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Svirase the Delcatty and Mystique the Skitty


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Svirase the Delcatty and Mystique the Skitty Empty Svirase the Delcatty and Mystique the Skitty

Post by Duma Thu Dec 19, 2013 2:13 am

Svirase the Delcatty and Mystique the Skitty AXTULJ2

Svirase the Delcatty and Mystique the Skitty FvxC6cA

Svirase (Siv-ras)
Text Color #BC85BE
Item Bandages around right arm, necklace with a capsule containing a Moon Stone in-cased in a watery substance
Gender Female
Age Aging Adult
Species #301; Delcatty the Prim Pokémon[Normal Type]
Height 3'07"
Weight 71.9lbs
Pokédex Entry It is highly popular among female Trainers for its sublime fur. It does not keep a nest.-Diamond/Pearl/Platnium
Level 42
Ability Cute Charm
Nature Sassy[+Special Defence|-Speed]
Characteristic Alert To Sounds[+Speed]
- Hidden Power[Fighting Type][TM]
- Ice Beam[TM]
- Assist[Learned]
- Sing[Learned]
History Svirase was born to a pair of young skitty who were barely getting along. They didn't expect to have the young kit, but they welcomed the young Pokemon, giving her all they could, even if it meant going hungry for a week for themselves. It was a tense life, but it worked.

One day Svirase was playing with her mother when a large dog-like creature burst through the grass. It was covered in dark fur with orange blazing down it's underside and two spots above it's eyes. Three bones grew from it's back, and a fourth wrapped around it's neck, a skull growing on the middle of it's neck. Two large horns swept back behind it's head and it's thin tail was tipped in an arrow-shaped barb. The thing growled at Svirase, advancing slowly, but stopped when a sharp cry sounded out, making the canine freeze in it's tracks.

A tall trainer burst through the grass where the dog had come out, motioning to the dog. "Houndoom, heel!" The trainer said, and the canine withdrew, walking over to the trainer, albeit a bit huffy. The trainer slowly walked up to Svirase, talking softly. Svirase couldn't understand what it was saying, but the trainer's voice soothed her pounding heart, and she didn't struggle when a red light enveloped her and she was captured.

The trainer's name was Ray, and he was a young aspiring trainer who wanted to get through the gyms and become the champion, so he trained them all. They sweeped through the gyms easy enough, and soon they were well on their way to Victory Road.

When they beat the last gym however, Ray realised that their team would never be able to defeat the Elite Four, so Ray decided to become a Pokemon breeder. He set up a small ranch of sorts and caught a few pokemon to start it up.

When Ray found a strange stone, he was ecstatic, carefully going up to Svirase - She still didn't trust him - He showed the stone to her. Svirase touched the stone and suddenly she was glowing a faint white light. She grew taller and a queer lump grew around her neck, with the three balls on her tail merging into three prongs, and the pink fur turned tan, except for the lump around her neck and her ears.

Once she evolved, Ray bred her with another delcatty, and the two of them produced one small skitty egg. Because she was already evolved, Ray gave her a necklace with a pendant. The 'pendant' was actually a capsule, inside was a Moon Stone - the stone that was used to evolve her - in-cased in a liquidy substance that preserved the stone.

The egg hatched, but something was amiss with the kit, it was sort of colored like a shiny, but black patches were on it's muzzle, ears, tail and paws. Ray couldn't figure out what was wrong with the kit, so he assumed it was just a dis-coloration. Svirase loved the kit all the same, donning it with the name Mystique.

They were doing well, Mystique was growing well, but it all went south suddenly, when the epidemic hit. Pokemon from the ranch turned on Ray, attacking anything and everything in sight. Ray quickly grabbed a bandage and wrapped it around Svirase's right leg, in case it was needed, but before he could do the same to the others, an infected houndour grabbed him.

