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    Father Jude Empty Father Jude

    Post by Maximum Tue Mar 20, 2018 1:04 am

    Father Jude Fjh___transparent_by_pilotbites_dczioxu-pre
    Old Art, sorta:

    Father Jude Hayes
    Text Color ED9121
    Theme(s) Say Amen
    Item These are the items he was allowed to keep mainly because they weren't useful to the bandits in any way:
    -Universal Communicator- Currently just left in the bag
    -Rainbow Feather (?)
    -A mostly empty wallet with a few photos of his Pokemon, Vitaly, and Vitaly's Pokemon, driver's liscense, and trainer's liscense
    -What his religion considers their bible
    -Two dice sets, one in emerald green, and another in red/yellow. Each set is in a plastic box.
    -Another black cassock and belt to change into
    -Pendant with a sun on it
    -Some fantasy books that he was carrying around for him and Vitaly
    Weapons He is not allowed weapons at the current time
    Biological Sex Male
    Gender Identity He|Him|His
    Birthdate July 30
    Age 40 years
    Species Human
    Weight 142 lbs.
    Height 5'11"
    Region of origin Kalos (born), Orre (Where he ended up)
    Occupation Priest
    Party At least one or two of his old companions were murdered by the bandit group. Pelor is currently in Vitaly's party, so the Larvesta is safe. Raistlin is his starter Pokemon, and the only reason he was left alive was because he was useful, and as long as someone keeps a gun pointed at Father Jude, he isn't strong enough to fight them. Ness was picked up during the Epidemic, and the reason he wasn't killed was because he was so easily cowed. They could manipulate him into doing whatever.
    Pkm 1
    Father Jude 636
    Father Jude Luxuryball
    Name- Pelor
    Gender- Male
    Text colour- FFD700
    Species- Larvesta
    Level- 58
    Ability- Flame Body
    Attack list-
    -Flame Charge (Level)
    -U-turn (TM)
    -Giga Drain (Tutor)
    -Psychic (TM)

    **Currently in Vitaly's party.
    Pkm 2
    Father Jude Delphox
    Father Jude Pokeball
    Name- Raistlin
    Gender- Male
    Text colour- EDCB62
    Species- Delphox
    Level- 68
    Ability- Blaze
    Attack list-
    -Psychic (Level)
    -Flamethrower (Level)
    -Hidden Power [Electric] (TM)
    -Wish (Egg)
    **Golden Eyes. Wish was chain bred down onto him from a Flareon father. Does not currently have his stick, so his ability to attack is severely hindered. Very thin and ragged at this point. Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
    Pkm 3
    Father Jude Tumblr_inline_ot4j60KlYp1r82t0h_100
    Father Jude Pokeball
    Name- Ness
    Gender- Male
    Text colour- A5435C
    Species- Houndemn
    Level- 43
    Ability- Flash Fire
    Attack list-
    -Dark Pulse (TM)
    -Roar (Level)
    -Flamethrower (TM)
    -Thunder Fang (Start)
    **Obtained during the Epidemic as a Houndemn. Very timid and almost skeletal at this point. Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
    Pkm 4
    Father Jude Tumblr_inline_p5m3etoopr1r82t0h_100
    Name- Siyal
    Gender- Male
    Text colour- A74CAB
    Species- Nitemare
    Level- 60
    Ability- Flash Fire
    Attack list-
    -Agility (Level)
    -Heat Wave (Tutor)
    -Megahorn (Start)
    -Flare Blitz (Level)
    **Recently died and evolved. The Pokeball that once contained him is destroyed. He is very angry at the people who murdered him and seeks revenge. That isn't his only motive, however. He wishes to rescue his trainer before they decide to kill him.
    Pkm 5
    Text colour-
    Attack list-
    **Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
    Pkm 6
    Text colour-
    Attack list-
    **Any additional notes (items, scars, current status, et cetra)
    Quote "Sometimes what people need is a listening ear and a person to be on their side."
    History I've often recommended this to other people, but I haven't really done it myself. Recording day to day thoughts, yes, but old memories? Not so much.

