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    Duma's Story Corner


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    Duma's Story Corner Empty Duma's Story Corner

    Post by Duma Thu Oct 16, 2014 6:08 am

    As you enter the cavern, you notice a large circle lounge sitting in the center, and bookshelves around all the walls. Beanbags are scattered around, and there is a small radio that is playing some sort of instrumental. The lounge spins around, revealing a white furred anthro, their legs propped up against a footrest as they surveyed you with dark red eyes. Finally, they grin and spread their arms wide. "Welcome to my Story Corner! Feel free to grab a seat and read some stories!" They point to a listed board. "There's the list of available stories. It will be updated as new stories come in. Hope you have fun!"

    Welcome to Duma's Story Corner (Or DSC for short)! Feel free to browse my stories while you are here!


    1. The Adventures of Detective Shard
    2. Silverscroll, The Adopted Dragon
    3. Cheetah, The Fallen Angel
    4. Irusan, The Lonely Cat Sìth
    5. World So Cold
    6. 90 Minutes More
    7. Goodbye

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    Duma's Story Corner Empty The Adventures of Detective Shard

    Post by Duma Sat Nov 01, 2014 8:56 am

    Okay, so a little background on Detective Shard - It was originally a writing prompt Mew gave to me, and I loved it so much, I decided to act on this little idea he came up with - make it an ongoing series. And so, here I am, writing a little ongoing series for Detective Shard and her Houndoom and Persian partners as she goes and looks in on the gym leaders to make sure they aren't abusing their Pokemon. But first, I suppose a little background of who Shard actually is is required. AU(Alternate Universe) where the Epidemic didn't happen but the Gym Leaders and League are under extreme investigation for animal abuse.

    Detective Shard:

    Onward to the first story - Olympia's Meowstic (Now Shard's!)

    Not a sound came from the onlookers as they watched the tall dark-haired detective observe the Pokemon Gym of Anistar. The investigator had two Pokemon by her side, a Houndoom and a Persian. Each stood up on alert, their eyes sweeping over each and every one of the onlookers, sizing them up. Many moved on, unnerved by the unwavering glare of the two 'mon. The tall female was clad in a black coat that went to her calves, and she had a black fedora that shrouded her face in shadow. Long black hair went down to her shoulder blades and she had black gloves with leather backs on each hand. Dark sunglasses shield her eyes from onlookers and she had a black shirt on with dark black denim jeans with a multitude of pockets.

    She moves a hand to the inside of her coat, pulling out a phone. Her finger swiped across the screen, tapping it in a fast, repetitive motion. Finally she put the phone to her ear, looking around carefully. Her free hand moved to her side, signing to her Pokemon. The two looked up at her, before laying down beside the detective, their eyes still carefully watching them. "Yes, hello. It's Detective Shard reporting in from Anistar. Everything seems okay from the outside." She paused, listening in to the phone. "Yes, right. Should I enter the Gym?" Another pause. "Got it. Thank you."

    Shard took the phone from her ear, swiping her finger across it and tapping the screen before finally pressing a button on the side. She put the phone back in her jacket, clicking her fingers. The Houndoom and Persian rose to their paws, standing alert. Without a word, the trio entered the pokemon gym.

    Upon entering, Shard dragged her gaze along the interior. Stars and galaxies decorated the area around her and she stood on a solid piece of glass that looked like a hologram. The detective remained unfazed. "Pretty lighting and fancy floors, but is that just a disguise to what's going on behind the curtain?" She muttered, looking up as a man approached her. "Can I help you?" She asked, and the man looked at her. "Are ye here ta chall'nge tha gym lead'r?" They asked, and Shard put a hand into her jacket and took out a leather flip case. Opening to show her badge to the man, she looked steadily at them. "Detective Shard. I'm here investigating the Gyms over highly suspected cases of animal cruelty to Pokemon. I want to have a word with Olympia." She said bluntly, her voice void of most emotion. The man nodded briskly. "Er, of course, right this way if you please." They said, taking a hidden path to their right. Clicking her fingers, Shard followed, flanked by her two Pokemon. "So what makes ye think tha lead'r is abusin' her Pokemon?" They asked, looking back at the detective. "I don't make the assumptions, I just investigate. The Pokemon League is not owned by the government, and we've had many complaints of animal cruelty to their Pokemon. I am one of the detectives to investigate this matter." She said, not meeting their gaze.

    "Well, yeah, but what are ye gonna do if Olympia is abusin' her 'mons? They inquired, and Shard took off her sunglasses to look down at the man. She put her sunglasses in her jacket, bright blue eyes  watching them critically. "If I deem Olympia to be abusing her Pokemon, I will take appropriate measures.""Meanin'?""If I need to, I will take Olympia in and you'll need to find yourself a new Gym Leader."

    They left it at that, taking the rest of the trip in silence. Finally they got to Olympia. She was in a battle with a trainer when they arrived, and she glanced over at them, looking as Shard came out of the hidden path followed by the Houndoom and Persian. Shard waited off to the side, watching the battle with a critical eye. Every moves was precise and each Pokemon held back the right amount of force. It was a good battle and Olympia admitted to defeat eventually. The trainer got their badge and went off, leaving Shard alone with Olympia - the man had ditched them as soon as the battle ended.

