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Alice the Espeon


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Alice the Espeon Empty Alice the Espeon

Post by Maximum Thu Feb 04, 2016 1:05 am

Alice the Espeon Tumblr_inline_oslsiefQLJ1r82t0h_250

Theme Bow to the Crown
Profession Guard Pokemon
Text Color 1c45cf
Item None
Biological Sex Female
Gender Identity She|Her|Hers
Age Adult
Species #196, Espeon, The Sun Pokemon
Height 2'11"
Weight 58.4 lbs
Pokédex Entry Omega Ruby: Espeon is extremely loyal to any Trainer it considers to be worthy. It is said that this Pokémon developed its precognitive powers to protect its Trainer from harm.
Level 60
Ability Magic Bounce: Reflects non-attacking moves used on the Pokémon back to the opponent
Nature Quiet (+Special Attack,-Speed)
Characteristic Good Perseverance (Defense IVs)
Moves -Psychic (Level)
-Hidden Power (Fire) (TM)
-Dazzling Gleam (TM)
-Protect (TM)
Quote "You know murder isn't always the best way to handle things, right?"
An Eevee with light blue eyes was hatched to an Espeon with the same eyes and a Herdier. The pair were excited over their child, and they immediately showed her to their owner. The strange human quickly noticed the blue eyes as well, and he was glad that the trait was strong enough to last three generations. He quickly dubbed the young one "Alice," and allowed the two Pokemon to raise her until she was ready for training. She flourished under their love and attention, though she was a quiet child, she enjoyed the life her parents and the human offered.

The human was one of an old line of people who bred and raised guard Pokemon, and one of the more famous species they were known for were their Espeon. One could almost always tell an Espeon was bred from this stock because they almost always had light blue eyes and a dark blue gem. The Espeon had their inherent abilities at predicting opponents and were duty bound to protect the ones they were supposed to guard. They wouldn't guard just anyone, however, because they had to at least like the person they were supposed to protect or had to feel a strong sense of duty to protect them. This led to those who sought to hire the creatures having to be limited to certain kinds of people. Due to the name being associated with a high success rate, they were able to get away with being picky. There also had to be insurance policies to prevent clients from trying to just walk away with their Espeon, and most of the time, if an Espeon suspected that someone was trying to steal them, they were allowed to attack.

As little Alice grew, she would hear that her esteemed lineage came from her grandfather, and her grandmother would tell her tales of how powerful and brave he was. Though it was marred by how he suddenly disappeared on assignment, and despite several efforts to relocate him, no one had seen him since. Starry-eyed, she was determined to live up to his legacy, and part of her wanted to explore so that she could find him. Her mother had inherited his power, but she was frailer. Because of this, she wasn't assigned to guard very often, and it was why when looking for a mate, she wanted a partner who was more physically powerful.

Once she was old enough to start properly training, she took to battling and protecting like a duck to water. It didn't take her long to evolve, and Alice's grandmother couldn't help but stare at her. Alice was a spitting image of her grandfather, and hearing this only spurred her determination to live up to him even more. Eventually, she was ready to start guarding, and, despite several attacks, she was able to protect her charge very well. Her talent was compared to her grandfather's, and she glowed with pride at how she lived up to expectations. Life continued, and she had a few more jobs which all ended in success.

She was on assignment when the Epidemic started, and her charge practically clung to her for protection. The Espeon fought as hard as she could, but they had been caught in the middle of nowhere by a horde of undead. Though she knew very little about the virus, she had a feeling that letting the rotting corpses or any infected beings get too close to her would be bad. One of the faster undead managed to slip past her and attacked the human she was supposed to protect. His screams encouraged the other undead, and when Alice finally could turn to look, he was being torn to shreds. She tried to blast all the undead off of him, but she knew it was too late. There were too many undead, and if she stayed, she was going to die. She couldn't bear the thought of leaving the poor man to die like this, so before she ran, she used Psychic to snap his neck.

Unfortunately, she had been left somewhere that she wasn't familiar with, and after running aimlessly to get away from the undead, she was utterly lost. She sought to go home to find her family, but she feared that even if she did, she might not like what she found. However, she had nothing else, so she started wandering in the hopes of finding another Pokemon that could point her in the right direction.
Bulbapedia "Espeon is a quadruped, mammalian Pokémon with slender legs and dainty paws. It is covered in fine, lilac fur. This velvety fur is sensitive for Espeon to sense minute shifts in the air, thus allowing it to predict the weather. Its ears are large, and it has purple eyes with white pupils. There are tufts of fur near its eyes, and a small, red gem embedded in its forehead. The gem boosts the psychic powers that it gained to protect its Trainer from harm. It also has a thin, forked tail that quivers when it predicts its opponent's moves. Espeon is rare in the wilderness, and is more commonly found in urban areas."
Appearance She is mostly an average Espeon who holds herself with poise and grace. Instead of the usual lavender colored eyes and ruby gem, she possesses pale blue eyes and a sapphire colored gem. Her previous lifestyle lent to a lean body, and the Epidemic's lack of food has only enhanced this look. She isn't underweight yet, but she is likely to get there soon.
Accent English
Religion She acknowledges that legends exist, but doesn't spend much time thinking on them.
Motivation Survival. Find her parents and grandmother. Though she knows it's highly unlikely now, she also still wishes to find her grandfather or hints as to what happened so long ago.
-Duty bound
   She believes in doing whatever her job is to the best of her ability.
   Honed to perfection as a guard Pokemon, she doesn't have to be particularly close to another to desire to protect them from harm.
-Sticks to her morals
   She refuses to break what she believes what is right just because the world around her went to hell.
-But not afraid to do cheap shots if it means protecting her charge
-Worries that she isn't good enough
   Her failure to protect her charge has hurt her deeply, and she feels that it was her fault he died
   She is quick on her feet and can pick up information
   Especially in social situations, she'll overthink what she ought to say and sometimes thinks too much over what others have said.
   It's almost ingrained in her to put others before her
-Not chatty
   Small talk is really hard for her, and it takes someone who is good at keeping a conversation going to keep her talking.
-Can be cold
   She isn't always the best at dealing with emotional situations and defaults to a cold wall when she doesn't know what else to do.
-Finds humor in odd things
   The things she can find funny can be considered odd.
-Takes time to get close to others
   She can build an acquaintanceship up easily, but a strong bond for friendship takes time and effort.
-Is used to people coming and going in life
-Would take betrayal hard
   If she were to actually get close to someone, it would hurt her deeply. She has yet to experience utter betrayal by someone that she deeply cared about.
User Notes -Based both on my Soul Silver Espeon from the non-nuzlocke playthrough and a D&D character of the same name.
Team notes -Uh, got nothing.
Affiliations -None for now.
Development Notes -Idk yet.

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