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    River the Infected Vaporeon(Hoenn, Pyre)


    River the Infected Vaporeon(Hoenn, Pyre) Empty River the Infected Vaporeon(Hoenn, Pyre)

    Post by Guest Sun Oct 02, 2011 3:36 pm

    River the Infected Vaporeon(Hoenn, Pyre) Iaza11643862964400



    Approximate time of infection
    A few days

    Known Moves
    Water Gun
    Aqua Ring





    ..tick tock goes the clock he cradled and he rocked her..

    A young female Eevee, newly hatched, drank milk from a bottle in the arms of a trainer. The trainer had spent all of his money on the egg and was so excited when it finally hatched into his precious Pokemon. The little Pokemon was the first of her kind where she lived with her trainer in Pallet Town. No one except the prestigious Professor Oak had ever seen a Pokemon quite like her. In the matter of a few days she was like a celebrity in the small town. Everyone loved her and she loved everyone. That was all about to change drastically.

    ..tick tock goes the clock until the time is over..

    It only took her a few weeks to become strong and powerful for an Eevee of her age. Her trainer had begun calling her River and she didn’t think deeply into the name but liked it simply because her trainer wanted her too. Anything her trainer asked she did and never questioned his actions like his other Pokemon did. She was perfect up until the day of her accident. River was playing with the other Pokemon in the town and they had all begun arguing over something petty. She tried to break it up but ended up getting a metal claw hooked into her right eye. In tears she ran home to her trainer, her eye oozing blood, and he took her to the Pokemon Center in the next town over where they stitched up her eye and gave her an eye patch to wear over it. The next days were torture for the little Eevee. Her trainer tried and tried to force a water stone near her but she would run each time. Then one day while she was sleeping he had snuck one by her nest she slept in and when she awoke she was a whole different Pokemon. Anger and agony spread through her body and she hated her trainer for what he had done.

    ..tick tock goes the clock and what now shall we play, tick tock goes the clock now summer’s gone away..

    Days past by and River was a completely different Pokemon because of her forced evolution. Spite filled her and she began to play cruel games on her trainer. This was not her usual personality and she had begun to hate herself for what happened to her. During winter, her trainer decided to take her and his other Pokemon to Goldenrod to tour the radio tower there. It was a harsh cold the whole way there and River grew very ill. When they arrived, she was rushed into the Pokemon Center and treated right away. When she awoke, she found her trainer asleep beside her. He had never once left her side and that warmed her heart. She instantly felt bad for the grief she had caused him throughout the whole summer and from then on, they were a team again. A few days later he taught her dive from an HM he had bought.

    ..tick tock goes the clock and all the years they fly, tick tock and all too soon your love will surely die..

    They stayed in Goldenrod for a few weeks and had a blast. One day however, changed everything. There had been rumors of the Epidemic spreading around Johto but it seems it hadn’t reached where they were yet but trickled down slowly throughout the region. They were at the radio tower when it happened. All the radios cut off and a horrible screeching echoed through them. River and her trainer ran outside and what they saw shocked them. A Charizard was wreaking havoc on Goldenrod City and was flying straight towards River and her trainer. Doing the only thing she could do, River fired a water gun straight at the Charizard which made it falter and fall in its flight but it was no use. The creature fell and shot a flamethrower at River and her trainer. River ducked down and managed just to burn some of her back scales but her trainer was completely engulfed in flames. After a few moments, he died right in front of her.

    ..tick tock goes the clock, death it almost had her..

    A crack seemed to echo through River’s mind as she mentally felt her heart break in two. Anger pulsed through her for the second time in her life and she aimed water gun after water gun at the horrid Charizard until it had died. With narrowed eyes she walked to it and stared at it in horror. It’s neck was sliced open and blood was pouring out and one of its wings were tattered and falling apart. River, with anger still in her eyes, sliced her claws down its already bleeding throat with as much malice as she could muster. The blood of the Charizard got into her from that and she never knew it but she was now infected with the Epidemic. Days later, a small part of River’s body took on a subtle purple hue that was hard to notice unless you knew exactly what you were looking for. River knew it wasn’t normal but thought nothing else of it. As far as she is concerned, she is just another lone Pokemon living in Goldenrod and fighting for her life.

    ..tick tock goes the clock till River is the monster..

    User Note
    -River has no clue she is infected and doesn't take much notice of her scales changing colors.
    -Sometimes she will get the overwhelming urge to kill but has no idea why and fights it the best she can.

    (Port Team please)

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    River the Infected Vaporeon(Hoenn, Pyre) Empty Re: River the Infected Vaporeon(Hoenn, Pyre)

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    River the Infected Vaporeon(Hoenn, Pyre) Empty Re: River the Infected Vaporeon(Hoenn, Pyre)

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    Thank you :)

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    River the Infected Vaporeon(Hoenn, Pyre) Empty Re: River the Infected Vaporeon(Hoenn, Pyre)

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