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Felix the Riolu and Roderick the Charizard (Inactive)


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Felix the Riolu and Roderick the Charizard (Inactive) Empty Felix the Riolu and Roderick the Charizard (Inactive)

Post by Starbits Sat Sep 08, 2012 1:00 am

Felix the Riolu and Roderick the Charizard (Inactive) 10wqj9y

Felix the Riolu and Roderick the Charizard (Inactive) 5ZMow

Text Color #4f94CD
Item A red bandanna, and a tiny brown knapsack he stores useful items in; only has berries in it
Biological Sex Male
Gender Identity He|Him|His
Age child
Species #447 | Riolu | Emanation Pokémon
Type Felix the Riolu and Roderick the Charizard (Inactive) Fighting
Height 2'04"
Weight 44.5 lbs
Birthdate May 29th
Accent American
Religion Arceist
Pokédex Entry Pokemon Diamond: The aura that emanates from its body intensifies to alert others if it is afraid or sad.  
Pokemon Pearl: Its body is lithe yet powerful. It can crest three mountains and cross two canyons in one night.
Pokemon Platinum: It has the peculiar power of being able to see emotions such as joy and rage in the form of waves.
Level 17
Ability Steadfast
Nature Naïve
Characteristic Highly persistent.
Moves -Brick Break (Egg)
-Force Palm (Learned)
-Shadow Claw (Egg)    
-Earthquake (Egg)
Quote "It's okay to need someone.  I'll be your someone, if you want."
Felix was hatched by a travelling merchant who really didn’t have any plans to be a trainer.  He gave the infant Riolu to a boy shopping at his booth at the town marketplace.  The boy, Joshua, wasn’t the type of trainer who really liked to battle; rather, he aspired to one day be a Pokémon professor, and was content to live on his parents’ Pokémon ranch in their home region.  This is where the Riolu grew up; dubbed “Felix” by Joshua, he was raised by a combination of Joshua and Joshua’s Pokémon.  Two of these Pokémon in particular came to play a big part in his life: Candy, the shiny Lopunny, and her mate Captain, the Floatzel.  Felix came to see them as his mother and father and calls them Mommy and Daddy, with the other team members being referred to as either “Uncle” or “Aunt.”

He lived happily on the ranch for several years and was very well raised; his mother and father treated him with affection and attention, his trainer made sure he was well fed, clean, safe, and happy, and the rest of his mismatched family all pitched in to care for him, teaching him a variety of knowledge.  He loved them all and was loved by all, did well with his lessons, and played every minute he wasn’t studying or having a mock battle to help grow his strength so he would be able to defend himself if need be.  He was a perfectly normal child.

Then one day, his trainer’s cousin dropped by the ranch.  He was a rather sour teenager, and despite having started his rite of passage Pokémon journey at ten years old, he never completed it.  Felix found it rather ironic; unlike Joshua, who had a full party of six Pokémon despite not being a battler, his cousin Jon only had three Pokémon: A huge Honchkrow named Sly, a hulk of a Machoke appropriately called Tank, and a Gengar that went by the name of Joker.  Although Felix caught rumors that there had been a fourth Pokemon, apparently that Pokémon was no longer part of the team.  Joshua informed his Pokémon that Jon had been sent to their ranch in the hopes that his aunt and uncle would help straighten him out, as the teenager caused a lot of problems at home.

Sly took an instant dislike to the inquisitive, playful little Riolu and as the days went by, his hatred deepened.  It wasn’t that he had any special dislike of children.  He disliked anyone who was as cheerful and fearless as Felix.  The last time he had been around anyone that small it had been Oliver, and he had grown accustomed to the Chimchar cowering away from him at the slightest bit of movement from the Honchkrow.  He was used to being allowed to torment the creature in all manner of ways.  He liked being feared; it made him feel powerful.  When he’d set eyes on Felix he had anticipated being able to cow the creature as he had Oliver, but Felix was well protected by his family and didn’t have any reason to be afraid.  Worse still, as custom with his species, Felix was able to feel Sly’s emotions and constantly tried to find the source of the Honchkrow’s sadistic personality.

