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father of the year award


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father of the year award Empty father of the year award

Post by Abysswalker Tue Mar 15, 2016 3:07 pm

father of the year award 307px-Diamond_Pearl_Palmer

Palmer King
Text Color 229574
Theme(s) Sins Of My Youth [Neon Trees]
Biological Sex fuck off
Gender Identity Cisgender man (he/him)
Birthdate January 31st
Age Late forties
Species Human
Height 6'5"
Region of origin Sinnoh
Occupation press F to pay respects
Party only cowards don’t give their characters all-female pokemon
Pkm 1
sprite goes here when I’m not lazy
Name: Lapis Lazuli
Gender: Female
Text colour: 9932cd
Species: Milotic
Level: idk
Ability: idk
Attack list:
-Scald (TM)
-Ice Beam (TM)
-Recover (idk)
Pkm 2
same as above
Name: (still figuring out names. IT’S 3 AM OK)
Gender: Female
Text colour: fdf8ff
Species: Rhyperior
Level: idk
Ability: Lightningrod
I’ll figure out the moves when it’s not 3 am
Pkm 3
I’m still lazy
Name: (pls decide this eventually, me)
Gender: Female
Text colour: cfdbc5
Species: Dragonite
Level: idk
Ability: idk
Attack list:
-Dragon Dance (Lvl. Up)
-Dragon Claw (TM)
-Extreme Speed (Bred)
-Fire Punch (Start)
Pkm 4
Pkm 5
Pkm 6
Quote "My young friend, the world and your future hold infinite promise. The spirits of people and Pokémon call for each other in resonance. The resulting bond is infinitely strong! Go on, you can be all that you desire! There is no limit to where you can go!"
Appearance -Still has that wild, spiky blonde hair
-Starting to show his age tbh
-Rarely seen without his signature green coat. It has the kanji for ‘king’ sewn onto the back, referencing his last name. Because this is a gift from a close friend, it is one of his most cherished possessions, and thus he takes good care of it.
-Can’t seem to stay still, always has to be moving in some way in order to focus; hardly notices when he’s starting doing something like tapping his feet, as these movements have long become second nature to him
Religion fuck I dunno
Personality -full of life and energy, all smiles all the time, go-getter unfazed by danger
-a lot of that is forced of course, but he tries anyways
-still, he can be genuinely enthusiastic and happy, and is good-natured in general, always encouraging towards others even if he personally is just Not Feeling Great About Life
-years and years of hiding your true feelings makes you adept at continuing to do so, he’s tried to open up before and all it did was make things so much worse when nobody ever took him seriously
-So! that leaves trauma that hasn’t been fully processed. lots of guilt, regret, grief
-impulsive anxiety may as well be his middle name
-a lot of his life is a blur he can hardly remember the details of, but that’s fine with him
-has a lot of respect for boundaries and personal space, especially since his have so often been ignored. Listens to what people tell him and acts accordingly
-(it’s 6 am I’LL WRITE MORE LATER.)
Affiliations (sad cowboy emoji)
User Notes •Bisexual, do NOT @ me on this.


Jonah / Nocturne
i open the door

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