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    Noah the Swampert and Ellie the Taillow (Pallet Team)


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    Noah the Swampert and Ellie the Taillow (Pallet Team) Empty Noah the Swampert and Ellie the Taillow (Pallet Team)

    Post by Nightfall Sun Aug 03, 2014 1:39 pm

    Noah the Swampert and Ellie the Taillow (Pallet Team) Sketch1450487508469_by_batemmaman-d9kld6e
    Image by BatEmmaman

    Other images:

    Themes Les Miserables - Suddenly
    Phil Collins - You'll Be In My Heart
    Item A Mystic Water wrapped around his arm
    Gender Male
    Age Older adult
    Species #260 Swampert, the Mud Fish Pokemon
    Height 4'11"
    Weight 180.6lbs
    Pokédex Entry "Swampert is very strong. It has enough power to easily drag a boulder weighing more than a ton. This Pokémon also has powerful vision that lets it see even in murky water."
    Level 56
    Ability Torrent (increases the power of Water-type moves when low on health)
    Nature Careful (+Sp.Def, -Sp.Atk)
    Characteristic A little quick tempered (+Attack)
    Moves Earthquake (level up)
    Curse (egg move)
    Scald (TM)
    Avalanche (egg move)
    History A few decades ago, there was an underground black market in a remote corner of Hoenn that bred rare Pokemon with special moves and hidden Abilities, and sold them off to wealthy Trainers for an extortionate amount of money. At one point, they were selling baby Mudkips, but if any of the Pokemon were born without meeting the standards they'd set, they were thrown out into the wild to fend for themselves. Noah was one such unfortunate newborn; he had the moves that they needed, but not the Ability.

    Life was difficult for him at first. He took to the streets of Lilycove City in an attempt to escape the hostile Pokemon that often attacked him in the wild. The little Mudkip was starved and beaten as he curled up in alleyways to sleep, watching the many Trainers having fun with their Pokemon outside. He wondered if anyone would ever want to take care of him like that.

    But Noah woke up with a start one morning to find a young woman crouched in front of him, holding a cube-shaped candy in her hand and gently trying to coax him forward. He was very hesitant at first, but she seemed gentle ... he crept out and took the Pokeblock out of her palm, hungrily chomping it down while the woman petted him. A few more Pokeblocks and head scratches later, he was smitten. She was as well, and took the little Mudkip to her home nearby and nursed him back to health. Her name was Ellie, and she was his rescuer.

    Ellie had been a Trainer for a few years, and owned a variety of Pokemon that were already much bigger and stronger than the young Noah was. But Ellie wasted no time in starting to train the little Mudkip, firstly against a few weaker Pokemon in the wild and gradually moving up to larger, tougher foes. By the time he was a teenager, Noah had evolved into Marshtomp and couldn't be happier with his life. He made friends with Ellie's other Pokemon and loved his Trainer dearly, and felt like he owed her a debt for taking him in off the streets and actually giving him a life worth living. He looked for opportunities all the time as he grew older and stronger, but nothing he could do for her even came close to the gratitude he felt towards her.

    But as the years went on, Ellie stopped training her Pokemon more and more. Noah noticed that, at times, she seemed troubled and distant. Eventually, she came clean and admitted that, while it had been fun, she wanted to retire as a Trainer and become a Breeder. Aware of his own circumstances at birth, Noah was uncomfortable with the idea at first, but was determined to stay by her and support her as much as he could. He owed her that much. Ellie got a job at the Daycare Centre just outside of Mauville City, and when Noah got a chance to visit, he had no idea what he'd been so worried about; all Ellie wanted to do was to help raise the baby Pokemon that had been born there until their Trainers came to collect them. It was a beautiful thing to watch - his kind, loving human nursing the newborns and playing with them, and making sure that the parents were happy ahd healthy too. But the children took one look at the big Swampert that had walked in and immediately took a liking to him; namely, using him as a climbing frame. Noah felt a warm contentment in his heart as they bounced, scampered and rolled all over him. Yes, doing so much battling and becoming strong had been a lot of fun, but like his Trainer, Noah felt like he was getting ready to retire. He decided that, as the children had their naptime sprawled out across his back, this was a life he was happy to have. As long as it was with Ellie, anything would do.

