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    Weyer the Gardevoir


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    Weyer the Gardevoir Empty Weyer the Gardevoir

    Post by Maximum Thu May 12, 2016 12:50 am

    Weyer the Gardevoir 250px-282Gardevoir

    Theme Radioactive
    Profession He does what he wants
    Text Color 87CEFA
    Item None
    Biological Sex Male
    Gender Identity He|Him|His
    Age Adult
    Species #282, Gardevoir, The Embrace Pokemon
    Height 5'03''
    Weight 106.7 lbs
    Pokédex Entry Omega Ruby: Gardevoir has the ability to read the future. If it senses impending danger to its Trainer, this Pokémon is said to unleash its psychokinetic energy at full power.
    Level 55
    Ability Trace: Ability becomes the same as that of the opponent. Switching this Pokémon out of battle restores its original ability. In a Double/Triple Battle, a random opponent’s ability will be copied.
    Nature Sassy
    Characteristic Somewhat Stubborn
    Moves -Psychic (Level)
    -Moonblast (Start)
    -Focus Blast (TM)
    -Shadow Ball (TM)
    Quote "Alexander, you can go jump off a cliff for all I care."
    History Weyer was an unusual Ralts in that he appeared to lack the strength of empathy his species possessed. He could sense the emotions, but he didn't seem to care as much as Ralts normally did. He kept himself away from others most of the time, and other Ralts found him unpleasant enough to stay away. His antisocial nature and rude mannerisms drove most Pokemon away, but he was perfectly fine with that.

    The Ralts was curious about the world around him, but he often settled to simply watch from a distance. Humans fascinated him to no end, and seeing how humans and Pokemon worked together in battles made him curious about the strange two legged species. Pokemon appeared to obtain more power while with humans, and he eventually started longing to do the same. However, he was incredibly picky, and he didn't want just any human to catch him. Many humans passed through the forest he lived in, and most of them didn't meet his criteria. He had almost given up finding a human when one came through with an interesting and chatty Delphox. Agrippa knew a lot and loved sharing what he had learned with anyone who listened, and his warm personality managed to break down Weyer's many walls. The human managed to catch Weyer with ease, and the Ralts found himself okay with that.

    Weyer found himself owned by a bookstore owner, and though that meant the human didn't travel much, he had plenty of opportunities to train with Agrippa. The Delphox taught him everything he knew about battling, and many trainers came through the area and would challenge the owner. Weyer was a good battler, and it didn't take him long to evolve all the way to his final evolution. His trainer did give him the option to evolve into a Gallade, but Weyer didn't think he would enjoy how Gallade were front-line fighters. He'd have to get another teacher for fighting, and he didn't want to do that. He still kept to himself most of the time, but Agrippa did a lot to help him open up, and he did like their trainer. The Delphox and human didn't grate on him, despite the Delphox having such an opposing personality to his.

    Eventually, their owner got the ability to travel some, so they took Weyer and Agrippa with them to many different areas. Weyer was definitely someone who preferred staying in one spot, but he did like seeing all these places that Agrippa had told him about and learning new things. If given the option, however, he often chose to stay in libraries or the hotels where their trainer was sleeping. Weyer would later curse himself for leaving Agrippa's side for such long periods of time. One day, Agrippa came back chatting about all the people he had met that day, and, though Weyer still didn't like many others, he still listened to his mentor and friend. There was one Pokemon, a Zorombra named Alexander, in particular that the Delphox had found interesting, and Weyer didn't think anything of it until Agrippa mentioned the same Pokemon over the course of several days. Apparently the Zorombra wanted to meet him, and something about that gave the Gardevoir a feeling of unease. He refused the offers each time that Agrippa passed them on, and Agrippa didn't want to force him into it.

    Then there came the time that they were supposed to leave the town that they had been occupying for several weeks, and Agrippa suddenly disappeared the night before they were supposed to go. The trainer and Weyer understandably freaked out, and Weyer left the safety of the room to find his friend. There wasn't any hint of what could have happened to the Delphox, and Weyer had the sneaking suspicion that it might have involved that Zorombra. Following that line of thought, he found the area that Agrippa had met up with Alexander and searched thoroughly. The trainer got a hint from someone who had seen what appeared to be a large man carrying a Delphox away, and hearing this, Weyer grabbed his trainer's arm and ran. It took a while, but he was able to convey to his trainer what he suspected happened.

    They followed a trail into the woods, and at that point Weyer called out for Agrippa through telepathy. He was immensely relieved when the Delphox responded back, but they had the problem of not even Agrippa knew where he was. Unfortunately, Agrippa and Weyer's exhaustion meant they couldn't keep the conversation going for long, and they passed out. When Weyer woke the next morning, he couldn't find Agrippa's thoughts anymore, and he had to inform his trainer about what had happened. They kept looking, and they saw a strange, decrepit castle in the middle of nowhere. There was a sense of foreboding and danger surrounding the building, and neither human nor Gardevoir wanted to get too close. There was good news, however, for Weyer was able to sense Agrippa's thoughts again and could continue communicating. They tried to plan various escape plans, but the Delphox was too well contained to actually attempt something. Weyer and their trainer felt that entering the Zorombra's lair would be fatal for both of them, and that fear kept them both out as well.

