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    Ellie the Sylveon and Elai the Talonflame [Fortree, Hoenn]


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    Ellie the Sylveon and Elai the Talonflame [Fortree, Hoenn] Empty Ellie the Sylveon and Elai the Talonflame [Fortree, Hoenn]

    Post by Silverishness Sun Aug 10, 2014 7:30 am

    Ellie the Sylveon and Elai the Talonflame [Fortree, Hoenn] Elaiandellie_zpsc721bad8

    Ellie (Ellaine) and Suzaku (Elai)
    Hex Color Ellie(#deb6db)
    Suzaku [Elai] (#E04006)
    Item None
    Gender Female
    Age Adolescent
    Status Healthy
    Species #700/ Sylveon/ Intertwining Pokemon
    #663/ Talonflame, the Scorching Pokemon
    Height 3'3" (Average)
    3'11" (Average)
    Weight 51.8 lbs (Average)
    54.0 lbs (Average)
    Pokédex Entry
    It sends a soothing aura from its ribbonlike feelers to calm fights.

    In the fever of an exciting battle, it showers embers from the gaps between its feathers and takes to the air.  
    Level 24
    Ability Cute Charm
    Gale Wings (HIDDEN)
    Nature Quirky
    Characteristic Likes to eat
    Strong Willed
    -Draining Kiss [Learned]
    -Shadow Ball [Breed]
    -Helping Hand [Learned]
    -Swift [Learned]

    -Flare Blitz [Learned]
    -Steel Wing [Learned]
    -Roost [Learned]
    -Brave Bird [Learned]

    History Ellie doesn't remember much of life before chaos gripped the world with a rotting, horrible fist. Born to a humble couple breeding Eevee, Ellie's early childhood was relatively normal. She played, got in trouble, and had a fairly decent upbringing. But when everything changed and her life was cast asunder, she quickly and easily adapted to the new lifestyle her family had to acquire. Her underdeveloped child mind couldn't fully understand what had actually happened, however, so she remains relatively mentally unscathed.

    Her parents and she went from place to place, hiding and scratching out a living from bloodied rocks, but the small family remained fairly optimistic. They had each other in good health, and that was what mattered. Eventually, however, after what seemed forever, they found a paradise; a small town of pokemon living and working together in harmony. A bright, shining light in a world of darkness.

    Living life in the town was almost like before, when they had their humans. Ellie happily and fully embraced it, as well as her parents, and live in wonderful bliss within the community's safe walls.

    Elai once lived in a lofty canopy filled to the brim with avian pokemon; a giant flock functioning as one brutal regime. He was born to high-ranking parents, and was trained and educated as an aristocrat, learning not only efficient fighting techniques, but also advanced (at least, for a bunch of birds) knowledge, like navigation and other practical studies. His flock functioned on practicality, efficiency and domination, and for quite a while, that was how he thought the world functioned as well.

    But he found reprieve in only one individual-- a rufflet by the name of Taiv. They became fast friends, playing, rough-housing and training together, all the way up through their schooling and into their adult lives. They were nearly inseparable, always seeking to involve the other in just about every activity. They were more than best friends-- they were brothers.

    But all good things must come to an end, and for Elai, it came without mercy. Having recently been appointed as a Royal Guard to protect the flock's most precious family, Elai had remained dutiful to his post. Unbeknownst to him, however, there was a game afoot within, slaughtering each of the members he was supposed to be watching. Hearing a commotion as the traitor killed the last survivor, Elai rushed in, only to see the bloodied corpses of those he'd failed. He was immediately apprehended and exiled, his fall from the canopy nearly killing him.

    He'd lost his home, his status, his friend and his dignity, all with one fall.

    The next few years were a blur of avoiding trainers, petty fighting and bickering, theft and smuggling. He was a mercenary for hire at his basest, throwing his once dignified name to the winds and adapted the nickname "Suzaku", on account of his likeness to a phoenix. Where once was a warm, loving individual was now an aloof, calculating menace. He refrained from keeping loyalties, only standing by the person with the highest bid for his services, and he found the life strangely satisfying, slowly but surely.

    So when the epidemic swept through the regions, Suzaku had little reason to change his mentality and almost flourished in the new environment, offering his services in exchange for food and slether. Once either of those ran out, he'd flee, leaving his customers for dead. It was a profitable business, getting nearly gold in return for almost no effort. His level skyrocketed during this time, higher and higher as he not only killed the Undead, but inadvertently those that had once depended on him as well.

