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    Caine the Ninetails [Faraway, Hoenn]


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    Caine the Ninetails [Faraway, Hoenn] Empty Caine the Ninetails [Faraway, Hoenn]

    Post by Starbits Thu Jan 28, 2016 12:11 am

    Caine the Ninetails [Faraway, Hoenn] Caine_zps31d684bb
    Art by Silverishness

    Text Color #cc1100
    Item Ripped cloth from a camouflage uniform
    Gender Cisgender male
    Age Adolescent/bordering young adult (18)
    Species #038, Fire type, Ninetales, the Fox Pokemans
    Height 2'09"
    Weight 31.7lbs
    Pokédex Entry Very smart and very vengeful. Grabbing one of its many tails could result in a 1,000-year curse.
    Level 31
    Ability Flash fire: When a Pokémon with Flash Fire is hit by a Fire-type move, it does not deal damage but instead raises the power of the bearer's Fire-type moves by 50%.
    Nature Lonely (+Att,-Def)
    Characteristic A little quick tempered (Attack IVs)
    Moves -Flare blitz (Bred)
    -Flamethrower (Start)
    -Psyshock (TM)
    -Confuse ray (Level via pre evo)

    "If only we could have met in another time, another life."

    Caine grew up in a terrible home. He was born and raised wild to an Arcanine father and a Growlithe mother. His mother was very small and fragile, but his father was a great beast. He towered over everyone and had many battle scars on him from his days of training with his trainer many years ago. The young Vulpix never questioned how he came to be by two of completely different species, and it was never really an issue. They grew up in the wilds of Kanto, avoiding human contact at all costs. Caine was a careful and intelligent child; always ready to please. His mother took good care of him and was very nurturing and kind despite the fact that they were almost the same size. His father was a whole another story. He was a brute, always being verbally abusive to both his mate and child and controlling them, never allowing the pair to socialize outside of the small family. Caine never knew any different and was a normally happy  child. He became more antisocial and when forced to be around others, like when hunting, he became angered easily and even tried to attack strangers before getting to even know them.

    His mother was horrified by this behavior but his father was thrilled. He wanted Caine to become a killer. He began training the small Vulpix to become stronger, sometimes outright beating him to up his endurance. He slowly began to level up with this harsh training and his moral compass began to truly get turned up side down and right and wrong blurred together. Caine's father also forbid Caine and his mother from ever coming in contact with with Fire Stone as that would evolve either of them, but Caine didn't know that. He just blindly listened to his father.

    After a few years of this treatment, Caine's life changed forever. He was going to meet up with his father at their usual spot when he came to a horrid sight: his father had his mother pinned to the ground, blood was splattered across the grass of the forest. But the Arcanine was not hurt. Caine cried out his mother's name, running up to where his father was suffocating her. Tears ran down the Vulpix's eyes but his father just stared at him, grinning with blood on his face and a wild light in his eyes. "Run along little boy," he told his son with a chuckle.  Caine could only do just that. Confused and horrified, he fled. Hours later, he still had not seen either of his parents, and Caine was really starting to worry. Where were they? He was in denial about his mother being hurt by his father and in a matter of hours managed to convince himself that he had imagined the whole scene and they were simply out hunting together. Now calmed, Caine set off to search for his mother and father. After hours more of searching, when it had begun to get dark, Caine finally found his mother. Just his mother, but the Growlithe was hurt. Badly. He ran to her only to see that her stomach had been slashed and many bite wounds on her body. Caine whimpered. What could have done this to her? His brain had already convinced him that his father would never do that to her and even though there was no more heart beat with her, Caine still came up with a plan to save her. He could find a Fire Stone, he could find a Fire Stone and evolve his mother- then she would be okay. Caine convinced himself of this.

