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    Cerxel the Espeon [WIP]


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    Cerxel the Espeon [WIP] Empty Cerxel the Espeon [WIP]

    Post by Silverishness Sun Feb 17, 2013 1:17 pm


    Hex Color #6cc4b2
    Item None
    Gender Male
    Age Adult
    Species #196/ Espeon, the Sun Pokemon
    Height 2'11"
    Weight 56.4 lbs
    Pokédex Entry It uses the fine hair that covers its body to sense air currents and predict its enemy's actions.
    Level 44
    Ability Synchronize
    Nature Modest
    Characteristic Often lost in thought
    Moves -Dig [TM]
    -Psychic [TM]
    -Signal Beam [Tutor]
    -Shadow Ball [TM]
    History Cerxel began life normally; with a normal set of parents, a normal trainer overseeing the breeding and a normal home to be raised in. He was a celebrated child, part of a litter of three that marked the parents' first successful breeding season. Happily, the trainer sold the children, Cerxel included.

    He was sold to a nice enough trainer, and thus began his journey. He was eager to travel with her, to grow and evolve like his parents told him he would. Their excited tales of pokemon growing big and strong and evolving with humans-- it spurred him on to try and be the best pokemon that trainer could have. Despite being a lowly eevee, he took strides in getting better and better to win more for his human. She was everything to him, and she reciprocated his feelings. Out of love and loyalty, he evolved one day into a beautiful espeon, and it was then that their journey truly began.

    With Cerxel's determination to train himself for his trainer, he was immediately her team lead, winning many battles on his own. She taught him powerful TMs, filling his moveset with everything he needed to take down any foe put before him. They decimated Gym Leaders, pulverized trainers. There was no foe that could stand in their way... or so they thought.

    It was a casual battle, a "why not?" sort of occassion when Cerxel and his human accepted a challenge whilst on their way to the Pokemon League. But as they fought and Cerxel quickly wiped out his opponents, he wasn't ready for the last one: an arbok. The arbok would have died quick enough with a Psychic, had Cerxel not dallied and taken his foe for advantage. Quickly, the arbok paralyzed the espeon with a Glare, then Wrapped him and shot an Acid straight into the cat's face. Laughing as the poor creature was rendered useless, the opponent fled, leaving Cerxel and his human trying to figure out what would happen. They were deep in Victory Road with no doctor... And so, Cerxel was kept in his pokeball until they reached the center outside of the caves.

    It was too late. His eyes already too afflicted and withered by the poison, there was no chance of saving his eyesight. He was blind, and there was no surgery, no medicine to fix it. He fled the Center in shame and despair, knowing that now his and his human's mutual dream would never be realized. He ran and ran and ran, his feet carrying him further away than he'd ever hope to understand. It wasn't until he fell into the pit that he stopped.

    He soon awoke with the rich scent of earth surrounding him, a community of mole-pokemon having found and nursed him back to near health. They explained that, upon hearing of his disability, it wouldn't matter-- no pokemon of his species would really be able to see very well anyway in their depths. They further asked him for his help, that there was a rival community that insisted on taking their food, destroying their homes and attempting murder on their leaders. Reluctantly, Cerxel accpeted and was quickly trained the basics of battling without eyes.

    It took many months for him to rely on his other senses, but he learned his trade well. When pitted against the pilagers, he fought them off valiantly, not one of his own getting hurt. He quickly rose as the community's sentinel and commander, and once the Lead Elder died, their commander. He ruled gently, his more gregarious nature unfolding toward the people he'd come to adore and respect. They loved him, and he, them, for they gave him a new life... even if it was without his human.

    However, a new threat exposed itself in the form of a terrible virus. A plague that infected their water supply and quickly spread through his people. Many died and came back, further killing more and more until the caverns were soaked with blood. Forced to evacuate the few that remained, he fled, trying to save what little was left of his followers. Unfortunately, a strange rift of power teleported him elswhere, in a completely foreign land with foreign pokemon and cities. Left alone and to his own devices, he could only wander, hoping to find his companions once more before it was too late.
    Appearance Cerxel is a typical espeon, albeit a tad slimmer and leaner than normal. He has a bit of a hunch and his eyes are a milky sort-- indicative of his years underground. There are also a few light scars that mar his pelt. He is soft-spoken, as his hearing is too sensitive for a normal speaking tone.
    Personality Intuitive| Humble| Cautious| A little cynical| Caring| Empathetic|

    User Notes -His years of blindness and surrounded by silence has led to his hearing and sense of smell being highly intensified. Attacks involving sounds or smells, such as Hyper Voice or Sweet Scent, affect him more.


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