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    Nazuul the undead Charizard and Hakai the Rhydon [wip]


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    Nazuul the undead Charizard and Hakai the Rhydon [wip] Empty Nazuul the undead Charizard and Hakai the Rhydon [wip]

    Post by ShadowCharizard Tue Feb 15, 2022 7:50 am





    Slash (Level Up)
    Smoke Screen (Level up)
    Inferno (Level up)
    Fire punch (TM move)


    impetuous and silly

    national pokedex number
    #006 Charizard The flame pokemon

    pokedex entry
    Breathing intense, hot flames, it can melt almost anything. Its breath inflicts terrible pain on enemies. (soulsilver)


    199.5 lbs.

    Has a bite mark on his left arm from an undead scyther biting him but is of average height and weight


    Nazuul was born to a loving carrying mother but his father was spiteful. His father was a Feraligatr who shown no love towards him, his mother was a charizard that would defend him with her life. However, what she noticed about Nazuul was his unusual behavior. His father seeing it as a sign of a weak child, decided to show his dominance. He cared not for Nazuul and eventually over the course of three years, shown exceptionally aggressive behavior towards his own son. His mother and father constantly fought with each other until one night, his father decided to take him from his mother and abandoned him out into the wild.

     Eventually, a trainer who was walking through the bushes hears a crying charmander. With no pokeballs on the trainer other than the ones of three pokemon, the trainer decided to take the charmander with him thinking someone might have lost a pokemon somewhere. He lived in the nearby Goldenrod City and once he brought Nazuul there, he put out a flyer to notify anyone if they lost a charmander. Nobody came to claim him. Time goes on and three months in, there was not a single person that came forth. Eventually the trainer realized that this was a wild charmander. The trainer went out to get a pokeball for Nazuul and this was something he specially ordered. Thankfully they had it and once he came back, he caught Nazuul in it. Not even wanting to resist, Nazuul settled in quite well. When it came to battling though, the trainer called upon him only to discover the signs of a mental anomaly in him. Nazuul even though fought and won the battle, the trainer was concerned. Taken to the pokemon center, Nazuul was tested and he was confirmed to have autism. Despite this, Nazuul never thought of anything of it other than his unusual behavior outside of his normal one. The trainer still cared for him.

    Growing up, Nazuul's behavior started to shift a bit more to where the signs of the disability was less frequent. He met a rhyhorn named Hakai which his trainer had caught and trained a year before. Hakai had always looked out for Nazuul and made sure he was given care. Once Nazuul became an adult, he still had some signs of it but it was mostly under control. Then the outbreak happened, his trainer left but wanted Nazuul to be safe and wanted Hakai to watch over him. That was the last time the two seen their trainer but they know he's still alive.

    As two years pass by, Nazuul had always listened to Hakai and stayed where the Rhydon needed him to stay at. However something happened that Nazuul had never expected and would change his life forever. Hakai went to search for food and Nazuul stayed where he was told as usual but while he waited, he heard something rustling in the bushes. Being cautious of investigating, he stood still. However, what jumped out was a fleeing pokemon screaming in fear. Not long afterwards an undead scyther comes at them and not long after that, the scyther bites into Nazuul's left arm as he was trying to defend himself. The charizard wasn't given much in lessons in defense and with each second that passed, the bite got more painful. Hakai returns seeing Nazuul trying to get the scyther to let go, only for it to shrug its head to inflict more pain. Hakai attacks and kills the scyther. Getting the scyther's jaw unhinged from Nazuul's arm and checking the wound, it was deep and luckily that Hakai had a couple energy powders. As he gives it to Nazuul, he cleans the wounds of the blood to see how far the bite went, luckily it wasn't deep enough to be concerning but the bleeding was bad since the undead can smell it. Then it hit him, the bite was infectious.

    Days go by and Nazuul's condition was beginning to decline as the charizard started showing more signs of the infection. purple spots had developed where the bite was, on his leg, tail, both wings. Nazuul had tried eating some berries hoping something will happen but each berry he ate had done nothing to slow it or stop it. Then three days before before his eventual undeath, Nazuul and Hakai was traveling to find their trainer, they stopped at a cottage. Trying to see if their trainer was inside, With no sign of him, they was about to leave until the charizard felt more and more weaker with him finally reaching a point where he couldn't. He was forced to lay down in a bed and Hakai wanted to end his suffering before he turned but he couldn't. Nazuul felt more ill and started vomiting. Then his final day alive came, Nazuul laid in bed as Hakai stayed right by his side. Tears welled up and dripped off of Nazuul's scales. The charizard felt scared and wanted to be with his trainer.

    With his last breath, he didn't say goodbye but instead called out for Hakai. Undeath came and Nazuul opens his eyes as an undead but something was different. His mind slowly slipped to that of his youth to where he was a charmander. unlike the other undead, the sight of blood causes a memory of his hateful father to surface making him panic and runs away. He refuses to eat anything with blood in it and only eats berries. Commonly has childlike behavior, Nazuul sometimes breaks things on accident. As Nazuul looks upon Hakai, he knew that his friend was the only thing that can protect him now.

    -Refuses to eat the living and panics upon seeing blood
    -mind regressed to childlike behavior
    -Protected by Hakai
    -Very prone to anxiety attacks




    Rock Head




    national pokedex number.
    #112 Rhydon the drill pokemon

    pokedex entry.
    Protected by an armor-like hide, it is capable of living in molten lava of 3,600 degrees. LeafGreen

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