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    Cream The Skitty & Gumdrop The Liepard [BFF's Purrever] [WIP]


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    Cream The Skitty & Gumdrop The Liepard [BFF's Purrever] [WIP] Empty Cream The Skitty & Gumdrop The Liepard [BFF's Purrever] [WIP]

    Post by Fern Sun Feb 28, 2016 8:41 pm


    Cream The Skitty & Gumdrop The Liepard
    Text Color Cream|#fffba0
    Item A cute, cream colored bow tied around her neck tightly.
    Gender Cisgender Female
    Cisgender Female
    Age AGE
    Species #SPECIES
    Height HEIGHT
    Weight WEIGHT
    Pokédex Entry DEX ENTRY
    Level LVL
    Nature NATURE (+LA,-LA)
    Characteristic CHARACTERISTIC (LA IVs)
    Moves -MOVE1 (LA)
    -MOVE2 (LA)
    -MOVE3 (LA)
    -MOVE4 (LA)
    History HISTORY

    Appearance "Skitty is a pink, feline Pokémon with a stumpy body and four short legs. On its face is a cream-colored, crescent-shaped marking. It has slit-like eyes and tufted ears with purple interiors. Its slender tail has a bulky pink section at the end, terminated by three pin-like structures with yellow ball-like tips. In battle, its tail puffs out, and threatens opponents with a sharp growl."

    Cream doesn't have anything that makes her stand out from a normal Skitty, save for a cute, light beige bow that is tied tightly around her neck. She is usually seen walking devoid of fear, taking everything in with her squinted eyes in wonder.

    "Liepard is a slender, purple feline Pokémon speckled with yellow rosettes. Its fur patterning is considered attractive to many Trainers. It has a pink "mask" marking over its eyes, a pink nose, and small yellow markings over its green eyes. It has two pairs of long yellow whiskers, and a tufted yellow underside. Its lower legs are yellow, and each small paw has a pale pink pad that can be seen in Pokédex 3D Pro. It has a long, curving tail with a sickle-like shape toward the tip. Liepard has well-developed muscles that allows it to run silently and strike opponents from behind. It has also been known to vanish and reappear without warning."

    Gumdrop, however, was not blessed with such an alluring appearance despite her lean frame. Her pelt, a deep purple, is mottled with scars of all shapes and sizes, giving her a fearsome demeanor. Gumdrop's claws are sharp and constantly unsheathed. Usually seen with Cream on her back or under her, always in her presence.
    Cream lives up to her charming name. Her little heart is brimming with compassion. The tiny feline will put the needs of others high above her own (although she is very naive, causing Gumdrop to step in from time to time). Even though she is aware of the evil Valentine tries to shield her from, she still views the world through rose-tinted glasses.

    She brandishes a sense of humor, and loves telling lame, groan-inducing jokes to get the smallest of laughs out of others. However, when feeling exceptionally cheeky, (usually when Gumdrop is at her side) she can have a bit of a snarky attitude, emulating Gumdrop's sharp tongue.  Her Liepard companion is her backbone, without her, she is a frightened, wide-eyed mess.

    Cream can gauge both sides of an argument and come to a happy medium, sometimes suggesting outrageous solutions.

    The Skitty knows she is cute, and is able to use that to her advantage, being persuasive if need be. Cream has a nasty case of jealousy when it comes to her best friend, because she has a massive fear of being replaced.

    Gumdrop is a foul-mouthed, sassy, butchy feline. The polarity between her and her Skitty friend is astonishing. She is snarky, with an unmatched wit to boot. The Liepard wields a headstrong attitude with a 'my-way-or-the-highway' philosophy.

    However, this spunk mellows out when she is with Cream. She loves her little friend with all of her heart, the only soft spot belonging to her. Gumdrop has an almost maternal protection over Cream.  She would never dream of parting with her, however, she does often wonder what it would be like without the responsibility of tending to the Skitty.

    The two are in a yin-yang type relationship, feeding off one another to make an extraordinary symbiosis--their friendship is not to be tampered with.

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