    My father loved me for the time he was in this world. He died when I was somewhere around eleven or twelve; leaving my grieving mother and me on our own. I knew he had been sick, but I was never told the exact details of his illness. Regardless, I had been suddenly stripped of one of my major foundations, and I felt lost. When you're that age, death often feels so far away until it takes someone you love.

    As an older person looking back, I can't blame my mother for wanting to move on, but when I was younger and living with her? I... resented it a little. I don't know if it was because of who she chose to date and then marry, or if I would have been angry with anyone. I didn't go out of my way to show my anger to him, but both of them could tell I wasn't happy. I mostly sulked into my books at the time, and I would rebuff most attempts at connection.

    I'm not sure if it was because of my anger that he was short with me, or if he was naturally like that. He would snap at me, at first, but as my mother grew closer to him, he grew bolder and would actually... take his anger out on me physically. Of course, I tried to tell my mother, but she thought I was making things up to drive her away. She sat down with me multiple times to help me with my "jealousy." She tried to reassure me that she would still be there for me if something happened.

    To this day, I don't think she ever believed that I didn't hurt myself. Jake was careful to only get me in places that were easily covered up so that no one at school would ask questions. I even tried to talk to a counselor about it. I was then called in to his office a day or two later, and my mother fussed at me for making things up. When she told Jake, he did a bit more than fuss once she was out of sight.

    I was about fifteen when I finally decided that my purposefully delayed journey was going to start. I had picked up my starter, Raistlin, back before Dad fell ill, but I had held off on leaving when Dad got sick. Then when he died, I stayed behind to help my mother. Then... It was almost a war with Jake. I hadn't wanted him to have the satisfaction of kicking me out of my own house, but after a year of living with him there, I couldn't take it anymore. Some days... I regret leaving. I wonder if he treated my mother well once I was out of the picture. I wonder if they had any children. Unfortunately, it's too late to find out.

    My journey through Kalos was eventful. I met Caramon and Avandra early on, and the four of us enjoyed our travels. Battling and travelling took my mind off of what had happened at home, and it felt good to finally do something. Even as I made friends with other humans, I never mentioned what happened at home. I didn't want to deal with the potential fallout of my family hearing what I had said and then coming to look for me. I could talk about what happened before my father passed, at least, and I didn't have to lie too much about the years after.

    I actually got pretty far in the league. Even after all these years, I'm still proud of my crew of fire types. Later on, we picked up Siyal and Pelor, and even if I didn't have a full team, I managed to get eight badges. However, I didn't want to fight for the champion title, or even the Elite Four. I had made my journey around Kalos and succeeded, but that still... didn't feel like my calling in life.

    Religion, surprisingly enough, has been a constantly changing thing throughout my life. My parents... Or at least my mother. I no longer really recall if my father really bought into it. Anyway, the religion my mother raised me in held several views that, as I got older, realized I didn't agree with. I struggled with it for a while. Especially when I realized that I was interested in men. I... Didn't know what that meant. I tried to ignore it, for a while. But the pastor was so... insistent. My step-father also re-enforced the ideas at home. Maybe I should be thankful he did, because I started to distance myself from anything he believed. I couldn't reconcile a good and powerful higher being sharing any sort of view with him.

    Once I left home, I took a break from religion for a while, but after a few years, I ran into a group that was doing genuine good. They were... a lot more loose in their beliefs than I recalled being raised on. At the time, I was a young adult, and I was searching for a purpose. I had enjoyed the freedom that being a trainer gave me, but it wasn't exactly what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. This group offered shelter and supplies to those who needed it, and didn't... require anything. They didn't even make people listen to a sermon or take a religious tract.

