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    Walter Sullivan the Psycho Undead Skitty WIP


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    Walter Sullivan the Psycho Undead Skitty WIP Empty Walter Sullivan the Psycho Undead Skitty WIP

    Post by ShadowCharizard Tue Aug 05, 2014 7:01 pm

    Walter Sullivan the Psycho Undead Skitty WIP CKrTUT
    Walter Sullivan



    Cisgender Male


    Captivate Level up
    Fake Tears level up
    Play Nice Level Up
    Play Rough Level Up

    Cute Charm


    likes to run

    National dex
    #300 the kitten pokemon
    Looks innocent and cute but hides his true intent to kill his victims and etch numbers onto their body.

    Time of infection
    3 months

    Walter Sullivan grew up within an pokemon orphanage and idolizes a very dark scripture. The Sacraments of the Holy Mother became his obsession as he heard from a psychotic madman. He was fascinated with the scripture and the madman who found the skitty named him Walter Sullivan for 23 years of constant bitterness to the world he regarded the world as his playground and anyone who got in his way would be met with hostility.

    The day came when he was released from his master, after the madman committed suicide. Walter didn't cry a tear nor did he care for the man that took care of him all those years. He was taught only to show no emotion to others. The day came of the outbreak and Walter welcomed it as if his mind was ready to receive the gift to kill those he deemed worthy of the twenty one sacraments. His first victim was a Machamp and through the tenth victim was a charizard. He wandered around searching for undead to bring the eleventh victim being himself to his end.

    However, already marking himself with the numbers 11121 he continued to wander until the infection completed itself and turning him undead. Now he continues his obsession of hunting down ten more victims with an eviolite in his left eye. He believes room number 302 of the saffron city apartments is his mother. Walter continues to haunt the world with his insane vision. Even though he is sometimes spotted crying bloody tears its all an illusion to pull his victims to their death

    User Notes
    -orphaned by his parents both Delcatty
    -Eviolite is in his left eye making it hard to tell with his eyes closed
    -killed ten victims and removed their hearts during the outbreak
    -retains his motives even through undeath to complete the sacraments of the holy mother.
    -very discriminate on his victims he kills including those he shows heavy interest in
    -based of of Silent Hill 4 The Room's antagonist Walter Sullivan
    -Image by 2KB

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