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Alice the Adopted Luxray [Snowpoint, Sinnoh]


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Alice the Adopted Luxray [Snowpoint, Sinnoh] Empty Alice the Adopted Luxray [Snowpoint, Sinnoh]

Post by Min Wed Jun 19, 2013 4:59 pm

Alice the Adopted Luxray [Snowpoint, Sinnoh] AlicetheLuxray

Text Color #AEEEEE, paleturquoise2
Item None
Gender Female
Age Young Adult
Species #403 Luxray, the Gleam Eyes Pokemon
Height 4'07" / 1.4 m
Weight 92.6 lbs. / 42.0 kg
Pokédex Entry It can see clearly through walls to track down its prey and seek its lost young.
Level 42
Ability Intimidate
Nature Quiet
Characteristic Highly Curious
Moves - Discharge [Learned]
- Ice Fang [Learned]
- Fire Fang [Learned]
- Spark [Learned]
History History Alice was an average, if not overly curious, Shinx before the infection, living with her family. One day, at the very beginning of the epidemic, Alice found a Lopunny that was Infected, but she didn't know about the virus. She ran over to the rabbit Pokemon just to have it turn on her, blood coated on its fur and bent on killing Alice. Terrified, the young Shinx turned tail and ran, the Infected Lopunny chasing after her. When Alice managed to escape through a tiny opening in a cave, the Lopunny managed to get its paw in and slam Alice against the side of the cave wall, injuring her head pretty badly. Alice fell into an unconcious state, blood dripping from her lips and the shrieks of the Lopunny filling her mind.

After that incident, Alice became unstable, both from her head injury and the pure terror from the Infected around her. She went off alone, not bothering to find her family and running from every little sound. She came across a place called the Ice Path, a dark, freezing cavern full of Infected and of course, ice. But along the way, Alice encountered Dante, a Houndoom whom she calls a blackhound, a Nidoking named Strix, a Skitty named Akina, a Munchlax called Molasses, and a vicious Infected Absol whom she calls the whitehound. After Dante and Strix fought off the Absol, the five went to Dante's den deeper in the Ice Path. After taking off the chain to which her Everstone is connected, Alice's long overdue evolution into a Luxio occured.

After traveling with her companions, Alice was injured, and her tail broken. She blacked out, and was brought into a small cabin found on the mountain. There her teamates helped fix her tail, and they related their pasts to each other. Before long, however, the Whitehound had found them, and was attacking through the wall. Strix and Hera an Espeon they had met, began to dig their way out the opposite direction, while Dante and Ciara, a Mighteyena, began to fight. Alice, through mental flashbacks and determination to defender her friends, launched a Discharge attack towards the wall the Whitehound hid behind. Mid attack, she evolved into a Luxray.
Appearance Your average Luxray.
Personality She is a relatively kind, amiable feline--albeit a little shaky. In lieu of recent events Alice had become a little emotionally unstable. (Actually, a little may be an understatement.) She's afraid that she'll lose more of her companions, and takes much higher caution before acting. The Luxray had become very wary now, of both newcomers and a little bit of the others. She's a little on the soft-spoken, introverted side, but is always willing to jump to her friend's aid when they require it.
User Notes

  • Art done by one of my two best friends, Lummy/Karkailse/Verd. VuV The profile art I am using right now is actually a redraw of the previous image for Alice that Lums had drawn. I have received full permission from him to use his arts. >//w//<
  • Like it was mentioned, Alice is unstable from the incident with the Lopunny.
  • She's a little cautious of using her Discharge, since she doesn't want to accidentally hurt anybody.
  • Personal note, message from Drago: Alice is... tricky. When she was Skyra's, she started off as a Shinx in Ice Cave. Shortly after meeting the group, they were teleported to Snowpoint and two of her friends were harbed. This scarred her a bit. She evolved a bit later, but accidentally injured Hera with her Discharge, making her afraid to use it. When the group got to the Snowpoint Warehouse, she watched Dante fight his Delia, and listened to Ciara's screaming as Houndoom killed her and Yon-co. She is emotionally unstable, meaning you can pretty much take her in any direction you want.
  • Adopted! Original profile is here!


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Alice the Adopted Luxray [Snowpoint, Sinnoh] Empty Re: Alice the Adopted Luxray [Snowpoint, Sinnoh]

Post by Abysswalker Wed Jun 19, 2013 5:03 pm

Alice! >w< I love her so much!
I can't wait to see your posts for her Lulu~!


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Alice the Adopted Luxray [Snowpoint, Sinnoh] Empty Re: Alice the Adopted Luxray [Snowpoint, Sinnoh]

Post by Mewtwo Thu Jun 27, 2013 5:24 pm



Alice the Adopted Luxray [Snowpoint, Sinnoh] 3Br5nS6

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Alice the Adopted Luxray [Snowpoint, Sinnoh] Empty Re: Alice the Adopted Luxray [Snowpoint, Sinnoh]

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