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Welcome to New Johto;
This is what remains of the region after the virus hit.
Undead pokemon lurk behind every corner, infest every city, haunt every cave.
Dark Days are Ahead...
Will you survive?


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Joshua the reject Eevee |inactive|


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Joshua the reject Eevee |inactive| Empty Joshua the reject Eevee |inactive|

Post by SkeletonCupcake Wed Jul 16, 2014 10:26 pm

Joshua the reject Eevee |inactive| Joshuacopy_zps5809950c


Item A single Evolite earring, one Striped forleg warmer
Gender Male
Age 8(child)
Species #133/Evolution Pokemon
Height 0’08”/0.3m
Weight 12.4lbs/5.6kg
Pokédex Entry Eevee has an unstable genetic makeup that suddenly mutates due to the environment in which it lives. Radiation from various stones cause this Pokèmon to evolve.~Sapphire Dex Entry
Level 20
Ability Adaptability
Nature Gentle
Characteristic Capable of taking hits
Moves - Attract (TM) 
- Swagger(TM)
- Frustration(TM)
- Bite(Level Up)
Joshua was an outcast, even before his egg hatched. He was the runt of his litter, the last to hatch. It had taken so long for the baby Eevee to hatch that his mother; an Umbreon, feared he was a bad egg and cast his egg out. The un-hatched Eevee was left on a roadside to be forgotten, or worse eaten. However as luck would have it, a young breeder found the egg and took it back to her family’s ranch.
Joshua did not hatch until late fall when the human family was about ready to give up on the egg as his mother had. When the dark purple Eevee came tumbling out of his eggshell prison the girl; Terra who had brought him back was most surprised. Shiny Pokemon were rare but this was the first time she had seen a Pokemon with such a unique mutation. At first she thought perhaps the Eevee had some sort of disease and took the baby to the nearest Pokemon Center in Blackthorn City. After many scans and tests the Nurse Joy was able to lay Terra’s suspicions to rest. Relieved that the Eevee was healthy, Terra returned to her ranch with Joshua.
Joshua did not fare well living at the ranch with Terra and her family. Sure most of the humans were kind to him, but the others outcast him for his strange fur, he was a freak of nature with his purple fur and crimson eyes. Of course this also made him very coveted among black market dealers such as Team Rocket and freelance hunters. On more than one occasion the ranch was attacked simply so that greedy humans could get their hands on such a uniquely colored and rare Pokemon. It often got so violent on the ranch that Terra’s family finally gave in and got rid of the young Eevee simply out of fear that the ranch may suffer, with or without police involvement. So Joshua was given up to female Rocket executive by the name of Jamie.
Jamie was a brutal trainer, as many of those in the employment of Team Rocket are, though she was especially cruel. Joshua spent many nights starving and freezing even in the middle of summer. The training was almost too much for the young Eevee, but he was a natural survivor, he learned fast and became lean and strong.  This came with a heavy price, Joshua was constantly stressed, and nightmares wracked his sleep, when he actually could sleep. Every day of training was hell for the child, it was not training it was abuse. Even the gift of learning TM’s didn’t help ease his suffering, constantly being pitted against vicious Houndoom and Golbat or being whipped for failure turned an innocent Eevee kit into a conflicted mess. His progress was not enough for the humans and he was beat even harder, nothing spurred him to improve anymore not even the pain he felt in his stinging welts at the end of each day. Jamie gave up on him and left Joshua to the mercy of her hounds, expecting him to die easily. Something sparked inside Joshua, for the first time in a long time he was adamant about living. Using Swagger to confuse the beasts before him, the rejected Eevee fled from Team Rocket. But the damage had been done, and of course visual reminders of the pain were stapled into his skin in the form of Evolite bar earrings and metallic snake bite spikes to mark him.
                Despite his new found freedom, Joshua was miserable. He constantly watched over his shoulder, paranoid that his abusers might track him. He slept little and ate rarely; he was often too tired to forage for even scraps because of his growing fear, both of reality and his nightmares. Had he not already become accustomed to eating infrequently he may have starved to death, living on his own. He travelled all over Johto like this, constantly hiding in fear, though he was never caught. When the infection first started cropping up in Johto Joshua was staying inside the Ilex forest, just outside of Azalea Town. The infected bothered Joshua, he found food was harder to find, but he refused to go inside the town and get help, humans frightened him, angered him even. But eventually the screaming from Azalea stopped, the town was deserted. Seeking safe shelter Joshua moved into the town, a little less nervous now that the humans were gone. A rouge pack of Pokemon calling themselves the Scavengers was taking up residence in the town for the time being. Their leader, a jet black Flareon going by the name of Lotus understood Joshua’s pain and took him in. Pack life was new to Joshua but he felt a little less nervous around people he could call his friends.
                This small gift was short lived as the infection grew worse the undead began to come back into the ghost town. Lotus fought till the end but the others in the pack became a quick meal for the infected, in a last ditch effort to save himself and Joshua, Lotus took Joshua and fled. In the chaos Lotus lost track of Joshua, with no one left Joshua was left to fend for himself in Azalea alone. His only memento of the creatures that showed him kindness was the stripy arm warmers that Lotus had given him. He continued to remain alone after that until more living came to Azalea. Many came but he did not make himself noticed for a long time, and of course his short lived time with his new companions after he had exposed himself left him fighting for his life alone. Using his wits and the TM moves he was taught Joshua fought his way to a new place. Of course he wasn’t sure where this new place was but getting there took a long time.