So one day, when Sly noticed Felix as the little one was playing alone by the fence that surrounded the ranch, he saw an opportunity to rid himself of the nuisance once and for all.  Landing next to him, he wove a wonderful tale about finding treasure in the forest while out on his morning flight, but was unable to bring it back with him because he needed someone with opposable thumbs to help carry some of it.  Felix was too young and naïve to really understand that the feelings he could feel radiating off the Honchkrow were associated with sadism and merely thought that he was angry and needed someone to make it better.  So, seeing a chance to get on the bird’s good side, he fell for the bait and allowed Sly to carry him over the fence.  Landing in the forest, he told the Riolu that the treasure was just inside the cave they’d landed in front of, but when the Riolu went inside to look, he left.

Felix wandered around lost in the forest for days, and finally managed to find his home again after about two weeks.  Starving, exhausted, filthy, but grateful to be home, he rushed inside...

... Only to find that the inside of the home was wrecked.  The furniture inside was smashed, rotting food strewn about.  There were no signs of life anywhere.  His beloved family, as well as their guest, were gone without a trace.  The epidemic had broken out while he was gone, and this was the result.

At first the Riolu was destroyed.  He was only nine, and the loss of his beloved family was absolutely crushing.  But as he scavaged off the berry bushes that grew on the ranch the second day after finding his family missing, Felix realized that his family was missing... not necessarily dead.  

And so, packing the little knapsack his trainer had given him years ago chock full of berries, straightened his bandanna, and set out to find them.  The monsters he encountered he managed to escape due to the natural speed he possesses as a Riolu, but they have scared him senseless.  He searched desperately for his family.
Appearance He looks like any other normal Riolu except for the red bandanna he wears around his neck and the small brown knapsack he wears on his back.  The boy tends to skip a lot, as well as bounce in place.

  • innocent and naive when it comes to the living

-Roderick has done a very good job of shielding him from the worst of the violence of the Epidemic, and thus Felix's innocence remains intact
-believes that his abandonment by Sly was a prank, albeit not a very nice one
-mind can't conceive that someone would actually be cruel enough to try to get rid of anyone
-has yet to witness an actual death but doing so would likely leave him shattered

  • friendly

-strangers are just another friend you haven't met yet!

  • empathetic, wants to be helpful

-he has a habit of using the emotion-seeing aura powers his species is gifted with to make friends and try to bring peace to damaged souls whom he feels need a friend
-unfortunately, he's too young to have mastered the art of delicacy, and thus sometimes he comes off as a pretentious twat with a savior complex
-thus his attempts can backfire spectacularly as it leads to the one he is trying to help becoming irritated with his efforts

  • fearful of the night

-though Roderick has done well in protecting him from the evils of the living, the undead are another matter
-at night the Riolu's cheeriness vanishes, the pup becoming a shivery wreck; he knows what awaits them out there in the dark

  • surprisingly good grasp on the "grayness" of situations

-seeing auras has helped him understand how emotion drives action
-therefore, he is aware of and understands the concept of desperate times driving people to desperate measures
-he thinks very hard before turning judgement on people, and is always willing to offer a hand of forgiveness

  • forgiving

-see above

  • desperate for company his age

-it gets lonely for a little boy without other children to play with
-will latch onto anyone his age who he's managed to befriend

  • trusting

-if you are an authority figure he more than likely will do what you ask
-because of course leaders have people's best interests at heart!