    When the epidemic broke out a few years later, Ellie and the other Daycare staff desperately tried to get in touch with the Trainers who had left their Pokemon in their care as one devastating headline after another scrolled across the TV screen. The head of the Centre eventually suggested that they left for Slateport, where the survivors were being gathered up for evacuation, but Ellie knew that they couldn't possibly bring all these Pokemon with them, and refused to abandon them. Surely enough, the Centre was soon swamped by the undead, and Noah, along with Ellie's Swellow, Lani, fought to defend them. But alas, there were too many and their strength was not enough. Noah howled out his grief as Ellie was bitten on the neck by a savage Grovyle that had snaked in through the back window. He pummeled the gecko away but it was too late; Ellie was quickly bleeding out and Noah could already see that she wouldn't make it. He stayed by her side until she finally looked at him, whispered, "Go", and closed her eyes.

    Both heartbroken, Noah and Lani fled into the wilds but were quickly separated as yet more undead beasts swarmed out of the shadows to attack them. Confused, afraid and grief-stricken by Ellie's death, Noah felt himself starting to deteriorate as he explored this dangerous new world. Arriving in a desolate Fallarbor Town, Noah was jumped by a Houndoom who immediately engaged him in battle. Strangely though, this one was not infected. It was difficult; the canine was faster than him and had some hard-hitting moves but eventually Noah was victorious. He stood over his foe, waiting for some answers as to why he'd indiscriminately attacked him, but instead the Houndoom began to laugh as he stood up.

    "You've passed the test," he said. "We could use a tough guy like you, not to mention everyone needs some support and protection these days. What do you say to joining us? We'll help make your life a lot safer in these dark times."

    He'd found a group of fellow survivors ... needless to say, Noah jumped at the chance. Security, food and safety in numbers; what reason was there to refuse? It took Noah some time to settle in and get to know the others, but eventually he started to feel more comfortable. They seemed like a quiet bunch, some of them even a little shady, but at least it was better than what he had before. The Houndoom, called Roscoe, looked after his own and seemed to be a respectful leader.

    Everything turned on its head though, when one of their scouts brought news of a group of travelers entering the town. "Time to show us what you're made of," Roscoe told Noah. "Go with those guys and give our guests a little greeting." Noah was puzzled but did as he was told, traveling with some of the others to the western edge of town. Surely enough, there were the travelers; two Raichu carrying what looked to be a bag of human supplies. His companions rushed towards them, but Noah had not expected what happened next. He watched, mouth agape in horror, as the Raichu were attacked in cold blood. One of them died quickly, but the other put up a fight until he was eventually restrained by Desoto, Roscoe's brutish brother. "C'mon, Noah," he hollered, clearly enjoying himself far too much. "My bro will love you for this! Finish him off."

    And he did. He walked straight up to that poor, whimpering Raichu and snapped his neck. Desoto cheered as he scooped the bag they'd been carrying in his jaws and jovially trotted back into town. "Good job! There's some good shit in here. Those idiots didn't know what hit them. This'll put my bro in a good mood." Noah felt numb, emotionless, as he followed him back. He'd just murdered that other Pokemon ... simply because he had been told to. No letup, no mercy. Surely enough, as time went on, Roscoe and his gang attacked other Pokemon and stole their supplies, even going so far as to hold some of the captive and torture them until they simply couldn't take anymore and died. Noah hated it; he loathed what he'd become a part of and what he was doing, but ... wasn't it better than struggling out on his own out in the wild? He'd done all of that once as a kid, and certainly didn't want to do it again. Despite the terrible things he was doing, he was well fed, secure and had a number of friends. Surely that was more important than a few randomers on the road? He killed more innocents than he wanted to remember during his time with Roscoe's gang; anything to avoid getting throw out on his own again, or worse, killed for betrayal.

    But the day arrived that would heal Noah's jaded mind. Desoto informed him one day that they'd taken a Pokemon captive, and told Noah to go and kill it since they'd gotten what they needed from it. Noah went to where they kept the prisoners and reeled backwards in shock - lying beaten and mangled in one of the cells was Lani, Ellie's Swellow. The weight of all the wrong he'd been doing crashed down on him at that moment, and he threw himself down before Lani and burst into tears. This was it; this was the day he was going to leave, to redeem himself...and he was taking Lani with him.