    "Gym leader Olympia. I am Detective Shard, and I am investigating a case of suspected animal cruelty towards your Pokemon." Shard said coolly, watching the Gym Leader's face to see if they squirm. They didn't. "How interesting. I am welcome to prove it by showing all my Pokemon to you to view." Shard watched them carefully, before nodding. "Yes, that'll work. If you would." She said, stepping back as the Gym Leader released her three Pokemon. Two of them, the Sigilyph and Slowking, stood still, but the Meowstic shied away from Olympia. Casting a critical eye donwnwards towards the psychic type, Shard knelt, extending a hand to the Meowstic. They came up cautiously and Shard saw bruises under the white fur. Glaring up at Olympia, Shard noted that the Gym Leader was starting to sweat.

    Picking up the Meowstic, Shard stood, watching Olympia with a careful gaze. "What happened with this Meowstic?" She inquired and Olympia stammered. "I... Uh..." Shard narrowed her eyes into a glare. "That's all I need. Olympia, you are coming with me." Shard said. By some unspoken command, the Houndoom and Persian moved to stop Olympia from trying to bolt. Getting out her phone, Shard swiped a finger across it and dialed a number. Putting the phone to her ear, she started walking out, followed by Olympia and her Pokemon. "It seems the Psychic Gym is due for a new Gym Leader. I am taking Olympia back to HQ now. My next stop is Snowbelle." Shard said into the phone. Hanging up and putting the phone away, they exited the gym.

    Upon exiting, many gasps sounded from around, but Shard ignored them and Olympia hung her head in shame. Jeers were passed and items were thrown, but the group kept walking till they got to an unmarked van. "In you go. You've got a long drive ahead of you Olympia. Your Pokemon are confiscated and you'll never be a trainer again." Shard said in a cold voice. Taking the former Leader's pokeballs, she kept the one for the Meowstic and broke the other two. The Houndoom and Persian returned to her side, watching as Shard closed the doors to the van, hitting the side twice. On the signal, the van drove away. Shard looked down at the Meowstic in her arms. "It's all right, you have no need to ever be in fear of abuse any more. Olympia will be locked away for a long time." She said, starting the long walk to Snowbelle City.

    ((OOC: Quick thing - My headcanon for elektross is that you can ride them, but you have to be weary of their electricity genterating markings.))
    Second Adventure - The Underground Ring
    It had gotten increasingly colder the closer the detective got to Snowbelle. Pulling her jacket closer around the Meowstic that sat sleeping in the nook of her arm, Shard looked up at the sky, her sunglasses shielding her eyes as she watched the snow begin to fall. "Tch. I hate snow. It's too cold for my liking." She muttered, brushing a hand over the Meowstic's soft fur. Opal purred and snuggled closer into her arm and Shard smiled. Only three days ago she had rescued the Psychic type from Olympia's cruel abuse, and Opal thanked her immensely for it.

    They finally got to the route that was packed with snow so thick it was nearly impossible to travel on foot. Then again, Shard was never one to follow the normal rules. "Topaz, Flamethrower please." She said, and the Houndoom nodded, shooting a powerful beam of fire at the snow, melting a path for them. "Pyrite, can you jump up top and make sure we are going in the right direction?" She inquired, looking at the Persian. Pyrite nodded, jumping up on top of the snow, occasionally meowing down directions that were translated by the translator around Shard's neck.

    They made their way along the route, stopping to give Topaz a break and so that Shard could feed her pokemon. They had just finished their break when Topaz perked up, growling. Shard frowned and put a finger to the button on her translator. "What is it Topaz?" She asked, standing up and looking around. A sound to her right caught her attention and she brought out her pokeball that held her Elektross, Amber. The levitating eel floated up into the air and Shard gave the lightning eel a fond pat. "Pyrite, Topaz, follow me and Amber." She said, getting onto the eel's back, careful not to touch the electricity generating markings. Amber floated up into the air, levitating over Pyrite, watching as Topaz jumped up to stand beside the Persian.

    Holding Opal in one arm, Shard pointed towards a clearing, and Amber levitated over, floating down to the ground as Topaz and Pyrite joined them soon after. Shard got off Amber, returning the Elektross to her pokeball. "I heard something coming from over here... I wonder what it was. Topaz, search." She said, and the Houndoom perked up, before putting her nose to the ground and sniffing around for anything. Soon Topaz found an odd doorway and pawed at it. Shard came up and studied the doorway, cautious. She got out her dagger and moved forwards, followed by Pyrite and Topaz.

    The doorway led to a staircase downwards, and Shard heard whines and growls coming from the bottom. Frowning, Shard tightened her grip on her dagger, walking downwards. As she got down, she was greeted with the sight of a pokemon fighting arena. Fighting the urge to lunge in and break it up, Shard walked around to look, at the cages. Pokemon of all kinds were lined in cages, and many eyed her with scared expressions. Shard muttered to herself as two guys grabbed a Mightyena and Hoppip from the cages, tossing them into the arena.

    Unable to watch anymore, Shard stepped forwards, sheathing her dagger and getting out her pistol. "Don't move. If you make any motions to getting a weapon I will order my Houndoom to attack. You are being placed under arrest for holding illegal pokemon fights underground." Shard said, her hold unmoving. They froze, and Pyrite moved inbetween them to stop the fight between the Mightyena and Hoppip with a Dark Pulse. The fighting pokemon broke apart, and they shrunk back into their open cages as the Persian watched them cautiously.

