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    Michael the Growlithe [Hearthome|Sinnoh]


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    Michael the Growlithe [Hearthome|Sinnoh] Empty Michael the Growlithe [Hearthome|Sinnoh]

    Post by Abysswalker Fri Aug 12, 2022 9:18 pm


    Text Color #7CCD7C
    Item None
    Gender He/Him
    Age Adult
    Species #058: Growlithe, the Puppy Pokemon
    Height 2’4”
    Weight 41 lbs
    Pokédex Entry Extremely loyal, it will fearlessly bark at any opponent to protect its own Trainer from harm. [Shield]
    Level 32
    Ability Flash Fire
    Nature Hasty
    Characteristic Highly persistent
    Moves -Flame Wheel (Level)
    -Agility (Level)
    -Morning Sun (Egg Move)
    -Crunch (Level)
    History (Note: this history contains subjects such as familial abuse and mentions of a suicide attempt.)

    Appearance Michael is an average-looking Growlithe for the most part, with no differing coloration. He has quite a few old scars on his body, but these are mostly hidden by fur. The only obvious mark is on his right ear; a small part of it is missing, though it might not be something one catches at first glance.

    •Rather unstable when it comes to dealing with others; his opinion of someone can change multiple times in rapid succession, depending on the circumstances. Works both ways: Michael can like someone before suddenly hating them, and vice versa

    •Cannot stand to be treated like a child due to his unevolved status; tries to be as independent and reliable as possible to keep people from looking down on him or acting as if he’s incapable of handling himself
    -His unwillingness to evolve is due to the trauma of being abused by his Arcanine mother; he does not want to resemble her

    •Very dry and sarcastic, though his barbs are usually kept inside his head; not above admitting his smaller stature makes him wary about angering other people, but sometimes he doesn’t care enough to keep his mouth shut. His default tone is blunt even when he’s not actively trying to be, however

    •World-weary; he’s grown tired of everything over the course of his life, and often acts apathetic. It’s not as easy anymore to provoke strong emotions from him, unless it’s specifically aimed towards sore subjects: his partner and his evolution status being huge examples
    -Expects everything to go wrong, and is deeply cynical from a lifetime of pain

    •Speaking of his partner, in his head they alone are his first priority; he wants more than anything to reunite with them, despite all evidence pointing to their death having occurred years prior to the epidemic. He refuses to believe they are gone; he would rather die than live in a world devoid of them, and has clung to his thin thread of baseless faith all this time

    •That being said, he’s not as good at the whole “at any cost” thing as he thinks he is; Michael cannot bring himself to abandon others easily, and will put himself in harm’s way for anyone he grows close to. Has a protective nature he will never admit to
    -Often feels guilty about this, thinking himself evil for not being able to truly put his partner before anyone else

    •Though he believes otherwise, Michael has an instinct for leading the way and directing a group. If circumstances call for it, he will step up, often not even realizing he’s doing so at first
    -His trauma and obsessions can easily compromise this, however, as his goals will likely contradict that of any others he’s traveling with

    •Has a very low opinion of himself, believing he deserves whatever horrible things come his way. Michael is still suffering deeply from the trauma of his past, and his consistently poor self-image is one of many results. He cares little for his own pain
    -Has deeply ingrained abandonment issues and rejection sensitivity due to past abuse

    User Notes •Remade, so his badge count is also reset.
    •He’s back, bitches


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