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Felix the Riolu [Sky, Hoenn]


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Felix the Riolu [Sky, Hoenn] Empty Felix the Riolu [Sky, Hoenn]

Post by Starbits Sun Jan 08, 2017 4:17 pm

Felix the Riolu [Sky, Hoenn] 5ZMow

Text Color 4f94CD
Item A red bandanna, and a tiny brown knapsack he stores useful items in; only has berries in it
Biological Sex Male
Gender Identity He | Him | His
Age child
Species #447 | Riolu | Emanation Pokémon
Type Felix the Riolu [Sky, Hoenn] Fighting
Height 2'07"
Weight 50.2 lbs
Birthdate May 29th
Accent American
Religion Arceist
Pokédex Entry Pokemon Diamond: The aura that emanates from its body intensifies to alert others if it is afraid or sad.  
Pokemon Pearl: Its body is lithe yet powerful. It can crest three mountains and cross two canyons in one night.
Pokemon Platinum: It has the peculiar power of being able to see emotions such as joy and rage in the form of waves.
Level 17
Ability Steadfast
Nature Naïve
Characteristic Highly persistent.
Moves -Brick Break (Egg)
-Force Palm (Learned)
-Shadow Claw (Egg)    
-Earthquake (Egg)
Quote "It's okay to need someone.  I'll be your someone, if you want."
Felix was hatched by a travelling merchant who really didn’t have any plans to be a trainer.  He gave the infant Riolu to a boy shopping at his booth at the town marketplace.  The boy, Joshua, wasn’t the type of trainer who really liked to battle; rather, he aspired to one day be a Pokémon professor, and was content to live on his parents’ Pokémon ranch in their home region.  This is where the Riolu grew up; dubbed “Felix” by Joshua, he was raised by a combination of Joshua and Joshua’s Pokémon.  Two of these Pokémon in particular came to play a big part in his life: Candy, the shiny Lopunny, and her mate Captain, the Floatzel.  Felix came to see them as his mother and father and called them Mommy and Daddy, with the other team members being referred to as either “Uncle” or “Aunt.”

He lived happily on the ranch for several years and was very well raised; his mother and father treated him with affection and attention, his trainer made sure he was well fed, clean, safe, and happy, and the rest of his mismatched family all pitched in to care for him, teaching him a variety of knowledge.  He loved them all and was loved by all, did well with his lessons, and played every minute he wasn’t studying or having a mock battle to help grow his strength so he would be able to defend himself if need be.  He was a perfectly normal child.

Then one day, his trainer’s cousin dropped by the ranch.  He was a rather sour teenager, and despite having started his rite of passage Pokémon journey at ten years old, he never completed it.  Felix found it rather ironic; unlike Joshua, who had a full party of six Pokémon despite not being a battler, his cousin Jon only had three Pokémon: A huge Honchkrow named Sly, a hulk of a Machoke appropriately called Tank, and a Gengar that went by the name of Joker.  Although Felix caught rumors that there had been a fourth Pokemon, apparently that Pokémon was no longer part of the team.  Joshua informed his Pokémon that Jon had been sent to their ranch in the hopes that his aunt and uncle would help straighten him out, as the teenager caused a lot of problems at home.

Sly took an instant dislike to the inquisitive, playful little Riolu and as the days went by, his hatred deepened.  It wasn’t that he had any special dislike of children.  He disliked anyone who was as cheerful and fearless as Felix.  The last time he had been around anyone that small it had been Oliver, and he had grown accustomed to the Chimchar cowering away from him at the slightest bit of movement from the Honchkrow.  He was used to being allowed to torment the creature in all manner of ways.  He liked being feared; it made him feel powerful.  When he’d set eyes on Felix he had anticipated being able to cow the creature as he had Oliver, but Felix was well protected by his family and didn’t have any reason to be afraid.  Worse still, as custom with his species, Felix was able to feel Sly’s emotions and constantly tried to find the source of the Honchkrow’s sadistic personality.

So one day, when Sly noticed Felix as the little one was playing alone by the fence that surrounded the ranch, he saw an opportunity to rid himself of the nuisance once and for all.  Landing next to him, he wove a wonderful tale about finding treasure in the forest while out on his morning flight, but was unable to bring it back with him because he needed someone with opposable thumbs to help carry some of it.  Felix was too young and naïve to really understand that the feelings he could feel radiating off the Honchkrow on any given day were aimed at himself; he thought the bird was just angry and needed someone to make it better.  So, seeing a chance to get on Sly's good side, he fell for the bait and allowed Sly to carry him over the fence.  Landing in the forest, he told the Riolu that the treasure was just inside the cave they’d landed in front of, but when the Riolu went inside to look, he left.

Felix wandered around lost in the forest for days, and finally managed to find his home again after about two weeks.  Starving, exhausted, filthy, but grateful to be home, he rushed inside...

... Only to find that the inside of the home was wrecked.  The furniture inside was smashed, rotting food strewn about.  There were no signs of life anywhere.  His beloved family, as well as their guest, were gone without a trace.  The epidemic had broken out while he was gone, and this was the result.

