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    Etincelle the Shiny Electrike & Melanie the Blinded Ninetales (Olivine, Johto)


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    Etincelle the Shiny Electrike & Melanie the Blinded Ninetales (Olivine, Johto) Empty Etincelle the Shiny Electrike & Melanie the Blinded Ninetales (Olivine, Johto)

    Post by Dandelion Tue Dec 24, 2013 5:01 am

    Etincelle the Shiny Electrike & Melanie the Blinded Ninetales (Olivine, Johto) D6lDAeI

    Etincelle and Melanie
    Hex Color Etincelle - #62b6da
    Melanie - #f36f54
    Item Thunderstone Necklace
    Viridian Bow
    Gender Male
    Age Young Adult, bordering Adult
    Young Adult
    Species #309 Electrike, The Lightning Pokemon - Electric Type
    #38 Ninetales, The Fox Pokemon - Fire Type
    Height 2'00"
    Weight 25.3 lbs
    43.9 lbs
    Pokédex Entry Using electricity stored in its fur, it stimulates its muscles to heighten its reaction speed.
    It controls balls of fire. As it grows, its six tails split from their tips to make more tails.
    Level 19
    Ability Static
    Flash Fire
    Nature Docile
    Characteristic Quick to Flee
    Highly Curious
    Moves - Quick Attack (Level Up)
    - Howl (Level Up)
    - Thunder Wave (Level Up)
    - Tackle (Level Up)

    - Imprison (Level Up)
    - Dig (TM)
    - Flame Burst (Level Up)
    - Flamethrower (Level Up)
    History Etincelle was different since the day he was born, mostly due to the color of his short fur, but more because of his heritage. Lets go back...

    There was a majestic Clan of nomadic Manectric. They were a proud and amazing breed, always keeping to themselves and solving their problems with intelligence and peace. One day a weak and injured male Jolteon, Astrapi was his name, stumbled upon their home. The Clan, though usually cold to newcomers, gave him shelter and tended to his wounds. During his time there Astrapi fell deeply in love with one of the Manectric that had cared for him, her name was Foudre. Foudre was very kind and a gifted healer, and even though she was just as proud as the rest of her race, she too fell in love with the stranger. Their relationship was kept strictly secret, but it grew quickly. Soon, when Astrapi was nearly recovered, he was surprised to find that Foudre had an egg, just a single one. It was not hard to tell who the father was, as it was colored like an Eevee egg. The Jolteon was quickly shooed out of the clan and sent on his way, and he and Foudre were heartbroken at the end of their forbidden relationship. But things changed when the egg hatched- in front of her was a blue Electrike. A shiny Electrike.

    Foudre was amazed, quickly naming her son Etincelle, and she adored the little babe. Etincelle was small, kind, and sweet, just a fun little baby. The entire Clan adore him too, because of his uniquely colored coat, and he was raised without a father. Not long after the infection struck, when he was almost six months old, the Clan was hit hard. The Manectric and Electrike were being infected and killed left and right, and Foudre was no exception. She was infected and she knew it as her pelts color began to change. She quickly sent Etincelle away from his home. "Look for your father, my love," she told him in a soft and urgent tone. "He went far North, to the mountains. Go.. go without, me." The heartbroken and confused little Electrike fled, doing nothing but running to escape the undead and meet the father he never knew.

    Etincelle finally found the Jolteon known as his father after a great distance. He explained what his mother had said, and what had happened to his beloved home. Pain flashed behind Astrapi's eyes, but he quickly took his son in without a second thought and introduced his other child, Arenea the Eevee. The half siblings quickly bonded but it was only a few weeks later when she, too, disappeared. Astrapi's hope was faltering and he became very depressed. To distract himself, the Jolteon started to train his son. He taught him ways of fighting with just speed and dodging, not relying on actual attacks or strength. After months of this, Etincelle was becoming proud of his new skills, being able to dodge and run faster than an average Pokemon. He was almost happy, it being just him and his father, and very few infected ever came to the far reaches of the mountains.

    It was then that things went wrong, so terribly wrong. A huge infected found their sheltered little cabin and destroyed it, nearly crushing Etincelle and Astrapi in the process. Once out in the open, the father and son team took on the massive Beartic. Unfortunately, Etincelle could do little to no damage, and Astrapi couldn't do it on his own. They were losing. Oh dear Arceus, we are losing! was what went through the Electrike's mind when the Jolteon suddenly shouted. "Etincelle! You have to flee! Run away from here!" When the shiny Pokemon refused, his father snarled, blasting the Beartic with another lightening attack. "Now! I can't hold him off forever! Flee and live! Live my son!"

