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Daniel the Absin and Agrippa the Delphox


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Daniel the Absin and Agrippa the Delphox Empty Daniel the Absin and Agrippa the Delphox

Post by Maximum Tue Apr 26, 2016 11:08 pm

Daniel the Absin and Agrippa the Delphox Tumblr_inline_osltk0Eipq1r82t0h_500

Daniel the Absin and Agrippa the Delphox Absin_zps7uquyj5a

Daniel Tenebras
Theme Daniel's Theme
Profession Was closer to a pet when owned by a human. Former Torturer.
Text Color 3F602B
Item None
Biological Sex Male
Gender Identity He|Him|His
Age Adult
Species #???, Absin, The Prophet Pokemon
Height 5'6''
Weight 138.9 lbs
Pokédex Entry Fakemon Dex: "It is known as a herald of a true catastrophe, only emerging to humans when a cataclysmic event is about to occur. It is said the red markings on its body are its eyes. Its tail has evolved to become long and whip-like, with a scythe on the end. When angered, it decapitates and dismembers its enemies with ease."
Level 50
Ability Super Luck: Raises the critical-hit ratio of moves by one level.
Nature Naive
Characteristic Quick to flee
Moves - False Swipe (TM)
- Slash (Level)
- Psycho Cut (Level)
- Night Slash (Level)
Quote "I am Daniel."
"God is my judge."
Daniel was born to a sickly mother and a rather absent father in the wild. His mother did her best to care for her son, but there were many days that it was often the other way around. His father stayed out hunting most of the time, and he often glared at his mate and progeny when he dropped off food and anything else he thought they needed. Though Daniel never saw his father do anything to his mother, he could see the way she shrank from him, and he learned very quickly to keep quiet, stay out of sight, and obey any direct orders whenever his father was around. As Daniel grew older, Father would attempt teaching Daniel things that he would need to know, but he would often grow frustrated at Daniel's apparent lack of ability. He disregarded the fact that of course Daniel wouldn't know how to do things because Father didn't think he needed to continue to show his son how to do such basic things. If Daniel couldn't get after a few attempts, he wrote his son off as a lost cause on the matter and would never bring it back up. After several failures, he would then punish Daniel by attacking him, or sometimes ditch him far away from their home. There were several incidences where he was left alone at night, and he had to find his way back. There were no rewards from his father for navigating the dark, dangerous paths; only his mother even cared that he came back at all.

This uneasy balance was then tilted against Daniel when Mother had another egg, and her sickness became worse. She put her all into trying to make sure this egg was okay, and Father started to resent it. Daniel wasn't sure if it was because Mother started protecting the egg more viciously from Father, or if it was because her condition worsened with each day. When the egg finally hatched, she named the small, female Absol Hazel, and Father hated her. He spent even less time around the family, and Daniel had to take the few skills Father had tried to show him and take care of his family himself. Daniel adored his little sister as much as his mother, and she made his difficult life much brighter. He enjoyed telling her stories and watching her eyes sparkle with enthusiasm. He lived for the moments that the two of them could play, but it became clear that she had also inherited their mother's frailness. She couldn't play for too long, or she would be bedridden for weeks. When Father did visit, he would look at his sickly daughter and his stupid son and scorn them. Daniel would do anything to ensure Father left Hazel alone, and would often do anything to piss him off.

Eventually, it started turning to blows and clawing, and the first time Mother caught him doing it, she tried to stop him. The attempt cost her her life, and Daniel and Hazel were left alone with a parent that hated them. It looked like Father was going to finish them all, such was the crazed look in his eyes, but an Arcanine came seemingly out of nowhere and shielded them. Father was once the most powerful thing in Daniel's eyes, but for once, Father couldn't overpower an obstacle. The Arcanine batted the older Absol aside and simply shrugged off many of Father's attacks, and soon, Father realized he had no more say here and ran. The Arcanine introduced himself as Herbert, and he had an offer for the two orphans. His human would take them in, with no worries, but they had to be willing to follow him away from home. Daniel looked at his sister's scraggly fur and fear filled eyes at the knowledge that they were otherwise alone in this world, and he made his decision. He picked her up by the scruff of her neck and followed the large dog away. He wasn't sure if he could protect and care for Hazel like she needed, and the Arcanine looked so healthy and well fed. Things had already been so bad; certainly they couldn't get worse.

