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    Loki the Shiny Zoroark || Snowpoint, Sinnoh


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    Loki the Shiny Zoroark || Snowpoint, Sinnoh Empty Loki the Shiny Zoroark || Snowpoint, Sinnoh

    Post by Snitch Thu Aug 08, 2013 1:07 pm

    Loki the Shiny Zoroark || Snowpoint, Sinnoh Lokizoroark

    Text Color; #3F803D
    Level 55
    Foul Play (Level-Up), Night Slash (Level-Up), Double Team (TM), Detect (Egg)
    Quick Tempered
    National Dex No./Species;
    #571 Zoroark / The Illusion Fox Pokémon
    Pokédex Entry;
    Each has the ability to fool a large group of people simultaneously. They protect their lair with illusory scenery.
    Born into a small pack of Absol, Loki was the son of the alpha male; his mother an owned Zoroark living in a neighbouring city with no emotional attachment to her curiously-coloured child.
    Typically unusual for the disaster pokémon to form groups, the pack was mainly formed of a single family unit and had a reputation for their ferocity when it came to territory. Locals began to fear the canines’ behaviour as the population continued to grow, other species fleeing at the sudden shift in authority until the pack was of generous numbers. Around this time, Loki’s egg hatched to reveal a curious shiny Zorua. Ashamed of the small ‘mongrel’ that he refused to call a son, the alpha restricted the pup to his den knowing that the presence of another species within the pack could cause an uprising. So Loki spent the first few weeks of his life hidden from the world in the gloom of the cave – only briefly blessed with the company of his disappointed father before the two succumbed to sleep. It was a miserable existence, the Zorua craving the love that he knew his father would never give him – but regardless, he was obedient, waiting hours on end for a moment’s attention.
    However, the appearance of a small Luxray pride sparked violence in the Absols. A bitter rivalry quickly escalated between the two groups, pack members dying daily in the aggressive dispute for territory. As the body count increased, the competition was brought to an abrupt halt the night the Luxray launched a surprise attack on the group. They spared no-one, effectively eliminating the Absol family to claim the land as their own – however, Loki was still tucked away in the safety of the alpha’s den. Utterly oblivious to the bloodshed that had befallen the family he hardly knew, Loki was eventually discovered by the pride’s leader. Guilt-ridden at the sight of the terrified, orphaned pup, the Luxray had a change of heart and chose to adopt the child, raising him as his own. Although confused at the change of events, Loki finally had the chance to step out into daylight, soon discovering a huge world that lay beyond.
    In the time following the Absols’ elimination, the Luxray group established themselves in the area – an unusual entity that piqued the interest of locals and professionals alike. Loki grew a quiet, reserved Zorua alongside his adopted, older brother, Thor. Shielded from the truth of his past, over time, the youngster formed a love-hate sort of relationship with his ‘brother’ as well as possessing a powerful love for his ‘father’. Unlike the rest of the pride, Loki could never compete with the physical stature of the others of his age, a prejudice built against him for his unusual colouring and species. The alphas were resilient though – they would accept no bullying or teasing of the child, insisting that anyone who had a problem with Loki would have to personally address them. So, the pup grew into his teenage years, gradually growing aware of the differences as well as the silent discrimination against him.
    In time, the brothers aged into handsome adolescents, reaching their evolution into a Zoroark and Luxray following years of regular training. Whilst Thor was a muscular, well-respected member of the pack, Loki always found himself walking in his shadow. He never really fitted in – his colouring, species, physical strength and mainly non-confrontational nature was becoming ever apparent to him, especially as his ‘brother’ demonstrated his persona as a true warrior. Understandably, Loki grew envious of Thor’s respect in the pack, hailed as a battling hero with every ounce of courage and strength as his father. With the constant pressure of having to live up to the Luxray’s image, Loki began training harder in a bid to one day to prove his worth, demonstrate that he was more than just Thor’s brother. He placed an emphasis on battle tactics, using speed and illusions to his advantage rather than the pride’s typical style of brute strength; he developed his knowledge, slowly teaching himself how to read from the signposts of surrounding towns, but he knew it would never be enough. The jealousy he harboured continued to grow in the back of his mind; a charming, patient charade on view to the world instead.
