored of the constant drilling messages, and eventually he started to tun them out.

    After he was old enough to fly, Noibat was trained day after day, hour after hour. He was forced into fights and told to defeat his opponents under any and all circumstances. It was tiring, hard work and he lost more than he won, but slowly and steadily, Noibat grew stronger, gaining his reputation as the best fighter in the clan.

    He evolved soon after his battling grew to a steady point where he was winning every battle. With his now adult-like stature, He was given his proper title, according to the clan leader - Night Fury. With his new title, the Noivern took to the sky, his now hugely powerful wings large enough to carry even the weaker dragons in the clan.

    A few day after evolving, he was sent to the village to attack. His dark scales made the perfect camouflage against the black sky, and he leveled buildings with his powerful Boombursts. As he was turning to go back over however, he suddenly found himself trapped, his wings folded against his sides awkwardly and his tail was strapped against him painfully. With a horrifying realization, he knew that he was trapped.

    Unable to fly, the Night Fury plummeted to the ground, crash-landing in a cove, and breaking the tip of his tail from the impact. In pain and unable to escape, the Noivern ended up passing out, just hoping that he wouldn't die of starvation.

    The next day he was woken up to the sound of something nearby. Opening his green eyes, they fixated on a young human that was advancing towards him. The Night Fury tried to warn them away with a snarl, but they just came closer after a moments hesitation.

    He had to admit, he was scared out of his wits. He was sure they were going to end him right then and there, but instead, the human got out a dagger and cut the ropes freeing him. Now free of the rope, the Noivern rounded on the kid, prepared to kill them, but a look at their terrified face made him think twice. This was no killer. This was only a child. With a moments hesitation, the Night Fury growled at the kid and tried to fly away, however the pain in the tip of his tail made it nearly impossible for him to focus on the muscles needed for flying.

    He then settled for sitting on a nearby rock and trying to catch some fish in the nearby pond, but without much success. He curled up on the rock, and with a final glare at the child, he turned away and climbed a tree, anchoring himself on the branch and pretending to sleep.

    Eventually the human left him alone and that left the Night Fury to swim in his thoughts. Was he going to get free? Was he going to die here? He sure as hell hoped not. Without knowing it, the Noivern drifted into a deep sleep.

    The next day the human was back when the Noivern woke up, and with a distrusting glare, he dropped down from the tree, about to scare them off again before he caught sight of the food in their hand. They were offering food to him?

    Cautiously, he accepted the food, snatching it out of their hand. The human mentioned something about 'Toothless' and the Noivern took that as meaning his name. Something about it seemed odd, but he didn't care, it was his name wasn't it? While he was in his thoughts, the human tried to touch him and Toothless growled at them, dashing away. They looked disheartened, but left him alone. They started sketching something in the ground and the Night Fury gave into curiosity, watching him use a stick and draw in the dirt.

    Getting an idea, Toothless grabbed a stick and attempted to imitate the human, drawing scribbled lines around them in a maze. They looked up to see the mess that Toothless was so proud of and laughed, getting up to step out of the mess. They accidentally stepped on a line and Toothless growled a them, which made them retrace the step and start dancing around until they bumped up against his chest.

    The human backed away, before reaching back to touch Toothless again. This time Toothless put his nose on the human's hand and looked up at them, trust shining in his eyes. The human finally introduced himself as Hiccup and Toothless grinned inwardly. He was actually glad that they had been wrong about humans, for once.

    Hiccup left again for that day and Toothless eagerly awaited his return for the next day, watching the entrance to the cove in anticipation. When they arrived the next day, Hiccup was holding something in his arms. When he moved back to have a look at his broken tail, Toothless craned his neck to watch, twitching his tail out of their way to annoy Hiccup.

    After a while of playing, Hiccup got the thing on his tail, setting the bone straight in the process. Hiccup showed two disks to Toothless and then pressed them on his forehead, and Toothless felt his wings get stronger and his strength in general increased. With a grateful flap of his wings, Toothless found himself in the air for the first time in days. His tail was as light as he remembered it, despite the attachment on the end. The two of them flew around for a while and Toothless found that with his new tail he could take sharp turns easier. They spent the rest of the day getting Toothless used to the attachment, until he could fly like normal with it.