The human was everything they needed; well, everything Hazel needed, and that suited Daniel just fine. He was wary of the two legged creature, and it wasn't helped that they insisted on capturing him and his sister. Herbert explained it was a safety measure to ensure no one else could come up and snatch them away easily, but Daniel still didn't like being cooped up in a small dark place. He remained wary around the human, but his sister was getting care and "medicine." She was still sickly, but she was looking so much better than she ever did while they were in the wild. The Arcanine was a calming influence to them both, and he took upon himself the duty to teach Daniel what Father had given up. Despite Daniel's insistences that he wasn't good at hunting or fighting, Herbert wouldn't hear of it and would patiently teach the young Absol the basics. There were a few learned habits that Daniel had to break because he had learned improperly, but they were all met with gentle insistences that it was fine and how to fix it. Hazel watched many lessons, but her frailty meant that she wasn't able to participate most of the time.

Daniel didn't know what the human did most of the time, but they left him and Hazel to their own devices under Herbert's watch, so he didn't complain. Over time, however, his curiosity finally made him ask Herbert about the human, and Hazel was overflowing with questions that she had been waiting to ask. They found out that the human often went to ancient human settlements and looked for pieces of history, and how dangerous but fun the work was. Herbert often accompanied the human for excursions, and they were actually due for one within a year. Daniel was enraptured with Herbert's tales, and though he was still nervous about the human, he wanted to know if there was any chance he could go along too. Herbert wasn't sure what to tell the excited Absol, and there was the matter of Hazel. Hazel would definitely have to be left at home, and it would be the first time the siblings would have ever been separated. After some convincing and placations about how Hazel wanted Daniel see more things to tell her about, Herbert finally relented and agreed to try convincing his human to bring him along.

Much to Daniel's excitement, the human decided to take him and Herbert, and he would leave Hazel in the care of the servants of the house. The trip took them to a desert area, and the Absol was full of wonder. Even though the desert sun was harsh, and the sand got everywhere, this was something he had never expected to see. Unfortunately, Daniel's enthusiasm meant he overexerted himself within the first weak, and he had a bout of heat exhaustion. Afterwards, the human took the Absol with him into the ruins so that he would at least be out of the shade. Weeks passed in this fashion, and Daniel eventually took to exploring areas that the humans couldn't always reach. He didn't realize that he was being followed around the ruins, but he wouldn't actually meet the stalker until much later. When he was a little further away from the group one day, there was an earthquake, and he got trapped in the ruins alone. The darkness and the small area caused Daniel to panic, and he started seeing strange and horrific things. Thankfully, he was rescued after a few hours, but the Absol had been reduced to a nervous, quivering wreck. Fearing for Daniel's health, the human decided to send the Absol and Herbert back home early.

While on the way back, the two had been released for some fresh air, and Herbert finally got the Absol to talk about what happened. Daniel had been somewhat relieved to finally talk to someone about it, and Herbert gave him some advice on dealing with the trauma. This relief was turned into horror when he found Herbert dead the next day. The Arcanine had been brutally murdered in his sleep, and there was nothing to indicate how it happened. Fearing that people would blame him and that it was his fault, Daniel ran away. He wasn't sure what had done it, but he started wondering if it had anything to do with his visions while trapped. He tried to consult other Pokemon about it, but each one would end up dead after he spoke of it to them the first time. At his wit's end, he started to think that maybe there was something wrong with him, and he started to run away from any civilization. Pokemon were dying left and right around him, and humans were becoming suspicious. He just wanted to run all the way home to Hazel, but he feared bringing this curse upon her. It didn't help that he was completely lost, and he highly doubted the human would ever take him back. It was in a random meadow that he would meet Alexander the Zorombra who claimed that he knew what had happened to Daniel, and he blamed it all on a curse that the Absol must have acquired while wandering a forbidden ruin. The Zorombra knew a lot that Daniel wasn't sure how he knew, but he was so desperate for answers and company, he silenced his misgivings. In order to explain more fully, Alexander needed to bring Daniel to his home where Daniel would be safer.

