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    Post by Grimsley Thu Jan 07, 2016 7:01 pm

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    Realgam Tower(Underground Tunnels/Lab)<>Time Unknown (LKT; Early Afternoon)
    Post Eleven
    Grimsley sighed inwardly when he caught on that his words were not helping things in the slightest. He knew that sometimes, there was no way to prove your point unless you actually physically demonstrated your point. Maybe that would be what he would have to do here. "Oh fuck off." Grimsley could feel Nisha's quiet growl as the purple cat lent up against him, curling her tail around his back. Raising a hand, the trainer scratched the fur between the cat's shoulders, a silent message to tell her to calm down. The feline sucked in a deep breath, leaning her shoulder against Grimsley as she kept her eyes on the growling rodent.

    "You fucking human bitches.. always thinking you own the godsdamned world and everything in it!" Grimsley blinked, taken slightly aback. The venom in the Pikachu's words was something that Grim' had heard only a select few times, which was what mainly took the trainer by surprise. Had something happened in their past that made them this hostile to him? He then looked up at the Umbreon. That's when their mood had shifted, so maybe – Ah. Perhaps Boss has, or had an Umbreon companion, and therefore that protective streak extends to all Umbreons? He could see why they were so hostile towards him, if Boss had figured out he was a Dark Type trainer.

    "Trust.. you know nothing." Nisha tensed up again, her purple fur bristling slightly as the Pikachu let out a strange gurgle that could almost be mistaken for a rabid snarl. The Liepard's green eyes looked over the Pikachu, checking for any discoloration, but her check came up showing the electric mouse as clean. That was one hell of a snarl they had going on there for a healthy pokemon. "Of course you'd say that! Man and its pet, side by fucking side." Nisha's fur bristled again as the cat took a small step forwards, her eyes narrowing. ”For your information, Grimsley saved my life. I was starving on the goddamn streets before he found me. So how about you hold yo-”
    ”Nisha. Please, stop.”

    The Liepard turned her head to stare at Grimsley in surprise. ”But they're...” She started, but Grimsley just shook his head, petting Nisha's purple and yellow fur and giving the Liepard a small smile. ”It's fine. The Boss won't change her mind, it seems. I'm fine, honest.”  He said, and the Liepard nodded, rubbing her face against his hand, a silent answer from the cat as she walked behind Grimsley, drawing up on his left side as the trainer stood up, giving way so that Stark could approach the gathered group.

    "Okay-- everyone needs to chill out. Give Boss some space; step back, go down the hall, guys. Don't crowd her. What happened?" Moving around Stark, Grimsley stood just behind the Dragonite, leaning against a wall with his arms lightly crossed as he kept his icy gaze on the pokemon that had gathered around both the Porygon Thomas and the Umbreon Thomas.

    "I.. there was.. this Umbreon..?" The Boss started, but her words sounded hollow, and they soon trailed off, unable to find the words, he presumed. "You can't trust the human.." With a quiet sigh, Grimsley fished out his notebook and pencil from his bag, pinning the flashlight on his shoulder by placing the strap of the bag over it so that the light shone on the page he had open, illuminating it. Lazily sketching lines through the paper, Grimsley half listened to the conversation as he drew non-linear patterns on the paper, writing a few words him his own shorthand as simple notes from the area around him. He usually kept journals like this, with the words hidden in the images, written in  shorthand writing.

    "Be you friend or foe?" Lifting his eyes from the paper, Grim' watched as the Pikachu gasped, their green eyes shining with anxiety. "Friend, please!" They went to take a step, and the trainer's eyes widened in concern as the electric mouse slumped to their side, their strength spent.

    "I am not your foe," Looking up at the Umbreon, Grimsley sketched a few more notes in his book, before closing the book and placing it with the pencils back into his bag. Taking the flashlight from his shoulder, Grimsley turned it off and put it in a pocket for quick access later. He then hummed quietly to himself as he listened to the others converse.
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    (ELITE) The REALGAM Team - Page 6 Empty Re: (ELITE) The REALGAM Team

    Post by Dandelion Mon Jan 25, 2016 5:15 pm

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    Realgam Tower [Underground Halls] | ??? [21]

    Cinder's heart pounded against her rib cage. It took several hard, laborious seconds to struggle back to her shaking paws, her breath coming in pants. Please no.. She looks up and tires to catch the Umbreon's gaze. You can't send him away.. But when she does its not the silver shimmer she knows. The red spheres don't have the familiar warmth she craved or any look of remembrance. They were cold and dark, a world apart. "I am not your foe," The dark type breaths, its words relieving but its voice reflective of its eyes. An heavy puff of air expels from her lungs, the closest thing to a relief sigh she can manage through her panting.

    Stark gives a nod, accepting the answer. "Alright. I expect no trouble from you, then. If you need a group, the more the merrier, but just keep an eye out--" There is a blink, a spine chilling sound that cuts into the Dragonite's words. A vhhtt noise as something appears followed by a terrifying hiss. "--teleporting 'mons!" It was a Pokemon Cinder had never seen before, its undead status clear, and its cry was piercing her delicate ears.  

    Stark reacts before she does, grabbing the creature in his sturdy claws. Oh god no! A heartbeat passes before panic sets in- they were being attacked! Without thinking electricity builds in her fur and shoots upward toward the Claydol, but in that same second it vanishes. The bolt passes through empty air it but finds its way to a light that was hanging above them, exploding it with a loud pop and a shower of sparks and glass. The Pikachu flinches, surprised, and falls over once more. Though she's quick to recover there is no further attacks as she realizes... "S.. S-Stark?" Where was the Dragonite? He was just there and dragons don't just disappear. Frantically flipping her head around Cinderchu searches for Stark's orange hide. "Stark!?" She wails, voice growing shrill as she does not see him.

    This couldn't be happening. She couldn't stand to lose him too, she just can't. Where did they go!? They couldn't of gotten far.. he had to still be nearby and needed help! She looks at the three paths- surely the undead had to of used one. Grimsley blocked one and the Umbreon the another. There was only one open path. Falling to all fours the Pikachu breaks into a uneven run, her strength little and legs threatening to fail. "Stark!!" Cinder hollers, her objective all that was in her mind. For a quick second Thomas' scent hits her again. Was she abandoning the Umbreon..? No.. no he would be okay, she just had to find Stark first. She would be back to keep the Umbrie and Tristana safe as soon as she knew the dragon was okay... "Stark..!" She keeps crying for all to hear, her voice growing fainter as she vanishes down the unknown halls.

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