    They had been planning to leave the village for days, however, on the day they were meant to leave, The Epidemic hit their village, bringing a wildfire with it. In a frantic look for Hiccup, Toothless escaped the cove and flew to the village, looking for his friend.

    He found Hiccup in a burning building, helping someone out of it. With a startled roar, he burst into the building and helped the two humans out, trying to persuade Hiccup to escape with him, but the human insisted on Toothless leaving. Hiccup promised that the would meet again and with a sad farewell, Toothless took to the skies and flew away.

    He lived alone for a few months, finding it difficult to get in touch with his wild instincts again. He was trying to hunt one day when he came across an odd Drakeon by the name of Emphrey. Even though he knew the dragon detested him, Toothless pleaded for them to travel together, and eventually, Toothless won out. Now the two of them travel looking for others to group with.
    Appearance The dark form swooped past the trees as the moon shone down on his blue-black scales. The Noivern's piercing green eyes shone with a playful and friendly spark as he tilted his wings and twitched his tail, the black pokemon spun mid-air, and he hovered, his wings catching a fading thermal and lifting him up. A fading patch of moonlight reflected of his replacement tail, the red dyed leather shimmering brightly. With another flick of his tail and a beat of his wings, Toothless dove down into the trees, disappearing into the night.

    Toothless is a very unique shiny. His main scales are a very dark blue-black color, with dark grey fur and scales and a light navy color for under his wings. His claws are a dark purple, and the horns on his nose are the same color. He has piercing emerald green eyes that radiate friendliness and they have a slight spark of mischief in them.

    On his tail, Toothless has a leather and metal replacement that is strapped tightly around his tail and fans out like a fin. One side is grey leather while the other side is a bright red leather with a black and dark red symbol of Toothless curled up and with his wings folded.
    Personality |Carefree|Bouncy|Joyful|Playful|Childish|Happy|Protective|
    Pros: Toothless is very happy and joyful, and he's very energetic, to the point where he rarely gets tired. He's very cheerful and has an infectious smile. He's quite the comedian and has many ways to make someone laugh, even if he doesn't mean to. He's very trusting of his friends and never lies.

    Despite being an adolescent, Toothless acts very childish at times, to the point where he'll roll and play and take joy in the simplest of things. He's always happy to get attention, but if he doesn't want any attention at that moment, he'll make it known.
    Cons: One of Toothless's most major faults is his inability to lie. He cannot tell a lie, and he's sometimes too bouncy for others. At times his happiness can be a bit off for the situation, but he always tries to make everyone happy, even if he doesn't know it may be upsetting them further.
    Neutral: Hasn't got much in the way of survival skills, as Emphrey usually takes care of him, but he does occasionally battle for the fun of it.
    User Notes -Loosely based off Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon 1 and 2

    Toothless the Noivern and Emphrey the Drakeon ||Sinjoh Ruins|Johto|| IL0PbQx

    Text Color #E1B900
    Item Dragon Fang earring
    Gender Female
    Age Adult
    Species #??? Drakeon - Small Dragon Pokemon [Dragon Type]
    Height 4'00"[Much Taller]
    Weight 62.7lbs[Much heavier]
    Pokédex Entry This pokemon has only been seen in times of great crisis. It's believed to be the strongest of it's evolutions. - Fakemon Dex
    Level 49
    Ability Mold Breaker
    Nature Bold [+Defence -Attack]
    Characteristic Strongly Defiant [+Special Defense]
    Moves - Dragon Bond[Tutor]
    - Dragon Claw[TM]
    - Trump Card[Pre-Evolution]
    - Shadow Ball[TM]
    History Emphrey drew up in a small family of three, never knowing her father. She was the oldest to two siblings, a younger sister and brother. Both of her siblings and her mother were normal eevee, and they knew immediately when Emphrey hatched that she was going to be trouble

    Emphrey had bright grey fur with white highlights and bright blue eyes. Her claws were a bright gold and her neck fur and the inside of her ears were a stormy blue-grey color. Because of her colors, Emphrey found it increasingly difficult to camouflage in the green foliage and more often than not, she would get them into trouble.