    Shard whistled and Pyrite turned to trot back to Shard. The two guys turned and watched Shard with worried expressions. "Look, we mean't nothin' by it ya hear? It was just simple fun." They said and Shard glared at them. "Pokemon fighting to the death is not fun. It is cruel, heartless and barbaric. Unorthodox fighting like this is illegal for a reason, Pokemon are companions and friends, not expendable tools. Fiends like you make me sick." She hissed, getting out two pairs of handcuffs and cuffing the two lawbreakers. Topaz growled and snapped at them, forcing them to move and start walking up the stairs.

    Taking her Lucario out of it's pokeball, Shard pointed over at the cages. "Onyx, can you please let those pokemon out? Try not to let them fight each other please." She said, and the Lucario nodded, walking over to the cages and unlocking them with Psychic, setting the captured pokemon free. They fled out and escaped the ring, each saying a thank you to Shard and Onyx as they left.

    Turning her attention back to the lawbreakers, Shard herded them out and into the open where she got out her phone and unlocked it. She tapped in the number of her HQ and waited, looking at her captors. The phone picked up and Shard was put onto the one in charge of her cases. "Ah, yes hello there. This is Detective Shard reporting in. I have just found and aprehended two pokemon fighters who had an underground fighting ring on Route Seventeen. Requesting a vehicle to come and pick these to up." She said, pausing. "Yes, I will be waiting." She said, hanging up the phone and locking it. She then put her smartphone in her jacket glaring and at the crooks. "There will be a helicopter coming in soon, it will arrive in about two to three minutes." Shard said, leaning against a tree and watching the two crooks as they hung their heads in shame.

    The helicopter didn't take long to get there and it flew down, landing in the patch of clear ground. Shard walked the two crooks over, handing them over to the police in the helicopter. "Thank you for that. I'll continue on towards Snowbelle." She said, waving goodbye and walking off towards Snowbelle City.

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    Duma's Story Corner Empty Silverscroll, The Adopted Dragon

    Post by Duma Fri Nov 06, 2015 4:55 am

    Mew wrote:"After warriors slay a dragon, you scavenge the cave for things to sell or use. You end up finding an egg that hatches as you try to take it. The hatchling confuses you for its mother."
    This wasn't how it was supposed to happen.

    It was supposed to be simple - enter the cave, slay the dragon, take the loot.

    We were so wrong.

    It was a dark, overcast and gloomy day - one that one of those warriors wouldn't forget any time soon.

    They trudged up the mountain, armor clinking and shifting. Their shields hit the steel on their legs with each step, and their sharp, dangerous swords glittered dangerously as light shone off the sharp edges. In the lead was a tall woman, clad in silver armor that had a long dragon hide cloak behind her, she carried no shield, only two swords and a pair of gloves that had sharp points where her nails would be. Her face wasn't covered with a helmet like the others, instead showing a slightly tanned face with a scowl that looked like the woman hadn't smiled in years. Her face was scarred by four long and deep cuts that were still slightly fresh from three months ago, when this very dragon attacked her.

    Waving her platoon onwards, they entered the cave and shouted out a challenge to the resident, who rewarded them with a plume of flames that licked at everyone's feet. Swords unsheathed with a ringing of steel, and shields shifted with a heavy thump. A barricade was set up in front of the attacking warriors, and then with a shrill whistle, they all stood and rushed at the dragon.

    The battle didn't last too long, and as the dragon lay dead and bleeding on the floor, I stepped over it's tail and started to search the back of the cave. Half of my platoon had been killed, but we had succeeded - the dragon was dead. As my feet carried be to the back of the room, I noticed something in an odd nest of rocks piled atop one another. Flames flickered at the rocks and I edged closer, peering at the odd flaming structure. Carefully, I removed the rock on the top and I was very surprised to see that it was hollow. Inside the hollow nest of rocks was a single, large obelisk white egg.

    With wide eyes, I removed the rest of the rocks and looked over the egg. We would of have to destroy it - another dragon would be horrible for the village. As I reached out to the egg, it shook. I froze, glaring at the offending object before cupping one hand around it and then the other, preparing to lift it up. As I started to raise the egg however, a crack appeared at the top and I all but dropped it. Setting it back down, I swore and scrambled away from the egg, unsheathing both swords and pointing them at the white shell which was rapidly cracking now.

    I dared to inch closer to the hatching dragon, and as I reached the rocks, a claw burst through the egg's shell, before retreating back into the safety of the egg. Against my better judgement, I peeled away a chunk of the egg and immediately drew back when a scaly black head popped up and looked up at me, blue eyes glittering as their slit pupils studied me. This was it. I was a dead woman. I had been taught from a young age that even when born, dragons will not hesitate to kill humans. They crawled out of the egg and stretched their tiny wings - not yet good for flying - before advancing towards me.

    Their tiny claws scrabbled on the ground, and they had their eyes on me as they crawled closer, chirruping at me. I could do nothing but stay frozen in fear. I watched in horror, to petrified to to anything other than dread and wait for the killing blow. I felt the dragon jump up onto my legs and rear up, then they lifted a clawed hand to my face, but hesitated. I closed my eyes and waited for the killing blow.

    None came.

    Opening my eyes, I looked down at the hatchling's blue eyes and saw nothing but trust and a hint of confusion. Oh dear god it though I was it's mother. I picked up the hatchling and looked it over. Black scales with silver claws and horns, silver markings that swirled from the nose up and around the eyes, then up to the horns before merging into a single line that went down their back, branching off into swirls that followed the skeleton at the arms, hind legs and wings. The plating under their body was a dark grey, but lighter than the black, with several silver flecks around the head. My eyes widened in awe. I had spent all this time killing them, but god, their scale patterns were so gorgeous.

