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    Connor the Eevee and Michael the Growlithe [Hearthome/Ace]


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    Connor the Eevee and Michael the Growlithe [Hearthome/Ace] Empty Connor the Eevee and Michael the Growlithe [Hearthome/Ace]

    Post by Abysswalker Sat Sep 27, 2014 3:27 pm

    Connor the Eevee and Michael the Growlithe [Hearthome/Ace] ND2drIz
    (immense thank you to Happy Lunatic for this dual image!)

    Connor the Eevee and Michael the Growlithe [Hearthome/Ace] ConnortheEevee

    Text Color #008B8B
    Item None
    Gender Male
    Age Child (12 years old)
    Species #133: Eevee, the Evolution Pokemon
    Height 1'00"
    Weight 13.9 lbs
    Pokédex Entry Its irregularly configured DNA is affected by its surroundings. It evolves if its environment changes.
    Level 9
    Ability Adaptability
    Nature Quiet
    Characteristic Often lost in thought
    Moves -Tackle (Level-up)
    -Sand-Attack (Level-up)
    -Helping Hand (Level-up)
    History Connor and his sister Penelope were born in the wild and abandoned when they were barely six years old. The two stuck together, with Penelope stealing from towns and even cities to get them food. Connor never approached them; he never even knew what humans were for a long time. The Eevee was entirely dependent on his sister, and the two were inseparable. During their miserable childhood, Connor never once thought of Penelope as anything other than the sweetest, most loving sister any boy could hope to have. With the absence of any real parental figure, she kept him alive and sane.

    Once, when they were eight, the two came across a wild Persian and her three Meowth kids. Connor was, unsurprisingly, terrified of the cat Pokemon, but she only thought of the Eevee twins as innocent children in need of food and protection. Penelope told Connor that this was a stroke of luck, not having to risk stealing from people. The Persian took them under her wing as though the two were her own kids. Connor was never truly comfortable with it, but he thought the cat Pokemon was nice enough, and Penelope had said it was a good thing. This arrangement continued for a few weeks, with Connor becoming close to the Meowth children. One day, though, he woke to the sound of the mother Persian screeching and Penelope taking him away to play another one of their "hide-and-wait" game they did whenever they stole food from other wild Pokemon. Connor was confused: why did they have to leave? Penelope said that the Persian had woken up to find all her kids dead, which left Connor feeling very sad. He had also asked what had killed them, but Penelope had just told him to stop asking questions. The Eevee obeyed, and never really put much thought into what had happened. Penelope didn't speak of it, and that meant Connor wouldn't either.

    After that incident, the Eevee twins lived on their own once more. Penelope left their makeshift homes without Connor more and more, causing him to be even more dependent on her as an emotional crutch everytime she returned. Their lives were otherwise the same, tired routine of theft and moving. Penelope never did speak of what happened when she left home, but Connor figured that it had to be pretty exciting. The excitement became too much when they were nine years old, and all the Pokemon started eating each other. Connor was too horrified and weak to act, but Penelope had always been the smart one. She and Connor ran, with her dictating their every move, every hiding spot. Some might have called their escape a miracle, but Connor knew his sister too well to believe that. 

    They survived by running, and staying with other Pokemon that had escaped the dead Pokemon. The Eevees weren't fighters, but they were small, quick, and Penelope could keep them both alive. They never stayed with any one group for extended periods of time, which Penelope explained was because "you can't trust anyone but me and you." Connor marveled at his sister's bravery. The sickness and the dead things were far more than he could take; it was like he was never free of fear. But Penelope? She didn't lose her nerve, and she was just as young as him! As they grew older in the midst of the infection, she only became a stronger person. Connor, on the other hand, never learned to question her actions.

    Penelope began acting odd eventually, talking to herself and ignoring Connor completely for hours at a time. It was at this point he was more vulnerable and afraid than ever; without his sister, he couldn't do anything. Finally, Penelope told him that she was leaving too retrieve something: what it was, he would never find out. Penelope didn't return. Connor waited for her but she was nowhere to be found. After days, Connor got up, realizing that he would have to find his sister himself. He could barely fend for himself alone; this was something that had to be done.

    Appearance Connor is a gaunt and small Eevee, made thin by the years of malnutrition. His fur is filthy and tangled. Unlike most Eevee's brown eyes, his are a darker blue, with a few faint scars over the right. Other than his slightly smaller frame and eye color, there is no other noticeable difference from the rest of his species.
    Personality Connor is emotionally dependent on his sister, to the extreme. Without her, he is incapable of surviving on his own. Because he is terrified of strangers and stays only around Penelope, Connor is very shy and terrible with any social situations. Without his twin by his side, Connor will likely attach to anyone of his age out of desperation for a Penelope substitute.