    Loki’s life took a turn for the better a little over three years later, triggered by his ‘brother’s’ arrogance. After breaking the group's rules by venturing into cities in daylight, the siblings were confronted by a wandering trainer. Having only tried to persuade his brother to remain with the pack, Loki was unnecessarily mixed up in the ruckus which only heightened at Thor’s reluctance to flee. Determined to bring down the opponents, the brothers fought viciously – Thor out of the thrill of battle, Loki out of a need to protect himself. It was a close call; the shiny forced to break free from two pokeballs in the fight’s duration, until the duo finally emerged victorious. Battered and bruised, the brothers returned to the pack where Thor faced the wrath of their furious father. Banished for his disobedience, Loki was caught between emotions at the realization inheritance of leadership now rested on his shoulders.
    The pride soon began protesting the alpha’s actions of exiling such a powerful and well-loved creature, but he was firm on his judgement. He intended Thor to return, but only when the feline had learnt to control his impulse and arrogance. Following a tense conversation between Loki and his foster father, the truth of the canine’s parentage surfaced. Horrified at the revelation that he was adopted, the son of an Absol that had been slaughtered by the pride he now called family, Loki broke down completely. Overwhelmed by emotion, the shiny Zoroark lashed out of the alpha, knocking him unconscious into a lasting coma. Distraught at what he’d done in his devastation, Loki drove himself sick with concern for the feline that he had come to love. Weaving a lie that the alpha had suffered a heart attack, he was taken to rest and recuperate in the alpha’s den as leadership was thrust upon Loki.
    Despite his initial fears of such responsibility, Loki soon took to the burst of power that life as the alpha provided. He could do whatever he wanted, order whatever he felt; a freedom and respect that the Zoroark had only ever dreamt of. It was an understatement to say he abused his newfound power – banishing those who he considered not to have performed their duties efficiently, ordering brutal attacks of those that spoke ill of him and forbidding anyone to see visit his sickly father. Needless to say, he was despised. In the months of Loki’s rule, rumours and talk of uprising quickly spread, leading up to the return of Thor.
    A tense battle between the brothers soon followed; a fight for power and dominance that neither was willing to sacrifice. Of equal strength but specialised in various skills, the stand-off was violent, emotional and lengthy. Thor remained unwilling to kill Loki, whilst Loki lacked the strength to finish his estranged sibling once and for all, leaving them locked in a cycle of pent-up aggression. Eventually, Thor emerged as the victor, Loki pinned to the ground, exhausted and weakened by his wounds. Before the pride could demand the shiny’s execution, the ruckus was brought to a halt at the appearance of the siblings’ father. Overjoyed that he hadn’t killed the alpha, Loki had only ever attempted to follow in his father’s footsteps, trying to live up to the expectations of him and match Thor’s unfathomable respect. Yet he was soon alerted that he’d failed miserably. Devastated to hear his father’s disapproval, Loki broke down completely. Wrestling himself free from beneath his brother’s paw, Loki fled with a final, heartfelt apology. He ran without a glance back, tears streaming down his face as the voices of his ‘father’ and ‘brother’ called out to him in the distance. He could never return.
    Falling into a deep depression in the months that followed, Loki tried to come to terms with everything that had happened to him. His true family’s identities, his ‘father’s’ disappointment, his strained relationship with Thor – all he had ever wanted was to be loved; to prove that he was every bit as deserving of love as the rest of the world. His sorrow soon turned to an unforgiving bitterness. Effectively disowning whatever likening to family he might’ve possessed, the Zoroark decided to show the world his true potential, gaining a reputation among humans as a demon. Travelling across the region in utter solitude, Loki would wreak havoc on numerous towns and cities, demonstrating his true power in a bid to evoke fear, respect, in human and pokémon victims alike. He would steal, destroy the homes of families and kill the innocent in unprovoked, meaningless attacks that fuelled an outlet for his pent-up fury. Ultimately, Loki wanted to show his ‘family’ exactly what they had created – the monster that they were responsible for.
    When the epidemic hit, Loki’s crimes became more seldom as he turned his attention to the infected. The humans were dying out, leaving him little opportunity to cause havoc in the cities, but these monstrosities of nature, the undead, served an easy means to train and vent. With no signs of his ‘family’ since fleeing, Loki had only just begun to feel the pang of loneliness as he realizes there’s no going back from his isolation. Everyone was dead. It was only him and the monsters now.

