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    Death The Kid the Houndour


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    Death The Kid the Houndour Empty Death The Kid the Houndour

    Post by Duma Fri Aug 21, 2015 11:53 pm

    Death The Kid the Houndour Kidd_zps99sw3agh
    Art by NightDaze
    Death The Kid the Houndour EyJ1cmwiOiJodHRwczovL2Rpc2NvcmQuc3RvcmFnZS5nb29nbGVhcGlzLmNvbS9hdHRhY2htZW50cy8xNTY0MDM0MTcwMzQ1MjI2MjQvMTczMzYyMzAzNTk5NjQwNTc3L0RUS19Ib3VuZG91ci5wbmcifQ.m2Z5vSbjgwzCMNzGOA6ekEniKzI
    Art by Me
    Death The Kid the Houndour DVc5Nit
    Art by Me

    Death The Kid
  • Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Have A Nice Dream; Soul Eater OST
  • Death The Kid (So Crazy); Soul Eater OST
  • Sore Ga Bokura No Michishirube; Soul Eater OST
  • Profession Ex-Meister
    Text Color DABA29
    Item None
    Biological Sex Male
    Gender Identity Cisgender Male
    Age Young Adult
    Species #228; Houndour, the Dark Pokemon (Fire/Dark Type)
    Height 3'00" (A little taller)
    Weight 31.2 lbs (A little heavier)
    Pokédex Entry Around dawn, its ominous howl echoes through the area to announce that this is its territory. -Pokemon X
    Level 40
    Ability Unnerve: (Hidden) Unnerves opposing Pokémon and makes them unable to eat Berries.
    Nature Mild (+Special Attack, -Defense)
    Characteristic Likes To Run (Speed IVs)
    Moves -Feint (Bred)
    -Reversal (Bred)
    -Payback (TM)
    -Fire Fang (Learned)
    Quote "I'm going to keep fighting until this world is the way it should be. Until the world is balanced."
    "I won't give up until I finish what Liz, Patty and I started. I will rid this world of evil and purge it clean of this disease. I will have my perfect, balanced world."
    History Brought up in a wealthy lifestyle, the young Houndour never knew his mother, as she had died soon after he was born. He grew up with his father, a black Houndemn who's only color was on the bone armor around his head and his two ears, which had mutated to stay throughout his evolutions. The bone on his head was a stark white, and down both ears were diamond patterns with a circle in the center of each diamond. The young Houndour was born with his father's golden double-ringed eyes, and around his right ear was a set of three stripes.

    The Houndemn was known around the forest and city area as Lord Death. As threatening as he sounded, Lord Death was not that bad. From the stories his son had heard however, he never used to be this kind. As much as he loved his father, the Houndemn was not original when it came to names. He named his son Death The Kid, and often he would forsake the name by just getting people to call him Kidd. From a young age, Lord Death began to teach his son how to defend himself. While Kidd never gained levels from the fights against the training dummies, he learned plenty from the experience. He was taught to use the moves he was born with, and how to use them effectively. He was taught many different stances, and how each one could be used to fight certain things. For larger opponents, Stance of Greed. For smaller opponents, Stance of Sloth. Kidd was taught to memorise all seven stances that his father taught him.

    As he grew older and more levelled, Kidd began to notice certain things irritated him more and more. If something was out of place, he would stop everything to fix it. His sleeping area became his own palace, where everything was nice and in order, everything except for one thing.


    Kidd eventually had to remove all reflective surfaces from his room, because every time he went past one, he would freeze and glare in hatred at the thing staring back at him. Filthy, disgustingly putrid. Every time Kidd would glare at those three stark white stripes on his ear that stood pointed and taunting. Many times he tried to dye the white fur black with anything, but every time, it would wash out the next day. Kidd eventually gave up and started to avoid anything reflective, or keep his eyes straight ahead, so as not to look at the abomination that stained his otherwise perfect form. He stood tall, he never slouched and he always stepped with careful steps, not one was out of place.