    Etincelle was on his own, for real this time. Not being very strong, nor incredibly clever, he had but one strength- he was fast. So he ran, and ran and ran. Etincelle ran until he reached the ocean, until he reached the filthy, infected ocean. He ran until his paws hurt and his muscles screamed. He ran just wanting to forget his losses, his terrible.. losses..

    He ended up in Olivine where he met both a group of survivors he could call family, and a Ninetales who warmed his shy heart. In a freak accident while battling some powerful undead that same Ninetales inadvertently injured him. The burn was excruciating, bringing the Electrike in and out of consciousness. As Melanie carried him away the pair took shelter in one of the few standing buildings of Olivine. Mel cared for him there, treating his burn with a Rawst berry poultice, and saying that it would be already. As the sun returned the pair set out to find their friends that they had been separated from.

    Melanie was born a simple and normal Vulpix. A loving family took care of her, she had many friends, and she was part of an exploration team with her best friend, Leonardo the Shinx. Living in a secluded Pokemon village the Fox Pokemon made the most of her time by adventuring. The twosome had many fun adventures, going through caverns, exploring new lands, making more friends, and looking for hidden treasures. It was an exciting life and she loved it.

    One day, when they were exploring a waterfall cavern, the pair were attacked by a horde of infected Shellos. It was the first time Mel had seen the infected, but the decomposing, putrid, foul Pokemon terrified her. In the madness of escape Leonardo was killed, seemingly sacrificing himself for her. Melanie barely escaped with her life, and health. She ran and ran, making it all the way home before stopping. Horrible images of his death flashed in her eyes, pain rippling through her with each recall, but the Vulpix tried to be resilient. In honor of her friend she promised herself to live longer, long enough to survive the trouble, and make the most of her life for him. Her heart lurched at the thought.

    As the Epidemic raged on, Melanie found that promise harder and harder to uphold. She discovered first that her friends were infected, the young Pokemon exploring and not realizing the danger. It terrified the Vulpix into staying home, leaving only when necessary. Her parents too, fell victim to the infection. As Mel fled home in a fit of panic, desperate to find help for her family, she was horrified to find her entire home and the Pokemon village about it was crawling with disease. Near everyone she knew was starting to turn, and foreign, infected Pokemon stalked the shadows. Utterly devastated and alone, Melanie gave up on her promise. It was too much, and she did not want to become of of them. Not wanting to continue on the Vulpix attempted to drown herself by jumping into a rapid river. However, she failed, and instead washed up on the shores of Johto, discovering that the Epidemic was just beginning.

    Lost in a strange land but finding dots of survivors in her journeys, the Vulpix managed to regain a bit of a positive attitude. Making her way to Olivine Melanie met a group of friendly Pokemon she came to call family, particularly bonding with the Electrike, Etincelle. They stayed in the Cafe that night where, by a fit of luck, the Vulpix found a Fire Stone and evolved. Unfortunately, it wasn't long after that that two powerful undead attacked. In the midst of the chaos, an explosion sent glass flying in all directions from the shattering windows. The newly evolved Ninetales couldn't dodge the shrapnel and ended up with a menagerie of bits in her face and eyes. Outmatched and desperate the survivors fled to the Battle Frontier, seeking safety behind its thick walls.

    But her injury made it near impossible to tell where she was going. She had accidentally injured Etin as well and refused to leave the Electrikes side. Taking him to a safe place, the Ninetales went in search of help for the wound she had caused him. It took hours of (literally) blind searching but she managed to find some Rawst berries by scent and make it back to the Electrike in one piece. The treatment helped and, as exhaustion plagued the both of them, they took the time to rest in their shelter. It was still dark when they awoke, not yet safe to venture out and check the Battle Frontier for their friends..
    Appearance Etincelle is small for his species, thin with short, shiny colored fur. Pretty, soft pink eyes. His body is sleek and well muscled, with thin scars littering his body from close encounters. Though his body is strong from the running and other activity it is not used to battling, making him offensively weak. His fairly sheltered life and lack of extreme battles has left his level low as well.
    Etincelle wears a Thunderstone necklace, wrapped tightly around his neck by a string.
    He received a pretty bad burn along his side in his last battle. It looks worse then it is.