Daniel believed him and the Zorombra escorted the Absol to his castle in the middle of nowhere. Alexander then told him about how Daniel was now cursed because of what he found in the temple, and that each time he spoke to someone about it, he'd signed their death warrant. Alexander was powerful enough to be able to at least hide Daniel from the curse, but in order to keep being able to do so... he needed Daniel to do something for him. He got his power from the pain of others, and if Daniel wanted his protection, he needed to supply the power. The Zorombra had plenty of prisoners. This led to the Zorombra showing the Absol how best to inflict pain without killing, and even gave the Absol a move that would never knock out a prisoner, but would continue to inflict massive pain. As time progressed, the Zorombra would hint that the cursed "Shadow" was getting closer, and that made the Absol fear for his life and do even more desperate things. There were some nights that he could hear wretched howling on the wind, and the Absol was completely unaware that the end of the world had happened outside the castle walls. As far as he knew, the howling was for him, not for everything that still lived.

His mind was on the edge of snapping when a little Meowth escaped from her holding cell, and he had to hunt her down. Alexander had "servants" that didn't care for the wellbeing of the prisoners, and they would often just kill anything that wasn't Alexander or Daniel. He pleaded with her to go back to the cells, but, of course, she wouldn't listen. She wanted to get out to safety and tell everyone what had happened here. Some part of the Absol knew that if she did get out, then he was doomed, and he panicked. One surprisingly quick slash, and her voice fell silent. There was blood on his claws, but when he looked at them, he was suddenly aware of what he had done. He had murdered a little girl to keep her quiet about how he had tortured so many others. He didn't realize that his body started glowing as he begged the small child for the forgiveness she could no longer grant. Almost as if the world itself was condemning him, the castle itself started to shake, and in blind terror, he bolted. There was no destination in mind beyond away, and he crashed his way almost to the castle's exit where he passed out.

All Daniel could remember when he woke up in the dark and dreary castle was his name and a feeling of doom. When he stood up, he found his body was strange, and he could barely stand. His paws were so small, and he didn't remember having such a long tail with a wicked scythe on it. He stumbled near the exit to the castle, hearing the rain pound against the glass windows and the rumbling thunder. Though the castle was foreboding, and gave him a feeling of doom, he couldn't think of a reason good enough to brave the horrid weather. As he continued to move around, it was as if his body remembered how everything worked together while walking, and he looked for anything that could tell him who he was, where he was, what had happened, or why he was there. All he could do was follow his scent into the castle, for he had nothing else to work with. That was when he ran into the first memory. It simply consisted of words, but it tickled his black hole of a memory. He still didn't remember anything, but he somehow knew the words were correct. His own voice told him how someone named Alexander had horribly wronged him, how he was planning on doing something evil, and that he should stop him by taking revenge and killing him. The memory ended with him in front of a mirror, and the sudden realization that Alexander was the reason why he felt so different. Daniel looked like a demon now, and he panicked at the sight of his own reflection. After huddling into the corner for the better part of five minutes, he eventually calmed himself enough to allow anger and vengeance take hold. He would stop Alexander; even if it killed him.

Daniel's descent through the castle was fraught with danger, darkness, and visions of madness, and as he progressed, he would receive visions of things that must have occurred in the castle. His own voice would echo far too much than he was comfortable with, and he began to suspect that he was going to find something horrible. He couldn't muse for long, however, for there was always something on his heels. Daniel came to remember what he had done with the repeat of a simple phrase in his ears. His own voice practically sang for him, "Paint the man, Cut the lines!" and he could remember how the way the Pokemon's blood had spilled. How much had been spilled. The memory almost broke Daniel again, but this also confirmed what Daniel had expected. Alexander had turned him into this monster, and he needed to stop him before he hurt others. The fact that Daniel also wanted revenge was another matter entirely, or that's what he told himself.

He had reached the darkest part of the castle when he ran into something he hadn't expected. All of the prisoners he had run into had already been killed by something, and the vague shapes that he could see moving in the darkness only tried hurting him. He almost passed the decrepit Delphox by, believing them dead, before they suddenly twitched and moaned at him. That had startled the Absin horribly, and he cowered in a dark corner before getting a better look. There was a living Pokemon chained against a wall and muzzled, and Daniel felt pity for the unfortunate creature. The Delphox was likely another one of Alexander's prisoners, but this one was being forced to suffer by living. They weakly moved their hand to the muzzle, but the chains prevented them from being able to remove it. He wanted to hear what the Delphox wanted to say, so Daniel gently cut the straps off. For once, having sharp claws was useful for something other than hurting others.