    Lord Death began to worry about Kidd's condition, and so the Houndemn began to look for a partner for the Houndour, one that would help him along the way. He had no interest in finding Kidd a romantic partner, no. More of a... Companion. Most of the pokemon who lived under his safety had their own partners who would watch their backs whenever they went out. They began to divide each other into groups, Weapons and Meisters. Meisters were interested in training others, or protecting them, and the Weapons, they were the pokemon who would do anything to help someone reach their goal, no matter the cost.

    Kidd was a perfect Meister, however, try as he might, Lord Death could not find him a Weapon partner. Not one to disrespect his son, Lord Death gave Kidd only a warning and a wish for safety as the Houndour left Lord Death's safety to try and find his own partners.

    Kidd traveled a long way before he came across a small town which was terrorised by two Eevee sisters, that were known for attacking people and pokemon who looked like they had food and other items to spend. Kidd was intrigued by these Eevees, so he sought them out.

    Kidd did eventually find the siblings, when they tried to rob him. Staring coolly at the Eevee who was holding a knife in between their teeth, Kidd looked over to the other one who was standing there, charging a Shadow Ball to shoot him. What caught Kidd's attention however, was the two siblings themselves. They were both oddly shiny, and while one was obviously the older sister, something else caught Kidd's eye.

    Both of the sibling's markings were completely symmetrical and the same.

    Kidd smirked, ignoring the threats they made as he moved closer to them. "How would you two like to live somewhere else, where you don't need to steal for a living?" He asked them, taking both siblings by surprise. One of them growled and spat a curse at him, saying they they wouldn't leave this town for a fantasy that wasn't real. Kidd only shrugged and turned to walk off, calling a goodbye to the two girls before he walked off, leaving the two siblings too stunned to chase after him.

    Kidd stayed in that town for a few more days, when he decided it might be time to head home. As he was heading out, Kid heard a fight going on, and whoever was being fought, was losing. Deciding to check it out, Kidd was surprised to see the sisters were being ganged up on by a group of mean, strong looking pokemon. Gritting his teeth, Kidd jumped into action and attacked the goons, his years of training taking over and soon he was able to fight the attackers off, and he turned to the sisters - Lis and Patty Thompson he head learned they were called - and lifted a paw to them. "Care to take up my offer now?" He asked with a smile.

    Much to Kidd's joy, the sisters agreed, and he led them back to Lord Death's territory, explaining to them the rules as they went. By the time they arrived home, news had spread of Kidd's new partners. He was met with many questions, which Kidd was able to avoid by saying he needed to meet his father before he answered any questions.

    Of course, Lord Death already knew about Kidd's new partners, but he allowed Kidd to use him as an excuse to avoid talking to the various pokemon who had questions for him. In congratulations, Lord Death gave Kidd a special disk that taught him a new move to use for protecting his partners.

    A few days later, Kidd signed himself up for his father's academy, where he would sit back and watch the other students go about their days. He already knew all the lessons, he signed himself up more for Liz and Patty's sake. It was this academy where they would learn to work as a unit. Where they truly became partners.

    They were set up against others in the class, and with the bond that Kidd and the siblings had forged, they were able to fight with ease. Kidd was strong on his own, sure, but Liz and Patty, he was even stronger. They worked as a unit, almost as one. Sure there were a few times where Kidd's OCD acted up and he snapped, or started self-loathing, but his two partners always snapped him out of it. Until one day, it all went to hell.

    It was a simple routine mission. Go out, get rid of the pokemon that was trying to spread discourse amongst Lord Death's territory, and get back. It should have been simple. But, it wasn't. What was supposed to be only one opponent, turned out to be seven. Ordering Liz and Patty to retreat, Kidd turned and for the first time on his life, he ran. Ran from the fight. There was no way he could fight all these pokemon. There was something... Off with them. Purple coated their frames, and they eyes glowed with a red bloodlust that scared Kidd to his core.

    With his partners in tow, Kidd ran back to his father, to tell him of the danger. When he got to his family's home however, what he was turned his blood to ice.

    The purple splotched pokemon where everywhere. Eyes wide, Kidd watched as a Meister and their partner fell to the jaws of one monster, and another one simply shredded the guts of another. Looking around for a familiar head, Kidd found the frame of his father, backed up against a wall and blasting down any undead in his way with powerful Flamethrowers.

