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    Yoon Ai the Espeon [wip]


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    Yoon Ai the Espeon [wip] Empty Yoon Ai the Espeon [wip]

    Post by Min Sat Nov 01, 2014 3:10 pm


    Yoon Ai
    [윤아이 || 潤아이]
    [-soft, child]
    Item Top Hat
    Gender Female [she/her]
    Age Young Adult
    Species #196 Espeon, the Sun Pokemon
    Height 2'11" || 0.9m
    Weight 58.4lbs || 26.5kg
    Pokédex Entry Its fur is so sensitive, it can feel minute shifts in the air and predict the weather...and its foes' thoughts.
    Level 50
    Ability Magic Bounce
    Nature Gentle
    Characteristic Often lost in thought
    Moves - Psychic [lvl]
    - Future Sight [lvl]
    - Morning Sun [lvl]
    - Dazzling Gleam [tm]
    "Do you believe in magic?"
    "I don't."

    In a bustling human city there was a quiet family of four. It consisted of a dreaming father, straining mother, child daughter, and a crying toddler. The Musharna father was always dreaming, pensive and yearning. He was never home, only dropping by for short visits before vanishing for months. The Umbreon mother was struggling, stressed and trying her best to make sure that her small family was together and fed. A difficult task on her own, it was no surprise how violently she fought against her mate whenever he was home. It was no surprise when the dark-type left her partner and children, abandoning them without a single word.

    A mere child at the time, Ai could only remember the brush of her mother's tail as she walked away. A shrinking speck on the sunset street. It was in that moment that the Eevee became her sister's guardian, their father neglectful and not returning despite the absence of a parent. She was hesitant at first, clumsy in her hunting and nervous in speech, but slowly she managed to struggle forward. The sibling Eevees barely managed to stay alive, constantly hounded by the stronger Pokemon nearby for their territory and food. Every time they only just managed to excuse themselves; their hold on their shabby excuse of a home loosening with each visit of the stronger Pokemon.

    Ai was a hard worker. Running part-time jobs for other Pokemon in order to get meals for herself and her sister, Yui. Easily taken advantage of, Ai often found herself in difficult situations. In the worst times she would rummage through the city dumpsters, devouring any kind of half-eaten human food she got her paws on. (It wasn't trash, she was trash, she told herself. That made it easier to swallow.) The Eevee aimed to become an adult quickly. A responsible adult with a good head. Convinced that she would not be successful in life as who she was now, she urged herself to break her curse of poverty and pave an asphalt road to a happier life. Eventually the stress that piled upon her caused her to run to the Fairgrounds, an old circus that had long shut down and the land pending destruction. A pleasant, quiet place, Ai remembers visiting here with her family when they were still altogether--riding the carousels, playing games, watching magic shows.

    Ai remembers wanting to be a magician, when she was little.

    It was in this very fairground that she met R, a curious Zorombra who asked her: "Do you believe in magic?" Playful and odd the dark-type always wore a top hat and a cape, consistently claiming he was a 'real magician' and casting illusions to prove himself so. Unimpressed and spiteful, Ai had low opinions of him from the beginning. Disappointed at how an adult can waste his life away being so ignorant and forlorn, she paid little attention to him despite his constant attempts at following her and interacting with her.
    Appearance Insert Appearance Here
    Personality Once a sharp no-nonsense adolescent who worked hard to make sure she and her sister stayed safe and healthy, Yoon Ai quickly grew up to be a much gentler adult. Her past with R has lead to a much more whimsical and aloof personality surfacing. Her empathy for others has little to no bounds and she works hard to ensure that the company around her are content and well. Despite this she still retains much of her old, hard-working nature and easily overworks herself for others. Although a little more lenient on giving things away Ai isn't particularly generous with materialistic things and would much rather lend her own help than share her possessions.
    User Notes
    • Musharna father and Umbreon mother
    • Based off of Yoon Ai from the Korean webtoon Annarasumanara

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