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This is what remains of the region after the virus hit.
Undead pokemon lurk behind every corner, infest every city, haunt every cave.
Dark Days are Ahead...
Will you survive?


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    Strix the Nidoking_Rune the Sneasel (Snowpoint, Sinnoh)


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    Strix the Nidoking_Rune the Sneasel (Snowpoint, Sinnoh) Empty Strix the Nidoking_Rune the Sneasel (Snowpoint, Sinnoh)

    Post by Fox Wed Jul 13, 2011 5:35 pm

    Strix the Nidoking_Rune the Sneasel (Snowpoint, Sinnoh) StrixProfile-1
    Strix the Nidoking_Rune the Sneasel (Snowpoint, Sinnoh) MK2Uo

    Text Color #B452CD
    Item A small black pouch that Toluca gave him, holding some sparse medical supplies. He hides it underneath his scales.
    Gender Male
    Age Adult
    Species #034, the Drill Pokemon
    Height 4'07"
    Weight 136.7lbs
    Pokédex Entry Nidoking's thick tail packs enormously destructive power. With one swing, it can topple a metal transmission tower. Once this Pokémon goes on a rampage, there is no stopping it.
    Level 47
    Ability Poison Point
    Nature Adamant
    Characteristic Proud of its' power
    Moves Surf
    Shadow Claw
    History Strix was a young Nidoran when he first came in contact with humans. He was one of the few pokemon on route 35 that didn’t get caught or captured by newbie trainers. Though he was small and young, he was always vicious and untrusting. He would often get into battles with young trainers, just to poison their pokemon, then attack the trainer once their pokemon was down.

    He had no family, and no friends, and he liked it that way. His home was in an obscure patch of forest, where he thought that nobody would ever bother him; but a young trainer by the name of Toluca had stumbled into his territory, looking for the poison pokemon who kept sending young kids to the hospital. Though he had fought his hardest, with every trick he knew, she defeated him easily. Though he hated that he lost, he deeply respected the trainer that beat him.

    Toluca and her pokemon fought and trained hard with each other, Nidoran evolving quickly into a Nidorino, and again into Nidoking when Tullie gave him a moon stone. Once evolved, he was named Strix, to match the ferocity and strength that he possessed. Strix would often travel out of the pokeball, and jump at other pokemon that he happened across, either making them angry or scaring them half to death. He enjoyed scaring others, just for fun. He could never scare Toluca though, try as he may. She never saw him as a monster, and that was the main reason he stayed loyal to her.

    Once the epidemic hit, they all started to travel to more obscure locations, trying to avoid cities. They were making their way around Azalea when they were attacked by a swarm of infected Gyarados. Before the monsters had a chance to do any kind of damage, Strix grabbed both Cyndaquil (who was out of his ball) and Toluca and swam far away from the shore. He found a small path of land not far, and landed there. They were separated from one of their team, in the fight...a uniquely colored Umbreon who had been traveling with them for awhile.

    After a few weeks on the island, Toluca ordered Nidoking to go to the mainland and search for Professor Elm, in hopes that he was safe…and if he wasn’t, to help him rendezvous with the rest of the professors at Mt. Mortar. Nidoking didn’t know much about the plans the humans had made, but he went without question to Mt. Mortar, to try and find the professor. When he arrived there, he had found nothing. He knew where the professor used to live, and figured that if he was alive still, he would probably head north of New Bark to get to Mt. Mortar. So Strix headed East of Mt. Mortar, in hopes of happening across the professor and escorting him safely.
    Appearance He looks like a standard Nidoking, fierce- looking.
    Personality - very rash
    - looks after his team, and loyal to a fault
    - One-track mind
    - seems rough and tough, but really a big softie
    - Rude at times
    - Has an issue with taking orders from others that he doesn't know
    - at times he sounds intelligent, other times, a total derp
    User Notes - is loosely based off of Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly
    - He knows alot about healing and fixing wounds, because he helped Tullie and her team alot when he was with them
    - He excels in working on a team and leading one, but can let his emotions get in the way sometimes.

