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Neloth the Alakazam (Saffron Team - Leader)


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Neloth the Alakazam (Saffron Team - Leader) Empty Neloth the Alakazam (Saffron Team - Leader)

Post by Nightfall Tue Jul 14, 2015 3:52 am

Neloth the Alakazam (Saffron Team - Leader) 065Alakazam

Item --Just his spoons, but he's often got his hands too full to hold them himself, so they usually just drift alongside him.
--Any interesting 'research materials' he can get his hands on
Gender Male
Age Elder
Species #065 Alakazam, the Psi Pokemon
Height 4'11"
Weight 105.8 lbs
Pokédex Entry "Its superb memory lets it recall everything it has experienced from birth. Its IQ exceeds 5,000."
Level 66
Ability Inner Focus (prevents flinching)
Nature Quirky
Characteristic Often lost in thought (+Sp.Atk)
Moves Psychic (level up)
Charge Beam (TM)
Recover (level up)
Reflect (level up)
Quote "You won't feel a thing. But if you do, try not to scream too loudly. My ears are sensitive."
History Neloth was born in the wilds of Johto to a small family of his kind. His childhood wasn't much to boast about; it was about as ordinary as it could be for a young Abra. He didn't stay there for too long though; as he rested in the shade of a tree one warm afternoon, a Quick Ball hit him on the head, dazing the Abra and quickly encapsulating him.

He'd been captured by a young scientist named Rick while he was on vacation in Johto. Originally from Kanto, the man worked at a company called Silph in Saffron, the biggest city in the region. Rick was kind to the timid young Abra, and carefully trained him, raising his levels until he evolved into Kadabra. Neloth enjoyed his new form and the powers that came with it, and very quickly came to enjoy battling. The teenage Kadabra was arrogant and egotistical, but took pride in pleasing his Trainer.

Rick soon began to bring Neloth to work in the Silph Laboratories with him. He showed him many of the products that the company produced and how they were made. Neloth was deeply fascinated by this, and worked closely at Rick's side day after day, assisting his Trainer in his work. He was learning so much, and so quickly; the other scientists soon started to regard Neloth as one of them, giving him tasks and sometimes even letting him work independently. He learned so much about Silph; even some of the things that the public weren't supposed to know.

Neloth lived this way for a good number of years. Now fully matured, he was vastly intelligent and, although he would never admit it, felt a great deal of gratitude to Rick for giving him such an enlightening lifestyle. He knew for a fact that he would've never had anything remotely like this if he'd remained in the wilds of Johto. Of course, in their off time, Rick took Neloth out for battles, and the Kadabra carefully honed his psychic abilities. He was strong both in mind and in battle; it was fair to say that Neloth's arrogance was justified.

Of course, good things never lasted. Rick was growing older, and was starting to speak of retiring. Neloth kept his concerns private, choosing not to admit that he'd rather continue to cram his endless mind with as much knowledge as possible. Of course, the inevitable arrived, and the day came where Rick said goodbye to his boss and colleagues. Neloth cared little for the other scientists, instead sulking in the corner of the room for Rick to finish. He told himself that even though he wouldn't be coming to Silph anymore, he'd still get plenty of opportunities to grow in both knowledge and power, the only two things that he'd ever craved. He had a moment of madness and considered leaving Rick to pursue his own goals, but he was too indebted to his Trainer for this opportunity, and felt obliged to stay with him.

But Rick was the one to decide Neloth's next course in life. Now that he was retired and had a considerable sum of money saved up, he decided that he and his wife were to move to the Hoenn region and purchase a villa there so they could spend their twilight years in the region's tropical sunshine. Neloth truly didn't know what to think; on one hand he loved Kanto, but on the other a new region was a treasure trove of new opportunities and experiences. He mulled it over for a few days until Rick's younger brother John came to visit from Fuchsia City. Neloth listened to them speak in horror; Rick was asking John to take his Kadabra off his hands, telling him that he and his wife wanted to spend their retirement in peace, and that Neloth was better off with him. In return for him, John offered them his Growlithe, whom he said would be an excellent guard dog. It was this trade that triggered Neloth's final evolution into Alakazam.

