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    Mardröm the Musharna || Floater


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    Mardröm the Musharna || Floater Empty Mardröm the Musharna || Floater

    Post by 2KB Mon Nov 03, 2014 8:20 pm

    SPECIES#518, Musharna the Drowsing Pokémon
    HEIGHT3'07" || 1.1 m
    WEIGHT133.4 lbs || 60.5 kg
    CHARACTERISTICHighly persistent
    DEX ENTRY"With the mist from its forehead, it can create shapes of things from dreams it has eaten." - White


    A mysterious Musharna, yet oddly optimistic to keep a sort of trade in the Epidemic. She emits a foreboding presence while keeping up an upbeat personality. Mardröm is especially peppy when it comes to making some business in which she sells delusions when odd conditions are met.


    "Musharna is rounded, bipedal Pokémon that has a tapir-like trunk. Its body is light purple, while its head is a pale pink. It has oval, red eyes with three eyelashes and dark pink ovals on its forehead and cheeks. The tips of its four stubby limbs are dark pink. Dream Mist seeps out of the mark on its forehead. This mist has various colors depending on what kind of dreams Musharna has eaten; it is most often a dark pink. Shapes and forms of the dreams Musharna has eaten can appear in the mist as well." -Bulbapedia

    A shiny Musharna with a peppy, but strangely intimidating air. Something rather noticeable of her appearance would be how her dream mist is green. So spooks.


    • Mardröm has pink eyes with a greenish tint, vertical slit pupil.
    • Her eyes are only wide open upon making business.
    • Noticeably longer eyelashes.


        Mardröm never thought too much of her early life. No one raised her, she didn't recall who exactly were her parents. Perhaps they abandoned her or some sort...? Something she never wanted to dig deeper into her abyss of memories for such a family that barely noticed her. It was a boring beginning in the city, but what she did remember was following around a merchant.
        He didn't argue nor shoo her away. He didn't care for her nor feed her. He acknowledged her existence and granted her knowledge, but nothing more. And the man wasn't just any merchant, he told the future in return for small change. The Munna was quite fascinated. From under the table she would listen to him strike up a deal and offer people to read their palms, to tell their future, and various other things. She aspired to be similar to him, except for Pokemon. But in a way, she wanted to be a bit different.
        In the midst of adolescence, she trained whilst continuing her daily visit to the merchant. Attempting to figure out what to do for the rest of her life. She was taught to read, but what could she possibly do? She was learning how to fight, but who would be her trainer? There wasn't much to do, she had little to no idea of her future.
        She continued the ongoing cycle of training and following the merchant. The merchant slowly warmed up to Mardröm, eventually giving her the name. The Munna wasn't exactly his Pokemon, but she considered herself and held the title with pride. She would aid him in earning money by putting people to sleep and live their wishes and dreams.
        Delusions of sorts.
        Adulthood arrived fast. The merchant was weary, tired, and old. He no longer brought about business and all Mardröm could do was watch his life ebb away from his body. A Moon Stone, her first and last gift, found within his coat. And she evolved.
        Funny how things work, right? Right around the corner would be an apocalypse that felt like it would last for lifetimes and many more. Mardröm felt sanity chip away with each passing day. Eventually she would come across survivors and like the merchant she would come to offer them if they would like to see some delusions...

    • Coding layout by K
    • Art by Chroma
    • Nature, Characteristics, and Moves are hover over. Tells Stat-wise information and STAB.
    • Mother; Mursharna. Father; Lopunny. Whereabouts are currently unknown.
    • In her younger years, she ate off of people's dreams whenever they visited the merchant.
    • Mardröm made to be a plot driver, just ring me up if you want her to float to your team. She'll occasionally float to random teams, but won't offer to sell delusions until mentioned (in both roleplay and ooc).
    • Not a fighter. She uses tactics to her advantage.
    • Mardröm's name translates to 'nightmare' in Swedish.
    • Headcanon theme that plays in her introductions and before selling shit.
    • Delusion Tax inspired me to make her.
    • The above video is what Mardröm would generally sound like.
    • Posts are written in third person.

    Our delusional tax


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