    He then spent hours late into the night looking and searching his home for that stone that he believed would save his mother. Near dawn he finally succeeded. Without hesitation, he snatched up the stone in his teeth and ran back to his mother. But when he reached the Growlithe something was wrong; the Fire Stone was missing! Caine retraced his steps and still nothing. He returned to his mother with his heart breaking, crying as he lay next to her. Caine knew then that she was dead. Her body was cold and her eyes glazed. He curled up around the mutilated body only to realize that she was much smaller than she had been... And his fur was a light yellow. Caine realized in shock that he has evolved. The Ninetales spent a long time with his mother's body, well into the afternoon, when his father showed up. Caine coward in fear as he had disobeyed his father's strictest rule, but the Arcanine did not attack. Instead he spoke with a sadistic smile: "Caine, son... Have you never thought of why you look so much different that her and I?" Uncomprehending, Caine just stared at him. "You see, that corpse was not your real mother. Your real mother is dead and you know who killed her? Why, none other than ME. I killed her and your father, too, but took you as my own." He smirked at the horror on Caine's face. "You see, that wretch did not even care for you or me. I had to take care of her. I mean, I only needed her to care for you when you were a baby, Caine. But not anymore. And you have proved as worthless to me as she has." And with that the old dog lunged, but Caine had been riled up. His emotions stirred as all of his negative feelings for life and everything in general manifested into hatred for the bastard whom he had called father. Without hesitation the Ninetales slashed at the larger canine's throat, ending his life. Caine then turned and simply walked out of the forest he had grown up in, called home, and never looked back.

    He was on his own when the Epidemic started and Kanto became infested with disease. However, he ended up meeting with a Pidgeotto. The bird had been a human owned pokemon but released when his human heard of the plague. The two worked together to survive, acquaintances, nothing more. One day the two found an old human store full of odd disks. Pidgeotto explained that they were TMs, even going as far as grabbing one and using it on Caine before he could object. It ended up being a useful move, but the bird was killed just hours later by the undead. Caine hit a low point and began wishing for suicide, but knew that his Growlithe mother would not approve. She loved him no matter what the Arcanine had said. So he set out to make a statement, even in the terrible place that the world had become. In a fit of rage he accidentally cut his face, a small wound beneath his eye that when bled gave the impression of crying blood, and an obsession was struck. Caine was soon purposely making cuts beneath his eyes as to always have bloody 'tears' on his cheeks but he did not stop there. Caine then discovered human razors and knives. He fell in love. He began to collect them, going as far as fancying himself a necklace of the rusty metals that he hid beneath the thick fur around his neck and chest. Caine never wanted anyone to see them.

    But then he realized how much he enjoyed the physical pain under his eyes- the way that they took away from his mental agony and made the world bearable- that he wanted to take it farther. He developed a way to cold the blades he collected for his necklace and just began slicing at his own flesh, mostly his wrists and ankles, constantly having them bleed. The self inflicted wounds made him feel proud, empowered and no one could take it from him. Caine became uncaring and conceited, sometimes even believing that the undead were after his precious knives. One day, with no warning at all, Caine was in a place he did not recognize. It couldn't have been Kanto. With that, he traveled to the closest place that called to him: Hearthome city and Amity square.

    The events that happened in Amity were not anything that Caine thought he would have to experience. His first companion, Bachi the Lipard, died before his eyes by a monstrous Scizor. He made some friends, Milo the Grafarig and a Zoroark named Lector. Too many people merely came and left-- a Dratini, a Gardevoir, an Archen, even Milo and Lector left, too. Caine did find a kindred spirit in an Azurill, though. Her name was Molly. The Ninetales became like a... family with the kids, soon after taking a Chimchar named Oliver under his wing. But there were bad people, too. First there was a Manectric, Nokes, who started a forest fire and almost got them all killed. The Manectric terrorized one of the children, holding him hostage, but in the middle of the fight Caine was able to rescue him, getting the youth out of danger.  

    But that was when the Xatu showed up.

    The Harbinger terrorized the entire group. Breaking Milo's legs, ripping out Caine's tails, blinding and crippling Nokes-- none of it even made the monster bat an eye. The carnage and chaos was more than enough to destroy the group. In the end no one died, even Nokes became a helpful figure in the group, but as it progressed, Caine snapped. Emotionally and physically scared, beaten, destroyed, the group found yet another survivor. A Vulpix, and when she showed up, everyone turned to her. Caine was suddenly struck with the realisation that no one on the team would notice if he left. The Vulpix was nothing like Caine; she was gorgeous, lilac fur, with big brown eyes and a necklace of sparkling jewels. And she had no wounds on her wrists. Caine knew they would be better off with her. He was not needed.

    He had always been replaceable.