    In the dead of the following night, Noah snapped the necks of the guards and made a break for the town's outskirts with Lani's injured body on his back. His luck was not to last, however, for he was just metres away from freedom when they were spotted by Desoto. The vicious Houndoom near enough defeated him, but Noah eventually dislodged his jaw with a powerful punch and fled the rest of the way with several of the town's inhabitants on his trail. He ran for hours, but by morning felt that they were in the clear. He made a bed of leaves for Lani and went off to find some berries to try and heal them both.

    But Lani's health was deteriorating quickly, and when he came back with an armful of Oran Berries she seemed very distressed. She staggered to her feet and led Noah to a small, mossy cave. Brushing away a pile of leaves and twigs, Noah was astonished to see an egg sitting there. "It's mine," Lani said, gently stroking it with her wing. "I laid it before those brutes captured me. I'm so glad to see that it is still safe." She turned to him then, tears brimming in her bloodshot eyes. "Noah ... when I'm dead, I want you to take care of it."

    Noah was quick to tell her that she was certainly not going to die and they would look after the hatchling together. But as the days went on, Lani's strength continued to fade, and it came to the point where she couldn't even move. Noah was unspeakably angry at Roscoe and his gang for beating her so badly, and was almost tempted to go back and teach them all a lesson. But Lani begged him not to, saying that he'd be outnumbered and no doubt killed, and that she needed him to take care of her baby when it hatched. "I never doubted you for a second," she whispered as she lay dying. "I'm sorry you had to go through all that just to stay alive ... As soon as I saw you, I knew you wouldn't kill me. I've seen your heart, and it's made of gold. I had faith in you right from the start." Noah leaned over her, weeping, as she wheezed, "Please ... take care of my child ... I couldn't have asked ... for anyone better..." and took her final breath and died.

    Noah buried her body in the cave where her egg had been incubating and then started to play the waiting game; he kept the egg as warm as he could and regularly turned it, as he'd often seen Ellie doing at the Daycare. He prayed he was doing it right and that the baby inside would hatch healthily ... this was his debt being repaid, he knew it. This was the last piece of Ellie and her life he had left, and he owed it to Lani for always believing in him. It took longer than he was comfortable with, but one morning the egg began to shake and crack. Noah watched motionlessly, his mouth agape with awe, as a tiny, newborn Taillow emerged with a surprised chirp.

    It was love at first sight. The little bird stumbled to her feet and looked up at him curiously with wide, curious eyes. Noah held out a massive hand and gently stroked her feathers, bonding with the newborn. Even when she opened her little beak and cried loudly for food, Noah felt a love for her so warmth nothing else in the world mattered; his dark past fading into nothingness. Dropping some crushed Oran Berry into her mouth, Noah decided on a name for her: Ellie.

    Ellie grew remarkably quickly, soon learning to walk properly and attempting to talk, often copying what Noah said to her. But the Swampert knew he couldn't stay this closely to Fallarbor for long; he wouldn't be surprised to run into one or two of Roscoe's goons one day, and the undead were increasingly becoming a problem as well. When he felt that she was old enough, Noah left the region, and is wandering to this day for a safe place for them to settle down.
    Appearance Noah is the owner of a large, strong and bulky body, as is typical for his species. Faint battle scars litter his form in various places, painful reminders of the dark shadows of his past. He keeps a Mystic Water wrapped tightly around his left forearm, adding power to his Scald attack. Overall, he is a relatively ordinary Swampert in terms of appearance ... apart from the fact he often walks around with a baby Taillow on his head.
    Personality Noah initially comes across to others as very distant and rather cold. The Swampert doesn't make much effort to make new friends, instead preferring to keep to his own devices. He has always been a little shy around new people though, and once he makes a friend he tends to open up a little.

    Ellie is his entire life. He has devoted his very being towards his adopted 'daughter', and everything he does is centered around her. He tries very hard to bring her up to be a good Pokemon, despite how difficult of a job that is in the middle of an Epidemic, and the little Taillow doesn't exactly make it an easy task with her compulsive and rebellious nature. But he perseveres, if not for her then for her departed mother; he wants Ellie to become a Pokemon that Lani would be proud of.

    Noah is frequently haunted by his mistakes of the past, and does whatever he can to try and redeem himself. Most of this is through his care and love for Ellie, but whenever a situation arrives where Noah can be helpful or useful in some way, he will vehemently take it. The Swampert is stubborn and not easily swayed in his ways. He is patient but only to a degree; Ellie's rambunctious nature often gets the better of him.