  • flexible

-adapts easily to his environment, always looking for that silver lining and then something to do with that silver lining
-for example: making toys out of rubble
Felix's relationships:
♏ [url=???]Aleena[/url]: Auntie Aleena!
User Notes -His mother survives, and she is pregnant.  His father, however, has died.
-Brick Break, Shadow Claw, and Earthquake are all moves he inherited from his biological father
-His biological father knew the moves Brick Break, Shadow Claw, and Earthquake through TMs, which he passed down to his son.
-He never knew his biological parents and has actually never given any thought to them.  The Epidemic may change that.
-Has a special fondness for the beach and docks, as his parents frequently played with him in both areas.
-He holds no ill will towards Sly as of yet.  He's simply confused as to why Sly would do something like that.
-Has already been approved.  Roderick is simply being added on to make a duel.  Felix's original profile.

Felix the Riolu and Roderick the Charizard (Inactive) 157cft3

Text Color #ff653f
Item An old, tattered brown knapsack; inside is
-small photo album
-a storybook
-a few berries
-Felix's favorite book: Great Big Book of Pokemon.
Biological Sex Male
Gender Identity He|Him|His
Age adult
Species #006 | Charizard | Flame Pokémon
Type Felix the Riolu and Roderick the Charizard (Inactive) Fire  Felix the Riolu and Roderick the Charizard (Inactive) Flying
Height 5'00"
Weight 180.6 lbs
Birthdate January 1st
Accent American
Religion Arceist
Pokédex Entry Pokemon Soulsilver: Breathing intense, hot flames, it can melt almost anything. Its breath inflicts terrible pain on enemies.
Level 49
Ability Blaze
Nature Gentle
Characteristic Highly Curious.
Moves -Flamethrower (Egg)
-Flame Burst (Learned)
-Smokescreen (Learned)    
-Dragon Claw (TM)
Quote "I wonder if the pandemic will destroy even the literary legacy the humans left behind..."
Roderick lost his parents before he was even out of his egg; the home in which they and their humans lived came crashing down on them in an earthquake and though his mother and father managed to shield his egg with their bodies, it cost them their lives.  The distraught humans who were their trainers took the egg and moved to a new region, intent on trying to start over.  The humans, Lenna and Luke, purchased a large plot of land and started a ranch.  After their rescue of a Minccino and a Buizel off the streets, they began taking in other infant, abandoned young Pokémon who were not faring well against the wild.  After the adoption of Candy, a shiny Buneary, and Sehya, a Sableye, Roderick finally hatched.

The Charmander was not what one would typically expect of a fire type and this became obvious when he grew from infanthood to toddler.  Rather than spar playfully with the others, or explore the ranch, he seemed to enjoy sitting underneath Luke’s desk, listening to the human study.  A few more years passed and Roderick grew out of the toddler stage and into childhood.  That was when Luke noticed the young lizard pulling papers out of the garbage and studying them, as well as how he would try to mimic the way Luke held a pencil.  He realized that the little one had very deep potential, not as a battler as was expected of fire type starters, but as an intellectual.  

And so he began to educate the little one, schooling him carefully and diligently, and providing heaps of encouragement.  The others began to feel rather hurt; being small children, they didn’t really understand what was going on and believed that Roderick was being given special treatment, and special time with their humans.  They began to resent him, ostracizing him.  All but one.  Captain, the Buizel, was more curious over this development than hurt.  He made an effort to try to learn more about what was going on between the humans and his “brother” and soon discovered that they were attempting to teach the Charmander their language... or, at least how to read it.  The Buizel began to listen in on the lessons by sitting outside the first floor room beneath the open window.  He couldn’t make heads or tails of it, but admired Roderick’s determination.  He kept quiet about the matter, feeling as if Roderick wouldn’t like being spied on.

Meanwhile Roderick himself was growing sadder and sadder.  The others didn’t want to play with him, wouldn’t talk much to him, and instead of including him in their group when they all curled up to sleep, they moved away from him.  He couldn’t understand what he had done wrong.

One day, after his humans left the room, Roderick began absentmindedly playing with a set of painted toy blocks left in the corner.  A wave of loneliness hit him; he used to play with these with his “siblings.”  He placed the last block on top of the tower he’d made before sitting down and beginning to cry.

Captain heard him from outside the window.  His brother was crying.  This would not do.

