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    Thresh the Dusknoir and Soraka the Musharna[wippity wip]


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    Thresh the Dusknoir and Soraka the Musharna[wippity wip] Empty Thresh the Dusknoir and Soraka the Musharna[wippity wip]

    Post by SkeletonCupcake Wed Oct 15, 2014 4:34 pm

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    Item Scythe on chain
    Gender Agender[Biologically Male]
    Cisgendered Female
    Age Roughly 135 years old
    47[Mature adult]
    Species #477/Dusknoir/The Gripper Pokemon
    #518/Musharna/The Drowsing Pokemon
    Height 7'03"/2.2m
    Weight 235lbs/106.6kg
    Pokédex Entry It is said to take lost spirits into its pliant body and guide them home. ~ Pokemon X Pokedex Entry.
    The dream mist coming from its forehead changes into many different colors depending on the dream that was eaten. ~ Pokemon Y Pokedex Entry
    Level 53
    Ability Pressure
    Nature Adamant
    Characteristic Mischevious
    Capable of Taking hits
    Moves |Thresh|
    - Bind [Level]
    - Mean Look [Level]
    - Protect [TM]
    - Shadow Punch [Level]
    -Dazzling Gleam [TM]
    -Trick Room [TM]
    -Calm Mind [TM]
    -Hypnosis [Level]
    Starcall for days
    Appearance "Dusknoir is a primarily black Pokémon somewhat resembling a cyclops. Its cylindrical head is light gray with a single eye that has a yellow iris and a red pupil. There is a yellow band near the top of its head, and a short, yellow antenna with a disc-shaped tip extends from on top. Six flat projections extend from the base of its neck and surround its head, resembling an upturned collar. Dusknoir has well-developed arms with two yellow bands near its wrists and large, gray hands. On the front of its torso are two almond-shaped marking, and on its back are two circular markings. Both sets of markings resemble eyes. A yellow band encircles its body, zigzagging along the front and forming a long curve around the back. It has a wispy tail in place of feet." ~ Bulbapedia
    "Musharna is rounded, bipedal Pokémon that has a tapir-like trunk. Its body is light purple, while its head is a pale pink. It has oval, red eyes with three eyelashes and dark pink ovals on its forehead and cheeks. The tips of its four stubby limbs are dark pink. Dream Mist seeps out of the mark on its forehead. This mist has various colors depending on what kind of dreams Musharna has eaten; it is most often a dark pink. Shapes and forms of the dreams Musharna has eaten can appear in the mist as well." ~Bulbapedia
    Elegant|Soft Spoken|Graceful|Stars
    User Notes - Based on Thresh, the Chain Warden

    - Based on Soraka, the Starchild
    -The previous MageTank Soraka not whatever this update made her.
    - Voice

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