    The Eevee is submissive and not strong-willed, due to his sister's bold and dominant personality. Anyone with a personality close to hers could order him around, and he wouldn't question it. He is far from unintelligent, but his utter dependence on his sister left little room for going against her.

    Connor is easily frightened, with a strong "flight" instinct. His timid personality makes him rather useless in fights or extremely stressful situations, but Connor is truly a kind and gentle soul. He rarely acts out in anger and, when able to deal with his fear of strangers, patient and honest with others.

    Because he and Penelope lived alone, Connor learned quickly to not be selfish. Unfortunately, even this has been driven to an extreme: if Penelope or someone as equally cherished is in need (or danger), he will help them with no thought of how it will affect himself. If left unchecked, Connor can easily hurt himself and neglect his own needs.

    The recent abandonment by Penelope, which worsened his view of his parents' abandoning them, he has begun to develop abandonment issues. Without Penelope at his side again, they will only become more severe.
    User Notes .History, personality, and appearance completely rewritten. TM move (Frustration) was removed to reflect new backstory.

    .Penelope has just recently left him alone (as he cannot survive long out by himself for long.)

    image needed

    Text Color #7CCD7C
    Item None
    Gender Male
    Age Adult
    Species #058: Growlithe, the Puppy Pokemon
    Height 2'04"
    Weight 35 lbs
    Pokédex Entry It has a brave and trustworthy nature. It fearlessly stands up to bigger and stronger foes.
    Level 28
    Ability Flash Fire
    Nature Hasty
    Characteristic Strongly defiant
    Moves Bite (Level-Up)
    Flame Wheel (Level-Up)
    Take Down (Level-Up)
    Heat Wave (Breeding)
    History He was the middle child, a Growlithe with an Arcanine mother and a Ninetales father. Living happily with his family, Michael never had reason to be afraid or sad. His mother was powerful, and his father gentle; together they were caring parents and a strong team. For years, it seemed nothing could go wrong. Then  all three of the Growlithe children caught an unknown and terrible illness; only Michael survived, with the other two dying painfully of asphyxiation. The loss of two of her children seemed to break something in his mother; she became angry, always angry, screaming and striking Michael's father. He was blamed for the deaths, yet the Ninetales never retaliated against his furious mate. The Arcanine became obsessed with training her son, saying that he couldn't be "weak" anymore, like his father.  Michael could only watch as his mother became more and more unstable, unable to stop what was happening. He believed this was their life, and nothing could change it.

    Then one day his mother overestimated her own strength, and was killed in a battle against a far more powerful Pokemon. The Growlithe didn't find any satisfaction in her death; instead he was horrified, mourning the Arcanine despite all the things she'd done. His father didn't seem to have any sort of reaction; Michael was too young to read past that weary expression he always wore. The Ninetales took his son and moved away from their home, settling down in a quiet place near an idyllic human town. He didn't make Michael train every day; he didn't make him do anything, really. The Growlithe and Ninetales had a peaceful, if distant relationship; as Michael grew older, he began to respect the fox's actual strength and resilience, shaking off what his mother had once said about him being "weak."

    His life became quiet, calm, normal; everything the last several years hadn't been. Most of his adolescence was uneventful, scattered with things that were interesting at the time but ultimately unimportant. Michael remembered that he had two friends, one a Houndour and the other's species long forgotten. Their names and even their genders are gone, but the Growlithe now knows they had been close to him during those years. Whatever they did doesn't matter, and there is only one event Michael can recall with perfect clarity: the death of his father.

    Michael had returned home, after being with his friends for most of the day. He had automatically known something was wrong-there had been a strange scent, bloody pawprints everywhere. That was when he found the Ninetales' body; his fur and body shredded and throat torn out. Someone had murdered him brutally, and when Michael saw the only family he had left dead and covered in blood, something in him broke. He ran, far away from his friends and from that body without even bothering to bury it. The Growlithe had buried himself away, and if anyone tried to approach him, he fled again. Everything about Michael had been lost during that horrible time, while he suppressed the memories of his family and all the pain that had come with their deaths.

    But there had been someone else, someone who brought him back from whatever self-inflicted purgatory he'd put himself in. A Minccino, another Pokemon who he could not remember properly. They had come across Michael in one of his worst states, when he'd been unable to even run from others. The Growlithe knew exactly how horrible he'd been-panicked, lashing out-yet the Normal-type didn't leave or give up. They had stayed at his side, helping him recover from the injuries and starvation he hadn't even been aware of himself. He would have never expected such kindness and generosity from a complete stranger, yet here this Minccino was. Michael knew they'd bonded as time passed, knew that this Pokemon had become his best friend, and that he'd told them everything. The domestic violence he'd seen, his mother dying, then his father...they knew it all. They helped him cope, always sincere, understanding. Though his memories remain murky and hazed, Michael knew they'd over the years, they shared a bond that ran deeper than mere friendship. It only made sense that eventually they would be separated, like with everyone else he'd cared about.

