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    Jude the Bro Leafeon | [Faraway, Ace]


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    Jude the Bro Leafeon | [Faraway, Ace] Empty Jude the Bro Leafeon | [Faraway, Ace]

    Post by Dandelion Thu Apr 21, 2016 2:30 am

    Jude the Bro Leafeon | [Faraway, Ace] _i_so_hate_consequences__by_cianaofthearts-d4l4n4g
    Three year old profile art done by renegade.

    Jude the Leafeon
    The Sloth
    Theme Windfall - TheFatRat
    Summertime - K-391
    Club Blue Lagoon - Heavy Rain
    Text Color a1d490
    Item A smoke ball, a striped collar, and various piercings
    Biological Sex Male
    Gender Identity Cisgender Male
    Age Adult
    Species 470 Leafeon, The Verdant Pokémon - Grass Type
    Height 3'03"
    Weight 56.2 lbs
    Pokédex Entry Pokemon HeartGold:: When you see Leafeon asleep in a patch of sunshine, you'll know it is using photosynthesis to produce clean air.
    Level 47 (Level up via RP)
    Ability Leaf Guard: During intense sunlight, Leaf Guard prevents the Pokémon from being afflicted by non-volatile status conditions and Yawn (including via the Flame Orb and Toxic Orb).
    Nature Relaxed
    Characteristic Somewhat Vein
    Moves - Sunny Day (Level up)
    - Leaf Blade (Level up)
    - Grasswhistle (Level up)
    - Solar Beam (TM)
    Quote "Yo man, what you getting all worked up for? You gotta learn to chiiiiillllll."
    History Jude has always had a laid back personality with a mischievous side. He lived far off of the Johto map with his brother, Astrapi, and sisters, Savanah and Luna. Jude had a loving family but, due to his personality, he did not miss them too terribly when he was captured by a trainer. The trainer already an Eevee on his team, another male whom had no name. The trainer was an avid partier, and since his first Eevee was a stick in the mud, Jude became his best friend, his 'bro' as he was often called. He went to many raves, partying more often then he took part in Pokemon battles. But whenever he would train his Eevee's, he trained them hard. Jude leveled up at an astounding rate, showing his true colors as a natural born fighter. He even passed up his companion Eevee before long. However, due to his relaxed personality, Jude didn't like to battle unless made to do so. Instead he was often taken along and joined his trainer in his partying and illegal drug activities.

    After some time the trainer took his Eevee to Shinnoh, where he evolved the Eevee into a Glaceon, and Jude into a Leafeon. With so many new clubs and Pokemon to see the trainer when hardcore with a new regime. Staying up all night he would party it out in a new place, then sleep and train during the day until the sun went back down. He treated Jude like family, the Leafeon's face matching his own in time. The nameless Glaceon never accepted such things, finding too foul, but him and Jude had a tight friendship regardless. The two eeveelutions were close, always being there for each other like brothers.

    When the epidemic hit neither Jude nor his trainer were very effected by it. They both figured that it would blow over, that people were making a big deal out of nothing. With two high level Pokemon, his trainer continued his life style until all the humans evacuated the region. With no places left to party and misses the 'last call' he spent his time traveling, but along the way his Glaceon disappeared. Jude was very sad about losing his friend, but not worried at all about him as he believed that everything would be alright. Several months into the epidemic, Jude lost his trainer as well, finding himself alone in the middle of the Kanto region.

    Jude was disappointed, but also not worried too much about being beaten and infected. He was at a high enough level to be safe and had his smoke ball if he ever needed to flee from an enemy after all. But there was no one to take care of his hair or wash his piercings since he had no hands. This kind of irritated the Leafeon, but the problem solved itself as he found a baby Smeargle. Jude took him under his wing, protecting the smaller Pokemon and helping him with food in exchange for beauty maintenance. Life was all well once again as the pair found Celadon city.

    Jude told the Smeargle to wait there while he went off to gather food from the forest, but when he returned the Smeargle was gone. Jude frowned. He had been with him for a few weeks and never even bothered to learn his name. He'd just using his hands to keep up his looks, and now he was gone. Instead of feeling remorse, Jude was simply a little irritated by his sudden disappearance. He wandered Celadon, looking for someone else with hands or maybe even his buddy again, but instead was met up with an odd group of Pokemon. He stayed with them for a time until he set off on his own again, the undead growing too dangerous to stay with so many others.

    In time the epidemic worsened, and he traveled to the fabled land of Kalos; a place mostly untouched by the epidemic. Reaching the land not two years after the epidemic initially spread, it was generally untouched and safe, fortified, and the Leafeon had no trouble finding humans to care from him. Settling into the lap of no work again, Jude was content, until almost two years later, when things worsened.  Despite being so safe for so long, Kalos slowly fell, too, to the undead, and once again the Leafeon was forced to be out on his own. Irritated, Jude aimlessly traveled back to Johto, no longer giving a fuck about the state of the world and seeking to see how his old home was after so long.
    Bulbapedia "Leafeon is a mammalian, quadruped Pokémon. Its body is tan with dark brown paws. It has several green sprouts growing all over it with the longest one on its head. Leafeon's ears and tail have a leafy appearance. This Pokémon’s cellular structure is similar to plants, which allows it to perform photosynthesis and purify the air around it by sleeping under patches of sunshine. It is a pacifistic Pokémon, preferring not to fight."
    Appearance Though coloured average for a Leafeon, Jude has very much distinguished himself from those others of his kind. The only natural uniqueness going for him is a slightly stockier build and soft blue eyes. The fur atop his head is spiked in a mohawk with faded blue and green tips, long since dyed and losing their color rapidly. In his right ear are three industrial bar piercings, then two on his left, with a stud on his bottom lip. His collar is a base tan with blue and green diagonal stripes, and a smoke ball attached to the front. His last unique aspect is his left hind leg, where nine studs with wire and ribbon between form a leaf-like pattern above his fur.
    Accent Relaxed, suave, calm-inducing, somewhat stoner
    Religion Unknown
    Motivation Keeping it chill.
    Personality - Lazy, sloth, unbothered, uncaring, aloof, apathetic, unburdened, indifferent
    - Smartass, sassy, snarky attitude, confident, cocky, full of himself in general, proud but not prideful, sarcastic, mischievous, fun loving
    - Sexist, belittling of women, will flirt with and hit on most chicks, might feel the need to protect them
    - Seemingly uncaring to the point of selfishness, can come off as cruel, vane, full of himself, endless self esteem, cheerful
    - Can hold his own in a fight, aloof movements, graceful, will wait to fight/stop early if possible due to laziness
    - Generally charming, smooth talker, calm, clever, funny, witty, suave
    - Originally did not care about epidemic but is now beginning to worry, growing uneasy- starting to realize that things wont ever be fixed, hesitant, hides feelings, actually fearful, unsure, growing anxious
    - Comes off as stoic, epitome of calm, sure of himself, no temper, extremely hard if not impossible to anger
    - Speaks very blithe, always friendly with others, often uses very informal phrases such as "Its all good," "Chill, man," and "bro, bruh," a lot.
    Team notes N/a
    Affiliations N/a
    User Notes -Hera, Astrapi, and Greed's brother. Uncle of Etincelle.
    -Loves parties and loud, fast music. Dubstep is his favorite.
    -Has done many illegal substances with his trainer. This and the parties are what he misses most since the start of the epidemic.
    - Adopted from Renegade, Original profile and his most recent profile. Some wording was tweaked but nothing character wise was changed.
    Development Notes Maybe chill isn't the best strategy.

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