The Delphox introduced himself as Agrippa, and he proceeded to fill every minute with speech. Daniel felt overwhelmed at just how much the weak Delphox could talk, but Agrippa was the first friendly face he had seen in who knows how long. Agrippa explained that Alexander had trapped him in an attempt to lure his friend into the deathtrap of a castle, and how he had mostly been left in this room with little to no company. How Weyer was the only reason he hadn't lost his mind yet because they maintained telepathic communication for years, and that within the last few weeks, Weyer had suddenly gone silent after talking about Pokemon on the outside getting sick. In no uncertain terms, Agrippa explained that Daniel wasn't the first Pokemon that Alexander had brought to this castle, and that he enjoyed playing mind games with all of his "guests." This further fueled Daniel's rage, and he prepared himself to leave. He promised Agrippa that as soon as he finished his business with Alexander, he would come back. Then Agrippa begged him not to, and to please take him and leave. He tried asking the ones that came before, and the ones that listened never returned despite their promises. He promised that he knew how to make Alexander's illusions fail. In a last bid for pity, he muttered that he's terrified for Weyer, and he's not sure if he can take the silence anymore.

Daniel found himself at a crossroads. The desire for vengeance was strong, but the weak Delphox's pleas were sincere. He suddenly wasn't sure if he even could survive the encounter with Alexander, and if he didn't, then Agrippa would be alone again. He realized that he was hopelessly overpowered, and his noble venture would only end in his death. Agrippa pointed him towards the keys that would remove the chains and asked him one last time to let him out. First, Daniel's dangerous tail whipped by the Delphox and cut through the chains, and then the Absin brought the keys to the Delphox so that he could remove the manacles. It took a lot more effort than either of them expected for such a simple action, and Daniel knew that if Agrippa was going to get out, then he was going to have to carry him. After managing to get the Delphox on his back, Daniel made a break through the castle to find an exit. Agrippa kept Daniel's mind grounded in reality so the illusions would fail, and Daniel kept moving forward until he charged through the exit. Thankfully, the storm had stopped by this point, and there was nothing to hinder Daniel from continuing to run. They managed to find where Weyer had been hiding this whole time, but they soon realized why the Gardevoir had been forced to leave. The sick Pokemon he had been talking about were horribly violent, and the ones that didn't die in specific ways often came back. Though Daniel hated what he now knew about killing, it ended up being incredibly useful as he had to protect Agrippa from the undead. As the pair had survived, he had to be Agrippa's physical and occasionally mental support, and that prevented him from simply ending his life for his sins. He still had something good he could do.
Bulbapedia "Absin is a quadruped, mammalian Pokémon with a dark blue to gray body with red eye-like markings on it's sides and large tufts of blue-black fur on it's hind legs. It has a ruff around its neck and chest that grows along its spine and up over it's head and eyes, which is adorned with a single red-pink jewel. It has a feline face with almond-shaped, red eyes, a long, whiplike tail with a blade on the end, and two long goat-like horns that grow from its forehead. Its small feet are equipped with three claws each, and white spikes protrude from the heels of its hind legs and the elbows of its front legs."
Appearance Daniel is an average Absin. He tends to carry himself lowly in an attempt to stay unnoticed if he isn't being Agrippa's support or transporter. Since he is often having to hold the Delphox up, he has to stand strong for him.
Accent English.
Religion Arceist. Though he thoroughly believes he is damned.
Motivation Help Agrippa recover. Since Agrippa is so dependent on him, Daniel cannot allow himself to fall into despair despite he knows he should.
   He's responsible for the death and horrible pain of many formerly living beings, and it was all to save his own skin. Finding out that he had been lied to and manipulated into believing that does not ease any of his pain, but makes him feel worse since the reasons weren't even real.
   After what he's done, he doesn't believe that he has any right to happiness or life. If someone hadn't desperately needed him as soon as he made it out of the castle, he likely wouldn't have bothered surviving long.
   Around people he doesn't know well, he doesn't have a lot to say. This stems from a fear of potentially ticking people off by saying the wrong thing, and when he still lived with his father, that would lead to cruel words or blows. Now that he's around Agrippa, he is a lot chattier, but he tends to let the Delphox speak for them both.
