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Cinderspark the Loyal Pikachu [Realgam, Elite] Empty Cinderspark the Loyal Pikachu [Realgam, Elite]

Post by Dandelion Thu May 30, 2013 8:18 pm

Cinderspark the Loyal Pikachu [Realgam, Elite] 3ioRnYI

Cinderspark the Loyal Pikachu [Realgam, Elite] 6gYxLjE

Sarah "Cinderspark" the Pikachu
Text Color #ffcc00
Item Green collar.
Gender Female
Age Adult Teenager - About 19 or 20
Species #25 Pikachu, The Mouse Pokemon - Electric Type
Height 1'3"
Weight 13.5lbs
Pokédex Entry This intelligent Pokémon roasts hard berries with electricity to make them tender enough to eat.
Level 33
Ability Static
Nature Modest
Characteristic Highly Curious
Moves - Quick Attack (Level Up)
- Thunderbolt (Level Up)
- Hidden Power [Fire] (TM)  
- Return (TM)
History Deep in the Viridian forest a Pichu was born to a Pikachu and a Raichu couple. It was their second child and they welcomed their new daughter with open arms. From the start she seemed a bit different, at least compared to their son. She had an abstract personality for a child, having a mind of her own and wanting to use it as such. Bright, happy, and curious the Pichu loved to explore and learn, showing others what she had inside and the potential she held.
She loved her brother, a Pikachu already, but he took his new little sister as an opportunity- the perfect chance to be lazy. Too young to know any better the female was made to fetch him things, do his tasks, or have a one sided spar. With a poor sense of strength and 'fun' the Pikachu was rather violent to the younger Pichu, overdoing his play time and causing her real damage. Nipping and beating his sister she would squeal and run, desperately trying to avoid the attacks but she would only appear as an even more fun toy. No matter her actions she couldn't seem to please the older kid. He always seemed to have endless energy and the attacks started to come at random and never stopped.

It took her much longer then it should of to learn she needed to defend herself. When she was about 10 her entire body ached and hurt, always feeling like a big bruise and having little strength. Faint scars littered her skin, obscured by fur and lessened as she would literally kick her brother away to avoid further damage. However, Sarah's brother had done more damage then he could of imagined as the child learned to be afraid of those bigger then her, anyone that could cause harm to a little Pichu. Her spirit was still naturally curious but she had grown much too cautious in her explorations, not daring to try anything too extreme or with unknown Pokemon. Her parents noticed this and 'helped' by doing everything for their child but it only caused her to rely on them more. Slowly she grew more and more sheltered and refused to even consider new things, happy in the safety net the mice gave her.

But even that couldn't last forever. An unnatural fire broke out near the family's home making them flee in panic. They didn't get far as the fire starters, some devious criminals, captured them via crates along with many other Pokemon. Immediately they were transported by plane to Johto. Already terrified the family could only huddle together as a massive storm over Johto wrecked havoc on the helicopter. The criminals were not very bright flying into that storm and the machine crashed, the crate having enough padding to survive while the humans did not. The mouse family and other Pokemon taook the chance to hide in the nearby forest, frightened and confused.
The Pichu was terrified. A foreboding feeling gnawed at her belly at all the new sights and smells, anxiety crawling through her fur. Her parents didn't seem to take the change easily either, constantly arguing or stressed about something despite the gentle environment until finally her mother attacked and chased off her mate. The female Pikachu only grew more unstable by the day, only trying that anger on her children though never physically. Shock and grief sent the Pichu into a daze. She couldn't believe it, what was left of her safety net was now utterly destoryed. The now preteen refused, and retreated into herself. She became very quiet and even more timid then normal, unable to ask others for help as social anxiety crippled her. Though her brother tried to become more responsible and helpful to his sister it only made the pain more and more real. Desperate for the ways of old the Pichu started looking for.. a way out.  