    What he had not expected was for Oliver to follow him. He warned the kid to go back, but even when the Ninetales explained that he was going to take his own life, Oliver agreed to go with him. If he had been rational, not broken into a dozen shards, crying or bleeding, Caine might have questioned the child's motives. Instead he made the biggest regret of his life, and agreed to let Oliver come with him. Sharing few words, the pair instead found themselves bonded. Not just by experience and pain, but by their spirits. Neither were meant for that world, the world of pain and death, they were not built to survive the hell.

    That was what Caine told himself as he led the way.

    Coming to one of the many pools within Amity Square, the vulpine and the chimp, together, jumped. The two fire types sank rapidly through the water, the disgusting, infested water. But Caine found himself suddenly fighting.

    I change my mind... I CHANGE MY MIND!!

    Caine fought, thrashing as he tried to pull himself from the water, but it was too late.



    ...Suddenly there was...a light.

    Caine found himself opening his eyes. What? The sun was shining. He could feel warmth on his fur. He was wet but... he could feel it. Holding his breathe, Caine felt his heart pulsing in his chest. He was alive.

    But upon looking up, he saw a creature he did not know even existed. The Ninetales met the eyes of a god, the creature of life: Xerneas. The giant deer could not have been anything other than the Legendary of myths, and Caine met his eyes for a long time. Eventually, he turned and walked away, without a word, leaving the vulpine to scramble back to reality. A quick survey proved that Oliver was no where to be seen, nor anyone else he could remember. He stared into the pool of sludge, though, questioning why? And it was then that he realised why something felt wrong; his... necklace. It was missing. Caine considered that it could have fallen into the water, which was entirely possible, but a quick look around caused him to spot a glint in the grass. He found a line of sharp objects, all of his, but was confused to realise they were missing the twine connecting them. But suddenly his mind realised, Oliver's body would have come to the surface. Where was Oliver? Had--

    His mind stuttered, forced to add two and two together as he realised that Xerneas had given him life, he was alive, but he could have done the exact same for the Chimchar. And that meant--


    It was then that Caine left the hell that was Amity Square, finding no one alive nearby nor anyone he knew, as well as abandoning the blades. Never again. Halting cold turkey, the Ninetales traveled then. It was strange, the world had fallen further in his time away. At one point he found a massacre of humans, soldiers in uniform that were shredded and ripped apart. But, as the Ninetales passed through, one long strip of uniform had been torn at a perfect strip. Touched by the memory of his friend's scarf, Caine grabbed the cloth and tied it around his neck like a bandanna. It was frayed and dirty, but it made him happy. He had to find Oliver, to show him the cool cloth.

    And to beg forgiveness for his actions, taking the world away from him.

    "...I'm sorry....Oliver."

    Appearance "This fox-like, quadruped Pokémon is covered with a thick, luxurious golden-white fur. It has nine, long tails, each of which is tipped with pale orange. There is a fluffy crest atop its head, and a small mane around its neck. Ninetales has gleaming red eyes that are said to give it the ability to control minds. Its ears are pointed, and it has long, slender legs with three-toed paws."

    Caine has always been a unique Ninetales, but with the event of his life, and death, he has changed in a number of ways. His fur is a much paler shade, more of a washed out tan gold than the usual yellow. Each of his paws hold a few shades of a sickly lilac, remnants from his spare few minutes as a reanimated corpse. The discolouration is light and normally difficult to notice, fading away completely before his elbows and knees. His eyes hold the same dark purple, the trait he was born with, and he is remarkably smaller than average Ninetales. Around his neck is a long scrap of cloth, camouflage pattern, tied similar to a bandana.

    After his revival, he did not regrow the tails he lost. Caine is left with only one tail now, the fifth and middle tail, and also the longest naturally of all nine. There are no remnants of the missing eight, but thanks to Xerneas, there are no hideous wounds to become infected. There are a number of scars around his only remaining tail, but they healed over to clean scars after being revived. Caine also has a great number of scars besides around the base of his single tail; on the inside of his forelegs are remnants from years of self mutilation, going all the way from his paws to his elbows and wrapping around his legs to show certain lines like tiger stripes. They healed over along with his other wounds, but that was only the newly inflicted wounds; the longer the amount of time since he did it, the messier they scabbed, some purposely kept from healing for weeks and months by the Ninetales. He has the same sort of messy scarring beneath his eyes from keeping open wounds there for long periods of time, and thus the flesh beneath them are puffy and ugly.