  He recieved mercy, therefore he must give mercy.
-Morally grey
    As far as he's concerned, he has no moral high ground to stand on, and he can empathize with those whose lives have taken them down dark and difficult roads.
   He's always had a childish wonder about the world around him, and new things are always interesting. Always eager to learn something new. Unfortunately, he doesn't always know that sometimes you need to observe things from a distance and not touch the bright glowing goo in a barrel marked with a skull and crossbones.
   Despite a degree of shyness, he does like meeting new people. No need to be rude if they are being pleasant.
   His complete trust is hard to earn. Too many people have screwed him over and taken advantage of him for him to trust others easily.
   Though once his trust is earned, one can find him going along with almost anything they say. Agrippa has had to learn to be careful with sarcasm around him because of this.
   He hates Alexander with a burning passion, though time and surviving the epidemic has put this to the back of his mind. He would absolutely love for the Zorombra to get his just deserts, but he is no longer blind to the fact that he cannot be the one to deal that justice.
-Streak of cruelty
   Those who earn his hatred will find that he's not nearly as sweet or timid as he acts around most. His words can be patronizing and biting, and though he tries to refrain from physical cruelty, he does remember his time as a torturer and would use it again.
-Snaps Violently
   If pushed into a corner literally or figuratively, he will resort to violence to get out of it. Doesn't apply if he's actually hiding in a corner, in which case he will cower and keep his mouth shut and body still.
-Afraid that he could become a monster again
   He is very aware of how easily he had been manipulated into a monster, and now that the world has gone to hell, he's scared of making similar decisions on his own. Because of this, he tries his hardest not hate others and see their point of view.
   Incredibly protective of Agrippa. The Delphox didn't deserve what he got, and he desperately wants Agrippa to live. He is likely to also become protective of others who can't protect themselves, but he feels that keeping Agrippa safe is his top priority.
   If you can get him talking about anything he likes, or show him something new and shiny, he won't stop talking or asking questions.
-Eager to please
   If he likes someone, he'll do what he can to make them happy. People he doesn't like can fuck off.
   Generally prefers to run if given the opportunity. Doesn't like confrontations if he can help it. He's had to develop more of a spine since killing undead is often the only way to deal with them, but living Pokemon make him nervous.
-Easy to scare
   Even before the Epidemic, he was on edge most of the time. Sudden loud sounds or something suddenly touching him would make him bolt or lash out in terror. Do not intentionally startle the Absin unless you want to get hit for being a dick.
User Notes -Based on Daniel, the protagonist, of Amnesia the Dark Descent. This is of course assuming that Daniel chose to save Agrippa in the end. It should be noted that there was little background to work with, so I made up a lot of things. And sometimes the story got away from me, but the end results are the same.

-Since an "Amnesia Potion" is completely fictional, instead he suffered from Dissociative Amnesia. When he killed the young child, he freaked out at the realization of how far he had fallen, and he passed out. At first, almost all of his memories were gone, but as he wandered the castle, Alexander created illusions that forcibly reminded him of things. His life before the accident during the archaelogical dig is still mostly a blur, but he remembers some things.

-It should also be noted that Alexander created false illusions as well to make Daniel come looking for him in revenge. The Zorombra was toying with him, for he knew he was much more powerful. Also, the stuff about the curse and getting power from blood was all a big fat lie fed to a very frightened and naive person. And yes, Alexander had started this when Daniel was out on his excursion.

-Suffers from Nyctophobia
Team notes N/A for now
Affiliations -Agrippa- Daniel found the Delphox when stumbling around Alexander's castle, and instead of following the voices towards revenge, he chose to get the horribly starved creature out of there. Agrippa also helps Daniel keep a much needed hold on his sanity, and Daniel is forever grateful of the Delphox's assistance.

-Hazel- Daniel's very sickly sister. His memories of her are some of the few good ones he has, though there is much sadness and anger directed at his father. He highly doubts her survival, for if her own sickness didn't kill her, then she either succumbed to the disease or died to the infected.