    It had been several years after they'd first met; Michael had simply been going out to a nearby river when he smelled the smoke. He never saw the culprit, but some Fire-type must have gone on a rampage, or miscalculated the intensity of their fire-based attacks. Whatever it was, there had been a fire-a major wildfire, tearing across the landscape. The Growlithe ran to get the Minccino out of there before the fire could find their home, but the smoke and the pure chaos of the flames had slowed him down, despite his typing. They were nowhere to be found; even when the fire had been put out, Michael could not find his best friend anywhere. There was nothing-no glimpse of a gray pelt, not even a burned body. Even a corpse would have been a kinder fate-the sheer pain of not knowing was far, far worse. It might have given him hope, an optimistic view that they had survived, but the separation only made it hurt worse.

    After the fire, Michael was once again adrift, spending his days alone and isolated from other Pokemon. He began to slip back into his old self, the Growlithe who cared about nothing, not even himself. He did take care of himself, not because he actively wanted to, but because that's what the Minccino would have wanted. When the epidemic started, he didn't really care-he'd always avoided the living, now he just avoided the undead. The fact they were corpses mattered little.

    But then he came across another group. Forced together out of pure necessity, Michael figured he'd ditch them as soon as he had an opportunity-but the close contact with other Pokemon had begun to bring back the Growlithe's former spirit. He realized how much it hurt, being completely alone, and slowly began to warm up to the new Pokemon. Without the friends he made in that group, Michael would still be as he was; isolated, uncaring, almost emotionless. When the entire group was finally out of danger, most of them split up to go their own ways. Michael stayed with the ones he had grown to care for, though he never mentioned his own goal of finding the Minccino. It had not been a goal he'd had for most of the epidemic, but with his recovering emotions came a new hope of finding them. They stuck together for months, surviving, yet even that could not last forever. Like with the last group, they split apart-most leaving because of personal goals, Michael included. He needed to find the Minccino, and even though it hurt to be alone and away from the Pokemon he could actually remember, the chinchilla Pokemon mattered the most.

    The Growlithe again travels alone, although not in the same manner as the times before. He is still searching for the lost Minccino, despite the slim chance of their survival.
    Appearance Michael is average-looking. Other than his green eyes, he has no physical features that allow him to stand out. The Growlithe is extremely thin from a lack of food, and altogether does not look either healthy nor threatening.
    Personality If there's a word to describe the Growlithe, it is unpredictable. He shifts moods quickly and seemingly without any sort of reason; provoked at the slightest word, becoming withdrawn even when nobody's done or said anything. Often, he doesn't even notice his changing demeanor; to him, it has become a normal occurence, something not given much thought.

    He has a very quick mind, moving from one thought to the next, and will easily lose focus on a conversation or topic. Michael has a tendency to space out and stop hearing others. It is a source of irritation for him, as he can miss out on important information or lose ideas simply because his mind was distracted by something else. No matter how hard he tries to pay attention, the Growlithe simply cannot change how his mind works.

    Michael dislikes being ignored, mistaken for a child, or treated as someone of lesser intelligence. In other words, he has a very fragile ego, which doesn't pair off well with his erratic personality. He is rash in his reactions, saying things that the Growlithe will usually regret later on.

    Though he has none anymore, Michael will cherish any and all friends he should happen to make. The Growlithe hates being alone, and has been for so long it's made him jumpy and paranoid. As said, any other Pokemon he manages to befriend will gain his utmost loyalty and respect. Being alone for too long, however, will cause him to slowly revert back to his emotionless, wandering self.
    User Notes -Unevolved by choice
    -Has trouble remembering many parts of his life, particularly adolescence and young adulthood. Cannot easily remember former faces and names, even those of close friends.
    -History slightly altered
    -One of my main four Pokesonas

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    Connor the Eevee and Michael the Growlithe [Hearthome/Ace] Empty Re: Connor the Eevee and Michael the Growlithe [Hearthome/Ace]

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    Michael is ready to be activated and moved for approval. He is, of course, to be dualed with my Eevee Connor on Hearthome.

    (sorry for submitting all these profiles lately ><)


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    Connor the Eevee and Michael the Growlithe [Hearthome/Ace] Empty Re: Connor the Eevee and Michael the Growlithe [Hearthome/Ace]

    Post by Mew Mon Oct 13, 2014 9:55 pm

    Approved as a dual.


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    Connor the Eevee and Michael the Growlithe [Hearthome/Ace] Hz72hB2

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    Connor the Eevee and Michael the Growlithe [Hearthome/Ace] Empty Re: Connor the Eevee and Michael the Growlithe [Hearthome/Ace]

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