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    Suzaku, the Infected Blaziken (Hoenn)


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    Suzaku, the Infected Blaziken (Hoenn) Empty Suzaku, the Infected Blaziken (Hoenn)

    Post by Silverishness Sat Oct 22, 2011 9:26 am

    Suzaku, the Infected Blaziken (Hoenn) SuzakuProfile

    Name- Suzaku (Elai is his real name, but he prefers not to use it)

    Approximate time of infection: Very recent, a week ago.

    Gender- Male

    Known Moves-
    Fire punch
    High Jump kick
    Quick Attack
    Acrobatics [TM]

    Ability- Blaze

    Nature- Lonely

    Characteristics- Strong Willed

    National Dex No./Species- #257 Blaziken/The Blaze Pokémon)

    Height- 6'03"

    Weight- 120.4 lbs

    Suzaku was an odd ball, even from birth. He was born in the care of a trainer who loved bird-type pokemon, and was surrounded by many birds of different types, origins and species. As a small, newly hatched Torchic, he had a love for his feathered companions, and grew particularly fond of a pidgey, named Taiv. The two became best friends, and tended to not leave each other's side. As the two grew, Suzaku yearned to learn how to fly, like his best friend and the rest of his family. "Maybe your wings'll get bigger and you can fly when you evolve," he was assured by Taiv and the others. He hoped and strove to evolve, wanting to take flight like everyone else.

    However, when he finally did evolve, his wings he had so many hopes for turned into powerful arms, useless for flying. Crushed, he tried desperately to evolve again, which only ended his his wings completely dissolving into arms. Taiv, being the good friend he was and now a large Pidgeot, could carry Suzaku and they could explore the sky together, at last.

    One night, they learned of strange pokemon filtering throughout the land, and were eventually attacked by these strangers. They were overwhelmed. While the many birds simply rose above and took off in fear, Suzaku and the trainer were left to fend for themselves. The trainer died and Suzaku was knocked unconscious as he fell beneath a boulder. Little did he know he received a wound on his back, beginning the infection.

    He awoke and began to wander, looking for Taiv as the infection silently kills him.

    User Note-

    -He's very recently infected, but since he's a fire type, he'll be fading fast.

    -He doesn't know about the infection or what is happening to him

    -He tries to be upbeat, but the thought that his best friend abandoned him is always in the back of his mind.


    Suzaku, the Infected Blaziken (Hoenn) PCP637Suzaku, the Infected Blaziken (Hoenn) 635Suzaku, the Infected Blaziken (Hoenn) 196

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    Suzaku, the Infected Blaziken (Hoenn) Empty Re: Suzaku, the Infected Blaziken (Hoenn)

    Post by Lugia Sun Oct 23, 2011 11:03 am

    Approved. Just keep in mind how quickly the infection goes through fire types.

    You'll need to make a team.


    Suzaku, the Infected Blaziken (Hoenn) Shadowlugiasig


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