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    Janine the Assassin (Oceanside Team, Leader)


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    Janine the Assassin (Oceanside Team, Leader) Empty Janine the Assassin (Oceanside Team, Leader)

    Post by Nightfall Thu Jan 21, 2016 1:34 pm

    Janine the Assassin (Oceanside Team, Leader) Janine_by_blakkfox-d9gyqm1
    Image by Fox

    "The Poisonous Ninja Master"
    ThemesTwo Steps from Hell - Jump!
    Within Temptation - Murder
    Arch Enemy - Never Forgive, Never Forget
    Text Color #751c7a

    • Universal communicator
    • A few empty Poke Balls
    • Limited supplies of medicinal items and berries
    • Grapple hook and rope
    • A collection of lockpicks


    • A katana
    • Throwing knives
    • Tranquilizer and poisonous darts
    • Small pistol with a silencer
    • Retractable blades on her right bracer
    • Her Pokemon

    Gender Female
    Age 24
    Species Human
    Weight 127.5lbs
    Height 5'3"
    Occupation Pokemon Trainer
    Professional thief/mercenary
    Former Gym Leader
    Former Team Rocket Grunt
    Pkm 1
    Janine the Assassin (Oceanside Team, Leader) 96px-169Crobat
    Crobat (Rin)
    Level: 65
    Ability: Inner Focus
    Attack list-
    -Cross Poison (start)
    -Giga Drain (tutored)
    -Confuse Ray (level up)
    -U-Turn (TM)
    Pkm 2
    Janine the Assassin (Oceanside Team, Leader) 96px-168Ariados
    Ariados (Akane)
    Level: 64
    Ability: Insomnia
    Attack list-
    -Sticky Web (level up)
    -Shadow Sneak (level up)
    -Double Team (TM)
    -Poison Jab (level up)
    Pkm 3
    Janine the Assassin (Oceanside Team, Leader) 96px-049Venomoth
    Venomoth (Shouji)
    Level: 62
    Ability: Tinted Lens
    Attack list-
    -Psychic (level up)
    -Poison Powder (level up)
    -Venoshock (TM)
    -Morning Sun (egg move)
    Pkm 4
    Janine the Assassin (Oceanside Team, Leader) 96px-454Toxicroak
    Toxicroak (Shigure)
    Level: 65
    Ability: Dry Skin
    Attack list-
    -Rain Dance (TM)
    -Nasty Plot (level up)
    -Focus Blast (TM)
    -Icy Wind (tutored)
    Pkm 5
    Janine the Assassin (Oceanside Team, Leader) 96px-024Arbok
    Arbok (Kaiya)
    Level: 64
    Ability: Intimidate
    Attack list-
    -Aqua Tail (tutored)
    -Coil (level up)
    -Fire Fang (start)
    -Thunder Fang (start)
    Pkm 6
    Janine the Assassin (Oceanside Team, Leader) 96px-452Drapion
    Drapion (Masaru)
    Level: 63
    Ability: Sniper
    Attack list-
    -Hone Claws (level up)
    -Earthquake (TM)
    -Rock Tomb (TM)
    -Iron Tail (tutored)
    History Life began fairly modestly for Janine. She learned, grew and played alongside a proud pair of parents in their home in Fuchsia City. Her father, Koga, who descended from a long line of ninja masters, was eager to teach his little girl his ways in preparation for her to take his place one day. She watched him demonstrate his skill in awe, pledging one day to make him proud.

    But it all turned upside down when her mother was diagnosed with cancer, and passed away not long after. Being only five years old at the time, Janine was confused and sad, not knowing why her mother had suddenly been taken away from her. All she could do was watch Koga descend into a grief-ridden madness, the death of his wife having taken an enormous toll on him. He became angry and bitter, often shouting at his daughter without much reason or warning. Janine became cautious of her father, and turned to her friends for solace, but surely even they turned away from her, intimidated by the sudden change in her demeanor; she'd turned from a sweet, energetic little girl to a twitchy, gloomy outcast in a matter of weeks.

    One day a few years later, Koga announced that he'd joined a local organisation to try and not only earn the pair of them some additional money, but to try and take his mind off his grief. Janine, now a little older, was glad that her father was trying to get back onto his feet. But surely enough, that organisation happened to be a group of criminals called Team Rocket. Koga's brutality and skills as a ninja earned him the favour of his new boss, Giovanni, very quickly, and he was promoted to Admin status after just a few months.

    Janine had mixed feelings about her father's new approach to life. While it was good to see him working to drag himself out of his depression, she wasn't sure that working with a group of thieves and murderers was the best way to go about that. Still, Koga kept pressuring his daughter to join Team Rocket herself when she was old enough, insisting that she would be doing him a tremendous honour in following in his footsteps. Janine battled with herself for years, her conviction to her father and his happiness eventually defeating her conscience, and the day after her sixteenth birthday, she submitted her application and was soon employed as a Grunt.

