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    Legendary: Raikou


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    Legendary: Raikou Empty Legendary: Raikou

    Post by Raikou Thu Feb 18, 2016 7:20 pm

    Legendary: Raikou 243

    Theme Hero
    Do you hear the people sing?
    The Phoenix
    Profession Roaming Legend
    Text Color f6cc54
    Item None
    Gender Identity He|Him|His
    Age Same age as Suicune and Entei
    Species #243, Raikou, The Thunder Pokemon
    Height 6'03"
    Weight 392.4 lbs.
    Pokédex Entry Soul Silver: A Pokémon that races across the land while barking a cry that sounds like crashing thunder.
    Level Unknown
    Ability Pressure: The Pokémon raises opposing Pokémon's PP usage
    Nature Hasty
    Characteristic Likes to run.
    Moves -Thunder [Level]
    -Extrasensory [Level]
    -Crunch [Level]
    -Roar [Level]
    "Oh come on, take a joke!"
    "Entei, where are you? Come back..."
    "We're on our own now."
    History The legend of Ho-oh and the legendary beasts is simple. After lighting struck one of the towers of Ecruteak, a fire raged and killed three Pokemon inside, and a rainstorm came and put the fire out. Afterwards, Ho-oh brought the three Pokemon back to life, and supposedly the three creatures represented forces of nature surrounding the tower's burning. Then the three beasts took to the wind, following no set path, but roaming the region of Johto as they pleased.

    Raikou was the beast of electricity, and while running the region was one of his favorite past times, he started getting bored and curious of the other beings that dwelled in his region. The bipedal creatures that weren't Pokemon in particular caught his attention. They weren't physically powerful nor did they possess powers like Pokemon, but they were incredibly intelligent and could manipulate the areas around them to suit their needs. He took to watching them from a distance and it amazed him how diverse they were despite having the same basic appearance. How they treated each other and the Pokemon that were around them varied person by person, and while the ones who abused their positions of power angered him, he didn't interfere very often.

    He started showing himself to humans to see how they reacted, and the reactions usually fell into three categories: awe, desire, and friendly. Those that simply revered him were okay, but he grew tired of the constant pandering and exaltation quickly. Then there were those who desired to possess him, and while they made things more interesting, he had no desire to go along with them for long. Then there were the ones who looked at him with curiosity and would act friendly. Humans that fit the last category were on the rare side, unfortunately, and a certain desire to not get too close to these beings kept him from taking any of these few humans' offers.

    As time progressed, he started playing games with those who tried to catch him and those who appeared to have a good sense of humor. Usually he figured out which category a human belonged to after a single appearance; though sometimes he would pick a human at random and follow them to make sure his guess was right. If any human tried to fight him, he simply ran as usual, and if any human tried to use other methods to make him stay, he would use Roar to send the Pokemon back to their capture devices. Some humans would try just throwing a ball as soon as they saw him, but the devices were never a real threat since he could break out of them with ease. Some humans came to stick out to him for various reasons. One was prone to laughing with any sightings; another was hilarious to watch as his face turned as red as his hair with anger with each failure; then there was another that he happened upon after a tragedy, and the small human was having a meltdown over what he understood to be a grave marker.

    Unfortunately, he remembered one of his games going horribly wrong one day, and there was about a year or so of his life that he cannot truly remember. When he tried to summon memories of that time, all he was able to recall was constant physical pain and a nothingness that honestly scared him. The next thing he remembered was following Ho-oh across a desert back home, and a feeling of utter ecstasy at no longer being in pain and being able to feel. He wasn't sure about why he felt that way, but if his memories weren't going to offer any answers, then he wasn't going to pry.

    He continued his life of games and observations trying to forget why he was in the desert so far from home until the Epidemic started. Pokemon became sick and violent, and even if they were killed, they would come back and continue to rampage. Almost as if to make up for how little he intervened before, he started fighting with a vengeance to protect any living Pokemon and even humans. When he caught a break, he started wondering about his siblings and father, so he made his way to Ecruteak. Before he even made it to the town proper, he saw the dead bodies of Pokemon and even humans littering the outside of the town. Nothing prepared him for the sight of the first dead legend he had ever seen; Regice, one of the Hoenn golems was lying in pieces near the edge of town.

    Raikou's horror was quickly diminished when he entered the town proper, for he could see Lugia, Ho-oh, Suicune, Entei, and some other legendaries. He was so relieved to see his family that it took him a little while to realize that something was wrong with Entei. He first blamed the smell on the widespread dead bodies, but when he fully took in his brother's appearance, there was no denying it. Entei was infected. He couldn't focus on that horrifying detail for long, for Suicune decided to brief him on what he and the other legends had learned. That humans were behind this. Despite the obvious venom that his brothers held toward humans, Raikou still found himself on the fence about condemning them all. Then there was a decision to check a place in Kanto for more information, and Raikou was hoping that maybe they could find something to save Entei.