    After a time, a curious community sprawled out beneath him, a town untainted by Undead. Strong walls kept the bastards at bay, but it looked like they could use help. There was little reason for Suzaku to pass such an opportunity up, and flew down to join their ranks. The overwhelming positivity from the townsfolk was a surprise, though, and as he lived with them, he found himself becoming less and less like the mercenary he'd become.

    Appearance Bulbapedia: Sylveon is a quadruped, mammalian Pokémon covered primarily in pale cream-colored fur with pinkish feet, ears, and tail. There are two bows on it, one on its left ear and one around its neck, from which two feelers adorn it. The bows are pale cream with pinkish centers, while the feelers are pale cream with pinkish and blue tips. It sends a soothing aura from these feelers to calm fights, and will also use them to "hold hands" with its Trainer. It has short, slender legs and small paws with three visible toes on each foot. Its eyes are blue with white pupils and no visible sclera. When its mouth is open, two pointed teeth can be seen on its upper jaw. Its furry pinkish tail is slightly curved in a crescent shape.

    Bulbapedia: Talonflame is an avian Pokémon closely resembling falcons. Its plumage is predominantly red-orange, with gray underparts and black tips on its long, pointed wings. Ovular orange spots dot its underside, and flame patterns mark the boundaries between colors on its body. Large yellow talons extend from the shaggy feathers on its legs. Talonflame has a pointed crest atop its head and a black and yellow mask-like pattern around its eyes. Its black beak is hooked with a yellow cere. It also has long black tail-feathers marked with three yellow "v"-shapes. The tail ends in two points and has a another feather sticking out of the base on each side, giving the impression of the fletching on the end of an arrow.
    Personality Optimistic| Fiercely loyal| Petty| Opinionated| Tomboyish| Mischievous| Loves to laugh| Playful| Naive| Gullible| Short-tempered| Somewhat vengeful| Stubborn| Hard-headed| Thin-skinned| Childish| Overall happy

    Though Ellie has seen death and understands the core concept, her ease of dealing with death is mostly because she hasn't yet experienced losing someone close to her. She imagines that her family unit and now the community she lives in is invincible simply because they work together and function as a unit, and nothing can stop that. The Undead do unnerve her, but she knows they can't ultimately hurt her because she's with her family and they are invincible. She's a cheerful, bright presence and seeks to please those she respects and idolizes with a vigorous fervor. To those that are lesser in her opinion, she views as their equal or better and treats them appropriately.

    Reserved| Calm| Arrogant| Quiet| Dedicated| Reliable| Honest| Haunted| Resourceful| Resolute| Ruthless| Unsympathetic| Harsh| Distant| Good Ethics| Serious| Boring

    Warm| Kind| Humorous| Open| Trusting| Mellow| Calm

    In his years of isolation, Suzaku has never tried to be open with his "customers" and grew accustomed to refraining from investing any emotion into them, as they were likely to just die. Though he keeps himself distant from strangers, he does pull his weight well and thoroughly, always willing to help when he's needed. He's unsure himself if it's actually kindness or merely a way to con more out of his companions, but at the moment, he doesn't care to try and find out. He has grown distant from not only others, but himself as well, and is finding that living with such peace is becoming irritating and mundane, as he can feel his skills degrade with the lack of use.

    But for those that manage to break through the ice, they would find a warm, wonderful friend who would be loyal to the end. Unfortunately, ever since he was torn from his best friend, he has been unable to find another like him and refuses to think that he would be able to again. He yearns for companionship, for an actual friend again, but knows that it won't be what he really wants --Taiv.

    It should be noted that he does not enjoy leaving people to their deaths. He does not watch or try to listen to their ends, and does not relish in his body count. It's a necessary evil for his own survival and nothing more. He rarely discusses his past with others, preferring to keep himself in a better light while with strangers, though he's not too fond of himself. He's not proud of his past -any of it, really- and would rather bury it than bring it back up.

    User Notes
    -One of the few shinies I actually have KB on my game. NOT SHINY HERE OH LULZ
    -Very loosely based on my dog XDDDDDDD

    -This is a REVAMPED character, so post count will begin at 1.
    -Original, UNEDITED Profile is here. Updated profile is here.
    -I really fucking love Talonflame


    Ellie the Sylveon and Elai the Talonflame [Fortree, Hoenn] PCP637Ellie the Sylveon and Elai the Talonflame [Fortree, Hoenn] 635Ellie the Sylveon and Elai the Talonflame [Fortree, Hoenn] 196

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    Ellie the Sylveon and Elai the Talonflame [Fortree, Hoenn] PCP637Ellie the Sylveon and Elai the Talonflame [Fortree, Hoenn] 635Ellie the Sylveon and Elai the Talonflame [Fortree, Hoenn] 196

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