    The thing that drew me in, though, was when a child ran to them. I... Had seen the girl around town, and I stepped in when I heard her father hit her. Unfortunately, without much money to my name, I had nowhere I could hide her. The Church of Sun, however, had made their impressions, so I took her to them. I hoped... I hoped they would do something. And they did. She was allowed to hide for several hours until the police finally arrested the man for... so many charges I no longer remember them. They had listened to the child's story, and they did something. Which is more than what I could say for my own.

    After that, I... Listened more to what they had to say, and I slowly started getting involved with their various charities. I wanted to help others like I hadn't. I wanted to be someone that people could reliably speak to and actually give them the help they needed. Whether it was emotional, physical, or spiritual needs. While my own faith in higher powers was a little strange, I held fast to the teachings of love and compassion. I eventually decided to go to seminary so that I could give others the same peace of mind with religion that I developed. I also decided to pursue several classes in Psychology. Even if I would still be sending people to professionals to give them more help with their mental illnesses, I hoped that it would give me better understanding and sympathy.

    When given the opportunity to go to Orre in order to help the people there, I took it. While I had considered living in Pyrite itself to be closer to the people I was going to assist, I was... Heavily recommended to stay almost anywhere else. Pyrite was extremely dangerous, and even if I had powerful Pokémon, inspiring fear for my own safety would put a distance between me and those living there. Instead, I chose to live in Agate. The village was quiet and relatively peaceful, but I quickly found out that the residents, while older, definitely maintained battling Pokémon.

    Between my duties to the elderly in Agate and the poor in Pyrite, time passed quickly. I enjoyed it. My Pokémon enjoyed it as well. They were able to keep up friendly battles, and they liked interacting with people. They especially enjoyed playing with the young children. Thankfully, I never ran into much danger, though that was probably due to luck more than anything else.

    The epidemic felt like it came out of nowhere. With Pokémon turning left and right, no one even knew what was happening. I was in Pyrite when I first encountered the undead, and it was thanks to Siyal that I was able to get out unscathed. He ran until he almost passed out from exhaustion in Agate... It hadn't fallen yet, but we had to gather what little we could before having to leave again. I... Felt immensely guilty at being unable to do much. I tried to aid the people of Pyrite and failed when it mattered the most.

    We were fortunate there was a small community of humans and living Pokémon that had created a small haven nearby in the greener parts of Orre. I knew some of the people there, and there were some newer faces, of course. Unfortunately, many people were on edge due to fear and rampant paranoia, so friendly relations were almost impossible. Yvette tried her best to keep order, but there was a fair amount of unrest.

    It wasn't much longer after I found this place that a ragged young boy with a Weavile stumbled into town. They both eyed everyone with suspicious glares. Especially the older men and women. I reached out to them since they didn't even have much by way of supplies, and the townspeople were already looking at them as if ready to kick them right back out into the epidemic. I brought them to where I was set up, and they both ate as if they hadn't eaten in days. I could believe it considering how thin they looked. Neither of them were up for much conversation, and they quickly... "Went to sleep."

    At the time, there was some... tension about the amount of Pokémon hanging around, so I didn't have many of my own Pokémon out when I went to bed. When I woke up to young Terjon dragging the struggling and hissing boy back to me, I... wasn't surprised. He was in need of supplies and obviously didn't trust me yet. It was nearly comical how stunned the poor child was when I went along with his lie. Terjon obviously didn't believe me, but with the boy completely docile at that point, he let the matter drop.

    Once we were alone, the boy interrogated me. Or that's what it felt like at the time. He... didn't believe that anyone could be that kind. It took several hours before I finally got out of him why he thought the way he did, and... It was a horrifying story. Kidnapped. Used. Beaten. It was so horrible it was almost unbelievable, and the way he looked at me, I could see he thought I would say as much. What would a priest like me know about the utter depravity of some humans? In that moment, I saw my younger self begging someone to believe me, and getting told to stop making up lies. I had to do something for this boy. So I believed him. With most people, I would have hugged them at the time, but with what he just told me, I instead let him come to me. I helped him come up with a new name to call himself, but soon afterwards, even he was too tired to stay up.