    The group of legendaries ran into Giovanni, supposedly one of the humans behind this mess, and he started taunting them about the information he knew and was simply refusing to tell them. After failing to catch Mewtwo with an even stranger capture device, the legends started going into a rampage, which was only fueled by his taunt of "What cure?" Even though Raikou had no idea why, Mewtwo decided to grab Giovanni and teleport away. This lead to even more chaos, and at that point Raikou realized that Entei had slipped away. There was nothing more to do here, and with emotions running high, he decided to leave and track Entei down. If what he had seen of the virus was correct, it wouldn't be long before his brother was gone. As if to add more fuel to the fires of his fear for his sibling, he later heard that Latios had been killed by one of the more powerful undead.
    Bulbapedia "Raikou is a quadruped, yellow, tiger-like Pokémon with black stripes and a white underside. It has a thin, light blue tail with sharp angles and a spark-shaped formation at the end. Raikou's mane looks like dull purple rain clouds and allows it to shoot bolts of lightning. Most of its face consists of thick, white fur and shorter yellow fur around its red eyes. Raikou's muzzle is a light blue "X" and it has a black faceplate with two bumps that covers its forehead, nose, and ears. Raikou has two long fangs that make its appearance similar to the saber-toothed cat. Its large claws each converge to form a single point and never retract. Extra fur hangs off its body in front of its rear thighs."
    Appearance Not much of his appearance has changed. He was never known for going out of his way to keep his fur neat, but he has had even less time to try staying properly groomed. This means his fur is even more mussed up.
    Religion He is a legend and is aware of the others. However, he no longer believes that Arceus will actually help, and that the legends here have to take matters into their own hands to fix this problem.
    Motivation He wants to find Entei. Despite Entei's infected state when he last saw the fire legend, a part of him hopes that maybe his brother has managed to fight the infection. He also seeks to protect any living from the undead.
    Personality -Lots of energy
       He doesn't like staying still for long periods of time, and if he has to, he starts fidgeting.
       He dedicates his entire being into what he does, and this means he'll do anything in his power to accomplish his goals. He will fight the Epidemic until his final breath.
    -When it comes to humans, he's willing to treat them on a case by case basis
       He's seen both good and bad humans during his travels, and while it would be easy to assume all humans are evil, he can't ignore the gentle moments, fast friendships, and the fact that humans are often just as loyal to Pokemon.
    -Likes to prank and laugh
       He enjoys messing with others to lighten the mood. Sticks to simple games or pranks, because they can be done on the fly.
    -Doesn't like things to go too far though.
       He prefers laughing or certain levels of anger as reactions. If they get too mad or upset, it's not funny anymore
       In order to play his games with humans, he had to get close to them and learn some things about them. He can't deny a certain interest in the species.
       He spent most of his time in Johto and Kanto, so when he went to other regions thanks to chasing Entei, he found himself in completely new territory. He couldn't deny the feeling of adventure that this brought him.
       Despite being a powerful legend, he enjoys the company of "normal" pokemon.
       Willing to join the games of others, and sometimes holds back so that he's not always the clear winner.
    -Fretting over his missing family
       Entei's infection and disappearance has shaken him hard, and he's still trying to hunt him down. He's not too worried about Ho-oh and Suicune, but he knows they're in danger as long as this epidemic keeps going.
    -Deep seated fear related to the realization that he and the other legends are in danger.
       After seeing Regice's body, heard of Latios' death, and saw Entei's infection, Raikou has realized that the legends are in just as much danger as everyone else.
    -Is very unfamiliar with this sort of fear
       Ever since Ho-oh brought the three of them back to life, they've never had to worry about dying before. Granted, they never tested it, but now there is very clear evidence that they can die again.
       He does his best to protect the living from the undead and infected. He deeply pities the infected that still have their minds, and seeing their minds deteriorate hurts. The knowledge that this is what is going to happen to Entei brings him great pain that he tries to ignore.
    User Notes -Trainers from Johto can speak to me about potential sightings before the Epidemic since I did take an interest in humans.
       -Silverishness and Maximum have already talked to me about some of their humans.
    Team notes None for now.
    Affiliations -Ho-oh- Father. He cares for Ho-oh as a father figure, but he isn't worried for him because of his inherent ability to come back from the dead.

    -Suicune- Brother. Suicune was a more natural leader than Raikou, so he didn't mind it if Suicune called the shots. Raikou loved teasing him, and misses the companionship.

    -Entei- Brother. Raikou got along well with Entei even if they had separate viewpoints when it came to humans. They often teased and played with each other. Since Entei's infection, Raikou has been trying to find his brother for.... something not even Raikou is aware of. He knows that his brother is dying, and perhaps wants to have one last moment with his brother before it happens.
    Development Notes -Maybe he'll find Entei.


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