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    Reed and Johvani the Rebel Radeons (Marsh, Ace)


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    Reed and Johvani the Rebel Radeons (Marsh, Ace) Empty Reed and Johvani the Rebel Radeons (Marsh, Ace)

    Post by Dandelion Sun May 08, 2022 12:42 am

    Reed and Johvani the Rebel Radeons (Marsh, Ace) 48719739_yXs6njrRlwcDlTN

    other images:

    Lu'req "Reed" the Rebel and Johvani the Renegade
    Theme Fat Lip - Sum 41
    Crucify Me - Bring Me The Horizon
    Die4U - Bring Me The Horizon
    The Night We Met - Lord Huron
    Breakaway - Kelly Clarkson
    Line Of Sight - ODESZA
    Text Color Lu'req - 9c365d
    Johvani - c983b9
    Item None
    Biological Gender Male
    Gender Identity Male - He/Him
    Genderfluid - She/Xe/Them
    Age Adult
    Species ??? Radeon, The Toxic Pokemon - Poison Type
    ??? Radeon, The Toxic Pokemon - Poison Type
    Height 2'11"
    Weight 48.2 lbs
    78.3 lbs
    Pokédex Entry FakemonDex:: Its ears and tail droop as if it has lost the strength to hold them. Its fur is coated with a deadly poison.
    FakemonDex:: Its ears and tail droop as if it has lost the strength to hold them. Its fur is coated with a deadly poison.
    Level 43
    Ability Poison Point
    Poison Point
    Nature Impish
    Characteristic Likes to Fight
    Sturdy body
    Moves - Poison Tail (Level Up)
    - Acid Armor (Level Up)
    - Double Team (TM)
    - Cross Poison (Level Up)

    - Poison Jab (TM)
    - Dig (TM)
    - Protect (TM)
    - Wish (Egg Move)
    "I will not be another of your casualties."

    "As long as we have each other it'll be okay."


    Bulbapedia "Radeon is a quadruped, mammalian Pokemon covered in short purple fur that can seep out poisons. It's tattered, hanging ears and tail no longer have the strength to stay supported. Radeon has a lavender arrow on its forehead that fades out, and the tip of its tail, ears, back, and feet are the same shade of lavender. It has large red eyes and a small nose. The fur of its main droops over its chest. This Pokémon's fur will not poison those it befriends. It is rarely found in the wild."
    Appearance Lu'req is a short Radeon well below species average, but he has never let size be a factor or a hindrance. He's well built, with a compact and muscular body that's used to trudging through unsavory terrain and fighting tooth and claw. With naturally scruffy fur that can not be tamed he looks a bit unkempt despite keeping himself clean and groomed.

    Due to his profession he is no stranger to close calls, and its reflected in the state of his body. He is riddled with scars that are visible on the thinner parts of his fur. From his back to his face, to a particularly nasty bite on his throat, many of these marks can not be hidden even by his wild fur. He is not proud or ashamed of the scars, accepting them as a physical consequence of living. His tail is also in a pretty tattered state.

    Lu'req has had a few persistent pelt markings since hatching. He has lumpy, white front socks and a diamond blaze over the bridge of his muzzle. The pristine color of these marks has been his saving grace and endless bane with knowing his own immunity, as the bright white color has always remained. Aside from these few markings, he's a normal looking Radeon.

    Johvani is a tall Radeon, with a sturdy but lanky body that walks round on stilts. She usually seems a bit awkward from her size, as though she does not know what to do with her own paws, but is quite graceful in combat thanks to her past experiences in battle and contests. Her tail is a bit on the long side, with more of a poofy and soft look thanks to care in her upbringing. The rest of her fur is also well cared for, reducing the amount of visible Radeon tatters. Her big, sad eyes tip slightly more to the pink side than pure red.

    While she sports the normal coloration for a Radeon, a few white markings dappled her pelt at birth and got slightly bigger over time. A heart flanks the bottom side of each eye, and a chevron is displayed on her chest. A smudge at the base of her tail as grown the most, effecting about a third of its length and a small bit of the base of her spine.
    Accent Reed's voice is slightly raspy, cold, and usually kept low. His actual voice is very childlike, much to his dismay, and its unclear if his manner of speaking is to compensate for that or simply a result of his circumstances.
    Johvani speaks softly, oozing warmth in a very motherly way. She's whimsical, almost aloof with her wording, and gives an air of calm when she speaks. They also talk very slowly most of the time, giving them a bit of a dim vibe as well as a coating of sadness.
    Devotion "Fuck the legends," is his current moto, but was raised to idealize the Lake Trio, the Swords of Justice, and Zamazenta.
    Primarily the Lake Trio, especially Azelf, as well as Arceus, Shaymin, and Suicune.
    Motivation Open his old community's eyes to the atrocities they committed, force them to feel remorse and promote change. Find a better way to eliminate/handle undead.
    Try to make the world a better and safer place, especially for the future, and find a way to live peacefully in it.