    • Brash
      -Comes off very, very strong and harsh
      -Words tend to be blunt and cold even when being genuine
    • Crude language
      -Half of his vocabulary is the word 'fuck'
      -Will take offense and retaliate if called out on this or told to censor himself
    • Various mental health issues
      -Depression, primary side effects include suicidal tendencies and self hatred as well as emotional outbursts
      -Anxiety attacks and triggers
      -PTSD like symptoms and extreme paranoia
      -Nightmares and flash backs
    • Stubborn as a mule
    • Mutinous
      -While not compliant in nature, he will only follow a leader long as he respects them
      -When forced to work with someone he comes to hate, he will fight them every step of the way
    • Sensitive
      -Easily touched by kind gestures including hugs or other signs of silent comfort
    • Cynical
      -Always expects the worst of strangers
      -Does not depend on anyone he is unfamiliar with to give him the time of day
    • Loyal to a fault
      -Once trust is built, he will drive himself over the edge to protect them
    • Fiercely protective
      -Not afraid to become violent when stepping in for a child's aid
    • Physically needy
      -Due to trusting so few, he yearns to be close to those he genuinely likes
      -Thrives off of attention and touch from them
    • Self loathing
    • Abuse victim
      -Life time of abuse has left him mentally scarred
      -Makes wrong decisions and odd thinking patterns due to this
      -Does not see himself as having been abused though
    • Vicious temper
      -While it is part of his personality to always seem angry, in reality he is not often actually angered
      -Very difficult to calm down once pushed too far
      -Prone to violence unless held back
    • Spiteful
      -Once someone turns against him, he will never forget it
      -Not petty, but vengeful
    • Closed book
      -Does not speak about his childhood or his parents
      -In reality would probably answer honestly but no one has ever taken the time to ask
    • Heroic
      -An unlikely hero, he will not hesitate to put himself in danger to help those in danger
      -More or less without thinking
    • Spot on intuition
      -Remarkably good at gauging people
    • Hot and cold
      -Tends to flip back and forth between being too emotional and feeling nothing

    User Notes -This is a revived character with a remade profile. apparently he has a million profiles But this is the most recent. Changes include appearance to reflect post revival, characteristic (to better reflect personality), replaced Heat Wave with Flamethrower, and his personality is much more in depth than before. Official revival post and permission given by Xerneas to change events from revival to work better for future plot in history.
    -He was revived only three months ago.
    -Biological father was actually an Arcanine, ironically.
    -He did not know, growing up, that his species evolved from Fire stone, but he knew that Growlithe did. This is why he rushed to get it to his mother, but failed due to evolving himself.
    -Has mild PTSD due to Bachi the Liepard's Harb attack as well as a mortal phobia of Scizor and Xatu alike. The species', the words 'no more beauty', and the name Bachi set him into panic attacks.
    -Oliver the Chimchar belongs to Starprincess13. And while the two do not know many details about the other, there is much more to their relationship. After going through the events together, Caine feels a tug to find Oliver, it is an urge, a need, that he cannot control. His purpose revolves around the Chimchar, not only to make sure he was revived as well, but to protect him as well.
    -He left the razors behind primarily due to the fear of him repeating his actions and taking his own life again if he did, but though it was a spur of the moment and he does not regret it, Caine still has issues dealing with emotional problems without the help of the pain to distract him. Due to this he appears jittery at times, agitated and snappy because his mind is no longer used to dealing with trauma without the self harm. But if he were to start again, it would become much more difficult to stop.
    -My baby boy oh I missed you ;;


    Caine the Ninetails [Faraway, Hoenn] RosaChallenge
    oh, captain, let's make a deal
    where we both say the things that we both really feel
    i feel scared and i'm starting to sink
    and i'll only sink deeper the deeper i think

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    Caine the Ninetails [Faraway, Hoenn] RosaChallenge
    oh, captain, let's make a deal
    where we both say the things that we both really feel
    i feel scared and i'm starting to sink
    and i'll only sink deeper the deeper i think

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