    Melanie looks like an average Ninetales.
    The only features setting her apart from others is the pretty Viridian bow she wears around her neck and the fresh glass wounds littering her face and chest. Blinded, ruby colored eyes.
    Personality | Quiet | Gentle | Honest | True Friend | Frightful | Trustworthy | Cautious | Anxious | Noble | Shy | Instinctive | Courageous | Tense | Loyal |

    - Etin is very timid and shy at first, taking caution in new areas and situations. With running away being his prime defense he is careful not to back himself into a corner, though it still happens.
    - Its hard to earn his trust but once you do, its impossible to lose. Etincelle is a true friend to the end, never blaming others and always trying his hardest.
    - Not the most clever of Pokemon but he can follow a plan with ease.
    - Its challenging to get him angry. Etin doesn't like to evoke fights, or partake in them, but when angered, his natural electricity goes wild. At this point even friends are in danger.
    - Though not a fighter he is an excellent hunter. He excels at natural skills such as digging, scratching, tracking, ect. Great at listening, very alert to noises.
    -The little Electrike deeply misses his family. The time he spent with each of them was short, his mother especially is becoming a foggy memory, but they hold a special place in his heart. Memories of time spent with his father often creep into his day, nagging at the electric types heart and making him wonder how he, and his sister, fared.
    - The Thunderstone he wears was suppose to be used on his sister but after she vanished it became his only memento to remember her by. It also reminds him of his father, but not nearly as much. Touching it is not allowed.
    - Somewhat childish in his actions.

    | Kind | Considerate | Curious | Unhappily Polite | Honest | Resistant | Inwardly Sad | Guilty | Anxious | Feeling Useless | Lost | Blinded |

    - Talking about her past is difficult, spending too long on it can bring up feelings of trauma and depression. However, being in places that remind her of home can be comforting.
    - Follows the pack and does as instructed. Hates to be the leader and feel the responsibility. However, she will own up to her own actions.
    - Melanie tries to be optimistic, staying positive and trying to spread the feeling to those around her. Being in a group makes her much more positive. Her innocent happiness seems to of vanished with her evolution and injury.
    - Tries to be outgoing, exploring, asking questions, and learning. Its going to be difficult now but, when she gets over her guilt, Melanie will give it her all.
    - Notices ironic/sick humor in things, much to her displeasure. Easily depressed.
    - Currently plagued by guilt and sorrow both by the fact that she injured her closest friend and that her vision is all but decimated. Her lack of vision has placed a handicap on the Ninetales. Strong feelings of uselessness and shame creep in her mood. She refuses to accept what she can and can not do now.
    - Though not in her nature to be angry, if her helplessness becomes too much she may go bitter and violent as a form of release.
    - It is difficult for her to see. Most things appear as blurred colors now, and having her eyes open for too long is irritating/painful.

    User Notes
    • His father was Hera and Greed's brother, so he is their nephew.
    • Etincelle was very young while with the Clan so he remembers very little of it now.
    • Astrapi found the Thunderstone and Etin rescued it from their home before the attack.
    • Adopted from Ciana, original dual profile.
    • Melanie's level and move set were edited slightly so they would be legal.
    • She found the TM on one of her adventures and her parents showed her how to use it.
    • I dont know if Mystery Dungeon things are allowed so I changed the majority of Melanie's history so it wasn't from those games.

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    Etincelle the Shiny Electrike & Melanie the Blinded Ninetales (Olivine, Johto) Empty Re: Etincelle the Shiny Electrike & Melanie the Blinded Ninetales (Olivine, Johto)

    Post by Mewtwo Tue Dec 31, 2013 10:25 am


    Your Pokemon only qualifies for BW rules, not BW2 or Gen 6, therefore Flamethrower would not have been possible by level up unless she were still a Vulpix at level 37. You do reference late into the history when she found the stone but if I could get a little more clarification on how high her level was? It is rather vague after she evolves.


    A side note, I noticed in the User Notes, if he is the child of Hera and Greed's brother he would be their nephew, not their cousin. If Hera had a child he would be that child's cousin, but still Hera's nephew.

    Those are my only notes, please consider revising.


    Etincelle the Shiny Electrike & Melanie the Blinded Ninetales (Olivine, Johto) 3Br5nS6

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    Etincelle the Shiny Electrike & Melanie the Blinded Ninetales (Olivine, Johto) Empty Re: Etincelle the Shiny Electrike & Melanie the Blinded Ninetales (Olivine, Johto)

    Post by Dandelion Tue Dec 31, 2013 4:22 pm

    She evolved at level 38. Mel was only in one battle after evolving and due to the way it turned out I don't think she would of gained much or any exp. So she is still on the level that she used the stone.

    Ah family trees, sorry, fixed that.

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    Etincelle the Shiny Electrike & Melanie the Blinded Ninetales (Olivine, Johto) Empty Re: Etincelle the Shiny Electrike & Melanie the Blinded Ninetales (Olivine, Johto)

    Post by Mewtwo Tue Dec 31, 2013 5:10 pm

    Ah. Thank you for clarifying.



    Etincelle the Shiny Electrike & Melanie the Blinded Ninetales (Olivine, Johto) 3Br5nS6

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    Etincelle the Shiny Electrike & Melanie the Blinded Ninetales (Olivine, Johto) Empty Re: Etincelle the Shiny Electrike & Melanie the Blinded Ninetales (Olivine, Johto)

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