    Team notes Plot Device.
    Plot Device.
    While they have a neo pronoun I'll likely only use it in third person, if at all. The team should not be effected by or need to adjust to it.
    Affiliations Marsh Community:
    A group of Pokemon native to or that lived nearby the Great Marsh. They are not all natural species, but are primarily water types. They follow under the ironfist of Salem the Swampert and his righthand, East the Floatzel. These Pokemon do not welcome outsiders and primarily worship Azelf a protector (due to the proximity of his lake). Local Radeon became their protectors, and overtime they came to see them as nothing more than that.

    Pokemon that were once his friends and neighbors, Lu'req has tired of their treatment and turned his back on them. He left on sour terms, and will not return willingly until his plans for reform can be implemented.
    Unable to handle the pressures put on them and the old trauma it brought up, Johvani chose desertion, and such an act did not go over well with their old neighbors. Of the pair, her defection was more of a sting as it took away their 'future', which makes her the more wanted target. Despite being able to protect herself and owing the Marsh Pokemon nothing, she constantly fears being found.
    Name Origin Named after Lue-Reeq from FFXIV, characters have no other relation. He was nicknamed Reed, a tall, slender water plant, by Johvani. Likes his name but prefers his nickname for simplicity.
    Named after Jovani from Twilight Princess, no other relation. An Italian name meaning God is gracious or Father of the sky.
    User Notes ❀ Both of their histories cut a lot of details, were tamed where applicable, and intentionally vague in other spots. It wasn't enough to fit both in one post, sorry. Hopefully they still flow and get the main points across while remaining acceptable.
    ❀ Relevant to both characters, there is a Toxic Plate at the bottom of the contaminated pond, allowing their evolutions.
    ❀ His TM move was found in Pastoria and taught to him by Johvani.
    ❀ His mother disappeared in his teenage years just prior to the epidemic. She started acting strange and fidgety, leaving home more often than normal, before finally vanishing. Reed does not know if she is alive or if she purposefully left him.  

    ❀ Wish chain bred from Delcatty father.
    ❀ TM's taught to her by her trainer.
    ❀ Her trainer was particularly shallow and only saw her Pokemon as a status symbol, never once considering her Pokemon's needs, and it left a lasting negative impression of humans.
    ❀ Said trainer had also wanted Johvani to become a Sylveon, and kept one of her offspring to finally have said Pokemon. It was one of her few offspring Johvani spent time with.
    Development Notes - Team plot.
    - Decide if revenge and/or reformation is the best idea.
    - That you're not invincible, no matter how hard you try, and it does not always work out.
    - You're not always the hero of your own story.

    - Team plot.
    - Accept the past events and choices that haunt her.
    - Learn healthy ways to cope with and heal from her trauma.
    - Learn to express herself, at least in words if not with emotions.
    - Violence is not the answer.


    Age : 29
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    Reed and Johvani the Rebel Radeons (Marsh, Ace) Empty Re: Reed and Johvani the Rebel Radeons (Marsh, Ace)

    Post by Dandelion Sun May 08, 2022 12:45 am

    johvani's history:

    Age : 29
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    Reed and Johvani the Rebel Radeons (Marsh, Ace) Empty Re: Reed and Johvani the Rebel Radeons (Marsh, Ace)

    Post by Dandelion Sun May 08, 2022 12:50 am

    It was a huge struggle, but I finally found the activation energy needed to finish this profile and these two are now ready for approval!

    It only took seven months to find said energy.. but hey, I found it.

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    Reed and Johvani the Rebel Radeons (Marsh, Ace) Empty Re: Reed and Johvani the Rebel Radeons (Marsh, Ace)

    Post by Mewtwo Wed Oct 05, 2022 9:46 am

    I am so sorry for the delay on reviewing this profile!

    I have to comment at the very least that both histories were a delight to read (and I am so glad I wasn't crazy for reading Reed's given name as Lue-Reeq, as that was the first role quest I did in ShB when it was new so the name stuck out). I forgot I was reading a profile for a couple of minutes. Also kudos on finding a character limit for profile posts. I wasn't sure if we had one lol.

    As for their additional markings they fall well below our rule of 25%+ of the body requiring a shiny so they qualify for simply living tickets.

    I look forward to seeing what you do with them.



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    Reed and Johvani the Rebel Radeons (Marsh, Ace) Empty Re: Reed and Johvani the Rebel Radeons (Marsh, Ace)

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