    Being the daughter of one of the admins worked well in Janine's favour; almost instantly she rose higher in rank than the rest of the Grunts, and higher still after she demonstrated her ninja skills. Her prowess in combat and stealth was admired by Giovanni, and he often had both Janine and Koga accompany him on special assignments. Koga excelled in battle, while Janine was a master of the shadows. Together, they were a fearsome combination.

    At first, Janine enjoyed this life. There was always some adventure to grasp and she was paid well for her time. However, after countless partakes in robberies, heists and sieges, Janine began to feel a little deflated. One night she sat on a rooftop holding the huge ruby she had just stolen from a mansion and stared at the horizon, wondering if there was more to life than this.

    She kept her insecurities to herself for a while before finally giving in and confiding to Koga. She expected her father to be angry, but she was stunned when he solemnly agreed with her, saying that his old ambition of one day taking over the Fuchsia Gym still weighed on his mind. Janine knew just how much Team Rocket meant to him, and to be willing to give it up just to become a Gym Leader ... she realised just how important that goal was to him, and so willed herself to do whatever she could to help him. The only difficult part now was giving Giovanni the news that they planned on leaving.

    One incident in particular secured their fates. Giovanni was planning a siege on Lavender Tower and wanted Koga and Janine to go and lead the operations there. They were both horrified by what they were hearing; Giovanni was giving them permission to kill whatever got in their way, whether it be human or Pokemon. The idea of tearing through the graveyard of countless Pokemon, spilling the blood of innocents and desecrating what was, for many, a very personal and special place, made them both feel sick. It was the final straw, and right in front of their boss, they refused. Giovanni, beyond livid that he was being so blatantly defied, immediately dismissed them both, promising a great deal of pain if they were to show their faces again.

    It was exactly the excuse they had needed. Janine and Koga went back to Fuchsia City, where Koga quickly began his gym training and Janine left to see more of the Kanto region and to collect more Pokemon. Like her father, she favoured the Poison-type, loving them for their viciousness and crafty battling style. Surely enough, Koga soon got the job as Gym Leader and their strange little family couldn't have been better off. They felt more liberated than they ever expected to be without Team Rocket, and Koga was slowly starting to show signs that his old self was returning, his heart finally healing. Janine told him she loved him every day.

    A few years later it got even better; recognising Koga's superior battling skills, the Elite Four invited him to join their ranks. Not only that, but Koga chose his daughter to fill in his position as Gym Leader. Janine was floored; never in a million years had she expected this. She had her doubts whether she was good enough as a Trainer, but her father believed in her, and that was all that was needed to convince her. While Koga traveled north to the Indigo Plateau, Janine settled into her role rather quickly. She won and lost battles equally, every loss inspiring her to work harder. She decided that she didn't want to match her father's strength, but to surpass it. Together she and her Pokemon would overcome any challenge and be the greatest of the great; Koga would be on his knees by the time they were finished ... but she still made sure to bring her father some lunch when she could, and call him every night to tell him that she loved him.

    This peace was not to last. News of a strange plague sweeping across the lands soon reached them, and Koga immediately called Janine to join him at the Indigo Plateau for an emergency meeting with the other regions. She helped to evacuate Fuchsia's citizens and set off. Getting there to see that many of the world's best Trainers had made it, including some of the Champions, Janine was naturally very worried. Information about just what kind of virus this was completely stunned and scared both of them. Janine watched in a daze as they all worked to turn the Plateau into a fortress, arming it with guards and all sorts of security personnel. Despite the almost military running of the place, it soon began to feel like a home. Janine was comfortable there ... but there was one thing that was troubling her.

    Koga had become subdued again, locking himself in his quarters for hours, sometimes days at a time. He rarely even answered the door to his own daughter, and even when he did he was very short and curt with her, refusing to speak of what was troubling him. Eventually, he gave in and told his daughter that he was certain that Giovanni had something to do with this virus. He wouldn't disclose how he knew, or what could've possibly happened to cause it, but he told Janine that he believed some justice was in order and that he was going back to Celadon to find their old boss and find out the truth and, if necessary, punish him.

    Janine begged him not to leave, certain that Giovanni would kill her father if he set foot in that hideout. But Koga was adamant, believing that it would help to ease his guilt in possibly having a part in all of this. He kissed his daughter's forehead and promised her that he'd return when the deed was done. "Love you, pumpkin," he said, clearly holding back tears as he gathered his equipment and left, leaving Janine feeling more alone than she ever had in her life.

    The days dragged at a Slowpoke's pace, every dawn only increasing Janine's worries. It had been too long without any word from her father ... she could feel it; something was wrong. Heart in her mouth, Janine equipped herself with as much gear as she could and headed to the one place Giovanni was definitely trying to hold onto: the Celadon Hideout.

