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    Emil the Houndour [Marsh] [WIP]


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    Emil the Houndour [Marsh] [WIP] Empty Emil the Houndour [Marsh] [WIP]

    Post by Min Fri Oct 10, 2014 11:50 pm

    *only to be roleplayed by cedric, rhee, and jin*
    Emil the Houndour [Marsh] [WIP] S5I0S1

    Emil [-rival]
    Item n/a
    Gender Demiboy [he/him]
    Age Young Adult
    Species #228 Houndour, the Dark Pokemon
    Height 2'00" || 0.6m
    Weight 23.8lbs || 10.8kg
    Pokédex Entry To corner prey, they check each other's location using barks that only they can understand.
    Level 29
    Ability Early Bird
    Nature Timid
    Characteristic Very Finicky
    Moves - Fire Fang [learned]
    - Beat Up [learned]
    - Bite [learned]
    - Punishment [breeding]
    History Insert History Here
    Appearance Insert Appearance Here
    Personality Insert Personality Characteristics Here
    User Notes

    • Zoroark father
    • if you see anyone who isn't cedric, rhee, or jin posting for emil KICK THEIR ASS OFF THE ACCOUNT
    • art by me

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