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    Sanya the Musharna and the Shiny Gastly (Anistar, Ace)


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    Sanya the Musharna and the Shiny Gastly (Anistar, Ace) Empty Sanya the Musharna and the Shiny Gastly (Anistar, Ace)

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    Sanya the Musharna and the Shiny Gastly (Anistar, Ace) O7XzNs

    Sanya the Musharna and the Shiny Gastly (Anistar, Ace) VXZTFU
    all art by yours truly.

    the Musharna
    Item none
    Gender nb female (she/they/it)
    Age Adult
    Species #518 Musharna, the Drowsing Pokemon
    Height 3'07" || 1.1m
    Weight 133.4lbs || 60.5kg
    Pokédex Entry The dream mist coming from its forehead changes into many different colors depending on the dream that was eaten.
    Level 47
    Ability Synchronize
    Nature Gentle
    Characteristic Often lost in thought
    Moves - Nightmare [pre]
    - Moonlight [pre]
    - Hypnosis [pre]
    - Psychic [bred]
    History Born into a community of naturally peaceful psychics, Sanya grew up in a relatively normal environment. She did not have any outstanding events that happened to her, little trauma that devoured her. Cared by the community and loved by her parents she was a very happy child. She trained well with her peers and learned intensively on her own powers as a psychic. She was well complimented on her strategic approaches in skirmishes and careful planning of her attacks, a skill that proved valuable whenever the neighbouring dark types came around to pick fights.

    With the success of her growth it was no surprise that she would evolve to become even stronger. As a Musharna she was well celebrated as one of the stronger psychics in the community. Often consulted for battle strategies and studies of dreams, she was considered very well off as an individual and emerging adult. It was only a few years after she had officially reached adulthood that the epidemic began. Despite the danger of the virus the community had stayed eerily calm, convinced that as intelligent, sophisticated, well-versed psychics, they would be able to easily fend off undead and survive.

    They were deadly wrong, over half their population decimated within a few weeks by either infection or horde. The community was driven into frenzy, many frightened and scared of their fates with the coming massacres. Some were even desperate enough to overexert their powers in hopes to see the future, effectively exhausting all of their energy and rendering them dead when they were unable to flee from the infected. They were losing population and territory, their safe community now dwindling down to small numbers. They had to act.

    The nearby colony of dark types had long since moved to safer regions upon the beginning of the epidemic, a wise move. With only a group of ghosts left nearby to take territory on, Sanya suggested they defeat the ghosts and take their land in order to re-expand shelter and create a stronger fortress. The two communities could not co-exist, not with the type risk, and Sanya believed that in this world, it must be kill or be killed.

    Fortunately for the psychics they did manage to drive out the ghosts from their home, slaughtering whatever specter they encountered while the others had fled far away. Without further quarrel the psychics began to use their newfound land to create a stronger community. While surveying and picking through the destroyed shelters of the land Sanya came across a single egg and decided to take it as potential food.

    Only a few days after losing their territory did the escaped ghosts arrive again, this time intentionally attracting a whole horde of undead to the psychic types in revenge. A mass slaughter, Sanya had barely managed to escape the grips of death, bringing the egg along with her. It was only by this time did Sanya realize that perhaps she had made a mistake, that perhaps ghosts and psychics could've co-existed and that they had no reason to have conquered another in the first place. Realizing her foolishness the Musharna fled, and was also determined to keep the egg and to cherish whatever hatched from it as her own. Both to make herself better about her past choices, and in belief that this child, whoever's child it may have been, deserved much better.
    Appearance A normal Musharna. The pinks of her face and feet are slightly more dappled than average.
    Personality Calm, collected, but with a tendency to be extremely biased Sanya is good at fighting for what she believes in. Although she is open to hearing other's opinions she more than likely only pretends to listen and otherwise ignores them. She realizes this and tries her best to work on fixing this habit, realizing that she has to cooperate in order to keep both her and the child ghost alive in the epidemic.

    Protective of the infant Gastly and refuses to leave it's side, always at least within a two metre radius from the specter. She believes the child deserved much better and does her very best to make sure that they are content.
    User Notes
    • Wary with dark and ghost types, except for the Gastly themself
    • Both parents knew Psychic, and it passed down

    Sanya the Musharna and the Shiny Gastly (Anistar, Ace) PqxlZr

    the Gastly
    Item none
    Gender dmab non-binary [they/it]
    Age Baby
    Species #092 Gastly, the Gas Pokemon
    Height Fluctuating Height
    Weight 0.2lbs || 0.2kg
    Pokédex Entry Its body is made of gas. Despite lacking substance, it can envelop an opponent of any size and cause suffocation.
    Level 1
    Ability Levitate
    Characteristic Quick to Flee
    Moves - Hypnosis [start]
    - Lick [start]
    - Grudge [bred]
    - Perish Song [bred]
    History They do not remember much. Only a warm dark, the absence of mother, and a soft dream mist enveloping the egg before it's birth. They remember their first few moments out of the egg, blinded by their own blue haze and buffeted by sweet, sweet pink. They remember bright eyes, soft skin, a tone of voice that was almost too gentle to catch; and tears. The slick drop of cold water raining from the eyes of a Musharna as it whispers something it cannot comprehend.

    It remembers learning a few words quickly. Sorry. Be careful. No. Don't go there. Come here. Easy, quick words and phrases that were something like commands. It remembers learning the soft name, the gentle name that it still has trouble pronouncing on their tongue. A name with such fragility that the child is too scared to ruin with their newborn mouth. Sanya. (mama) They remember intently following the pink haze, and to always avoid the red, red eyes and deep purple patches.
    Appearance A shiny Gastly, but otherwise average. They still struggle with their form and size and will sometimes quickly fluctuate from being a large patch of thin haze to a smaller gaseous ball.
    Personality Due to being a infant the Gastly knows very little and has very little developed personality. It has a reserved nature, much more quiet then what one would expect, and actively avoids others except for Sanya. They follow Sanya without question and trust her completely.
    User Notes
    • Misdreavus Father
    • Very recently born
    • Hover over dmab to see what it means


    Age : 25
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    Sanya the Musharna and the Shiny Gastly (Anistar, Ace) Empty Re: Sanya the Musharna and the Shiny Gastly (Anistar, Ace)

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    Sanya the Musharna and the Shiny Gastly (Anistar, Ace) Empty Re: Sanya the Musharna and the Shiny Gastly (Anistar, Ace)

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    Sanya the Musharna and the Shiny Gastly (Anistar, Ace) Hz72hB2

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    Sanya the Musharna and the Shiny Gastly (Anistar, Ace) Empty Re: Sanya the Musharna and the Shiny Gastly (Anistar, Ace)

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