Neloth was livid. John was easily the most boring waste of flesh on the planet, choosing to fish in the seas south of Fuchsia rather than battle, and wasn't a researcher in any way, shape or form. The Alakazam felt he was going mad from boredom; his mind yearned for something to stimulate it, to inspire it. One too many trips to the city's zoo helped Neloth to realise that he was not going to spend the rest of his days living like a pet; he was worth far more than that. Without warning he used Teleport and disappeared, leaving a stunned John standing alone outside the Kangaskhan enclosure.

Glad to be away from that lifeless sap, Neloth made himself a home on Route 8, just west of Lavender Town. The dark, mysterious vibes coming from the old settlement piqued his interests, and he decided to take himself on a little venture there. Entering the old Pokemon Tower, Neloth was overwhelmed by the sheer force of the paranormal presences there, his highly attuned mind picking up on them the moment he walked in. Ghosts and spirits roamed in that tower in their hundreds, and they were something that Neloth had never encountered before. He became very interested in finding out more about them; quite frankly, he couldn't stand the fact that there was something out there that he didn't know about.

So he made himself a little home in Rock Tunnel, where he could practice his work away from the humans and where he could be in close proximity to Lavender Town. He visited the tower every other day, exploring all the different new senses and feelings that the paranormal gave him. He started to become addicted to it. He wanted to find ways to manipulate the spirits surrounding him to his advantage; he'd heard stories of possession, poltergeists and other such phenomenon, and wondered if there was a way to tap into that.

When not doing research, Neloth fumed over Rick and what he had done to him. His lifetime partner had thrown him away like yesterday's leftovers, quite happy for his astounding potential to die alongside his trust for him. Neloth did have one thing to thank him for though: he was an Alakazam now, one of the most intelligent Pokemon there was. He did not need humans and their fancy technology to become great; he had the capacity to do it all on his own. He'd become greater than he ever would've been if he'd have stayed with Rick, and he'd show that old fool that he'd made the biggest mistake of his life by giving him away.

As time went by, Neloth felt that he'd learned all that he could about ghosts simply by using his psychic abilities. If he was going to try and put that knowledge to use, he needed someone to test it on. Already the Pokemon in Rock Tunnel knew all about him and his activities. Although most of them decided it was best to stay as far away from the eccentric Alakazam altogether, one day Neloth was approached by a young Kirlia called Ildari. She'd heard about Neloth's exploits and was interested in giving him a hand. Neloth agreed, quite happy to have an extra pair of hands around to take care of whatever he couldn't be bothered to do. He took Ildari on as his apprentice, but soon found out that the girl was headstrong and power-hungry, constantly urging Neloth to teach her more. Her lust for power was only rivaled by her master's. Neloth wasn't too keen on Ildari's ambitious nature, beginning to perceive her as a rival rather than an apprentice. Thankfully, it wasn't long until Neloth finally found a good use for her, although he wasn't sure that the Kirlia would agree.

After 'volunteering' to assist with his research, Ildari died of a brain hemorrhage when Neloth had attempted to use his psychic powers to channel a ghost into her body. As his apprentice lay bleeding from her orifices, Neloth made a few new research notes. Apparently, ghosts were still sentient beings to an extent, and the one that he'd tried to channel into Ildari had panicked, causing her vessels in her brain to burst. This new hypothesis was fascinating, but the downside was that Neloth no longer had an apprentice. Mildly annoyed by this setback, Neloth dumped Ildari's body in the grounds of Pokemon Tower, sure that one of the humans would find it and give her a decent burial.

Ildari was not Neloth's last apprentice, however; a few months later, a Braxien named Talvas approached him, asking the Alakazam to help him hone his growing psychic powers for when he evolved into a Delphox. Talvas wasn't the most useful of helpers, but he was fairly docile and mostly managed to get things done. Neloth decided not to try any experiments on him just yet in case he went and died like Ildari did. Besides, he wanted to try and theorize a little more about how to control the ghosts to his whim. If it was impossible, he would reverse it. He was Master Neloth, the greatest of his kind; nothing was out of his reach.

