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    Felix the Sylveon and ??? the undead Feraligatr[WIP]


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    Felix the Sylveon and ??? the undead Feraligatr[WIP] Empty Felix the Sylveon and ??? the undead Feraligatr[WIP]

    Post by ShadowCharizard Wed Jan 12, 2022 9:28 am





    Moonblast (Level up)
    Draining Kiss (Level up)
    Shadow Ball (TM move)
    Fairy Wind (Level up)


    Strong Willed



    Cute Charm

    National Pokedex No.
    #700 Sylveon the intertwining pokemon

    Pokedex entry
    It sends a soothing aura from its ribbonlike feelers to calm fights. Omega Ruby

    Felix is a serious, but strong willed Sylveon that would work towards his goals with the help of others. At the same time helping others out of situations through speech. He's a kind hearted Sylveon that tries to keep others from fighting with each other.

    An average Sylveon with a heart of gold and a strong will to help others.

    Felix started out as an Eevee under the ownership of a trainer which he admired. In his days as a child he loved eating pokepuffs. He was taught the most important thing was to talk others out of a situation. For a normal Eevee, he would talk with other pokemon that his trainer had collected. In sort he became kind of a leader to them and often had fun during their adventures. As he grew up to his teens he learned a fairy type move and evolved into a sylveon. He had a strong bond with his trainer and together they traveled across the Kalos region. During his adventure Felix kept the other pokemon from fighting with each other.

    Things was going good for them as he grew up to an adult. He solved most problems through teamwork with other pokemon. a few years went by and his travels came to an end when he went against the pokemon league though he wasn't strong enough to face the elite four he put up a valiant effort. The trainer lost the battle, but he never attempted to challenge them again. It turned out the Trainer had to return to working in a bakery and Felix was his assistant for the time.

    Then the time of the outbreak came his trainer left without him and he tried to hop into the helicopter with him, but he didn't make it as the helicopter lifted off leaving him behind. He started to roam around searching for the other pokemon that his trainer had with him, but none of them was around. The small town was deserted and nobody was there to save him. A few years passed and Felix was fighting with the undead. All hope seemed lost until he suddenly was teleported away to safety. Felix couldn't explain it, but he was glad that it happened. Now Felix travels around to find other pokemon in hope to help them in any way he can. 

    User Notes
    -Helps others solve problems by talking with them.
    -Works towards his goals with the help of others.
    -kind hearted and tries to keep others from fighting.
    -Image by Cinderspark.


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