    Jumping into action, Kidd fought off some of the monsters attacking his father and defended Liz and Patty from them as well. The fight was in their favor, for now, but that changed when a large undead Blastoise, bloated and drooling, stumbled in. It swiped at Lord Death, who dodged to the side and attacked the Blastoise. Kidd could only watch in horror as his father, the one he held the most dear, was ripped from him as the Blastoise hit the Houndemn with a direct Hydro Pump. Lord Death was thrown against a wall with a loud crack that folded his spine backwards, snapping it.

    Kidd watched in terrified stupor as Lord Death choked on his own blood and twitched violently, dead before he had even hit the ground. With a cry of anguish and sadness, Kidd lunged into battle at the Blastoise, clawing at its eyes and using Payback to vent out his anger. Utilizing every skill his father taught him, Kidd brought the beast down to its knees, where it began to wildly attack. Liz and Patty jumped to protect Kidd, who had been flung off the Blastoise and crashed against his father's dead body.

    Winded from the impact, Kidd could only watch in horror as Liz lunged at the Blastoise, her smaller frame getting batted aside easily. She was quickly replaced by Patty, who attacked with no mercy, clawing out the Blastoise's rotting eyes and scoring many gashes along it's rotting shell before she was knocked off.

    Liz picked up her slack straight away and resumed the attack, but her assault was cut short when the Blastoise shot her with the same powerful Hydro Pump that killed Lord Death. Liz was thrown back and into another wall, where the eevee's body slumped, dead.

    With a heartbroken wail, Kidd cried out for his partner, crawling over to her. Just as he got there, he looked up to see a massive bloated blue paw come crashing down. Shutting his eyes tight, Kidd knew this was the end.

    Suddenly, Kidd felt something throw him out of the way, and when he snapped his eyes open, Kidd choked on his breath. Patty had saved him, but at the cost of her own life. Kid didn't need to see anymore, and so he turned, and ran. Ran as fast and as far as he could. He didn't look back, and he didn't waver.

    It was only when he collapsed from exhaustion did Kidd finally let the massacre's results sink in. And the Houndour curled into a ball, and cried. He sat there for that night, crying himself to sleep.

    When he awoke, he knew there was a noticeable difference in his demeanor. When he was alone, he slumped, and he stared at the ground. When he was around undead, Kidd stood tall, straight and proud. He purged any undead he came across, vowing to rid the world of their filth and imperfection. His dream was to create the perfect world. Now, it was to create the perfect world that would honor Liz and Patty's memories. He would never forget them, and he would never let it happen to anyone else. Not if he had any say in it.
    Bulbapedia "Houndour is a quadruped, canine Pokémon with short, black fur and a red underbelly and muzzle. Its ears and tail are both short and pointed. Two fangs protrude from its upper jaw, and its triangular nose is black. There are white bands on its ankles, and rib-like ridges on its back. Houndour appears to have a simplistic, stylized skull on its forehead with the eye orbits creating eyebrow patterning above its actual eyes. It also has circular, red paw pads on each of its three-toed paws."
    Appearance Adorned with dark gray, almost black fur, Kidd is almost completely black and white. His underbelly is a very light gray, along with four aligned gray rectangles that following up his neck almost like cartoonised neck bones. On each shoulder are three more rectangles that arch up his shoulder. Each bone-band around his paws and the two on his back are a dark gray and he has three stripes along his right ear. The skull on his head is more cartoon-ish in design from the normal, sporting three holes in a triangle pattern and three more spikes that run parallel to his muzzle that look like teeth under the point of the triangle.