    Strix the Nidoking_Rune the Sneasel (Snowpoint, Sinnoh) IuYHm
    Strix the Nidoking_Rune the Sneasel (Snowpoint, Sinnoh) RuneResize

    Text Color [color:4643=https://2img.net/h/i1168.photobucket.com/albums/r483/Luteshi/Epidemic%20Johto/RuneResize.png]#B4CDCD
    Item A necklace made of small water stones and one Everstone.
    Gender Female
    Age Teenager
    Species #215 Sneasel, The Sharp Claw Pokemon
    Height 2'11"
    Weight 61 Lbs
    Pokédex Entry A smart and sneaky Pokémon. A pair may work together to steal eggs by having one lure the parents away.
    Level 20
    Ability Keen Eye- Prevents Accuracy loss
    Nature Careful
    Characteristic Quick to flee
    Moves Agility
    Shadow Claw (TM)
    Ice Shard (Breeding)
    Aerial Ace (TM)
    History Rune was born to a pair of well-bred Sneasel, both of which were abusive to her when nobody else was around. Being the only child, she thought the abuse to be normal, and that she was the one that was at fault. When her parents and owners took them out, her mother and father openly praised how beautiful and smart she was, of course attributing that to themselves and all their 'hard work.' Still, Rune kept an innocent and kind outlook for them, smiling quietly and trying her best to be what they wanted her to be. Through the majority of her young years she did this, never once striking back at her parents when they beat her for not being 'good enough.' But after the mental abuse began to settle in and become a part of her, a darkness began to grow in her, eating at her insides. A self-loathing began to fuel everything she did, which only incensed her parents to treat her worse. And so went her life living in the human world; empty, gray and lusterless.
    When the epidemic hit, her parents fled with her into the snowy wilds. They were forced to learn how to survive with the basest of needs, salvaging for food and living in trees. Her parents blamed her for their 'poor' style of living, claiming they would have been able to eat and live better without her. Her father beat her that night for the last time. After they had retreated for sleep, she ran from the large evergreen and dragged a fresh corpse from the nearby town to the tree and smeared its blood on the bark, making sure to leave the blood trail.
    She then took to a tall tree a distance away, overlooking the area where here parents had been sleeping...and watched, and waited.
    She didn't have to wait long. The undead were constantly prowling at night, and had caught the blood scent almost immediately. They came in droves, tearing apart the corpse she had left there, when her mother woke up, startled by the sounds. She heard her scream, and wake her father. Rune watched in cold indifference as her parents were torn to pieces.
    Appearance She has brilliant blue eyes with bits of purple circling the scelera. She has a petite looking pendant around her neck that was given to her by her owners. She's small and delicate looking, but her body posture is usually slumped over, like she's exhausted all the time. She has self-inflicted cuts/scars on her arms and large scars across her back from her father
    Personality - timid
    - she's scarred by the years of abuse, and doesn't believe in herself
    - she doesn't value her own life
    - when she's not super depressed, she'll be very compassionate towards others
    - she is very empathetic, which can push her towards depression
    - due to not ever being entrusted with much, she's a bit clumsy and inadequate, but she has a strong will to do her best
    User Notes - She's not used to living on her own, so she's struggling to survive.
    - She'll be joining Strix in Snowpoint soon.
    - She always gets really choked up when anyone asks about her past.
    - She has a hard time sleeping without someone laying next to her
    - She doesn't like people touching her necklace.

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    Strix the Nidoking_Rune the Sneasel (Snowpoint, Sinnoh) Empty Re: Strix the Nidoking_Rune the Sneasel (Snowpoint, Sinnoh)

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    He sounds like a lot of fun! Definately approved. Your turn will be after the Munchlax in the Ice Path team. :)

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