    Eventually her family cast her out, seeing her as too much of a danger to the family to keep. Emphrey was lost in the forest and for days she wandered aimlessly, before she stumbled onto a city.

    A passerby saw the shiny Eeevee and wasted no time in capturing the unusual shiny, running home to boast about it. For the first few days, Emphrey was treated like royalty, but after the novelty of having the shiny wore off, Emphrey was promptly forgotten, which was just fine with the eevee.

    On one of the human's birthdays, Emphrey was seemingly remembered and she was thrust at the boy as a gift with a disk that was pressed to her head and then put in her Pokeball.

    Once the shock ran over, Emphrey was livid. She refused to listen to the boy, and when she did listen, she ended up using the wrong move to piss off the kid. They grew tired of the eevee's disobedience and enlisted them in a training course. When they started the course, Emphrey was hard set in ignoring her trainer, but but the end of the first day, she was having doubts.

    Eventually Emphrey warmed up to the kid and she started listening to them more and more. Now that the boy was sure Emphrey would listen, they started their journey, starting at the gyms. They traveled throughout the region, leveling Emphrey and gathering new teammates, but Emphrey still refused to evolve, not wanting to evolve into the generic eight eeveelutions that were well known.

    After they beat the seventh gym, Emphrey and her trainer run into a wandering dragon trainer that had an odd green feline by their side. When Emphrey inquired to the Drakeon, they said that they were a rare eeveelution, and Emphrey set her mind to becoming a Drakeon

    The tutor told them about the move that would evolve Emphrey, and jumping on the chance, they accepted. It took a while, but eventually Emphrey learnt the move and she evolved into a stunning silvery-grey Drakeon with bright blue eyes, stormy-grey undertones and golden spines. Emphrey was immensely pleased with the evolution, and was given a Dragon Fang earring to celebrate. They then set off to challenge the last gym.

    When they went to challenge the gym however, news of the Epidemic spread to them and soon after, the Undead rounded in on them. Emphrey didn't hesitate to ditch her trainer and run, honestly glad to be away from them. She didn't look back, even when her trainers screams pierced her ears and she heard the sound of a Pokeball shattering. She just kept running.

    On her travels, Emphrey ran into an odd Noivern by the name of Toothless. She didn't like the dragon, but their childish antics grew on her. Eventually she agreed to travel with the Noivern, much to their delight. Now they travel together, looking for others to join with.
    Appearance The Drakeon rolled over in the patch of sunlight, her silvery-grey scales catching the sunlight and reflecting it back. Her tail flicked irritably as clouds covered the sun, the golden spikes catching the last ray. Opening a single sky blue eye, Emphrey sighed and opened the other eye, rolling to her paws and trotting off, irritated that her time in the sunlight had been cut short.

    Emphrey has bright silvery-grey scales with white tints to them. Her claws and spikes are a bright gold and her underbelly and the inside of her ears are a stormy blue-grey color. She has bright blue eyes and a Dragon Fang pierced through her left ear. She usually has a scowl or a distrusting glare to her face, but she can also have a kind look to her face.
    Personality |Bold|Brave|Cunning|Smartassed|Quick-Witted|Cautious|Watchful|
    Pros: Emphrey is a bold and cunning Drakeon, and she isn't afraid to speak out her opinions. She is brave and experienced in battle, and if she cannot overpower an opponent, she will try to find a way to out-think them. She has a rather dry sense of humor, and she isn't afraid to speak out her opinion. She is quite smartassed and sarcastic, and sometimes she can come across as snappy and harsh.

    Emphrey is very headstrong in her opinions, and will fight to keep her point if she has to. She works well as a leader, and she is a good strategist. Very much a survivalist, Emphrey is very intent on surviving the undead.
    Cons: Emphrey is very cold to others she doesn't know, and she can be quite snappy. She doesn't like dragging Toothless along with her, but she does it because otherwise he would die on his own. Despite this, she is extremely protective of Toothless, as he acts too childish to understand most dangers.
    Neutral: Isn't afraid to swear or get into a fight to prove her points.
    User Notes - Based off a very old OC of mine.

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