So he climbed into the house and hugged Roderick.  Roderick yelped, half turned, and then hugged back with all of his might.

He then took his brother by the hand and went to where the others were playing.  It took just a short conversation before the others realized that what they had suspected was in fact nothing as nearly as bad as they’d imagined it.  Heartfelt apologies were given and received by the eager Charmander.

Time went by.  The group grew older, closer.  Captain and Roderick became nearly inseparable.  The Buizel found a love for battling and evolved quickly, but despite his ability and love for the classic trainer battle, remained goofy and lighthearted.  He dragged Roderick on many adventures, sometimes with one or more of the others, all ending in silly childhood disaster.  Rain, snow, shine, confined to indoors or out, the group filled each day with fun and games, battling and growing levels at their own paces.  The ranch was huge, filled with fields of grass, bits of forest, a river, and a huge tree to play in.  Life was never boring.  

Roderick was not aware that he was different from the typical Charizard as he grew up, or even that he was different from the typical fire starter.  He evolved much later than his family due to the lack of interest in battling.  Oh, he liked to watch.  Some of the best moments of his life were spent on the sidelines cheering for his siblings.  But he himself simply... found no joy in it.  He preferred to be exploring, or studying.

Or, as he learned after some time, he loved to make things.  The young lizard had an artistic side that he had never really paid much mind to when very small, but one event at the age of ten changed that forever.

While wandering along on top of the short brick wall that bordered the ranch and separated it from the wild, the just-evolved Charmeleon came across three species of Pokémon he had only ever heard of before.  Just beyond the wall stood a Combusken, a Pignite, a Monferno, and a Quilava.  Turned out that the group had met long ago as kids and had wandered the region together, determined to be the strongest of their kind.  The Quilava remarked it must have been fate that led them to Roderick.  With him, they made a complete set.

The Combusken, excited to meet one of the strongest species on the planet, offered Roderick the chance to join their group.  He didn’t have to leave his home, they reassured, just slip away into the forest to train with them.  Together, they’d be able to take on anything.

Roderick mulled it over quietly.  He wasn’t into battling but he had never met any other fire types before.  He wanted to get to know them, to mingle with those close to his kind.  And he’d never make it to Charizard at this rate.  All of his friends had hit final evolutions.  He was the only one who had not and, on top of this, had a long way to go.  Why not train to reach his final evolution and make new friends while at it?  It was a shy but happy affirmative that he gave them.

Had he known what he was signing onto, he would have turned tail and run.

The first month wasn’t bad.  He returned home every evening bruised and sore, but happy.  He was getting stronger.  Slowly, but getting there.  Even if he trailed behind his teammates, it was still happening.  But things quickly went downhill when the others began to want more and more power.  And began to become increasingly annoyed with the Charmeleon.  Instead of battling, sometimes he would interact with the forest Pokémon they were supposed to be challenging.  Sometimes he took notes on what he saw rather than actually fight.  Other things rather than power captured his attention and the other fire types found him a hindrance.  Insults hurled his way hurt Roderick, but did not deter him.  A punch or kick upset him, but did not stop him.  He was the way he was; there was simply no changing that.  He was afraid to lose his new friends and simply smiled through the hurt, as he and they slowly convinced him that he was an abnormality.

Meanwhile his family was worried.  He would disappear for hours upon hours, return home and study for a time, and then barely have the energy to eat before falling asleep.  His contact had dwindled with the others so much that he began to miss important signs emerging between two of his “siblings” who had, instead of seeing one another as siblings, had always seen one another as really close friends.  Despite the questions, he refused to tell them of the others, as he had explicitly been told that it would be a bad idea if they knew.  What if they decided going beyond the wall was too dangerous, after all?  To Roderick, who felt so happy now that he had other fire types he thought were friends, was all too happy to comply.  Naïveity would be his downfall.