    After that night, he was... almost a different person. His general nervousness and suspiciousness didn't fade, but... he seemed a little less angry? He was eager to learn whatever I could teach, and I regret being unable to truly catch him up with the education he was missing. He enjoyed reading. A lot. His favorites were some of the fantasy books I had brought with me, and he even named his Weavile based on one of the characters. When he accidentally picked up more Pokémon, he pulled more names from the books as well. It was good to see the two of them make some new friends. I also picked up Ness in this time period. The poor timid creature gravitated towards kind words so heartbreakingly easy that I had to take him in.

    I'm... Not entirely sure what happened, but the tensions finally came to a head and those with Pokémon had to make a choice. Kill or abandon their Pokémon, or leave. Needless to say, we packed up and left as soon as we could. Before the others would make up our minds for us. Unfortunately, we were still close to the desert, and living in the arid wasteland wasn't something we could do for long. So Elise and Lidda came up with an idea to head back to their home region. Which just happened to be my own home region. I... Wasn't eager to go back, but I couldn't see a reason why not. No reason that I could easily explain.

    Maybe I should have found a reason... Not long after getting to Kalos, an infected attacked us, and landed a nasty bite on Avandra. She managed to kill the creature quickly, but the damage had been done. The wound quickly turned purple, and we all knew what that meant. She didn't want to hurt us, so she... She begged for us to kill her. Vitaly had offered, but... I couldn't let him do that. He had never had to kill someone he loved. Neither had I, but... He was still a child. Raist knew how to... How to end it quickly, so he did it in the end. I... I hate that he had to. I would have but... I wanted it to be fast, and I didn't trust my own hand to be steady enough.

    To make the stay in Kalos even worse, I was captured when we wandered into Lumiose. Vitaly had been suspicious about the lack of undead in what I had told him was such a heavily populated area, but it hadn't even occurred to me that there would be a community of people systematically killing most Pokémon and any outsiders. They had tried to get Vitaly, but the boy used his skills to run and hide with his Pokémon and Pelor in tow. Originally, I think they had intended on killing all of my Pokémon, but then they got... ideas. They took Raistlin's wand, and then chained down the others. All of this was so that we could watch them execute Caramon. The warning was loud and clear. Do what we want, or else. After that, they took my Pokémon, and I didn't see them for long periods of time.

    They had tried to use Ness to track Vitaly down, but it didn't work. A combination of Ness really not wanting to do that and Vitaly's talents at hiding his tracks made it impossible for them to find him. After getting frustrated with his "inability" to do something "simple," they moved him to guard duty along with Raistlin and Siyal. Apparently a particularly nasty undead had wandered through the swamp and gave them problems a few bullets couldn't solve, so they decided some decently strong Pokémon could deter a similar event. It didn't matter to them if my Pokémon died doing this.

    The locals kept me doing menial labor, but the first thing they had me do was clean out the lived in rooms in the tower. It... Was painful. Seeing the remnants of the lives that had been so interrupted. It was especially bad when I realized that the rooms had housed two younger children. I tried to treat their belongings with some semblance of respect, but my captors didn't seem to care much for the possibly dead children.