-Alexander- THIS BITCH
Development Notes He remembers very little about his life, and most of what he does remember is... bad. He'd like to remember more about his life that wasn't only bad things, but at this point, he's too focused on keeping Agrippa alive.

Daniel the Absin and Agrippa the Delphox 655Delphox

Theme Agrippa's Ending
Profession Sort of a Jack of all trades
Text Color BE2625
Item None
Biological Sex Male
Gender Identity He|Him|His
Age Aging Adult
Species #655, Delphox, The Fox Pokemon
Height 4'11''
Weight 76 lbs. (Severely underweight)
Pokédex Entry Pokemon X: "It gazes into the flame at the tip of its branch to achieve a focused state, which allows it to see into the future."
Level 40
Ability Blaze: When HP is below 1/3rd its maximum, power of Fire-type moves is increased by 50%.
Nature Quirky
Characteristic Highly Curious
Moves - Mystic Fire (level)
- Psyshock (Level)
- Shadow Ball (Start)
- Light Screen (Level)
Quote "Don't worry, Daniel. It will be alright."
"If there was anything good about that hell, it was that I was there to help you."
Agrippa was born to parents who had several children by the time he hatched, and his life was always full of excitement and adventure with his siblings. He wasn't the youngest for long, and he enjoyed teaching his younger siblings new things as well. However, there came a time where he wanted to see more of the world, and after saying his goodbyes, he took off through the forest. He hadn't planned on being caught by a human, but he found he actually didn't mind. The human didn't make him battle when he didn't want to, and he got the opportunity to observe humans in their natural habitat. They were interesting creatures, and they could do things that almost looked magical to the Fennekin. Sure, Pokemon could summon fire and stuff like that, but not many could say that they could come up with the inventions that humans could. It didn't take him long to evolve into a Braixen, and he was able to help the human around the bookstore more. He wasn't quite able to pick up reading, but he could help sort books into catagories based on the pictures.

Life continued in this fashion, and he evolved into a Delphox when his human picked up another Pokemon. This one was a small Ralts that was very aloof to most. Agrippa was ecstatic at meeting the young Pokemon, though it took Weyer time to get used to the Delphox's presence. Agrippa sort of adopted Weyer and took him as a student; though it became clear rather quickly that the Ralts was probably smarter than he was. Agrippa also taught Weyer the finer points of battling, and it didn't take the Ralts long to evolve into Kirlia and later, Gardevoir. Weyer was on par with Agrippa in battle after several years, and then he surpassed him. The Delphox didn't begrudge him that, however, and was actually incredibly excited. He was so proud that his student had become greater than he did. Though he considered Weyer his student, he also considered the Gardevoir a close friend, and the feeling was mutual.

Their human recieved the opportunity to travel, and they eagerly brought their Pokemon with them to foreign lands. The pair loved getting to see new things, though Agrippa enjoyed meeting new people far more than Weyer did. The Gardevoir still preferred to keep to himself, and sometimes being around too many people at once overwhelmed him. He never missed out, however, for Agrippa would eagerly tell him about everyone he met, and all the new things he saw while wandering about towns. One day, Agrippa met a most fascinating individual by the name of Alexander on the outskirts of town, and the charming Zorombra soon had Agrippa telling him all about Weyer. The Delphox was proud of his student, and never thought that occasionally bragging about him was bad. Alexander had wanted to meet Weyer, but Agrippa found himself stuck between two stubborn personalities. Alexander wanted Weyer to come to him, but Weyer refused to leave the area that he was in. This happened over the course of a few days, and it soon became time for the human to take his Pokemon and leave. On the last day, Agrippa met up with Alexander to tell him goodbye, but Alexander had other plans

Agrippa woke up far away from civilization, and something was binding his hands together. After shifting around a bit, the Delphox caught the attention of Alexander, who walked over with a sinister smile on his muzzle. He taunted, "Weyer will have to come to me now." Agrippa didn't know why Alexander was so obsessed with his student, but his first reaction was to try getting out of his bindings. The Zorombra simply tutted and then knocked him out again. He would wake up much later to a voice in his head desperately crying his name, and it took him a moment to realize that it was Weyer calling to him via telepathy. He tried to make Weyer calm down, but the usually stoic Gardevoir was on the edge of an emotional breakdown. Apparently Alexander was asleep, for he didn't approach the Delphox as he carried an intense conversation through telepathy with Weyer. He tried explaining where he was, but he was incredibly lost, and he warned that Weyer needed to bring someone else with him. They tried to figure out a plan to escape, but until Weyer could figure out where he was, there was nothing they could do.

