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    Shosanna the Aiveon [Inactive]


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    Shosanna the Aiveon [Inactive] Empty Shosanna the Aiveon [Inactive]

    Post by Dandelion Thu Apr 21, 2016 2:29 am

    Shosanna the Aiveon [Inactive] AiveonEJ

    Shosanna the Aiveon
    Text Color a1ceff
    Item None
    Gender Female
    Age Young Adult – Early Twenties
    Species #??? Aiveon, The Nebula Pokemon - Flying Type
    Height 3’2”
    Weight 57lbs
    Pokédex Entry FakemonDex:: Its bones are hollow enough to permit flight. If it has passengers, they are typically small children, since it can't support heavier people.
    Level 46
    Ability Cloud Nine
    Nature Bold
    Characteristic Strongly Defiant
    Moves - Sand-Attack (Level-Up)
    - Acrobatics (Level-Up)
    - Air Slash (Level-Up)
    - Sky Drop (Level-Up)
    History Shosanna was the first born child to a loving pair of Eevee's. The family lived in a French countryside just past the outskirts of a Pokemon reserve as government slowly introduced their species to the region. Life here was peaceful and the young Fox's parents were doting as she aged into a smart and happy youth. When the family grew, being blessed with two new members, Shosanna abandoned the frivolity of youth in favor of adopting responsibility. Food had become scarce in their area and, as the oldest, she felt obliged to assist her now struggling family feed themselves. Her father taught her to hunt and find food while she became maternal with her mother’s guidance. Soon Shosanna was flourishing into an intelligent, powerful young woman.

    However disaster fell upon the family during her late teens. The government was growing fearful that the Pokemon population was growing out of control, citizens complaining of attacks and demanding for action to be taken. It was a hard decision, but soon a controlled cull was underway. Pokemon were to be taken down in the thousands, species counted in the process. Shosanna’s family went into hiding, literally fleeing for their lives against the death-seeking humans, but they were sadly in the wrong place at the wrong time. As she family was slaughtered without mercy the terrified Shosanna ran for her life, the only survivor of the massacre.

    Heartbroken at the barbaric slaughter of her loved ones, shosanna was lost for purpose in life. She stumbled across the lands; terrified, absolutely devastated in a bid to escape those under the obligation to slaughter her kind. Part of her wanted to die, to join her parents, but she remained adamant that they had taken enough blood as something willed her on. Vowing that she would survive the female soon began training herself in a bid to combat those who wished to hunt her down.

    During her travels however, the Eevee was forced to into a small town. Hesitant and loathing the choice, she stuck to the shadows knowing the dangerous game she was playing with luck. Eventually, in a pit of bad timing and a miss step she encountered a young man. Her initial response was to attack and defend herself but she hesitated – the human taking her off guard by offering food of some sort. She had neglected her health and in her desperation and flight, thus accepting his care graciously. Before she could finish he captured her in a Pokeball and claimed her as his own.

    The human remained in France for another month, revealing his identity as a wealthy trainer from Hoenn as he introduced the unfriendly Eevee to his other prized pets. They were all battlers, powerful creatures that treated the newcomer with the same hostility that she presented them – unwilling to trust naught but herself. Despite the less than warm greeting there was one who could get through to her. Marcel, he was a charming Skarmory,  another newbie to the group who quickly gained her approval. He was smart, rational and seemed to understand the world she’d come from-  having experienced it himself. Their friendship flourished in sync with their physical strength as they received light training, but Shosanna was quickly enlightened to the human’s true nature. He became abusive, angry when she made little progress. She was already apprehensive of their kind, but his treatment soon solidified her judgement.

    Eventually, the human made the decision to return to his home town and resume his battling career, planning to sell weak Shosanna for what would hopefully be a pretty penny. Traveling by plane Shosanna spent the hours locked away in her Pokeball, until they hit turbulence. Acting on instinct and fueled by fear, she broke free from her confines to find that it wasn’t turbulence at all but a major fault in the planes engines- it was crashing. Terrified, Marcel was quick to appear and soothe her nerves as she climbed on his back, clinging on as he escaped the plane to fly free. The human’s life had been spared by his other Pokemon and now the group of them hovered uneasily in the sky.

    Shosanna urged Marcel to flee, that they could run away during the panic. He agreed, harboring unrequited affections for the female, and took off towards the land mass he could see, but they were met with obstacle. Attacked by their old teammates, the human keen to retrieve Marcel in particular, Shosanna turned on the fliers and attacked with everything she had on the dangerous battlefield. With Marcel’s support, they felled one opponent as the female took on a startling transformation. Leveling up amidst the chaos, Shosanna took the shape of an Aiveon as she and Marcel escaped their pursuers altogether. They were free.

    Ecstatic at her evolution, marking it as the start of her life as a free individual, Shosanna and Marcel eventually landed in Unova to start a life together. Keen to avoid areas of human population the Aiveon grew stronger by battling wild creatures in the area as the friends took the opportunity to travel the region. Their friendship turned into something more, a playful relationship as the years passed. They took up residence along Route 6, perfectly happy.
    Their happiness was not to last though as eventually the epidemic hit and reached their home. Shosanna was furious at the arrival of the undead, angry that again she was being forced to run and flee to save herself. She had become prey again, just like all those years before, and this time she wasn’t going to run. With Marcel’s unwavering loyalty the two acted as Samaritans, slaughtering the undead and offering help to any survivors they passed. They looked out for their community, sharing food and shelter in the hopes to overcome the disaster. But things only got worse.

    Corpses littered the region and soon, Marcel joined the body count. He was infected, desperate not to resort to an undead mindset and so begged Shosanna to kill him. She was heartbroken, guilt-stricken but understood and obeyed his wishes. After his burial, sparing only a day for mourning, the Aiveon turned her sights on revenge. She slaughtered countless undead, fueled by an unrivaled determination and raw fury that left her dangerous. The world, not content with taking away everyone she loved, was keen to take her down too. Shosanna refused to fall, instead growing powerful in her attempts to survive and see that others did too.
    Appearance A normal Aiveon. Smaller than average, petite build, sky colored eyes.
    Personality Feisty, Patient, Quick-Witted, Rational, Quiet, Hides Emotions - Mentally Strong, Keen Reactions, Brave, Can be Socially Awkward – Very Aloof [Hard to Get to Know], Very Private/Secretive, Quietly Caring / Sympathetic / Protective

    Vengeful, Bad-Tempered, Stubborn, Defiant, Rebellious, Can be Reckless – Proud, Emotionally Detached, Unfriendly, Ruthless in Battle, Despises Humans

    Hides Emotions; Puts up an aloof charade, but in fact highly sensitive individual. She bitterly misses Marcel, often giving in to sobbing when the memories become too much to handle – although she ensures such incidents happen in privacy.

    She truly wants to help other survivors, but she denies having feelings for them – fears getting too close in the knowing they may suffer the way Marcel/her family did. She’s somewhat maternal – especially protective over children, despite appearing detached. She often doesn’t acknowledge how deeply she feels – tells herself she doesn’t care if someone dies, but truly does. Devastated when a survivor is lost.
    User Notes - Based off Shosanna Dreyfus from the film ‘Inglourious Basterds’.
    - Character made by Snitch and switched hands between Renegade and I a few times. Was originally an Aiveon (species was changed with permission), before being made an Aiveon again. My last profile for her and her Most recent profile.

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