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    Lilliana the Undead Zebstrika


    Lilliana the Undead Zebstrika  Empty Lilliana the Undead Zebstrika

    Post by Guest Wed Sep 28, 2011 5:17 pm

    Lilliana the Undead Zebstrika  Iaza11643845415700

    Name: Lilliana

    Species: Zebstrika

    Approximate time of infection:

    Recently, only has been infected for a week.

    Known Moves:

    Wild Charge

    Flame Charge






    Tap, tap, tap,
    Here he comes...
    Tap... Shuffle.
    ... He doesn't truly love me...
    Tap, tap, tap,
    He's just following orders.

    Lilliana is a Zebstrika originally born in PinWheel Forest in Unova, although no Blitzle was born there, Lilliana was there because her mother was being chased off by a Braviary, however, her mother died shortly after giving birth. The newly born Blitzle was alone most of the time, until she was caught by a trainer, at first she thought she would be happy... But she was wrong. She was sent on a ship, carried over to Johto to a new trainer, Mui.

    After evolution, Lilliana was put in the Day Care with her 'mate'. The Zebstrika was in love with him, however he didn't love her back. As time passed, they've had lots of eggs, all of them didn't hatch however, because they were too cold. Nuii was born from one of the eggs one day, Lilliana was overjoyed, however, then came another Blitzle, a shiny, Lilliana's heart broke, realizing why her trainer put her in the Daycare. Nuii then ran away, The Zebstrika became devastated with sadness. When the infection hit, it had hit her mate, and then her. Her mate died shortly however, Lilliana is now wondering Johto, clueless on what to do.

    User Notes:

    ~ She can talk, she has a tad bit conscious left, and is very motherly
    ~ Lilliana gets hungry easily, often hunting in groups with other infected
    ~ She's very strong unlike other Zebstrikas
    ~ However, very low on Speed. Which is why she usually depends on Flame charge.
    ~ If possible, could she be placed on the Blackthorne team?

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    Lilliana the Undead Zebstrika  Empty Re: Lilliana the Undead Zebstrika

    Post by Suicune Wed Sep 28, 2011 9:25 pm

    To Blackthorne you go.


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