Only one thing came to mind for the young Pokemon as she stood at the edge of a gorge. She couldn't survive if she ran away and she had no one to turn to.. this was the only way. Water gurgled deep at the bottom of the cliff and as anxiety pulsed through her veins the Pichu was almost prepared for the end. Almost. Had it not been for a voice from behind she would fallen right then and there. Instead, Sarah was surprised to find a Vaporeon and Kirlia standing behind her. They smiled at her and calmly said that being that close to a cliff was dangerous. How she had missed their presence was a mystery, but an offer to play and asking for her name shook the Pichu even further. She couldn't couldnt go through with it with them there and instead accepted kindness that she hadn't seen in a long time. The Vaporeon was name Kyo, a nickname he had given himself after the great Kyogre, and the Kirlia was named Rogue.
With the boys at her side the unstable Pichu was brought back from the brink, literally. Her new companions would do everything with her, and made her feel welcome by being so natural, bickering about dumb boy things and play fighting. Though she never joined in she did feel a since of happiness growing in her. A sense that near exploded no more then a week later when Kyo said he liked her. Evolution was her reply as the newly evolved Pikachu stared gleefully into his dark eyes.
The pair was inseparable then. Though Rogue was never far behind the Vaporeon and Pikachu were constantly pressed against one another in full crush mode. For the first time in a long time, she smiled. It would of been perfect but.. the foreboding sense crept in the Pikachu again.

She brushed it off as being nervous or fearful, like normal, but it would not leave. Once more she was active, exploring and being a kid again. Life was almost sweet. As time past Sarah found herself with Kyo more and more but her happiness dropping to near nonexistent at an alarming rate. It made no sense as sadness crept into her heart.. worry crept teasingly in her pelt and she would spout her worries to the vulpine but he passed them off, saying she was overreacting and clearly not understanding. It was during on of these conversation that she realized what was wrong.
He wouldn't leave her alone.
Panic flushed through her. All her friends that he had introduced her to thought it was full love mode but the Pikachu knew she was not in love- she had woken up. They may of spent a lot of time together and sat close by but.. it didnt feel romantic at all. No, there was plenty of emotions and heart pain involved but nothing positive other then social interaction. Slowly, she tried to spend less time with the Vaporeon and do her own thing but every time she pulled away he would move closer. Literally, she would shift away and he would follow. When she went off in her own direction he was already waiting at the destination. Alarm bells started to trigger in the back of her mind but the Pikachu tried to remain calm. Politely asking him to move away a bit would only bring him uncomfortably close along with a flat, stern question of "Why?" Fear coursed through her body and she didn't know what to do..
And Kyo knew it. Using his slick tongue he tricked the Pikachu with mind games. Saying how he needed her and needed her love and company. If not.. bad things would happen. Very bad things.

Sarah lived in a daze. Each day the mind games got worse. The Vaporeon was a master of mental torture, cooing sweet nothings but also calling her very existence worthless. He wouldn't let her sleep or eat, and asked to battle more and more often when her weak body could not handle it. Starved of Pokemon contact and basic life essentials she foresaw her own demise.. As her mind retreated inward her body acted the part, unable to resist though she wanted nothing of him. She was dying from the inside out.. And then he gave her two gifts. One was a collar that he said never to take off, the other, a flat disc thing, was completely unfimiliar. "Its called Hidden Power." He said with that smooth voice. The Pikachu was having trouble moving and staying awake day to day and he wanted to bring out a power in her? Impossible.. But as he smashed the disc into her forehead and fire swirled at her paws Sarah felt something, life come back to her. It was.. beautiful.
And Kyo was appalled.

He cursed her not to use the move, and said she had to get stronger for the real test. Having no idea what that meant was and having her body attacked again and again by the Vaporeon the Pikachu feared for her life. What did he want..? Repeating that the move was the key to her success yet scolding her not to use it Sarah was an utter mess on the battlefield. The hell did he want from her?! She was such a low level and worn to the bone when he finally took her to a stretch of forest they had never been in before. Strange Pokemon appeared from no where and though she was trying not to panic herself to death Kyo was calm and collective as ever. "Its time for your guild test." He finally stated.  
They were both thrown into the ring, just out of sight of one another as they faced their opponents. Sarah trembled in fear as a blue-ringed Umbreon attacked her. He hesitated only long enough to dip his head politely before starting and the weak Pikachu could only rely on her instincts to dodge and survive. He was too smart for electricity, and too strong for Quick Attack as both attacks failed repeatively. Her fire was all she had.. mustering all her strength into the Hidden Power the Pikachu managed to score a hit on the Umbreon and he stepped away, surprise glittering in his silver eyes. However, instead of relief she was rewarded by even more fear as something she had never seen before approached, a Houndusk. Their match was much shorter and the wounds she received worse then that from the Umbreon.