                After two years of constant travelling, fighting and training, Joshua found himself in an entirely new place. Living Pokemon were still few and far between but he was fine alone, preferred it even after being backstabbed so many times. Now he faces the challenge of a mountain before him.
Appearance Joshua is a leaner, smaller Eevee with dark purple fur, accented by lighter purple bits. He is somewhat shorter and thinner than most average Eevee’s though he is doing much better more recently. His eyes are crimson in color and his body is covered in many scars, patches of fur missing from battles.
Two of his three Evolite earrings have been forcefully removed leaving jagged tears in Joshua’s left ear. The iron spikes under his lower lip have remained untouched as removing them would cause more pain and injury than Joshua believes it is worth. He originally had two black and purple striped arm warmers but in his travels lost one. The one that remains is still in decent condition as Joshua cherishes it.
Personality -Suffers from PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.) because of Team Rockets abuse.
-Symptoms: Nightmares, feelings of intense distress when reminded of the abuse, Intense Physical Reactions to reminders of the abuse; usually rapid breathing, and sweating. Avoids humans as it reminds him of the abuse and suffering, Insomnia, Irritable, Paranoia.
-Joshua is a very gentle hearted Pokemon when he can get close to others
-Due to his past Joshua is very closed off, he doesn’t trust easily.
-For one so young he is very resourceful and intelligent, often seeing solutions to problems that others would overlook.
-He often talks to thin air, when pushed about it he will usually panic and breakdown because he doesn’t like talking about his imaginary friends to those he doesn’t trust.
-He gets along easier with smaller pokemon as he finds larger pokemon far too intimidating, though he will often seek the approval of those he has befriended
-The scars left from his abuse are not just physical. It has affected him on an emotional and mental level, causing him to often react badly to violence among the living around him.
-Sometimes memories of the abuse become such vivid hallucinations that he can suffer from sensory overload causing him to shut down completely or become very panicked.
-Rarely smiles anymore, and when he does it is always genuine and heartfelt as he feels he has little left to smile about.
-Despite his avoidance of others he deeply enjoys talking to those of his own species; both evolved and un-evolved as Lotus was the first to show him kindness that didn’t come at a cost.
-Very cautious even when not overly paranoid about his surroundings.
-Likes to sing or listen to singing Pokemon, it helps him stay calm and fall asleep.
-prefers the dark because he feels safer believing the darkness makes the space around him smaller.
-When he opens up to others they will find more than just nervous paranoia. Pokemon he grows close to will call him loyal, honest(bluntly so), stubborn, and caring.
-Hates seeing others suffer and will always step in to take someone else’s lumps for them or try to console them when possible even if he doesn’t trust them, he empathizes with those who hurt.
User Notes -Found the TM for Frustration during his travels and as he was previously owned by humans and had TM’s used on him he knows how to use them.
-Swagger and Attract were taught to him by Jamie
-Was on Stark but due to conflicting plot ideas has now become a floater.

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Joshua the reject Eevee |inactive| Empty Re: Joshua the reject Eevee |inactive|

Post by SkeletonCupcake Fri Jul 18, 2014 8:45 pm

Ready to be moved from W.I.P's to be looked at for approval. Thanks. :)

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Joshua the reject Eevee |inactive| Empty Re: Joshua the reject Eevee |inactive|

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Joshua the reject Eevee |inactive| Empty Re: Joshua the reject Eevee |inactive|

Post by SkeletonCupcake Fri Aug 15, 2014 12:32 pm

I've updated Joshua's profile to reflect that he is now a floater. Don't know if that means he needs to be re-approved or not. :)

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Joshua the reject Eevee |inactive| Empty Re: Joshua the reject Eevee |inactive|

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