The Combusken, the obvious leader of the group, felt cheated.  Roderick was nothing like the powerful, battle-lover he had expected.  He was some sort of freak.  What Charmeleon didn’t like battling!?  What Charmeleon liked to try to read human books!?  What Charmeleon squirmed at the sight of blood, feared the dark, feared anything for that matter!?  He was determined to shape the young lizard into the ideal fire type... regardless of what might happen.

He confronted Roderick one morning and told him that he was in danger of being kicked out of the group.  A distraught Roderick listened as the Combusken calmly told him that he would be allowed to stay, as long as he proved himself.  There would be a series of trials, and he would need to pass all of them to be allowed to stay.  Desperate to keep his friends, Roderick agreed.  And hell began.

The tests were grueling, taxing physically and emotionally.  Always a timid one, the group delighted in giving him challenges dealing with his fears: heights, deep water, larger and stronger Pokemon, the dark... anything that might reduce the young lizard to tears.  One particulary dangerous incident involved a Dragonite, a dark cave, and the theft of one of the dragon’s jewels.  Roderick was up for days with nightmares.

Yet, to his tormenters’ frustration, he passed every one.  No matter how beaten, no matter how frightened, Roderick’s speed of body and mind got him through.  They were tired of him.  In their eyes, he would forever be a failure because of his gentle and nonconfrontational nature.  It was time for drastic measures.

The day after the rest of them evolved, they blindfolded the jumpy Roderick with leaves and led him through the forest, so deep that Roderick felt sick.  He recognized no scent here, no sounds, nothing at all.  He was terrified.  But he remained silent, knowing that expressing this fear would result in a smack or a harsh word.  It was sometimes hard to tell which hurt him more.

Finally they stopped and removed the blindfold.  Blinded by the sudden light after several hours of nothing but dark, it took a moment for him to realize that the others had formed a circle around him.

His final task, to his horror, was to defeat them.  Each and every one of them.  And they would all attack him at once.

But he couldn’t do it.  Even after the abuse, he still cared for them.  It was all his fault anyway, so why should he hate them?  And he could never harm someone he liked.  He could barely harm someone he didn’t like.

So he turned tail and ran.

He would never forget the terror of plunging through the dark forest, Infernape following by tree, and the rest by ground; they were clever, Emboar picking up the rear while Typhlosion and Blazikan flanked him on either side.  There was nowhere to run but straight ahead.

And then Infernape cut him off by leaping from the tree onto him, scratching away like a Tasmanian Devil.  He managed to fling the monkey off before the others reached him and tried to make a run for it, only to come face to face with a large cliff.  He was trapped.

He begged the others as they approached him to stop this madness.  Couldn’t they just talk it out?

No.  Apparently not.

The beating that followed was so violent that it put the young lizard in a coma.  He woke two weeks later at the Pokécenter to find that Captain had managed to track him down, and that he had permanent damage done to him in the form of a leg that never quite healed right and several terrible scars, the most noticeable one being the one that, had it been a few inches to the left, would have rendered him blind in that eye.

Broken over his the fact that his “friends” hated him, but unable to hate them in return, Roderick spent several miserable days recovering.  Though it took some time eventually he told Captain what happened.  The Floatzel was furious at the mistreatment of his little brother and later scoured the forest looking for the bullies but never found them.

The emotional recovery was long and slow.  Roderick found that anyone touching him resulted in a rush of sick terror and flinching involuntarily.  He couldn’t be hugged by anyone for almost half a year.  He also struggled with the guilt of concealing his training activities from the others, and the fear that they would reject him as his so called friends had.

More years passed.  Though it took forever to coax Roderick into resuming his training just enough to evolve, eventually he relented.  He stopped battling all together once he evolved and concentrated on his studies and learning to fly.  As the group hit their adult years, the Charizard gained back some of the self-confidence he’d had before; he could now fly excellently, and was able, after many years of practice, to read the human language on a fourth grade level.  He and Captain were closer than ever, and he was thrilled to see that Captain and Candy’s relationship had become romantic.  A couple years later, after trying and failing many times to produce an egg of their own, their young trainer, Joshua, gave them an egg he’d acquired off a traveler.  It hatched into a baby Riolu, and the couple raised the infant as if he were their own, with the others being his aunts and uncles.  The baby, Felix, soon became the apple of everyone’s eye, and Roderick was honored when, as the little one grew older, he told him that Roderick was his favorite uncle.  The relationship between his brother and his brother’s wife was amazingly strong, the two operating as if they were one another’s other half.  The rest of the family enjoyed the experiance of helping the happy young couple raise their "son."