    Setting the hatching on my shoulder I stood up, walking to the exit of the cave. My platoon had already left, having looted what they wanted. I got what I wanted and then left, the hatchling on my shoulder as they looked around, eyes wide. The dragon would of died from starvation anyway, and plus, if I could teach the hatchling to help humans, not hurt them, we could have them protect the village.

    I entered my house and let the hatchling of my shoulder, and they scurried around, investigating my house with curious sniffs. Their long tail swished like a cats as the dragon jumped up onto my desk, sitting down to look at me. This is ridiculous I thought, but I had a stupid grin plastered on my face. Maybe I could make this work after all.

    Two years had passed since I found the young hatching - now appropriately named Silverscroll after her (I found out the hard way what gender they were) silver markings, which, as I discovered, glow under the night sky. She has grown a lot since then, and she looks a lot more serpentine instead of the pudgy hatchling form she had. Silverscroll's eyes have settled into being a light stormy grey-blue, and her wings are almost as big as I am tall. She is learning to fly, using the birds as help seeing as I cannot teach her myself. When on the ground, Silverscroll stands at my waist, but she had gradually been training herself to stand on hind legs, where she stands at about my height.

    Dragons are more intelligent than I gave them credit for. Silverscroll, despite being young, is already learning about the dangers of my work and why she isn't to leave my property. We haven't had any problems with her stray flames that she occasionally coughs, besides a few stray hairs being set alight with Silverscroll's white flames, nothing has been too badly burnt.

    Giving her a pet, I turned and left for the day, mounting my steed of choice - a black horse that had my same dark blue, almost purple eyes. Shaking the reins, I waved goodbye to Silverscroll, who waved back before awkwardly flying up to the roof to await my return that afternoon.

    As I rode into town, I was waved over by a pair of children. I halted my horse and dismounted, walking over to the children, reins in hand. Their eyes sparked with curiosity and they grinned up at me, before speaking in a low whisper. "Word around the other kids is that you have a pet dragon miss... Uh, we were wondering if, you know, we could see it? We've never, er, seen a dragon before." I froze. They knew? My voice quietened and I knelt down. "Who else knows?"

    They shook their heads. "Only five of us miss." I sighed. Okay, so it wasn't horribly panic-inducing. I nodded. "Okay, okay. I'll take you to see Silverscroll when I'm done, okay?" I answered, and they lit up with delight, mumbling thank yous before running off. I stood, mounting my horse and riding to the barracks.

    When I arrived, I went through the practice drills and joined my platoon, who by now, were used to the fact that I didn't talk about the day I got Silverscroll. Not that any of them knew I had been raising a dragon for two or so years, as that would lead to Silverscroll being killed and me being banished. Wasn't exactly the highest priority on my list.

    The day went by quickly, and all too soon, I found myself at the exit, where the five kids from earlier were waiting. The two I met earlier today whispered to the others as I approached, and I motioned for them to follow. Trotting as a slow pace, it took a little longer to reach my home, but as I expected, Silverscroll was waiting on the roof, gliding down to greet me as I brushed down my horse and checked for any other worries as I cared for the black stallion. Finally I finished caring for my horse as the kids nervously looked over at Silverscroll, who had just noticed them.

    Placing a hand on my dragon's back, I waved the kids over, and they happily ran over, gaping in awe as Silverscroll looked at them all before rearing up onto two legs and offering a handshake. I laughed and patted Silverscroll's shoulder, and she dropped back down to all fours. The kids thanked me and ran off, gushing about seeing a real, live dragon. I chuckled and ushered Silverscroll back inside, heading down to the basement where I had set up a little school of sorts. Over the two years I had her, I had been teaching her how to write, read, even talk. I learnt that dragons had the ability to use telepathy, and we trained on that. I knew it was foolish, but I was trying damn it. This village needed a better protector anyway. What would be better than a dragon?

    A few months later, I went into work, and I over heard something from inside the commanders office. Pressing close to the door, I listened into the conversation.
    "I'm telling you sir! I saw it!"
    "My warriors would never do something as stupid as that!"
    "But sir! I saw it with my own eyes, they had a dragon, and it was all black with silver swirls on it!"

    My breath hitched in my throat and I turned tail and ran out the door, mounting my horse and cantering home.

    I skidded to a stop out front, startling Silverscroll awake. -Mother! You're home early!- Her telepathic voice floated into my head and I shook my head. "Sorry Silverscroll, there's no time, we have to leave! We have dragon hunters coming!" I said, gathering my armor and retreating into my room to change.

    I came out, covered in my armor and cloak, horse armor draped over my arm. "Lets go, before they get he-"

    A loud pounding on my door startled me and I ushered Silverscroll out of the way. Composing myself, I went to the door, armor in hand and swords in sheath. Opening the door, I glared at the offenders. "What do you want?" I snapped, and they shrank back a bit, before standing tall.

    "We have been tipped that you are harboring a young dragon. Why is it not dead?"
    "I don't know what has poisoned your mind. I have no dragons."
    "Then why are there smoke stains on your roof?"
    "We have been attacked by dragons here before you know."

    My deadpan answers weren't enough to sway them, I had to get out of there. I narrowed my eyes and adjusted my arms so that one hand was visible to Silverscroll. Bunching my hand into a fist she glanced at the dragon. She had grown so much, and I could already ride on her back while she flew. There was no way I was not going to let Silverscroll die now.