When the epidemic arrived, Neloth's first reaction to the undead was fascination. He stood back from the advancing hordes and collected memories of their behaviours and movements, all while poor Talvas stammered at him to get a move on from behind. He was dumbfounded by their sudden appearance, even wondering for a moment if he'd had anything to do with it - perhaps the ghosts had decided to return to their living bodies to rebel against him. Of course, this was a ridiculous thought, and Neloth soon gave up and went with Talvas to a secluded spot just to shut him up.

Whenever the opportunity arose, Neloth went out to find the undead for himself, just to study them. Talvas was beginning to lose his nerve, begging his Master to stop bringing him along with him "in case they see me". Eventually the Braxien left Neloth, finally unleashing his concealed frustrations and hurling a load of insults at his Master before stomping off. The only thing Neloth missed about him was that he no longer had anyone to lug back the bodies of the infected he'd managed to kill.

An idea struck him one day, and Neloth found himself returning to the Silph Co building in Saffron City. There were a few things in that place that he meant to uncover; secrets that only the most senior of Silph employees knew about. First though, he would get to work in understanding the undead, starting with their anatomy and ... other aspects of biology.
Appearance As far as Alakazam go, Neloth is a fairly normal-looking one. He does not have many features that distinguish him from other members of his kind. He is tall but rather skinny, with a massive head (both literally and metaphorically), and owns two spoons, although these are often suspended in midair nearby so that he has full use of his hands.
Personality Neloth is a bastard. He knows, but doesn't give a single hoot about it. The Alakazam has been described as eccentric and even insane by those who knew him. Arrogant and uncaring with a giant ego to boot, Neloth is a nasty individual.

He is a self-absorbed, tyrannical Pokemon with practically no regard for anyone except himself. He does not care for manners or kindness, simply because he does not see any point in it; he finds that ordering his apprentices around slaves is the quickest, most efficient way to get things done. He has made many mistakes in the past, most noticeably the one botched experiment which led to Ildari's death, but not once has he ever taken responsibility for his actions, even blaming luck itself for not being on his side rather than take the brunt of it.

Neloth's ego is monumental. As far as he is concerned, he is the greatest mind there is; nobody else can even come close. Most would simply say that his arrogance makes him very unpleasant to be around, but some would admit that perhaps he has earned the right to feel that way about himself. As much as he flaunts it, Neloth is remarkably intelligent, even for an Alakazam. There isn't much that he doesn't know, and his kind's ability to retain every memory from the moment of birth makes him a library of information, facts and figures.

Around others, Neloth is generally very blunt and rude, not caring what they think of him. He is simply too wrapped up in his own brilliant mind to give any heed to the needs of others. He is impatient, always wanting to get things done as quickly as possible, and soon becomes irritable if he is slowed down in any way. To Neloth, knowledge is a quest; a quest that he means to conquer. If he comes across something that he doesn't know about, he will research it until he simply cannot get anything else out of it.

Neloth isn't all bad though - despite how difficult it must be, one must not view him as an antagonist. He isn't an evil guy, although he is easy to mistake as one. Neloth is not above rewarding those who actually do what he wants them to do correctly, but don't expect any praise off him. Moreover, if you fail, it is simply because you did not try hard enough. Neloth will give others chances to improve themselves, but his patience will wear thin after a while. He recognises the power and abilities of others, but don't expect him to say much about it. If you are lucky to get a compliment from Neloth, consider it a one-off and move on; you're unlikely to ever get another one.
User Notes --Based off this awesome asshole
--Ildari and Talvas are based off Elder Scrolls characters too.
--Doesn't like humans very much, but will tolerate their presence as long as they don't pose any threat.
--Neloth doesn't tend to engage in battle unless he has to. He has great strength in his psychic abilities, but his frail body leaves him open to all sorts of injury. He's likely to keep a good distance from his foes, using long-range attacks and keeping his vitality up with Recover and Reflect. He rarely gets hurt, but of course this is all down to his vastly superior power and intellect. Duh.
--He rarely walks, since his species have apparently traded the ability to stand properly for their immense psychic abilities. He tends to float in the air, but sometimes drops onto his feet when stationary.

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