    It is very unwise to threaten Ellie's safety in even the slightest way. Noah is protective of her almost to the point of obsession, even risking his own life to protect her. If Noah considers anyone to be a danger, he will attack and possibly even attempt to kill them, no questions asked. He is very aggressive towards attackers, living or dead, and will fight with no mercy. A damaged soul lives underneath his mellow exterior, and woe to any who manage to awaken it.

    While he is wary of newcomers, Noah is generally quite a friendly Pokemon. Although it is difficult to gain his complete trust, he will remain perfectly civil (although perhaps a little cold) unless he is given a reason to act otherwise. He is a strong, level-headed member of any team, so long as they return his kindness, and make no sudden movements towards Ellie.
    User Notes --Father was an Avalugg

    Item None at present
    Gender Female
    Age Child
    Species #276 Taillow, the Tiny Swallow Pokemon
    Height 0'06" (not fully grown)
    Weight 3.3lbs (not fully grown)
    Pokédex Entry "Although it is small, it is very courageous. It will take on a larger Skarmory on an equal footing. However, its will weakens if it becomes hungry."
    Level 3
    Ability Guts (increases the Attack stat when afflicted by a status condition)
    Nature Impish (+Def, -Sp.Atk)
    Characteristic Strongly defiant (+Sp.Def)
    Moves Peck (start)
    Growl (start)
    Supersonic (egg move)
    History One quiet night, under a crescent moon, a baby Taillow wriggled her way out of her egg. A big, blue Pokemon was looking down at her like she was the most wonderful thing he had seen in his entire life. He picked her up, cuddled her, picked the bits of egg shell stuck to her feathers. His name was Noah, and he was going to look after her.

    All Ellie wanted to do in her first few weeks was eat. She used to sit in her makeshift nest and cry loudly until Noah scrambled in to give her food so she'd be quiet. Even from such a young age, Ellie knew that there were a lot of dangerous monsters out there, and that she should never, ever go near to them or they'd hurt her really badly.

    When Ellie was a little older, she began to venture out with Noah to see the world. A lot of the time it was fun; they'd play together, go hunting for berries, and sometimes Noah would even take her for a swim on his back. But the monsters were always lurking, and often liked to try and spoil their day. But Noah was big and strong, and would fight the monsters away. The little Taillow looked upon her protector in awe, hoping that one day she could be big and strong too.

    They tended not to stay in one place for too long, and she and Noah eventually ended up wandering into the Kanto region. Little does Ellie know, the world she knows is about to change as she encounters a whole new experience: other survivors.
    Appearance Ellie is tiny; very small for a Taillow, with bright, curious eyes and a playful spring in her steps. Her feathers are a little untidy, with flicks of dirt here and there, but she is learning to try and preen herself. Her colouration is normal.
    Personality Ellie is ... quite the character, despite her young age. Mischievous, rebellious and bold, she can be a handful for Noah to deal with. Ellie doesn't quite understand that all Noah does is for her protection; to her, he's just a big ol' meanie who won't let her have fun!

    She is sensible enough to know that the undead are dangerous and need to be avoided, and will listen to Noah's instructions when confronted. However, that doesn't stop her from aiming a Supersonic now and again, just to see if it hits and what it'll do. Ellie is eager to learn how to fight, and grows frustrated at Noah for putting off teaching her.

    Ellie is very brave, as are most Taillow by nature, and is rarely scared of anything, even the undead. She particularly enjoys watching the battles from the sidelines, cheering Noah on and throwing rude insults at their enemies. Like all children, her mind is like a sponge, and she has happened to pick up one or two curse words that Noah has accidentally muttered, and loves using them to annoy him. Mostly though, she knows she has no reason to be scared; as long as Noah is there, she'll be safe.

    Ellie is curious about the world around her, and is always asking questions. Anything new is amazing and fun and so very exciting! She needs to know everything about everything, much to poor Noah's frustration. As she is growing up, her mind is craving more. She wants to know about the dangerous but exciting world she has been born into; wants to learn what the strange, feathery appendages on her back are for, and wants to know why her caretaker is a big, blue brute who looks nothing like her in the slightest.
    User Notes --Father was a Pellipper

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