    I snapped open my palm and whistled, and everything exploded int action. With a feral snarl, Silverscroll burst from her hiding place, and I grabbed onto her as we launched out the door and into the sky. The two that were at my door were now gaping up at me, eyes wide. I threw a knife at my horse, spooking it into running. Now that I was sure we were fine, I pointed at the two attackers. "Burn them."

    Rearing her head back, Silverscroll unleashed a fury of white flame at the attackers, and once I was sure they were gone, I motioned Silverscroll over to the nearby cave - the cave she was born in. -We are going to pay for that Mother.- Her voice was worried, and I didn't blame her. "I know Silverscroll... I know."

    Three months have passed since a bounty was put up on our heads. No one dared to venture up though. They all feared me. The Dragon Tamer they called me. I wasn't about to deny it, that was for sure. I sighed and combed my hair with my fingers. Silverscroll stood at the entrance, stormy eyes watching the hill up to the cave. -They're coming Mother.- I groaned.

    "So, this is it eh Silverscroll? Lets just hope we can hold our own. Is your fire good?"

    Silverscroll puffed out a few flares of white fire. -Yes. I'm good.-

    I put on my armor and sharpened my swords, standing guard at the entrance to the cave. My platoon marched up, standing in front of me. Silverscroll growled and circled around them, lips pulled back in a snarl. I had to give it to my platoon, they certainly didn't look scared. Part of me beamed in pride, while the other wavered slightly. I tightened my grip on the hilt of my swords.

    "Come on then. Silverscroll, fire!"

    The battle erupted in a blast of white fire that took out three of the platoon and injured two others. I lunged forwards, running two people through with my swords. I pulled the steel out and slashed at another attacker, before diving out of the way of a white fireball that took out five people. There were still about ten left. They ran at Silverscroll, and the dragon couldn't take the sheer amount of attackers. They slashed her wings and threw her over the cliff.

    "SILVERSCROLL!" I yelled, dropping my swords and running to the edge. I didn't even hesitate, I just jumped. diving down to my dragon. -MOTHER!- Though her telepathy worked, the black and silver dragon let out an unearthly screech and feebly flapped her wings, catching me in her arms, turning so we hit the ground with Silverscroll's back taking the impact.

    We hit the ground with a loud crack, and dark red blood splattered my armor. I was freed from Silverscroll's grip and I scrambled back, tears flooding from my eyes as I looked at my dragon.

    Her back was cracked and crooked in multiple places, but her wings were mangled. Blood was steadily coming from her mouth and from the multiple spikes that had skewered her hide, coming out her chest, abdomen and head. I fell to my knees, hugging her closely. "No... Nonononono, please don't go..." I sobbed, and Silverscroll's mouth curved into a smile.

    -I love you... Mother-

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    Duma's Story Corner Empty Cheetah, The Fallen Angel

    Post by Duma Fri Nov 06, 2015 4:57 am

    Mew wrote:"You are a fallen angel. What made you fall?"
    ((OOC: Cheetah is my own character))
    "Who am I..? Where did I come from? Why am I here? Too many questions, and no answers in sight."

    Black feathers floated down onto the asphalt, each one glowed with a subtle blue hue, but as soon as they touched the ground, they faded into ash. If one followed the ash piles, they would find a lone figure, walking down the empty road, their shadow cast from the lights showed nothing but a simple figure with what looked like the cheap costume wings. When a person's eyes actually fell on the winged figure, it was quite clear that something was quite odd about them.

    For one, the wings were twice as large as the shadow said they were, and the tips of them dragged along the ground, a small ash trail following as the feathers made contact with the black road beneath them. With a roll of their shoulders, the wings unfurled, red cinders falling from each feather as they slowly turned from black to a red-gold color. The extra limbs shrunk, each feather burning away to become short, unusable cherub wings that shined with the ash and cinders that fell from them.

    Finally, the wings stopped the flurry of flames, only a small stub of what once were grand wings that put even the angels of fantasy to shame. The lone figure found their way to a park, traveling over to a tree, they lent against the trunk, opening their eyes for the first time since arriving there. Bright neon green scanned the darkness, and once the person was sure they were alone, they sunk to their knees.

    "Why don't I remember anything?"

    The voice was soft, almost hoarse with disuse. Barely a whisper, yet the wind picked it up and it traveled much further than an ordinary voice should. A few faces peeked out from the windows in their homes, but none came out to investigate. Why would they? It wasn't of their concern, so why bother? The speaker got back to their feet, swaying slightly.

    "I... I remember something... A... A face?"

    Their eyes narrowed as they tried to picture that elusive face. Try as they might, the person could not figure it. They could only make out a rough outline, and white hair that went to their shoulders. Nothing else stood out against the haze that clouded their mind. Finally the person shook their head, chasing away the image and made their way to a bench, sitting down and holding their head.

    "Why won't this headache go away? I'm trying to remember, but I can't!"

    Now there was another face in their mind. This one was a bit more clear. Black, shoulder-length hair. Purple eyes. No, now they were green. A name came to the figure's mind.

    "Ch... Cheetah..?"

    Somehow, the word was familiar. They couldn't place it, but they knew it meant something at least. With a sigh, the figure rubbed their temples as they tried to call forth something else of use. The only thing they were getting was that one face. It wouldn't go away. The hair changed from white to black, black to white. Eyes went from purple to green, green to purple. With a sigh the person gave up, instead settling for resting their forehead on their palms.

    "I know this person is Cheetah, but who are they?"