Panicking, Svirase grabbed Mystique and ran, the cries of her team and trainer fueled her fear and send the Delcattly sprinting away from the scene, never looking back.
Appearance Svirase stands tall and proud, but her eyes betray inner warfare. Around her neck is a thin leather cord with a small capsule attached. Inside the capsule is a Moon Stone, in-cased in a watery substance which stops the stone from getting damaged too badly. Bandages wrap around her right arm, but there is no wound there. She uses the bandages to make others think her as weak so she can get the element of surprise.
Personality Sassy|Protective|Distrusting|Regretful|Guilt-Stricken|Resilient|Loyal|Caring
Pros: She is very loyal to those who gain her trust and she is caring for another female with a child. She bounces back from most of her bad times, and she is sometimes kind.
Cons: It is very hard to get her trust, and she is overprotective of her kit. She will try to block most pokemon out for fear of being betrayed. She has many regrets of when she was with her trainer, and finds it hard to mix with any surviving humans because of past issues.
User Notes
-Image done by me
-The Moon Stone is for when Mystique is ready to evolve. Svirase will take off her earring and open the capsule with the Moon Stone when Mystique is ready
-She uses Sing to help Mystique get to sleep
-Mother of Mystique
-The houndoom mentioned in her history is Rokai the Houndoom's father

Svirase the Delcatty and Mystique the Skitty OVaZINk

Mystique (Mist-Eek)
Text Color #E97D54
Item Everstone earring, Eviolite earring, Blue waterproof collar
Gender Female
Age Child
Species #300;Skitty the Kitten Pokémon[Normal Type]
Height 2'00"
Weight 24.3lbs
Pokédex Entry It's adorable when it chases its own tail. It's difficult to earn its trust.-Heartgold/Soulsilver
Level 10
Ability Cute Charm
Nature Quirky[+None|-None]
Characteristic Impetuous and silly[+Speed]
- Fake Out[Learned]
- Tackle[Learned]
- Foresight[Learned]
- Ice Beam[Breeding]
History Mystique opened her eyes to the shocked face of a trainer and a happy Delcatty - her mother - She immediately imprinted on the delcatty, and the Prim Pokemon spoke to her softly, telling the kit her name and telling her the trainers name - Ray.

Ray was a nice trainer, but one of his pokemon, a scary houndoom was always in a sour mood, and when Ray got a houndour, the scary duel type stormed off, muttering something about useless puppies. Mystique didn't care, she just didn't like the houndoom.

Being young, Mystique got into play fights all the time, but once, a meowth got too excited and it's claws raked down her face, giving her three deep cuts on her right eye. Her mother immediately bounded in, and the meowth's mother, a Persian bounded in as well, grabbing their kit and scolding them for hurting another kit.

Svirase tended to Mystique's wounds, with Ray feeding her tasty blue candies that made her stronger. Svirase told her they were rare candies and they were making her stronger so she could be more resilient.

Mystique's cuts healed, leaving three scars on her face, but she resumed playing, occasionally challenging the older kits to battles. Mystique leveled a few times, but before long, disaster struck.

The Epidemic hit hard, and the kits hid, scared of these red-eye glowers. Ray went and wrapped something around her mother's leg, but when he went to turn, the houndour that Mystique would play with leapt at Ray, it's eyes glowing red.

Svirase reeled around in fear, grabbing Mystique and running. Mystique called to go back, to go help her friends, but her mother was always right, so they ran, never to see the ranch again. They only had each other from then on. Right?
Appearance The kitten stands with a bounce in her stance, and a light orange fur covers most of her body. Light tan undertones are visible on Mystique's underbelly and all four paws, her muzzle, her ears and tail tip are colored a dark ash color. She has two clip-on earrings in her right ear, one made of everstone, the other one of eviolite. A blue collar sits around her neck and across her right eye is a small scar from an overdone playfight with a Meowth.
Personality Young|Bouncy|Curious|Inquisitive|Quirky|Adventurous
Pros: Mystique is adventurous and bouncy, always happy to see a new face. Because she is young, she doesn't know all the right and wrongs, which often gets her into trouble. Highly curious, she will sniff out almost anything that could be fun to play with.
Cons: Her bouncy personality gets her into a lot of trouble and she isn't very strong if she has to fight. If she does get into trouble she'll often run and hide behind her mother.
User Notes
-The earrings are clip-on
-Ice Beam was passed down as both parents knew the move
-Image by me
-Kit of Svirase

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Svirase the Delcatty and Mystique the Skitty Empty Re: Svirase the Delcatty and Mystique the Skitty

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