    Kidd's eyes are a bright gold color with two rings. The other ring is a bright, almost sunflower yellow, while the center ring is a dark honey yellow. This is a trait he got from his father. His nose is black, and he has two small teeth that poke out from his top lip. He stands straight and tall, with his head held high. He never fails to keep himself well groomed, in case anyone still made decisions on a survivor's looks.
    Accent Voice clip because what the fuck is his accent
    Religion Death - Instead of saying "my god" or "by god" He will say Death instead. Due to his upbringing he calls himself a Grim Reaper, and while he knows this does not translate into real life he will still call himself as such.
    Motivation Keep fighting and surviving
    Personality Pros:
    Being brought up in a noble setting and a high profile in his small family, Kidd is very proper in how he addresses others, and he shows the utmost respect for those of authority. He is always clear when speaking, and his voice is usually even unless he is really emotional over the subject.

    Because of his upbringing, Kidd is very mature, and shows it in how he acts, every word is thought out and he doesn't act out unless something really bothers him. He has a maturity beyond what his age dictates, as a result of having to grow up faster than he would have liked due to the Epidemic ravaging his family.

    While he is grown up and mature, Kidd also has a naivety about him that makes it so that he just doesn't get certain things. He can be childish at times, and if something confuses him, he is not subtle about asking, even with some more delicate subjects.

    Very much a strong willed individual, Kidd finds it hard for anyone, including himself to change his mind on a subject once he's set it as his goal. Highly protective of whoever he partners with, Kidd dedicates himself for life. He stays alert and ready for anything, and he always pays very close attention to detail.

    After his losses of his family, Kidd has had to harden his mind in order to save himself from the thought of letting anyone else down. With many different walls set up, Kidd keeps a strong mind around anyone he doesn't know, especially if they try to get under his skin.

    Always a worker, Kidd works quickly and efficiently at whatever task he is given, having perfected the act of pushing all irrelevant thought to the back of his mind after several years of practice in doing so.

    Kidd has severe OCD when it comes to symmetry. It is one of the few things that came back hard after the loss of his partners. He would forever be trying to fix something, but after a few years, Liz and Patty had it fairly well under wraps. After their deaths, Kidd dropped right back into the same habit, which only got worse when he realised they weren't coming back.

    Using it as his way of coping, Kidd will try and make sure everything around him is symmetrical, no matter how difficult it may be. If he gets fed up with whatever object it is, Kidd with become violent and destroy the object, often apologising profusely if he does, since he simply couldn't get it right.

    Of course, Kidd himself is not free from his OCD-induced torture. The three stripes on only his right side drives him insane. As much as he tries, Kidd simply can't forget the stripes and avoids mirrors like the plague in order to spare himself the sight of them. Because of the stripes, Kidd will sometimes have episodes of self-loathing because of them, which is only made worse if he remembers how Liz and Patty would help snap him out of them.

    After the deaths of his two partners, Kidd has repressed many memories of them, but he still grieves for them. Kidd blames himself for their deaths, since he should have done more for them as their Meister. He feels he betrayed them by letting them die under his protection and so he distances himself from anyone who tries to show him compassion in fear of letting them down too.

    When he is feeling up to it, Kidd sings to himself or anyone around him. He has a very nice voice for singing, and if asked, he will sing for people since it also helps him out with his emotions.

    After the loss of his partners, Kidd hasn't seen any really reason to hook up with anyone in fear of losing them too, so he happily stays a Demiromantic Demisexual.
    User Notes -Based off Death The Kid from the Soul Eater manga and anime
    -Using a mutator to keep the ears throughout evolution and ability
    -Father was a Houndemn with the moves chain-bred onto him by a Smeargle
    -He does not want to evolve yet, and he forces himself not to evolve until he feels he's ready to.
    Team notes Due to his obsession with symmetry, Kidd will try to make things around him symmetrical. If the object he is trying to work on doesn't work out, most times Kidd will either walk away or continue trying. Only in worst-case scenarios will he become violent, and in these cases, it is usually redirected towards himself for failing to do such a simple task.
    Affiliations Excalibur - (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻
    Liz - His deceased partner. Killed in the undead raid on his family.
    Patty - His deceased partner. Killed protecting him from the same undead that killed Liz.
    Development Notes As he goes about his days, Kidd will slowly but surely resign to the fact that he cannot make this world perfect anymore, and when that happens he will eventually evolve into a Houndemn.

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    Kidd's profile is done. To inactive until I find him a team, please~!

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