    The figure did not know. They sighed and lent back on the bench, looking up at the sky. A sense of homesickness washed over them, and they didn't even know why. Was their home somewhere up high? Could that be it? The figure shook their head, looking over at a glass window that reflected the person's face back at them. Black hair, green eyes. There was that face again, except this time it was staring back at the figure, who's eyes widened.

    "Ch-Cheetah! I'm Cheetah!"

    Then another frown creased their face.

    "But, if I'm Cheetah, then who was the white-haired me?"

    They were back at square one, it seemed. The wings at their back twitched as Cheetah lent back on them too much. With a wince, they straightened up, looking back at the charred stubby wings. They frowned, brow furrowing.

    "I know I had these for a reason, but what was that?"

    Cheetah heaved a sigh and buried their head in their hands. It was not going to be any fun trying to recall the blanks in their memory, it seemed. Another face came to mind. This was not Cheetah's face, nor was it the white-haired version. This was a child, who looked to be barely even thirteen. Bright, blue eyes and brown-gold hair that had a few strands of black on the left side that draped over their face. An inquisitive grin was on their face, but Cheetah didn't know why. Who was this child?

    Another name floated into their mind. Aaron. A child that had a guardian of some sort. What were they? Who were they? Why was Aaron in Cheetah's mind? The questions made their head pound as the headache worsened. Fingers dug into the black hair in a futile attempt to stop the pounding. It was now the sound of a door being kicked in, then glass shattering, and finally, a voice.

    "Aaron! Wait! That's dangerous!"
    "It's okay mama! My guardian angel will save me!"

    Cheetah's eyes shot open. Guardian... Angel..? A burning feeling came from their back as all of a sudden the feathers began to burn again, however as each feather burned, a new one took it's place, each one longer than the other. A scream ripped from Cheetah's throat as their headache got worse and worse, a single drop of blood touched Cheetah's skin, and suddenly everything went quiet. The headache disappeared, and all that sounded was a quiet crackle of flames, which soon died out as finally the wings had returned to how they once were, except this time each feather started off being a dark gold, fading out to a brilliant shining gold and fading back down to a black streaked with golden lines. Each wing unfurled, spreading the last of the cinders and ash onto the ground in a rainfall of red and grey.

    Cheetah had slipped from the bench amidst the chaos and now they stood, dusting off their pants and jumping up into the air, wings beating as they flew higher and higher. Leveling off as a reasonable height, the cool night air cleared Cheetah's head and finally things started drifting back to them.

    "My... My name is Cheetah and I am... Was the guardian angel of a young child named Aaron."

    They frowned. What happened to Aaron?

    "Aaron. You know better than to put your life in danger like that. I am going to get in trouble now for interfering with a human life. This may be the last time you see me."
    "No! My guardian angel will never leave me!"

    Looking down to the ground, Cheetah dove down, landing in an oddly familiar suburb. They still had no idea why. Another searing pain flew across Cheetah's head, and this time there was a vision that went with it.

    The child ran along the road, chasing after a ball that had rolled from the grass onto the asphalt. A car came along the other way, and from where the angel was hovering, the driver could not see the child on the road and was speeding. Diving down from the clouds, the white-winged angel dove in front of the car, holding out their hands to stop the car. It came to a screeching halt, stopped by the angel's hands. Almost immediately after, the winged guardian was transported away, and was not seen again by the child.

    Cheetah's eyes went wide as they looked around. This was where it happened. This was where they fell. Their green eyes widened and after folding up their wings, Cheetah counted the houses, coming up to a generic two story house that had a black and white tiled roof. Walking up to the door, the fallen angel knocked three times, then once more after a three second delay. They didn't know why that particular pattern was why they chose it, but soon after the fallen angel remembered, when a teenager's astonished face answered the door.

    "Didn't you say that your guardian angel would never leave you?"

    The child lunged forwards, tacking the fallen angel into a hug.

    "I missed you."
    "I missed you too, Aaron."

    "My name is Cheetah and I am a fallen angel. I fell after I protected the one I was sworn to look over, interfering with a human's lifespan and revealing myself to the other mortals. Despite this, I am happy with how I am, since now I have no rules to stop me from protecting the one I swore to protect."

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    Duma's Story Corner Empty Irusan, The Lonely Cat Sìth

    Post by Duma Fri Nov 06, 2015 4:57 am

    Prompt wrote:Some things were simply not meant to be.
    "It's time to leave now. Let's go"

    The black cat stared sadly down at the mound of dirt. His beloved human. Gone. Such was the life of a creature such as him. Doomed to live his life as an immortal. If he died, he would just come back again, a different cat god, a different companion. They would grow old and die, while he stood there and watched them grow and pass. The god let out a heavy sigh, his gold eyes growing weary.  It was getting tiresome. Even still, that was the life of a Cat Sìth, to watch as others grew old and soon, the gods were to be forgotten. Some things were simply not meant to be, it seemed.

    It had been over 3000 years since the god had last had a companion, and now that they were gone, he dreaded the empty pit they left. Lifting his eyes from the ground, he locked eyes with a small child. Opening his jaws in surprise, the Cat Sìth jumped back, his triple tails spiking up, a sign of his old age. It was myth that the Cat Sìth only had two tails. Every thousand years, they grew another. Most only lived to 2000, however. The child squatted down, keeping their eyes locked with the Sìth's.

    “Have you no clue what I am child? I am bad luck. Those who meet my eyes are damned and doomed to Dante's Inferno!” The god spat, immediately pushing the child away with empty threats. While it was true that the Sìth had traveled to the deepest parts of Dante's Inferno, he was by no means cursed. A Cat Sìth was free from damnation as a courier between the Inferno and Heaven.