    Determined to survive this world, Loki adapted to the forced isolation by sacrificing an amount of his mental wellbeing. Still power-hungry and utterly hell-bent on rising to a position of authority, the Zoroark has filled his head with the irrational desire to rule the undead; growing frustrated when his experiments collapse around him. With no one else left to control, no survivors to command, Loki’s immovable aspiration had started to fray around the edges. He wasn’t sure what he wanted.

    Interactions with survivors on the Viridian Team confused him. He thought he’d found something, someone, worth fighting for, but it wasn’t to be. His obsession was lost, and the pawns he had sought to control also drifted out of view. Loki was alone again, hurt more than he cared admit as he realized that he didn’t need love. He didn’t want anything; only the opportunity to sit in his rightful place. One way or another, Loki would rule.
    Smaller than the average Zoroark, Loki was always outcast for his physical weakness; the flaw reflected strongly in his build to ensure it never went unnoticed. On the slim side, the Zoroark is exceptionally fox-like in appearance, giving him an air of cunning that accurately mimics the canine’s personality. His fur is relatively short, adding to his streamline, agile appearance and almost always impeccably groomed, with only the thick mane and collar fur proving particularly challenging to tame into the canine’s vision of sophistication. Typically seen to move on all fours, Loki adopts a posture oozing authority. Head held high on a long, almost feminine neck, Loki’s internal, emotional turmoil appears almost non-existent on first impressions.
    Distinguished for his shiny colouration, Loki’s mane is a combination of various, vivid shades of green, whilst his shoulder fur is pure black in colour. The grey colour of his body is a darker shade than the average Zoroark, whilst he stares from striking and highly emotive light-blue eyes. Having once despised his unnatural colouring, Loki has come to realize the value of his shininess, now taking great pride in his appearance to practically strut with confidence through his hellish surroundings. A crooked grin is a common appearance on the canine’s youthful face.
    Villainous | Confident | Narcissistic | Greedy | Power-Hungry | Selfish | Obsessive | Megalomaniacal | Irrational | Spiteful | Judgemental | Snappy | Tormenting | Controlling | Very Manipulative | Opportunistic | Cautious |  Well-Spoken | Darkly Charismatic | Dangerous | Physically Powerful | Intelligent | Strategic | Cunning | Perceptive | Sore-Loser | Grudge-Bearing | Ruthless | Deceptive | Bad-Tempered | Unstable | Self-Destructive

    Once little more than a misguided and angry youth, the years have shaped Loki into something truly sinister. He slips into a villain’s role, embracing an evil his younger self always resisted tasting, and in doing so abandons any chance of redemption. Loki finally feels comfortable in his own skin; he knows who he is and he makes no apology for it.

    Narcissistic, the Zoroark’s one and only priority in his life is himself. He has no sense of loyalty or camaraderie, dismissing love as a fool’s disease and paying attention only to his insatiable sense of greed. Loki knows exactly what he wants and nothing will stand in the way of him getting it. Nothing will quench his lust for power, nor swerve his incredible determination to secure it. Power-hungry is too weak a word to describe Loki. He obsesses over the opportunity to rule to such an extent where he has become delusional, so desperate for power that he has often attempted to control the undead. These little experiments keep him sane, a distraction from the fact that his life’s one true goal is a feat bordering impossible.

    Away from his primary identity as a megalomaniac, Loki still remains an unpleasant individual. He’s selfish and will seldom give people a reason to like him; he’s come to believe that it’s a waste of his energy and so refuses to soften the blow of his newfound malice. Actively spiteful, the canine is quick to make judgements and will not shy away from making his disliking known. Snappy and sharp-tongued, the Zoroark first prefers to wear down his enemies with words. He actively enjoys tormenting them, pleased when he gets a reaction. It’s a way of exerting his power over them, not much but just enough to temporarily satisfy his desire for total domination.

    However, whilst Loki is very comfortable expressing his often controversial opinions, he knows when to shut up. Incredibly manipulative, Loki is a master of disguise. If it will serve him in the long run, he’s very much capable of holding his tongue. He can appear sympathetic, caring and sensitive to the plight of others, if he sees enough reason to. Loki can get people to like him, but only in order to achieve a bigger goal. Thus on first impressions the canine often comes across as quite a charming individual. He’s well-spoken, quietly charismatic and seemingly thrilled at the prospect of company. But it’s a mask. Loki needs time to assess the situation; a moment to decide on whether to uphold the illusion or let it slip.

    Extremely talented with illusions in both a metaphorical and literal sense, Loki proves himself a deadly opponent in battle. Whilst he may lack a certain raw, physical strength, his formidable cunning and attention to detail more than compensates for a little less muscle. He has no sense of fair play, resorting to dirty tricks when he finds himself weakening – only to strike back twice as hard when a truce has been called. He will not tolerate losing and will go to extreme lengths to ensure he emerges as victorious. In the event that this is unfeasible, Loki becomes bitter, a sore-loser, with a startlingly capacity to hold a grudge. He’s unforgiving and will always get his revenge. Ruthless in his execution.

    Usually quite a composed creature, the extent of Loki’s cruelty is often hard to recognise on initial impressions. He has a truly terrifying temper – though the true extent is rarely evoked – and can often find himself blinded by his rage, becoming reckless with his violence. He loses his head, prone to exploding and fits of screaming when things go irreparably south. Loki simply cannot stomach his own failures, completely abandoning all self-restraint in favour of complete chaos. He’s totally unstable at his core with the threat of implosion constantly lurking on the horizon.
    User Notes;
    - During his days terrorizing towns and cities in the region, Loki learnt a TM with the help of an owned creature who begged for his life in return. The shiny obliged, excited at the prospect of learning Double Team.
    - Based off the character of Loki from ‘Thor’ (Film and Comics) and 'The Avengers' (Film).

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