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    Thor the Shiny Luxray || WIP [Adopted]


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    Thor the Shiny Luxray || WIP [Adopted] Empty Thor the Shiny Luxray || WIP [Adopted]

    Post by Snitch Mon Mar 25, 2013 2:16 pm

    Thor the Shiny Luxray || WIP [Adopted] Thorrrr

    Text Color; #CD0000

    Thunder Fang (Level-Up), Crunch (Level-Up), Thunder (TM), Hyper Beam (TM)
    Somewhat Stubborn
    National Dex No./Species;
    #405 Luxray / The Gleam Eyes Pokémon
    6’3” – Massive
    Pokédex Entry;
    It has eyes that can see through anything. It spots and captures prey hiding behind objects.


    - Born into small, powerful pride of luxray – mainly consisting of a family unit. Only son of the alpha pair, lavished with all the attention he could ask for. However, pride made the decision to claim territory in Hoenn on outskirts of fortree city. Thor was mesmerised by the brutal battles between the luxray and absol – practically reared on violence. However, it wasn’t long until peace reigned, the absol eliminated.
    - Father soon introduced a strange, shiny zorua into the pride. Dad remained reluctant to explain his reasoning’s, apparently guilty at robbing the child’s chances of a ‘normal’ upbringing, but Thor was set to act as a big brother figure. Had no problem. Did everything he could to befriend the canine, Loki, setting aside prejudices to make space for the pup in his heart.
    - Over time, pair aged into handsome adolescents. Thor always well-liked, popular amongst the others of his age – was the first of his evolution to evolve into a luxio. Regularly trained, always eager to follow his father’s example and take on the world – determined to prove himself as the heir to the pride’s leadership. Loki remained aloof, reserved, and despite his efforts at actively involving the canine in his life, Thor persevered to remain a friend. He knew canine was bullied but could do nothing to halt the abuse.
    - Reached final evolution alongside Loki, the duo’s achievement celebrated by their proud parents. Convinced he was strong enough to look out for himself, Thor made the decision to break pride rules and voyage into fortree in daylight hours. Loki tried to stop him, but adamant, the zoroark found himself being dragged along with the feline. Pair attacked by trainer and duo fought for survival. Thor loved every moment – adored the thrill of battle, overjoyed at the feeling of victory that would follow. Loki however badly injured. Helped the canine home where seriousness of what had happened sunk in. His father banished him for his reckless arrogance. Furious and devastated, the luxray obediently left.
    - Devoid of purpose, Thor wandered the region in solitude before coming across a young woman. The human was climbing a tree alongside her smeargle, turning to regard the confused lion with a smile. Convinced that he wasn’t meant to interfere, Thor was curious to this strange woman, cautiously approaching her small team. He was welcomed instantly, the other pokemon fawning over his appearance and singing praises for the woman. The team would regularly meet here, simply relax in the woodland after a hard day of battling. Every day, Thor would meet them – longing for the company they could provide.
    - Over the months, Thor’s bond with the group grew, namely with the human. She was unlike those he’d previously encountered –she was peaceful, kindly. She taught him a pair of TM’s, even bringing berries and pokeblocks with her as a peace-offering. Thor soon learnt to relax in her presence, her other pokemon slowly teaching him that there was a world away from battling. However, he was soon approached by members of the pride – badly wounded and begging for his return. They enlightened him that since his banishment, Loki had risen to power and was clearly unsuitable for the role – he banished the weak, attacked – even killed – those who spoke ill of him etc… Thor returned with them to confront his brother.
    - Loki had changed a lot in those few short months, a tyrant with a lust for power. The battled that ensued was lengthy, emotional and violent. Thor couldn’t bring himself to kill the zoroark, always remembering the timid pup that he’d grown up with. He did, however, succeed in pinning him to the ground, helpless. The pride jeered, calling for the shiny’s execution to Thor’s horror. His family had grown so feral, so vicious. He would do no such thing, Loki was his brother – adopted perhaps, but family nonetheless. However, father soon appeared to handle the situation. Loki wrestled free, suddenly fleeing with an apology that crushed Thor. He pursued him on impulse, calling out to the shiny – but it was hopeless. Loki was gone.
    - Devastated, Thor returned to the mainly joyous pride. His sickly father was disappointed, his mother saddened at the loss of an adoptive son. The remainder of the pack remained sombre out of a need to respect the alpha family’s losses – they felt no love for the zoroark. Thor was offered position of alpha, his father intending to retire – too tired to rule – but he declined. Thor was gutted at the disintegration of his family, unable to accept the follower’s hatred of his ‘brother’ and so decided to leave. Although the parting was sad, luxray was adamant in his decision. He intended to return to the trainer whom he had come to love – convinced that her presence would be enough to calm him.
    - Accepted into the team with open arms, Thor was quickly lifted out of his depression. He indulged in pokemon battles, training alongside the group and left free from his pokeball – the human unwilling to restrict his freedom. However, as he travelled the region, destructive patterns littered the cities. Only Loki came to his mind. Disappointed, Thor was determined to eventually find his brother – to apologize for his treatment, and how he couldn’t have helped him change. Remains with the human up until the epidemic.
    - Despite best attempts to save them, woman and team is killed by undead. Thor escaped, furious. Kills all undead he crosses paths with, an outlet for his anger, as he returns home – convinced his family had survived. They are gone. A number of bodies litter the ground. Has since travelled, desperate to find his parents and Loki, certain that they would have been able to survive the massacre. Would not forgive himself to learn that he hadn’t been there to protect the ones he loved.


    Freakin’ massive, muscular/well-built body demonstrating incredible physical power, wild/unruly fur of surprisingly good condition, shiny – striking red mane, golden body with black markings

    Dark blue eyes, handsome in the face, strong/superior gait


    Pros – Brave, Valiant, Friendly, Physically Powerful, Easy-Going – Hard to Anger, Natural Leader – Authoritative, Positive
    Cons – Impulsive, Arrogant, Risk-Taker, Loud, Too Trusting, BAD Temper, Stubborn, Blunt - To the Point
    Pathos – Misses family dearly, Somewhat Alienated to Human Contraptions / Life

    User Note;
    - Older, foster-brother of Loki the Shiny Zoroark. The duo has a love-hate sort of relationship which has only worsened over time. Thor is desperate to find the canine to make amends so that both may put the past behind them.

    - Based off the character of Thor Odinson from the Marvel Universe; namely the films ‘Thor’ and ‘The Avengers Assemble’. :3
    - Thanks to Ciana for supporting the idea and suggesting the species! <333

    Profile for Thor done by SNITCH, I just finished it. B]

    - Adopted.

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