    “You can't be bad luck! You saved our harvest two years back!”

    The Sìth stared. Saved a harvest? Oh. Right. The mice and rats. He only saved that harvest, because his companion was growing old, and he wanted the Sìth to help the village. He turned his gold eyes away. How dare this child think him as a savior. He had ruled beside Emperors, and killed on command. He was anything but a savior. A small stubby hand found its way into his gaze. The Sìth recoiled violently, a feral hiss escaping him.

    “It's time to leave now. Let's go!”

    Staring wide-eyed and open-mouthed at the child, the Sìth abruptly shut his jaws with an audible crack. Pulling his lips back, the Cat Sìth snarled, his tails lashing. “You know nothing of me child! Anyone who travels with me is doomed to die! I have lived far too long and I have seen far too many deaths! Some die young, others wither away in front of me! I am a curse! For a creature such as myself to live this long it drives one insane! You know nothi-” Warm arms found themselves wrapped around the Sìth, and his eyes widened to the size of saucers. His companions had never hugged him before, only ever petted him. The feeling was alien and unknown, but welcome.

    “It must have been terribly lonely, but don't worry Li Shou. I won't leave you.”
    “That's a lie. They always leave. They never stay. Empty promises, and unfulfilled dreams. If you become my companion, you will die. In the most horrible way too. Those who travel with a Sìth are doomed to Dante's Inferno.”
    “Then it's a good thing that I live there.”

    The Sìth's jaw dropped. “Wha-what?” Was all he could say.

    “I'm a demon. Only a young one, but I'm immortal, just like you. You'll never be alone, Li Shou. I'll be here.”
    “I'm... I'm not called Li Shou. That's what the village calls me. My name is actually Irusan.” He said quietly, closing his eyes and melting into the embrace of the young demon. He had finally found his lifelong companion.

    “Alright Irusan, I'm Set.” The young demon said, standing up and letting their thin wire-like tail wave back and forth as they left the grave. Irusan had finally found happiness. And he was not about to let it go.

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    Duma's Story Corner Empty World So Cold

    Post by Duma Mon Jan 18, 2016 1:49 am

    <|PROLOGUE; It starts with pain.|>

    A wind blew around the forest, rustling leaves and making the gnarled old branches of each tree groan and sway. In the distance, a wolf's howl can be heard, it's mournful cries echoing through the night and settling a chill in the air. Most who hear this unsettling howl run for cover, but there was one child who didn't. While most were scared of the cries of a wolf, there was one in particular, who was curious of the soulful cries.

    “Why is the wolf so sad?” They'd ask, and every time, it was the same answer.

    “Because they're lonely that no one will talk to them.”

    The child pondered on this. If the wolf was so lonely, why couldn't it make friends? When the child voice this however, all they got were disbelieving laughs or strange looks. Befriend the wolf? The mere idea was insane. When the child asked why, they never got an answer. Every night, they would hear the sad cries of the wolf, and every night, the child would ask why. Why was it, that if the humans and dogs an be friends, why can the humans and the wolf be friends? They were simply too different, the adults would say.

    Snow began to fall every night, and each night, the wolf would cry out for a friend. The child would listen to it's song, the soulful howling sending them into a lulling sleep. The child didn't wake up that morning, their breath stolen by the night chill. The child's spirit entered the forest, following the many paths that the spirits before them would take. Following the wolf's heartfelt cries, the child went further into the forest, the trees blending into darkness as night fell on the solemn town.

    No snow fell that night, and the wolf did not howl. The forest was quiet, and the child became lost. The spirit called and called for the wolf in which they spent their life listening to, but the wolf did not howl. Heartbroken, the child sat under a tree, watching the stars from under the leaves of a great, gnarled oak.

    “Why is the wolf not howling?” The child said, reaching a ethereal chubby arm up to the stars. “Did they go lonely too long?” A wind blew past, and the spirit curled in on itself, the chill breathing whispers into their ears. Into the forest, young child. The wolf is waiting. The child shivered, their translucent skin reflecting the moon's light. Walking through the forest, the child followed the wind's whispers to a gap in the trees, where the wolf stood, watching the child's spirit with it's wise golden eyes.

    “My child, why have you come to me so soon?”

    The wolf's soft howl sent an electrical surge up the spirit's back, making them gasp and fall to their knees. The wolf took a few steps forwards, their glistening snow white fur brushing up against the child's spirit. With a low breath, the wolf send a misty plume towards the spirit, making the spirit's translucent skin become more opaque.

    “Now is not your time, child. I will come to you when you are ready.”

    The child reached out a stubby arm, tears welling up in their eyes. The wolf nose their hand, staring up into their eyes.

    “Now go, my child. Your family is worried.”


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    Duma's Story Corner Empty 90 Minutes More

    Post by Duma Tue Feb 16, 2016 1:31 pm

    Duma's Story Corner JoDt9mx
    The dark winged angel sat atop a large thunderhead, their vast ebony wings draped outspread across the cloud, the black feathers glistening as sunlight hit the wings. They sat, staring down through the black cloud at the hospital below. Scythe in hand, the angel blinked, sighing lightly. The skull that fitted over their face creaked, and finally, they looked back up. Their golden eyes were ringed with green, and they glowed brightly with an otherworldly aura. Around their neck sat an hourglass inside a gold cage. At the bottom the cage were the words '30 minutes per turn' engraved into the gold. The sand inside the glass glowed brightly, signifying where it came from – the sands of time itself.