    Life ended for Janine right there and then. That figure lying on the blood in a pool of blood was far too familiar. Janine dropped to her knees beside Koga's body, screaming out her grief for the world to hear. Bloodied wounds and bruises covered him, the pain clearly having been abruptly ceased with a bullet to the head. Janine felt the heavens themselves fall into fire and brimstone as she held her father, her hero, in her arms and sobbed.

    When her numbed mind allowed her to move from his side, she buried his body on the outskirts of the city beneath an oak tree. She made sure to dig an additional hole beside the grave, just large enough for a football to fit. She covered it with moss and grass and walked away, unsheathing her blade, ready to begin her search for Giovanni.

    She'd calculated that his head would fit in the hole very nicely.
    Appearance Janine is petite, with a slim and lithe form with small, but powerful muscles. Her clothes have darkened in colour to aid her when she hunts at night, and are loose and baggy to allow her unrestricted movement. Her dark violet hair is always tied up away from her face, be it a plait, bun or just a simple ponytail. She has a pair of bold, purple eyes with a glare strong enough to melt concrete. Quite often, the scarf around her neck is pulled up to her face to obscure her nose and mouth from view, helping to shield her identity from those who don't need to know it. Her trusty katana rests in a sheathe on her back when she isn't using it. One of her bracers has a set of retractable blades on it, to be held between her fingers, and stings a little bit if she decides to strike you with them. Instead of shoes, her feet are encased by footwraps, allowing her to move silently, but they are thick enough to protect her feet from the ground.

    Physically, she is very strong and athletic, and is very dangerous if pissed off. Don't do it.
    Personality Janine was known among the Kanto Gym Leaders for her feisty nature. The girl was always up for a challenge, and even if she lost she just laughed it off, taking it as an incentive to improve. She was headstrong and positive, and a loyal friend. There was nothing she would not do for her Pokemon, and her devotion to making herself stronger inspired many who met her.

    That girl is now dead and burned.

    Janine died when her father did. Practically everything left of her former self after the epidemic disintegrated into dust; a soulless, ruthless and bloodthirsty husk is all that remains. She drowned in darkness, readily letting her mind warp her thoughts, her beliefs, her everything. Only one thing matters to Janine now: revenge.

    She is impulsive and reckless, throwing herself into dangerous situations without care. Don't bother trying to make friendly banter with her; Janine finds little value in companionship these days. She is serious and irritable, and doesn't have time for jokes, nor can she take one. This only leads to pissing her off, and that means you'll likely end up with her blade at your throat.

    She is obsessed with revenge to the point of insanity; absolutely hell-bent on it. Nothing else matters over staining her blade with Giovanni's blade; watching him squirm and beg as she stands over his broken body. Many a night she has lay and fantasied all sorts of ways she is going to kill him. The anticipation literally drives her mad.

    Janine is an intelligent girl; using cunning and skill to achieve her goals. She is a master at what she does, and she knows it. One with the shadows, silent on her feet and deadly with a blade, when prompted she is a force to be reckoned with. If she plays her cards correctly, her victims are dead before they even know she's there. If she chooses you as her target that's it; she won't stop fighting and stalking until her prey is dead. Her skills as a ninja are her second pride and joy, the first being her Pokemon, that she has left to hold on to.

    She is patient though, and highly disciplined. She could literally wait all day for an opportunity to strike. Her determination makes her stand out; this girl will just not give up. Her hate for Giovanni is the only thing that keeps her going, but just like everyone, she can't stay strong forever. More nights than she cares to recall have been spent waking up shaking and in tears after a nightmare, and sometimes she will just randomly drop and cry it all out before getting back up and carrying on. She hates this though, disguising her grief as anger when she is around others; even her own Pokemon rarely see her upset. The reality of it is that she is just a lost, lonely girl who misses her father, and who has allowed her grief to twist itself into obsession and madness. She longs for friendship, even though she herself would never admit it, and doubts her far-from-pleasant personality will aid her there. She lives to slaughter Giovanni; she hasn't even began to think about what she is going to do with her life afterwards. Beyond her old boss's dead body is just an empty, misty void.

    Janine is haunted by flashbacks and nightmares of the trauma she faced in Celadon. She hates herself for allowing Koga to go alone, knowing that he could've well survived had she been there to help him. Earn Janine's trust, and she will hack whatever danger is in front of her to pieces without mercy; she will not let anyone die on her watch ever again.
    User Notes --Will kill any ex-Rocket members she can get her hands on, simply for the hell of it; also so Giovanni has access to fewer allies. Sometimes she will stalk a target for days.
    --She is most active at night, using the darkness to her advantage. When hidden and completely still, she is almost invisible. When she does sleep, it's only in short 1-3 hour bursts.
    --Her Drapion, Masaru, is the brute force of the team whenever it needs it. Janine finds joy in having one of her other Pokemon disable her prey and then have Masaru tear its helpless body apart.

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