The pair were sent away for a few minutes as the guild discussed their tests. Shaking and hurt Sarah looked to the Vaporeon for guidance but only saw darkness in his eyes.. She couldn't breath. They were separated again and the pair she had previously fought stood with a much kinder look to their eyes. They were.. impressed? After a brief explanation they said welcome to their ranks. She.. had passed.. and so did Kyo..
The next few days blurred together, like most of her others as she never slept enough, but it was different. Her life was so busy it seemed. As new recruits the couple had to do a lot of busy work and as per usual Kyo would not leave her side. But something was off about him. He didn't talk as much or mess with her head, he only spoke few and dark words.. The Pikachu tried to ignore it by meeting her new guild mates and talking to them. For the first time in so long.. she was feeling happy again. Despite the foreboding the Vaporeon gave off he had actually done someone good by bringing her here.
As the days passed they were to announce their guild names. Confused at first the Houndusk, YuYevon, explained it to basically be a nickname. Kyo put his simply, "My nickname is Kyo." and left it at that. Sarah ponder the question for an entire day before coming to a conclusion. What was she good at? Fire, fire and electricity. "My name is Cinder.. Cinderspark!" The name was perfect and it was sign that life was.. looking up!

Then it all went wrong. Again.
Kyo took her far away from the guild, to a gorge similar to the one he had met her at. Sarah didn't know why they were going out that day but by the way he was acting she could only fear the worst. He had.. another TM. Where he got those things was a mystery to her. "Use it on me." He ordered after once again forcing the disk into her head. Confused and scared the Pikachu charged him blindly, only to be bounced back by the strength of his body compared to hers. Looking up she could see nothing but hatred in his dark eyes. "...You cant use Return." He muttered to himself. Sarah backed away, terrified by the crazed look in his eye. What was Return? "You lied to me.." He stepped closer. "You lied to me you bitch!" He attacked her.
Not even fear could protect her. The Vaporeon was much stronger and bitter, clawing and biting the Pikachu with blind anger behind his strikes. She tried to run but he sunk his fangs in her long tail and pulled her back to him, shredding the delicate appendage as claws gripped for her pelt. Using his claws on the collar he had given her he choked the mouse until she was gasping for breath. Unable to run and losing consciousness only panic kept her awake and hyper aware of each slash that wrecked her body. Kyo grabbed the collar, roughly jerking his head to break the clip and toss it aside. Holding her down with his paws the Vaporeon hissed, "Disloyal traitor!" before sinking his fangs in her throat.
It all went dark.

The Pikachu hovered in and out of consciousness. The pain was excruciating but above the sound of her screaming body was.. the quiet hum of many voices. Two eyelids slowly fluttered, opening just a crack. One eye couldn't see, blood dripping into it, but the other picked up the blurred forms of other Pokemon. Blackness kept swamping over the image, taking the scene away from her but one image would forever be burned in her brain- The Vaporeon toppling over the side of the gorge and dark pelts of her guildmates beside her. You came to.. save me..? Tender arms wrapped around her bleeding and broken form and the Pikachu finally let herself fall unconscious.

The guild treated her wounds, took care of her body, and even managed to fix her broken collar. She was given space but also watched very carefully as she started the slow path to recovery. To say the Pikachus problems ended there would be a lie- the aftermath of her abuse was near worse then the actual torture, constantly being on guard, plaguing nightmares, low self esteem and self worth, ect, but it was still an improvement. With the help of her new friends, no, her new family Cinder made leaps and bounds of improvement and recovery. Even the broken trust and PTSD could not break the honest love these Pokemon felt for her and she for them. The blue-ringed Umbreon in particular, Nana being his name, never left her side, always making sure the little Electric Type was alright. Even during her awkward moments of terror, horrid episodes and flashbacks, and zero self confidence the vulpine was patient and helped her along.