    Death turned their gaze downwards once more and finally, they took off, pushing off the cloud and gracefully gliding down to the hospital below. It was the dead of night, and not a sound went through the quiet halls of the hospital besides the soft snoring of the patients the the occasional cough. As they went past, some of the older patients gasped awake, sitting upright and looking around as though they had awoken from a nightmare. Their eyes rested on the cloaked figure who regarded them sadly – their time was soon, but it wasn't today. Strolling forwards towards a single bed where the patient's breathing deepened before their breath was let out in a long sigh.

    Death's golden eyes following the blue wisp that came from the patient's open mouth, the sound of the heart monitor flat-lining was drowned out, even as doctors and nurses ran in. Only one of the doctors saw the dark angel, and he made a cross against his chest, Death shook their head. It wasn't them Death had come for, it was the patient. Grasping the hourglass in one hand, Death carefully gathered up the light blue wisp of the patient's soul and held it within their pale hand.

    Humming a soft tune, the melodic music filled the room, sending a chill up the spines of those present - even if they didn't know why. Whispering a few quiet words, Death turned the hour glass once, twice, three times before they stepped away and left the patient's side, leaving the wisp to return to their body. Watching from the corner of the room, Death heard the heart monitor regain the patient's pulse, and Death smiled behind their mask. “Someone should contact her family...” They whispered quietly to the doctor who could see them. The doctor nodded solemnly and scampered out of the room.

    Watching as the patient slowly opened their eyes, Death let their gold eyes wander down to the clipboard at the end of the bed. Reaching out slowly, Death lifted up one of the papers and looked it over. They then looked back up at the patient. Aged 25, severe Leukemia. They were supposed to die, but Death gave them an extra ninety minutes for them to say goodbye. Death always hated it when younger ones died. The patient seemed to know this, but they found themselves wanting to do more than they had even been able to do in life. Death chuckled. That was how everyone was, Death told them. Sitting on the side of the patient's bed, Death scanned their dietary requirements. Nil by mouth. Death frowned behind their mask, standing up and erasing the text and putting clear foods only up there. They sat back down, pressing the button to call a nurse. Death knew they wouldn't die from it, so why not give them the comfort while he could?

    The nurse hurried in and the patient raspily asked for some food. The nurse smiled and went off to get the patient their food. Death smiled and extended a hand to the patient, who lifted their own shaky and boney hand, resting it in Death's. Their breath was wheezy, and Death could sense the cancer eating its way into the patient's heart and brain. Death lifted their free hand up and removed the skull from their face, letting their pitch black hair fall forwards over his face, letting their plain pale face show as Death pressed his forehead to the patient's own. They sat like that for a moment, with Death's beautiful wings surrounding them and their golden eyes locked with the patient's tired and sick ones. Raising their hand, Death kissed it lightly, before retracting their hand and face, replacing the mask back over their face.

    Leaving the bedside, Death watched as the patient's family filed in slowly, some were crying, others were biting their lips while the patient's mother just wrapped their arms around their daughter and wept.

    Finally, the patient's ninety minutes were up and in the arms of their mother, Death claimed their life, placing their hands on each of the woman's shoulders and lifting them up, a ghostly figure of their body separating from their skin. As the patient breathed their last breath, and the heart monitor flat-lined, Death walked out, the patient in their arms. Carried bridal-style, Death walked outside and took to the air, returning to his thunderhead cloud, letting the woman's soul continue it's ascent upwards. Another soul down, and Death's cloud continued to travel, to where they were needed next.

    “Death is not a being with no morals or emotion. They are caring and kind, and will always show mercy. Behind their hard shell, Death is a being of compassion and care. They are angelic and demonic, chaos and order. Death is the final person you will encounter and then you will learn that they are a being that will welcome you with a soft apology and open arms.”

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    Duma's Story Corner Empty Goodbye

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    Write the goodbye of two best friends who know they'll never see each other again

    As one girl looked to her friend, her hand pressed flat against the glass window. Her friend was looking back at her with sad eyes, blinking slowly. They both knew it was time to go, but neither of them wanted to leave the other. “I'm so sorry...” The female said quietly, reaching her hand through the hole in the glass, the girl grasped the fuzzy paw of the cat on the other side of the glass. The poor  feline had been riddled with cancer, and although they had fought valiantly against the sickness, it was time to go.

    With a smile, the girl looked at the black furred cat that shuddered on the table. The vet pulled out a liquid-filled needle, grasping the cat's free arm and injecting it into a vein. Still holding her friend's paw, the girl rubbed circles in the soft fur, waiting for the cat to close their eyes. When they did so, the girl let out a quiet sob, pulling the now lifeless body of her best friend towards her chest with heavy breaths.

    “Goodbye, my best friend. It was nice knowing you.” The girl whispered, wrapping the body in a towel and sitting down in the chair, her shoulders shaking with held back sobs. Her best friend of twenty years, had finally left her. And now she knew, they weren't going to play catch ever again, they weren't going to curl up in front of the fire again, and they would never sit on the patio, watching mice run past as the cat would try and catch them with lazy attempts. The thought made the girl crack, and she buried her head into he towel, and cried. She knew it would be hard to see her friend go, but somehow, no matter how many times she played the scenario out in her head the previous weeks, nothing prepared her for this.

    Now her best friend was gone, and she didn't know what to do. Perhaps, with time, the girl would patch over the hole that her friend's departure had left, but for now, it wouldn't heal for a long time.

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