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    Asura the Machamp [Marsh, Ace]

    R'hia Kyrie
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    Asura the Machamp [Marsh, Ace] Empty Asura the Machamp [Marsh, Ace]

    Post by R'hia Kyrie Thu Mar 26, 2015 2:38 am

    Asura the Machamp [Marsh, Ace] Asura_by_kemurigakurekaze-d8otut2

    Theme Rage Awakened
    Asura Unhinged (Plays when ability Guts is active)
    The Awkward, Gentle Giant
    Profession Currently N/A
    Text Color #ec3a18
    Items His master's old, tattered golden-brown cloak. This is wrapped and tied firmly around his waist, draping ever so slightly below his knees. His master;s old training pants, gifted to him when he became a Machoke. The right pants leg is torn up towards the knee, while the left is tattered at the ankle. It is violet, with red flame-like patterns.
    HELD ITEM: Focus Sash
    Biological Sex Male
    Gender Identity Cisgender Male- Him/He/His
    Age Adult
    Species Dex #068: Machamp, the Superpower Pokemon
    Height 5'7" (170.2 cm)
    Weight 307.2 lbs (140 kg)
    Pokédex Entry It is impossible to defend against punches and chops doled out by its four arms. Its fighting spirit flares up when it faces a tough opponent.
    Level 43
    Ability Guts: Guts raises the ability-bearer's Attack by 50% when inflicted by a major status ailment (poison, burn, paralysis, freeze or sleep). If burnt, the Pokemon does not suffer the usual drop in Attack.
    All other effects of the status condition remain, e.g. losing HP each turn (poison, burn), speed drop (paralysis) or being unable to attack (paralysis, freeze, sleep).
    Nature Adamant (+Attack -Special Attack)
    Characteristic Quick Tempered (+Attack)
    Moves -Close Combat (Bred)
    -Power Up Punch (T M)
    -Giga Impact (T M)
    -Heavy Slam (Bred)
    Quote ”I pray to no one, nor will I be prayed to! But most of all… I refuse to let the world suffer any longer!”
    History Asura was hatched long ago, on a ranch held by the Kyrie breeders. He was quickly seen as two things- an extremely capable fighter, and a tough candidate to find a partner for. His bred and taught moves made him an extremely capable heavy hitter, but he was very strong willed, adamant in all his beliefs. If someone questioned them, so be it. If someone punched him, he may even take that. But a single ill word of someone he cares for can easily send him into the beginnings of one of his bouts of rage. He leveled up just by picking fights in the ranch. He cared deeply for his caretakers and their sole daughter, often choosing to outright punch any of the other Pokemon that spoke ill of them. After ten years, hardly anyone in the ranch posed a challenge to him, being level 19 already. He disliked those that offended his comrades and the way he chose to live. However, who he despised the most were the Pokemon that kissed up to him, pretending to love and adore him simply so that they could use his name in claims so that they could have more power on the ranch. Often times he would not intervene in any fights they got themselves in, as he believed that they deserved what they got. He also disliked some of the younger Pokemon that chose to treat him like a ruler of the ranch or a mentor- he saw himself as ill fit to be any kind of role model. It was this self-view that constantly made him strive to become better, and to protect all he cared for.

    The day finally came when he was chosen by a trainer. An older martial artist whom wanted to travel wherever he so pleased. He saw the gusto and passion of the Machop, and its want to protect all that he held dear. In this machop, he saw whom he once was- a martial artist full of Vigor, strength, and will. Asura was a bullheaded little thing, but at the same time always ready to sacrifice for the good of the many. Asura wasn’t the most pleased about leaving his home, nor was he against it. All must leave their beginnings one day, to carve their future.

    The two travelled for years to come, with Asura growing fond of the old man. The Machop was not well versed in the art of showing compassion and joy, so he often would comminucate such with a playful knock of his master’s shoulder with his hand. Occasionally even a hand on his master’s shoulder, if he could reach it from where he stood. As time passed, a few other Pokemon joined Asura’s ranks, though he distanced himself from them. They worked well with one another, though a couple of them simply did not bear a welcoming air about them…

    Nearly twelve more years later, Asura evolved into a Machoke. Master immediately halted their journey and began a trek back to Hoenn to speak to the Kyrie family about helping with his final evolution. The others were clearly Jealous, but one amongst them was a voice of reason- Asura was the only one with a trade-only evolutionary stage amongst them, and who were they to stop him from growing even stronger? Even so, the others turned their back to Asura, not that he payed it much mind. He only ever needed his master, who treated him well, and was a respectable being. In only three months they stood in front of the Kyrie Ranch, with the two heads of the ranch happily organizing an official trade and trade-back with paperwork and all. Asura was excited in his own way as he felt his body evolve once more- not excited that he was growing stronger, but because he was growing more capable of protecting what he holds dear.

    His eyes opened in the black of the night. The campfire had gone out, and it was difficult to see. The floor was soaked, but Asura’s hair and body were still mostly dry- had it rained? He stood up, feeling uneasy with himself. He walked slowly as his eyes adjusted to the dim forest clearing. He saw master, but nobody else… Had they left to gather supplies? No, he had done most of that himself, the night before. He went to his Master once more, feeling the wet grass under his feet. It was only around his Master that some form of puddle had formed. He only now realized the implications of this. He looked at his Master for a moment, his mind struggling to process the information that his eyes had retrieved. His throat slit, Asura’s Master lay dead, eyes locked open in terror, sorrow and betrayal showing in the dried tear streaks on his cheeks.

    Asura had no way to properly track or find the traitors, and when pokemon suddenly started to not only drop dead, but come back before his eyes, his priorities shifted. They would all get their own, hopefully by way of his fist one day. But he must survive first and foremost. He travelled often, quick to fight, and quicker to win most often, even against Pokemon a few levels higher than him. He fainted twice only, fighting a still-living Pokemon each time. Whenever he did have to hold back, and not engage enemies, it was for the sake of someone else around him- be it an innocent, someone in the group he was currently with. As the Epidemic played out in front of him, claiming the lives of those he bonded to, he found himself less compelled for revenge (albeit still thinking about revenge and his past often), and more compelled to protect whatever he could. As such he travels still, his last group having found a home they could protect, leaving him to find others to help, and search for his enemies once more.
    Bulbapedia " Machamp has the power to hurl anything aside. However, trying to do any work requiring care and dexterity causes its arms to get tangled. This Pokémon tends to leap into action before it thinks. Its four ruggedly developed arms can launch a flurry of 1,000 punches in just two seconds. "
    Appearance Tanned, almost rusty/oxidized skin tone with white "hair frills." His forearms and hands are colored silver, as if he were wearing thin metal gauntlets.
    Accent American (USA)
    Religion Ex-Polytheist, Currently Agnostic
    Motivation To protect all that he can, and avenge his master’s death.
    Hot-Tempered, Stubborn, Rash (Pending situation), Strong-Willed, Fearless in Battle (though not stupid in battle: IE won't blatantly let an infected bite him), Good-Hearted, Values Innocence, Holds disdain for those who see themselves as better than others, Fatherly without realizing it, Capable of forming VERY strong bonds, Vengeful upon wrongdoers.
    User Notes -Inspired by the character Asura from Asura's Wrath
    -Shiny ticket used for (non-nintendo) shiny color
    -Alternate sprites: Menu Sprite - Modded Sprite
    -All character art done by Kaze, thanks!
    Team notes -Marsh Team member
    Affiliations Knows R'hia Kyrie
    Development Notes -Protective, Parent like to those that need it.

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    R'hia Kyrie
    R'hia Kyrie

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    Asura the Machamp [Marsh, Ace] RGgji6G


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