    My stay with my captors was very... unpleasant. Even ignoring my introduction to them and what they did to my Pokémon. They liked having someone they could literally kick around whenever they felt like it. Fortunately, they didn't want me too hurt because then it would be difficult for me to do the chores they didn't want to do. And that was my life for the time I was with them. I hated it. It was like being back home again. I thought that they might have finally decided we weren't worth it when they killed Siyal...
    Accent Due to travelling, he has mostly lost his accent, but it can devolve into a French accent when tired. He has a calming voice to listen to, and he has joked that he has put people to sleep with it.
    Appearance Wearing a black button up shirt, pants, and belt, Jude is easily discernable as a priest. Generally, he wears the pendant with the golden sun pendant where it can be seen, but he will occasionally hide it. The well worn boots and messenger bag, and the tattered appearance of his clothing however show that the epidemic has definitely been rough on him as well. The man is at an average height for a man, but he is unfortunately rather underweight for his height due to being starved by his captors. Even in his current state, he looks like someone people can't help but trust at a first glance. Generally able to give a smile no matter what situation he's in and tries his best to make others feel comfortable around him. He has warm brown eyes, wavy lighter orange hair, and fairer skin with freckles.
    Religion He is a priest of a sect that is more devoted to Ho-Oh and the symbolism related to the phoenix. He is more lax in his beliefs than others may expect (aka, no he isn't trying to convert everyone around him). A lot of the tenants he believes involve helping his fellow man and the belief that people can change. Aiding others does not require that they believe or even listen to his own beliefs, but if asked for advice on religious matters, he is more than willing to talk. One thing worth mentioning also is that this sect didn't demand vows of denial.
    Personality -Optimistic
    He genuinely believes in the good in people and that the world will eventually get better.
    Very well read and has a passing knowledge on many topics.
    -Self sacrificing
    Always puts others before himself. Even at a detriment. Though he never puts his Pokemon in situations they don't want.
    He wants to help others however he can. Whether it's through giving them needed supplies or an ear to listen. Speaks gently to those easily frightened.
    This applies to actual items and less tangible things.
    He gives a lot of second and third and even fourth chances. Life is a bitch sometimes, and he knows that it's hard to break habits. It is unfortunately also super easy to take advantage of this, but he doesn't seem to mind much. His pokemon... aren't all as forgiving of this.
    It is really hard to push his buttons in social situations. People make mistakes, and sometimes it takes time and listening to a lot of unimportant stuff before a person can finally say the stuff they really need to. (Ie: Admitting that they messed up badly, or that someone actually hurt them, but they don't know how to deal with it.)
    Enjoys the company of others and willing to talk and listen.
    -Better than people might think at getting others to talk about things they don't want to
    -Excellent secret keeper
    -Advice giver
    -Good listener
    -Willing to give people second chances
    -Potentially to a fault
    -Very gray view of the world
    There's no easy answer for every situation
    -Genuinely wants to make others happy in life
    Yes this has been mostly maintained during the apocalypse
    Though his captors are really testing this
    They've been treating him as less than human, and his Pokemon even worse. There's also the fact that they really want his son dead.
    -Everyone has their limits
    Just because he's really patient now, doesn't mean he lost his ability to get angry at injustice directed at himself and others
    He can get very snippy and sarcastic with people. Though he has been very careful about this with his current captors. They've reacted... poorly to any smartass remarks.
    Especially of children and those with no one to believe them.
    -All he's got to hold onto are the few items the bandits didn't want, and he's afraid of the day they change their mind.
    Affiliations -Vitaly- A boy he somewhat adopted near the beginning of the Epidemic. Despite their rocky beginning, he has come to care for Vitaly as his own son. He has slowly worked on helping Vitaly through the boy's many issues, and helped him learn how to be a person instead of a tool. They've been seperated for almost a year since the locals of Lumiose kidnapped Jude.
    User Notes -This will be a dual with Vitaly once I get this properly finished, but he isn't completely ready to show up. The name and text color references were needed
    -Dead mons:  Caramon the Pyroar (Other Pokemon killed by the bandits) and Avandra the Talonflame (died of Infection soon after getting to Kalos)
    -Even though he's called Father and wears priest garbs, the religion he finally got into doesn't really enforce vows of denial. However, his own dedication to his job makes a lot of people think he has taken them anyway.
    -Art Credit: Main art was a commission done by Pilotbites on Flight Rising
    -Dollmaker image made from this trainer creator. The person who made it is joy-ling. According to the information on the page for the creator, they don't care if people use the images created as long as they aren't being sold. All I did was remove the background so that it could be used on EJ.

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