Everything was peaceful.  Stable.  Finally, he was really recovering.

The downfall to that began when Jon, Joshua’s cousin, came to live with them.  He brought with him three Pokémon.  The Honchkrow stood out among the three, quickly establishing himself as someone to be wary of.  There was definitely something wrong with the bird.  Not long after taking a disliking to Felix, the little one vanished.

Action was taken as soon as the small one was discovered missing.  Roderick, Captain, Candy, and Aleena went to look for Felix, but in a fight with some undead Abra, were teleported away.  Roderick and Captain were lucky enough to be teleported away together, and immediately set about trying to find their way back.  They survived by working together, just as they’d always had, and eventually managed to pinpoint their location: Goldenrod City.  As horrifying as the city was, there was hope.  They were closer to home than they’d thought.

And then, the single most horrifying moment in Roderick’s life.

A group of undead Mightyena, determined to get a meal, attacked the brothers in the middle of the night.  Despite the fact that Captain had done his best to stay awake to keep watch, they had both been asleep.  Their first instinct had been to flee, but this was impossible.  Exhausted and sleep dazed, they fought back the best they could, and managed to kill off all of them... or so they’d thought.  Out of the corner of his eye, Roderick noticed one final Mightyena leaping from the shadows and for his throat.  There was no time for him to react.

His big brother refused to lose him, and intercepted the hound, tackling him.  Roderick could only watch in horror as the two rolled around on the pavement, snarling and biting and tearing at each other’s body.  To interfere could mean accidently harming Captain.  

At last, the Mightyena moved no more.  Captain looked not much better than the wolf.  He lay there on his back, staring at the sky as his brother gently took him into his arms.  He began to babble about how they needed to get to the Pokécenter, convinced that enough equipment would be left operational to save Captain with.

Captain stopped him.

The Floatzel knew he was going to die.  There were some very important things he needed to make sure Roderick knew before passing, and trying to save him when doing so was hopeless would prevent that.

Captain told the heartbroken Charizard that Candy was pregnant and begged him to find his wife, his son, and his unborn child, and to take care of them for him.  If he couldn’t locate any of the others, at least find those three.

The last thing Captain requested was to be buried beneath the cherry tree where he had confessed his feelings to Candy.  He passed away in his brother’s arms, murmuring as he did how much he loved his family, how happy his family had made him, how much he loved Candy, how much Roderick meant to him, and wondering whether his baby would be a son or a daughter.

Dying inside, Roderick carried his brother’s body back home, finding to his horror that the place was empty and destroyed.  He buried the Floatzel in the requested area and then grabbed several things from the house before setting out.

He would keep the promise he’d made to his brother and more.  No matter what.
Appearance -is shorter and slimmer than most Charizards but has slightly larger wings and a slightly longer tail
-has a particularly gruesome scar down the left side of his head; the scar starts just beneath his horn, and travels down the side of his face, narrowly missing his eye, and stops halfway down his neck
-has many other scars littering his body in various areas, particularly on his back and stomach from his beating as a ten year old
-eyes are a startlingly bright blue
-tends to be smiling in a cheerful or welcoming way even when he's not happy

  • considerate

-The reason for walking on all fours is to as not to be too intimidating size-wise.  He’s well aware the scar gives the impression that he might be a tough guy and walking on all fours is one way he tries to ease anyone’s fear of him.
-gives rides to smaller Pokémon willingly, and insists on doing so if they are sick or injured