As second in command the Umbreon taught the Pikachu all there was about the guild, its members, and what they did. Despite how horribly busy he was running the place he always seemed to make time for the mouse, even letting her sleep in his den during the day for some peace and safety. Cinder's trust in her guildmates rose a nice rate but that for exponential. When he was around her fear levels dropped. For once, truthfully, it felt like things would be okay when she had him. It was no surprise when, even after all she had suffered, her heart started to long for the male.
Though the aftermath still wrecked her body and mind the Pikachus attitude did a 360. She had to impress him! Do anything she could to show she was getting better, stronger, make him proud. Once her body had recovered Cinder asked her friends to train her, do whatever they could to strengthen herself. Some seemed hesitant, others all for it, but with some persuasion her training began.
And these Pokemon were no joke. Only the best battlers could get into the guild, how she made it in being a mystery. It was hard, laborious work, and again her body constantly ached but the Pikachu could actually feel it working. She was not only growing stronger but actually learning something from the fights and a certain Umbreon took notice. Her heart swelled with pride.

A few months passed and many things grew for the Pikachu. Her wounds healed fairly nicely, the scars fading both mentally and physically. The training strengthened her growing body, the pain a positive message. True, lasting friendships formed with all the members of her new family but most importantly her little crush blossomed into something much more. It shocked her even more when those feelings were returned. Let it be his feelings or the progress she had made Nana felt the young Electric Type was ready for more responsibilities. She became not only his shadow but his assistant, maintaining the well being of her guild members. Proud and honored by the new rank she almost couldn't handle her next endowment- an invitation to guild raids. Nana was impressed by her determination to train and was sure she could handle the activity. If nothing else, he would be there to protect her~

Raid was just that- raiding human homes and stores for useful items and material. It was dangerous and crazy, but she loved it. Attacking guard Pokemon, learning about humans, and discovering things she never even knew existed it was simply incredible. Nana helped her every step of the way and even started to give her personal training sessions. Their bond was sealed with three special items they pillaged- a moon charm, a lightening bolt charm, and another Return TM.
Life had turned around completely, it was actually enjoyable for the Pikachu. Her near suicide all that time ago seemed like another life entirely. Loved with a home and friends, she was completely satisfied for once. She was.. happy.
Then.. the Epidemic came to rip it all away.

Fear spread through the camp like wildfire. Many of the fainthearted guildies fled, going to their homelands or looking for somewhere safe to hide. The core members stayed to batten down the fort but their anxiety was clear. Cinder herself was terrified, finding herself huddled in Nana's den more then usual. A patrol she had been in stumbled upon one of these infected things and she watched as it shredded a Pidgeotto to death. She may of gotten stronger but she was no match for something like that. Eventually their food supply started to run low and the remaining members were forced to move on. Many split ways at this point, only a few sticking with the Umbreon and Pikachu.
Together they traveled, looking for somewhere safe to settle or those who needed help. These weird, new environments made Cinder extremely uncomfortable, worries of a Vaporeon appearing coming to mind more and more often. Nestling closer to Nana she needed her mate now more then ever.
The group was traveling through some rugged hills looking for shelter on a particularly stormy night. It was dark and as the tired Pikachu stumbled along the ground suddenly shifted in a mudslide. The other Pokemon managed to avoid it but Cinder was tossed down the muddy hill and over a cliff, falling through a mass of pinetrees before landing in a river below. Utterly disorientated and hurt she was washed far downstream before managing to climb out. Too exhausted to do much of anything the mouse scrambled under the nearest fern and passed out.

She awoke terrified to find it wasn't a dream- that actually happened and she had gotten separated. Everything she had learned those past months were lost in a cloud of panic. Where did she go, what did she do? There was no way she could survive alone.. a bird cawed in the distance and the Pikachu went speeding into the brush. Weak, weak and defenseless she was. She needed Nana, her love, her safety. She had to find him.. or die trying..
Appearance Cinderspark looks like most Pikachu at first glance but has a few obvious visual differences. Her cheek marks are brown curved triangles instead of the usual red circle. They appear a bit larger then the normal cheek size but the pouches beneath them are the standard sized. There is a smaller spot/stripe between her back stripes as well.
Her fur is soft, plush, and somewhat long. Fuzzy ears and extra soft chest fur coat her body. Her brilliant forest green eyes glisten in the light but are very sensitive and are prone to painful watering at the slightest disturbance.
The end of her tail is jagged from the attack. The top half is merely long tufts of fur while the bottom is cut-away scars. There are also a few scars on the back of her neck that wrap around one side. However, these are covered by her collar and nearby fur making them near impossible to see unless purposely investigated. Tiny scratch like scars cover the whole of her body, but luckily her fur hides it unless purposefully sought for as well.
Cinderspark wears a worn green collar with a moon-shaped charm. Its very precious after being repaired by her guildmates, they even added the moon charm.
Personality With her friends: | Caring | Silly | Good Sense of Humor | Listens | Deeply Loyal | Loving | Prideful | Ashamed | Protecting | Stressed | Grateful | Gentle | Martyr | Nervous/Anxious | Desperate to Prove Herself | Proud | Paranoid of Failure | Feels Watched | Low Self-Esteem |

