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    Emil the Houndour [WIP]


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    Emil the Houndour [WIP] Empty Emil the Houndour [WIP]

    Post by Min Fri Jul 19, 2013 10:35 pm

    Emil the Houndour [WIP] EmiltheHoundourResiz

    More of an experiment of sorts, he is a character that will develop completely in RP, only starting with a few guidelines--as this seems to let me make better characters.

    Emil, male, young adult. (Early Twenties)

    - Lower level, perhaps around 20? 25-30?
    - Balanced Moveset

    - Relatively average life, nothing out of the norm (or probably something akin to low class, lmao)
    - Never really battled much, hence why he's in his early twenties but has yet to become a Houndoom.

    - Although in his early twenties, Emil still looks relatively young. Whether it is because he has yet to evolve or simply because of his slightly less-than-mature demeanor is unknown. Regardless, he doesn't seem to care.
    - His body shape is reminiscent of a Greyhound, with long, thin legs and slim body.
    - Handsome, and rather modest about it.

    - Not a very well-realized individual.
    - Laid-back and a little aloof.
    - Surprisingly bitter on the inside.

    - Of french birth, and knows his fair share of the language.
    - Regarding the note above, he doesn't often use french unless swearing ("Merde..." "Sacre bleu!") or on occasion as greeting.
    - Has a light french accent, which becomes more noticeable when stressed.

    Potential Theme Songs; (which probably gives away some of my plans ha ha)
    American Trash

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    Emil the Houndour [WIP] Empty Re: Emil the Houndour [WIP]

    Post by Catalyst Sat Jul 20, 2013 12:32 am

    Oooooh.... I would love to put Teilu on a team with him. 83


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