  • gentle

-no fighting please

  • good natured, nice sense of humor

-takes jokes at him in stride
-likes to make others smile

  • intelligent

-reading the human language on a fourth grade level, Roderick is therefore able to do many useful things like read the standard region map
-can read signs that may help decipher his location, read labels on items to decipher what they are and how to use them
-especially good with reading the labels on Pokemart items, as he saw them constantly before the world ended
-also has a vague idea of how the majority of humans view Pokémon as a whole due to newspaper articles and the like

  • good at playing the go-between

-whether the conflict is between humans and Pokémon, two Pokemon, or two humans, Roderick does his best to serve as the mediator and resolve the conflict peacefully
-he's pretty decent at it

  • non-judgemental

-acknowledging that neither humans nor Pokemon as a race is truly innocent or wholesome, that both the human race and the Pokémon race has their good and bad, some to the extreme on the former or latter, while others are closer to neutral
-literally does not care how one lives their life unless it's unhealthy towards someone

  • but can still let past issues cloud his thinking

-to say he was completely free of prejudice because of this, however, would be a slight lie
-though he does not hate other fire types, he has a noticeable nervousness when confronted by one
-this reaction is worse if the Pokémon in question is a Blazikan, an Infernape, an Emboar,  and a Typhlosian, or any from their evolution lines.  

  • good with kids

-tends to mother (or in the case of those only a few years younger, play the elder brother to) others younger than him, a habit garnered from helping to raise Felix
-likes to make these younger Pokémon feel safe and welcome and does his best to see it is so
-capable often of putting himself on their level, speaking in words they would understand
-will “adopt” any parentless kids he meets very happily and will defend them with his life

  • guilty

-wracked with grief and guilt over his brother’s death; right now
-only his promise to Captain is keeping him alive as it gives him something to do with his life

  • deceptive

-it's not uncommon for him to lie to spare others a painful truth
-will often pretend to be happy when he's not
Roderick's relationships:
♏ [url=???]Aleena[/url]: His sister, basically
User Notes -Roderick can read the human language on a fourth grade level due to his high intelligence and diligent practice.  He has tried to read on a higher level than that but no matter how hard he tries, a fourth grade reading level seems to be his limit.  The others get a kick out of listening to him try to read more complicated words, though.
-though he doesn’t battle if he can help it, he received the Dragon Claw TM from his trainer with the impression that it would be a good move to have in a pinch; turns out that was a good idea on his part
-his father learned Flamethrower naturally, and passed the move to his son
-if fleeing is necessary, he uses smokescreen first as a cover; will not leave the area until he is sure all travel companions are safe.
-was level thirty six prior to Captain’s death; the rest have been accumulated after Captain’s death, in his effort to make sure that next time he will be strong enough to protect his family
-has never met any Pokémon of his own evolution line, and since wild Charizards have their communities well hidden, there is barely any information on them in their natural habitat; therefore, Roderick knows very little about his own species
-the photo album and the storybook in his possession are both very old but in decent condition

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Post by Starbits Mon Dec 10, 2012 1:11 am

Ready for approval~


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oh, captain, let's make a deal
where we both say the things that we both really feel
i feel scared and i'm starting to sink
and i'll only sink deeper the deeper i think

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Your moveset does not work. Flamethrower is not learned naturally until level 47. Your character is not that high of a level and your cap does not allow it.
Metal Claw is also not learned naturally at all. It can only be learned by breeding.
Your character must adhere to Gen V BW rules, nothing else.

Those are my only notes.


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Post by Starbits Wed Dec 12, 2012 4:16 am

Flamethrower changed to egg move, which has been noted in user notes. Metal Claw is now Flame Burst.

So this profile is now ready for approval again. ^^


Felix the Riolu and Roderick the Charizard (Inactive) RosaChallenge
oh, captain, let's make a deal
where we both say the things that we both really feel
i feel scared and i'm starting to sink
and i'll only sink deeper the deeper i think

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Felix the Riolu and Roderick the Charizard (Inactive) 3Br5nS6

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