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    Michael The Undead Mightyena|WIP


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    Michael The Undead Mightyena|WIP Empty Michael The Undead Mightyena|WIP

    Post by Fern Thu Apr 16, 2015 7:54 pm

    Image of your character.
    Must coincide with any unique attributes of your character.
    (e.g. scars, different coloring, different markings, etc.)

    Michael Myers [The Shape]
    Text Color #ff9900
    Item Pumpkin Mask
    Time of Infection Approximately one month after the Epidemic began
    Gender Male
    Age Young Adult-21 Years Old
    Species #262|Mightyena--Bite Pokémon
    Height 3'05"
    Weight 81.6 lbs
    Pokédex Entry Ruby-MIGHTYENA gives obvious signals when it is preparing to attack. It starts to growl deeply and then flattens its body. This POKéMON will bite savagely with its sharply pointed fangs.  
    Level 19
    Ability Intimidate: Upon entering battle, the opponent’s Attack lowers one stage.
    Nature Serious
    Characteristic Highly Persistent (+Defense)
  • Odor Sleuth [Level Up]
  • Bite-[Level Up]
  • Thunder Fang-[Egg Move|Luxray Father]
  • Sand Attack-[Level Up]
  • History Your character's past. Must be two reasonable paragraphs long.
    Appearance Bulbapedia-Mightyena is a quadruped Pokémon that is based on a hyena. Its body is a mixture of black and gray fur, with black lower legs, clawed feet, and tail. It has dark, triangular streak patterns below its eyes, which have yellow sclera and red irises. Its ears are rhombus-shaped with dark insides, its nose is red, and it has gray paw pads. It has a shaggy mantle of black fur.

    Michael has an appearance that has set many affright--this was true even prior to when he contracted the virus. He stands a margin taller than the average for his species, and sports a sinewy frame. Michaels' face always bears an eerily blank expression.

    He wears a small Pumpkin mask over his left eye at an angle. The mask is a typical Halloween mask; it has a jagged grin with dark, triangular eyes.

    Michaels' eyes are a fluorescent red, the trademark of the Undead. The infection has rendered his pelt a light lavender with dusky undertones, and the markings beneath his eyes are a deep violet. He still retains some of the black in his pelt, but time has caused it to be it dull as well. He has one bullet wound that is left unhealed and still seeps what remains of his lifeblood.
    Personality Michael possesses an almost unassailable drive--once he is on the pursuit, he will not stop until he is satisfied. That being said, despite his low level, he is very difficult to defeat due to his persistence alone. Becoming an Undead furthered his bloodthirsty tendencies; not only does he seek to kill, he also seeks out a meal.

    He rarely speaks or communicates through anything but a slight tilt of the head in acknowledgement. Michael is stealthy and intelligent, and studies his victims before pursuing. After a short analysis of his prey, he will stalk them mercilessly with the intent to kill. He takes his time with this task.

    The infection has rendered him practically emotionless; he possesses no mercy or remorse. He seldom runs; a slow, sinister gait is normal for him.

    He can learn how to do something just by watching someone do it, but this isn't true for every task.

    He can easily be overthrown when more than one person attack him, as he becomes confused on which one to trail.
    User Notes
    -I decided to not use the typical Michael Myers mask because I thought it would look odd on a Mightyena. I guess I'm also shouting out to Halloween III: Season of The Witch. Have a happy Halloween, Silver Shamrock~ (Also, the mask position is a reference to Kingdom Hearts.)

    -Will make him talk, despite the fact that Michael Myers never talks. I don't want him to be a deadbeat character. orz

    -He is a low level despite his age because of the time he spent locked up. He never really had battle practice until he escaped.

    -hope i didn't make him too godlike, i promise in RP he won't be as indestructible.

    -History is only referring to the first Halloween. The story gets too convoluted afterwards. Spoiler Alert: The sequels make Michael Myers an indestructible God. xD

    -Template supplied by Honchkrow <3

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