    Alexander eventually found out that Weyer was nearby and forced Agrippa to send Weyer messages, and Weyer sent strongly worded responses right back. He refused to enter that castle and demanded that Alexander would release Agrippa, and Alexander kept trying to lure the Gardevoir in to "chat." Agrippa had seen the other prisoners, and he kept telling Weyer to not come in, or he'd end up like that. The arguments soon become heated, and eventually, Alexander simply gave him an ultimatum. Either Weyer came in to get Agrippa himself, or else the Delphox was simply going to stay. At that point, Alexander stopped trying to communicate with Weyer, and almost ignored Agrippa other than to ensure the Delphox didn't die of starvation or thirst. The human couldn't stay in the forest any longer due to limited food, but they knew that forcing Weyer to come with them would be impossible. They helped him set up a living place, and they promised to come back when they could.

    Years passed as the standstill persisted, and Alexander apparently managed to somehow sneak out and lure in new people. Weyer would hear about the various victims from Agrippa, and he could see the pattern of what the Zorombra was doing. He wanted these pokemon to come after him in revenge, and apparently kill them once they reached him. Weyer had been so excited when the first one had promised that they would come back for Agrippa once their mission was finished, and he and Agrippa had started making plans of how to get out. Unfortunately, that was to never happen; Agrippa never saw that Pokemon again, and it didn't take long for them to realize that Alexander had killed them. Many Pokemon came in, some bothered to interact with Agrippa, but none ever left. Weyer had occasionally left with their human to get stronger and even learned some new moves, but he always came back so that Agrippa wouldn't be alone.

    One of the last Pokemon he saw enter the castle was a terrified little Absol that jumped at almost every shadow, and Weyer couldn't help but feel sorry for the creature. He didn't believe that one would even make it to Agrippa, so he counted that one out rather early. He was about ready storm the castle himself when a new threat arose, and he had to be even more careful. Sick Pokemon would attack him for no reason, and if he didn't kill them correctly, they'd come right back as undead monsters. He was able to stay near the castle for several years, but he had to run one night when a massive group came through. Unfortunately, he had to keep running until he realized that he had no idea where he was or even which direction was the right way back to the castle. Angry, upset, and bitter, the Gardevoir trudged onward. Even though he knew that Agrippa was probably going to die before he could get back, he was going to find his way back to Alexander and kill the bastard.
    Bulbapedia "Gardevoir is a white bipedal Pokémon with a lower body resembling a slim gown with a green underside. It has long, slender, white legs underneath the gown, and green hair that curls down the sides of its head. There are spikes on the side of its face, resembling a masquerade mask. It has green arms and long, slender fingers that resemble gloves. A red fin-like horn extends from its chest, and a shorter, more rounded horn extends from the back. A band of green on its chest extends to the centermost horn and connects to its sleeve-like arms."
    Appearance Weyer is an average Gardevoir and doesn't have any distinguishing features. Tends to have a frown as his default expression.
    Accent German
    Religion Agnostic
    Motivation Survive and find his way back to Alexander's castle
    Personality -Aloof
    He doesn't go out of his way to make friends with people. He often simply stands and watches before actually attempting to make conversation.
    Not intentionally, but he doesn't mince his harsh words for just anyone. He'll sometimes attempt to be nicer if he likes someone or for younger children. Though that second group is more so that they don't cry than for anything else. Prepare for harsh swearing if you piss him off.
    He really doesn't enjoy having to be around other people, and he keeps his thoughts to himself most of the time. He will speak if he realizes that he has to.
    If he has any humor, it's in delivering sarcasm.
    -Very strong curiosity
    If he sees something new, or he hears something he hasn't heard before, he'll often stare very intently at the object or person as he tries to store the information. One way to get him to talk since he'll start asking questions.
    If he manages to get attached to someone, he will stick to them like glue and do most anything for them. Agrippa and his trainer are the only ones to earn this to date.
    If he has a goal, he will see it through until the end.
    Anyone who wrongs him can expect his wrath in some way. He normally uses words for most of it, and he holds onto incriminating information for just the right moment. There is also the potential that he'll shoot himself in the food just so that he can get the last word in.
    -Doesn't seem to react to other's emotions like one would expect of his species
    He does sense emotions, but he doesn't like being a slave to other's emotions. To get around this, he simply makes himself not care most of the time.
    -Almost borderline uncaring if he doesn't know someone or wants to get to know someone
    -He won't stick his neck out too far for a stranger
    -Deeply cares about those he loves, as few and far between as that is
    He prefers to stay on the safe side, and this leads him to making cautious choices instead of risky but potentially more profitable ones. He doesn't reveal his past if he can help it, and he doesn't share information that he doesn't think is relevant just in case it could be used against him.
    Once he has his mind made up, good luck trying to make him change it. Agrippa had to learn several tricks to make the Gardevoir see things differently.
    He typically tries to keep in mind that he's constantly in danger now, and moments of levity can be dangerous.
    -Gives zero fucks about what others think about him
    User Notes -Weyer in Amnesia has like 2 mentions, so everything here is playing by ear since I refused to involve his real life counterpart
    -His name is pronounced something like Vy-er. Basically, say fire but start it with a V.
    Team notes -N/A
    Affiliations -Agrippa- Teacher and friend. Weyer regrets that he wasn't able to save Agrippa from Alexander before the Epidemic forced him away. He isn't even sure if the Delphox is still alive, but he wants to make his way back to Alexander's castle to find him. If Agrippa isn't alive, then he wants Alexander dead anyway.
    Development Notes Not sure yet, might find Danny and Agrippa outside.

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