At first the Riolu was destroyed.  He was only eight, and the loss of his beloved family was absolutely crushing.  But as he scavenged off the berry bushes that grew on the ranch the second day after finding his family missing, Felix realized that his family was missing... not necessarily dead.  

And so, packing the little knapsack his trainer had given him years ago chock full of berries, he straightened his bandanna, and set out to find them.  The monsters he encountered he managed to escape due to the natural speed he possesses as a Riolu, but they scared him senseless.  He searched desperately for his family, refusing to believe they were dead.  He'd find them.
Within just a year of the outbreak he managed to find his uncle after being separated from a group of survivors with whom he'd not spent much time, but was still sad to lose.  Unfortunately, he was slated to lose someone yet again; he was then separated from his uncle two years later in a bad storm.  Though he'd grown up in decent health with Roderick around, he was still only a child, and having the only safety he'd known since the end of society taken away from him was crushing.  Thankfully he managed to find a building- a tall, imposing tower.  Frightening, but it would do as a shelter, and that was what he needed.  And so he hid within it, hoping that Roderick would be drawn to the tower due to its height and find him here.

About a year has passed since then, with the little canine surviving on berries from his backpack and scattered across the tower from other, less fortunate adventurers.  Occasionally he even ventured out to find food in the forests beyond the tower, but always returned, firmly believing that if he just wanted here, Roderick would come and find him.  But it's not his uncle who is drawing near the floor he's taken residence on.
Appearance He looks like any other normal Riolu except for the red bandanna he wears around his neck and the small brown knapsack he wears on his back.  The boy tends to bounce in place a lot when happy, but grows especially fidgety when afraid or upset.
  • innocent and naive when it comes to the living
    -Roderick has done a very good job of shielding him from the worst of the violence of the Epidemic, and thus some of Felix's innocence remains intact
    -believes that his abandonment by Sly was a prank, albeit not a very nice one
    -mind can't conceive that someone would actually be cruel enough to try to get rid of anyone
    -has yet to witness an actual death but doing so would likely leave him shattered
  • friendly
    -strangers are just another friend you haven't met yet!
  • empathetic, wants to be helpful
    -he has a habit of using the emotion-seeing aura powers his species is gifted with to make friends and try to bring peace to damaged souls whom he feels need a friend
    -unfortunately, he's too young to have mastered the art of delicacy, and thus sometimes he comes off as a pretentious twat with a savior complex
    -thus his attempts can backfire spectacularly as it leads to the one he is trying to help becoming irritated with his efforts
  • fearful of the night
    -though Roderick has done well in protecting him from the evils of the living, the undead are another matter
    -at night the Riolu's cheeriness vanishes, the pup becoming a shivery wreck; he knows what awaits them out there in the dark
  • surprisingly good grasp on the "grayness" of situations
    -seeing auras has helped him understand how emotion drives action
    -therefore, he is aware of and understands the concept of desperate times driving people to desperate measures
    -he thinks very hard before turning judgement on people, and is always willing to offer a hand of forgiveness
  • forgiving
    -see above
  • does see some things in black and white, still
    -though he does have a good grasp on the gray spectrum of right and wrong, he's still only a child, and while eager to forgive, there are some things he can't excuse
    -for example, sacrificing one to save the many when there was a chance to save everyone
  • desperate for company his age
    -it gets lonely for a little boy without other children to play with
    -will latch onto anyone his age who he's managed to befriend
  • trusting
    -if you are an authority figure he more than likely will do what you ask
    -because of course leaders have people's best interests at heart!
    -as long as you're not being outright cruel
  • flexible
    -adapts easily to his environment, always looking for that silver lining and then something to do with that silver lining
    -for example: making toys out of rubble
  • frightened and lonely
    -since losing his guardian, life has been an utter nightmare and he is constantly terrified, finding little time for play or solace of any kind
    -he is constantly twitchy and paranoid, afraid of being alone forever or being found by someone who'd rather hurt him than be friends with him
  • Affiliations
    Felix's relationships:
    ♏ [url=???]Aleena[/url]: He loved his aunt, and is distressed that he is forgetting more and more of her as the years pass.
    User Notes -Brick Break, Shadow Claw, and Earthquake are all moves he inherited from his biological father
    -His biological father knew the moves Brick Break, Shadow Claw, and Earthquake through TMs, which he passed down to his son.
    -He doesn't battle much, preferring to flee rather than fight, because he knows he is not much of a match for most opponents.
    -Splitting Felix from Roderick.  Their profile together and Felix's original profile.


    Felix the Riolu [Sky, Hoenn] RosaChallenge
    oh, captain, let's make a deal
    where we both say the things that we both really feel
    i feel scared and i'm starting to sink
    and i'll only sink deeper the deeper i think

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    Felix the Riolu [Sky, Hoenn] RosaChallenge
    oh, captain, let's make a deal
    where we both say the things that we both really feel
    i feel scared and i'm starting to sink
    and i'll only sink deeper the deeper i think

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