Alexander dragged the Delphox to his castle home, and soon had him locked up and away from any of his other prisoners. Agrippa was merely bait for the big fish that Alexander actually wanted. At first, Agrippa tried pleading, and then it turned to anger and harsh words before Alexander decided to silence the Delphox. He had been close to ripping Agrippa's tongue out, but he decided to instead put a muzzle on him. That way if he wanted something from Agrippa himself, such as information on Weyer, then he could still get it. Though he still threatened Agrippa with tongue removal each time he got tired of listening to the Delphox ramble about things he didn't care about. During this time, he was kept where it was dark and unbearably quiet, and he almost lived for the moments that Alexander would come and break the monotony even though each encounter made him angry and afraid. It was almost a godsend when he heard Weyer's telepathy voice again, but he greatly feared for his friend. If he was close enough to be able to speak to him like that, then he was close to Alexander's clutches. Agrippa tried to keep this a secret for as long as he could, but Alexander managed to drag the information out of him over time. At this point, Agrippa had to relay messages between the two, and the debates often became heated and would drain the weakened Delphox. Eventually, Alexander grew bored of the game, and decided to keep Agrippa as a final fuck you to Weyer.

Agrippa was stuck in the depths of the castle, and when he started seeing new faces wander through, he was at first ecstatic. However, each one that came through had a story of horror and vengeance, and at first, Agrippa was all for them getting their justice. Some simply ignored him, some stayed and listened, but all of them wanted revenge on Alexander. The nicest ones even promised to come back for him once they settled their business, and the faint promises gave the desperate Delphox some hope. He often would relay the news to Weyer, and the Gardevoir would eagerly wait to hear the good news so that he could help them once they left the castle. Unfortunately, that news never came; they would never come back. Every one that passed by him was never seen again, and the growing horror that he would never escape dawned on him. Weyer had to be Agrippa's mental support during that time, but the Gardevoir was also feeling this dread. It wasn't helping that soon there were reports of sick Pokemon becoming violent. After a while, Weyer went silent, and Agrippa's mind almost cracked when Weyer wouldn't speak to him anymore.

He was fortunate that almost a week later, Daniel, an Absin, wandered through. This was his last chance to get out, and he put his all into convincing Daniel to let go of his hatred. While it was entirely true that Agrippa didn't want Daniel to be another death at the hands of Alexander, Agrippa also knew that he was going to die or go insane if Daniel didn't take him out. Daniel's sympathy won out, thankfully, and after much effort, Agrippa was out of the chains and had climbed onto Daniel's back. Agrippa knew enough about the Zorombra's illusions that he could break them for Daniel, and soon the pair had charged out of the castle and into the world outside. They searched around, and they found where Weyer and Weyer's and Agrippa's trainer had been hiding. It was soon after that they found out why Weyer had gone silent. They ran into a horde of Undead, and between Daniel's speed and Agrippa's occasional attack, they managed to get out exhausted but unscathed.  Life at this point consisted of simply trying to survive this dangerous new world, but they always tried to keep an eye or ear out for Weyer. Agrippa tried to insist that Daniel attempt to keep an eye out for any of his loved ones, and it broke his heart to learn that Daniel had already lost almost everyone already, and he highly doubted his beloved sister was still alive.
Bulbapedia Delphox is a relatively tall bipedal Pokémon resembling a fox. It is covered in a coat of fur that resembles a robe; this "robe" is primarily dark red, with red-orange, flame-like markings near its knees, as well as a thin tuft of white fur on its torso, flanked by yellow fur draping down from its shoulders. It has three tufts of red-orange fur protruding out of each ear. Its forearms feature long red fur resembling sleeves, and its hands and feet are dark gray with three clawed fingers and toes, respectively. A tail covered in yellow fur protrudes from its "robe." When its mouth is open, two pointed teeth can be seen on its upper jaw.