After being starved for companionship and forced into submission this Pikachu is eager to please and desperate to keep her friends close. They are the most important thing in her life- she revolves around them and anything theyve said. Let it be a thank you for saving her or repayment for what she has learned the Pikachu can't seem to let go. Though she has long since been separated from her 'family' Cinderchu still tries to prove herself to them in her mind. She truly takes lessons to heart so failing to do something correctly will make her burn with shame until it is reprimanded.
Knowledge seeking Cinderchu will look for others to imitate or learn from. If they say one thing she will follow it to a t with pride. During a fight she will give it her all and, though it scares her to death, will even give to her last breath. Often she comes back heavily wounded from battle but sadly she is used to the constant feeling of pain. With her teammates by her side the Pikachu will never back down from a fight, no matter how terrified she is.
Thoughts of still being weak linger in her mind. She was utterly defenseless before, how is it any different now that everything is out to kill her? In a desperate attempt to think herself strong the Pikachu has a problem accepting help. Other then heavy battle wounds she usually keeps problems and inner turmoil to herself. Her body has put up with a lot of pain.. it can handle a bit more.

Alone/With Stranger/Uncomfortable: | Shy | Quiet | Timid | Disconnected | Panicked | Afraid | Stressed | Lonely | Depressed | Nervous | Lacking Confidence | Paranoid | Agoraphobic | Androphobic | Social Anxiety | Selective Mutism | On Guard/Feels Watched |

She can not stand being alone anymore. Thoughts of a certain Pokemon coming to kill her again, despite her type advantage and leveling, will always plague the Pikachu. Her nights are restless, dreams always dark, and waking hours agonizing. Even with knew friends, though they will never be like the family she lost, the electric type doesn't feel completely safe. As such she is usually on an alert when even slightly separated from others. This leaves her exhausted quite often only to add to her stress. Fight or flight will instantly kick in when she is alone and faced with an enemy. Unless she is absolutely sure she can win or has backup she will usually flee from a fight.
Due to the sheltering an damage to her own mental image she had extremely difficulty speaking to knew Pokemon. Often she goes about muttering to herself, full blown conversations with no one. Other Pokemon usually head the other direction if they see her doing so. Finding potential friends is difficult, the first conversation always being so awkward while the inner struggle of wanting to run or stay rips her apart.

Deeply in love the Pikachu misses her Umbreon partner to no end. Her sleep is haunted without him and her days as spent looking for any sign. He fills her thoughts and her world. No one would understand if she told them and thus she finds it very difficult to talk about the vulpine. However, its even harder for her to have a conversation without his image popping up in her minds eye.
Though Cinderchu has looked far and wide for a group to settle with actually staying in one makes her very conflicted and uncomfortable. By staying she can have the group dynamic and protection she longs for, but it will never be like the one she grew up in, a saddening thought. Leaving one would let her continue her search but it would put the Pikachu at risk of attack and missing out on knowledge of others. Ether way, she is never really pleased or happy with her choices and feels overly frustrated.

Knows a lot of things from secondhand experience- though she saw a lot of odd human things during the raids Cinder learned about humans mostly from her guildmates. They would tell stories of them and the weird things they did and used. She ate up these stories and treats and speaks of the knowledge as though it was firsthand.
User Notes - Return is uselessly weak without Nana the Umbreon being physically present.
- Absolutely terrified of evolving but feels a connection with other Pokemon who evolve via stones and happiness.
- Has a couples complex.
- High level for age from constant battling and a lot guild training.
- Yayay Sona.

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I've read through this while browsing the site, and the writing is of Elite quality. I look forward to seeing her in action someday.


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To main computer, please. c:

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