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    Akina the Skitty


    Akina the Skitty Empty Akina the Skitty

    Post by Guest Thu Jul 14, 2011 5:10 pm

    Akina the Skitty Skitty
    Name- Akina
    Gender- Female
    Level- 38
    Wake-Up Slap
    Calm Mind
    Ice Beam
    Shadow Ball (a lot of TM moves...)
    Ability- Cute Charm (but she suppresses it)
    Nature- Serious
    Characteristics- Thoroughly Cunning
    National Dex No./Species- 300 Skitty/ Kitten Pokemon
    Weight- 24.3 lbs
    Pokédex Entry-It is said to be difficult to earn its trust. However, it is extremely popular for its cute looks and behavior.
    Item- Expert Belt
    Akina was always a surly and sour pokemon. Though her ability was cute charm, she suppressed it, because she didn't want to attract anybody like that. One day, a coordinator came by, and catching her off guard, captured Akina. She was trained well by her new master, but she didn't like being put into those contests... The only part that she liked was when they got to the second round, so she could actually fight. Now, THAT was what she was good at. She was a natural born fighter, and enjoyed fighting and outsmarting her enemies. Whenever they got to fighting in the contests, she always came out on top.
    Akina and her coordinator grew together, she was always her favorite, no matter how many other pokemon she thought was cute, Akina was always the cutest. Untill one day, when she came across an over-leveled fearow. She lost the battle, and obtained a nasty scar across the bridge of her nose.
    The next week, Akina's coordinator went out to release her. She didn't mind too much, though she knew she would miss her. Akina left, happy to be free from those contests. She was looking around, trying to find a place to settle for the rest of the day when she herd a scream. She went to see where it had come from, confident that she could defend herself against whatever it was. She was horrified by the sight. It was her former coordinator being mauled by a wild ursaring... But something was wrong... That ursaring seemed to be scarred and injured, with blood running out of its mouth. The ursaring clawed and bit at Akina's coordinator, givng her terrible wounds. She tried to fight back, but it was overpowering her, and her screams were getting faint.
    Deciding to fend off the beast, Akina shot at it with a well aimed Ice Beam, right into one of it's wounds, near the heart. The attack caught the pokemons attention, but it saw nothing when it turned to the source of the attack. Akina launched herself onto the back of the terrible monster, using a super-affective wake-up slap to finish the job. Weakened considerably by the critical Ice Beam, the ursaring toppled over, defeated.
    Akina rushed over to her coordinator, but it was too late. The blood welling from her wounds had slowed to a stop as she turned cold. Akina, scared by the attack of the ursaring, fled, hoping not to run into one of those mutants again.
    User Note
    Though small and cute looking, Akina should not be irritated, she is very easily annoyed, and, if aggravated enough, she will claw at your face if she wants to. The scar on the bridge of her nose is used by her as a memory to not trust humans, for her coordinator only liked her for her cuteness. She is also quite arrogant, and doesn't like it when others act superior to her. This is tied slightly to her independent and solitary personality.

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    Akina the Skitty Empty Re: Akina the Skitty

    Post by Suicune Thu Jul 14, 2011 8:05 pm

    Approved, but you will need one of our artists to either paint you a new character image to match your skitty (her scar in particular), or have them manipulate the current art.

    You can request that in the artists' alley forum.

    You will be placed on the ice path team. Your turn will be after the Shinx.

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