Delphox carries a stick that it uses like a magic wand; when in use, the tip is set alight, and when not in use, the stick is hidden away in its sleeve-like fur. Delphox gazes into the flame at the tip of its "wand" to achieve a focused state of mind that allows it to see into the future. It can use its psychic power to ensnare its enemies in a fiery vortex capable of reaching 5,400 degrees Fahrenheit.
Appearance Agrippa is an average Delphox, but he is recovering from severe malnutrition. He is clearly underweight, and his bones stick out to emphasize this. His fur is incredibly dull, and he has to be careful or it might fall out. He can't stand without a support of some sort for long, so he often defaults to leaving a hand or arm on Daniel, who is never far away. He generally has a smile on his face and has an optimistic outlook on life.
Accent German
Religion He doesn't subscribe to any organized religion. He believes in higher powers, but he doesn't think that these higher deities care much about every little thing mortals do.
Motivation He knows what Alexander did to the Absin, what Daniel did, and he wants to help Daniel find good in himself. He is keenly aware that the only reason Daniel is still alive is because Agrippa was in such poor shape and couldn't even protect himself.
   He talks a lot. Inane things, important things, tales from his past. Though he is good about remembering to draw others into conversation, and he will ask a lot of questions of the people he's with. Though he does enjoy talking, part of why he can't shut up because he can't stand silence for long. Being stuck in a dark area while muzzled and silence everywhere haunts him.
   Very much a people person, and likes spending time with others. Enjoys meeting new people all the time and is eager to talk to them.
   Life always finds a way.
   He will talk your ear off if you'll let him, but he also draws out other people's stories and genuinely wants to hear them.
-Cynicism you don't actually see
   He's been around the block enough to know that people have their own motives and wants. He doesn't seem like it, but he's actually very cautious about what he talks about and obeserves others for any incriminating tells.
   Asks questions all the time when encountering something he doesn't know.
   His questioning mind has meant that he's picked up on a lot of information during his life.
-Has seen a lot of things
   When you travel around, you see other viewpoints that may challenge yours, and that's okay. You should decide on what you believe, but you have to acknowledge not everyone shares your thoughts.
-Grounded in reality
   He's a realist about situations, but he doesn't allow that to depress him. He just doesn't see the point about lying to himself about things.
-Hates feeling so helpless and so works on that at any opportunity
   Being at someone else's mercy for so long grated on him, and it still grates on him. He hates that he has to be dependent on someone, and that's why he pushes himself to recover. He can attack effectively and can work in conjunction with Daniel to ward off undead, but he can wear himself out if he doesn't watch it.
-Guilty that he's such a load to Daniel
   He feels like he's going to get Daniel killed one day, and the thought scares him witless.
-Terribly afraid but doesn't show it
   He is scared about the Epidemic. He knows that their chances are incredibly slim, and though Weyer was more powerful than he ever was, he isn't counting on the Gardevoir to still be alive. The realist in him knows that he and Daniel are likely fighting a losing battle, but he doesn't want Daniel to ever think that.
User Notes -Based on Agrippa from Amnesia the Dark Descent. I know that he was also apparently a real life person, but for the sake of simplicity, I'm only using what was in the game and making up stuff from there. Obviously this is assuming the ending where Daniel saves Agrippa.

-He cannot stand long periods of  silence. I haven't decided yet if he has Sedatephobia yet, but it might be something close. Often talks, hums, sings, or almost anything to fill in the silence. If he can't do any of that, he tries to focus on any sound that he can.
Team notes N/A for now
Affiliations -Daniel- The Absin is the only reason he got out of that accursed Zorombra's castle, and the only reason he's still alive. Agrippa utterly depends on Daniel for movement and protection. He feels really bad for being such a load, but he senses that Daniel would have been dead at this point if Agrippa hadn't needed him so much.

-Weyer- Student and friend. Weyer was the only reason that Agrippa didn't completely lose it while he was locked up for years. They had maintained telepathic communication for years before Weyer suddenly disappeared, and Agrippa fears that the Epidemic was the reason for it. Weyer was incredibly smart and much more powerful than he was, but the world is a much more dangerous place.

-Alexander- Fuck you and the horse you rode in on
Development Notes -Eventually recover enough to be able to function independently and deal with the aftermath of that...

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